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  1. Oddly enough, someone sprinted a mk5 Escort hire car at Kames in spring 1992.
  2. I'll just leave this here...
  3. Either or, but the rotating bits are the ones making contact, so perhaps the masking tape on tye tyres.
  4. I'd often thought that a sleeper Maestro 1.3 with a Metro turbo set-up would be fun, so unless you get off on the sound of a Rootes blower, do that. Especially as that inlet trumpet is a virtual instant rebore...
  5. Can you cover the sidewall of the tyres with something easy to remove and a contrasting colour to tye tyre/bodywork, and then check for witness marks on both after a quick GLF?
  6. That actually looks damned good! My only concern is mechanical, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the fatigue life of wheel bearings and wobble studs. Oh, and another point, check the rear brake linings. They probably won't have worn out but if they're original they may be at the point of delaminating from the shoes.
  7. That's lovely, but being an SPI 1.8 I think that it probably doesn't have the 110bhp stated in the advert.
  8. There's a walrus that's rocked up in Scarborough. It appears to be a juvenile, and juves are gonna do what juves do...
  9. Cardboard Aided Design...?
  10. I call the Hyundai Santa Fe the Lapland, because [Glaswegian] that's wherr Santa's fae[/Glaswegian]!
  11. What I find interesting is that despite Tebay being an old charter etc. why does no-one stop off for a cheeky Nandos in Gretna? 54.99419965585386, -3.0671050336062837
  12. Mind you and others bump-started my 205 at the services after SF 2013? Anyway, there was a wire from the solenoid +ve that could be used to start it, and the AS bike Citroen ZX estate got one too, but I also found that if the key was jiggled in the barrel when trying to start it, that aloso did the trick.
  13. It's only in the last couple of years that I have "slept rough" without realising it, and because my Dad was an arsehole; due to shifts in a hotel when I was 18 I was expected to keep workinh after my finishing time of 2330 and then come back int' morning at half 7. wedding overran, so I lied about being offered a staff room for the night but me and my bike were dropped off 200 yds away from the hoose to prevent anybody hearing it occuring. I knew the passenger door to the scrap Renault 12 was open, so I slept in the passenger seat and left prior to anyone else waking up. My sister subsequently gave details of my father's behaviour that night, needless to say that although he never became physically violent towards us all, my lies meant that my mum and sister slept that night. PS, he was tee-total, so could have chosen to come and get me with the car, but he fucking didn't. I still can't manage to read into that correctly.
  14. Surely the defining feature of a coupé is that it has panels and bodywork that don't fit anything else in the range, with the exception being the Triumph Herald coupé? For example, the (I think) the BMW e30 3-series was never offered as a 2-door saloon, but no panels were i interchangeable with the 4-door saloon.
  15. Also, once you're out of Inverness the most fearsome and steepest summit you will face (please don't go the snow roads, it's not sommat to do on a Sunday!) is Slochd; it's really quite steep, so find something big that'll do 56mph and hypermile behind it. I'm not unused to trying this in our Fiat Ducato motorhome, but it still doesn't have enough grunt to keep up with the big beasts!!! I do, however, have experience of ragging a 1300cc D-reg mid-80s brief through the Highlands in the arse-end of the year, especially with a boot-full of Talbot Sunbeam engine. Also, buy some Rain-X and new wipers from the Halfords in Inversneckie.😉
  16. Nice! There's a smashing little honesty-box stall on the left just after the filling station in Brora if you fancy checking out if they have jams etc. for sale.
  17. No-one's asked the big question - pompe Bosch?
  18. I've been to Kames just once, with a uni friend, as a spectator at a sprint in spring 1992 in my Fiat 126. It was fab, as were the roads to it - we'd not realised the junction we needed coming south from Glasgow on the M74 (or was it the A74(M)? ) was closed so pootled down to the next one and cross-countryed across the moors at the best a 126 could do. The use of fences rather than drystane dykes and an utter lack of oncoming traffic allowed the use of the full width of the road. Uni pal saw his first ever Davrian there, he was smitten!
  19. It's the corrosion from atmospheric moisture that mucks up scotchloks, so perhaps devise a way of "potting" them?
  20. At least we can't make jokes about it being upside down! I saw the picture of the car and right below it a tweet from Ian saying he was ok, so I "liked" that tweet but didn't feel that wading in any further would be beneficial. I'm glad @dollywobbleris uninjured.
  21. Wheelie wheelie wheelie!
  22. 6-cylinder E-series South African oddity...
  23. Do you have a vacuum cleaner hose or suchlike? I've used one to trace exhaust leaks in the past - hold one end to your ear, and run the other end closely along the exhaust pipe with the engine running, any leaks should be easily located.
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