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  1. Got tagged here so thought I should do one of these to help remind me what I've got in my fleet: In: Temporarily in: Out: It got too rusty. KV6 engine still kept going though. Stopped running properly in Summer 5 days before my holiday rendering me having to use the roffle-win Micra K11 to go abroad. Mechanic didn't properly diagnose the problem, tried to chuck some parts at it and it never ran right, so I couldn't be arsed anymore and got rid. Non movers: Technically this lot did get moved, but only towards some rented garages after outage from old unit
  2. Nice job. A tip for getting rubber floor mats looking good again is to clean them throughly and then apply black shoe polish with a normal soft shoe polishing brush, that's how to keep mine looking nice after a clean as rubber mats and tyres cldo seem to pick up discolouration stains from long term standing dirt/water and no matter how much you clean them, they always look dirty and horrible.
  3. Honestly, a couple of months back I'd have gone for it when my Peugeot gave up it's own car duty credentials. It would have been perfect to take to Belgium with me, a nice large everyday cruiser, but one week before would have been very difficult to sort. I've now got myself into another British luxo barge which I need to actually concentrate on and get into a better order.
  4. Suburban roadman. A sort of similar type of variation of the "Trustafarian". The suburban roadman will dress and act as if they are from the downtrodden inner city yet they are in fact from more affluent areas and come from affluent families. At first, they'll be driving some sort of Mum and Dad financed Fiesta ST, then later, they'll move onto a slightly older German marque car such as a Mercedes C-class or a BMW 3 series. They'll make their cars sound like rally cars or have a turbo whine sound or "whoosh" gear changing sound, windows will invariably be illegally tinted to give the look of being as suspicious as possible.
  5. Food stock delivery driver (for restaurants/eating places) Invariably drives a utterly battered and very grubby white Mercedes Sprinter LWB with a smashed passenger mirror casing held together by brown tape. Interior is as grubby as the outside. Drives quite slowly as despite having delivered there hundreds of times before, still forgets where to go and parks up generally in the middle of the road. Has no qualms in scraping the van against posts/fences/walls in narrower places so long as the stock is delivered. Back doors are covered in rust stains.
  6. Nope, absolutely nail on the head there. Tesla owners love to tell people that they own a Tesla casually ramming it like a square peg into a round hole into a conversation that has nothing to do with cars or environment, in fact, some even go as far as going to a cheap local newspaper to pretend they had some problem with charging their car or other just to raise the attention bar thus guaranteeing that mkst people in their local town will know they drive a Tesla. Tesla drivers DO NOT like it when you pass them. They'll happily bimble blissfully in the middle lane until they see a "lesser" car overtake them on the outside lane and proceed to race you dangerously to stay in front thus keeping the pecking order in order.
  7. I'm in Brussels otherwise I might have been tempted. Given the way the bastard Peugeot has let me down, I could do with my own back-up car to take abroad.
  8. I'll be there in August. Hopefully I'd like to stay for good. I used to live across the road from the 50th anniversary park (Parc du cinquantenaire) where the museums are located.
  9. Been off here for a while and in that time I've acquired quite a few more model cars. I'm trying to slow down as I need to engage with this thing people call "saving". Firstly, a couple of Rovers: Secondly, a couple of Astons. The gold one is an original 1960s issued Aston that I bought locally, then I bought the figure separately and repaired the mechanisms to make them work properly as they didn't work. All now working perfectly. The second Aston is the 1960s second issue Aston when they got the colour correct. It has in addition a rotating number plate of which I acquired the plates to stick on due to them being missing. Thirdly, a Solido 1.43 Fiesta. Bought via a group on Facebook, it's a nice looking thing. I wouldnt reccomend buying off Facebook unless you can collect and pay in cash as I've been scammed on there trying to buy a 1/18 Sierra Cosworth, the twat decided to take my money and not send what he'd advertised. I got given a load of bull about relatives in hospital, not being given proof of postage despite asking then ignored altogether. Told my bank, they issued me with a refund and as the lad had used his own bank account and address, I was told that his bank will he'll be asking him some difficult questions. Fourthly, Cavalier, always wanted one, found they were a tad too expensive, found a goodly priced one and purchased it: Fifthly, Montego, as above, came from abroad-land, cheaper than buying here: Sixth, Wedge, inspired by 'Bobby Grant's' Blue wedge from Brookside Close which is currently re-running on STV player: Seventh: Merc, inspired by a shiter who bought the same model car but badged a 300TD? a stack load of Matchbox and HotWheels shite all displayed on a clipstrip I found at work: 1.24 Escort to go with the Orion I bought YONKS ago: Interestingly, the Escort is an LHD whereas the Orion is a RHD! 1.24 Scorpio. Original box, cheap and very clean even removable carboard panel of the plastic window is still in place, hence an eBay photo instead: There is more that has been purchased, and more coming too, then hopefully, a slow down for a bit.
  10. Yeah, I got really lucky with the lock-ups. Birmingham Clowncil sell off their garages and your waiting on the list for years, I think I applied in 2015, in the last few years they kept on sending me the "are you sure your still looking for a garage" letter, I got fed up and left it. I might also be privately renting a garage by mine soon as parking is an utter nightmare around here. It might be expensive but the convenience just outweighs the cost.
  11. Not a huge amount been happening here at Sterling Towers. Had to vacate the old storage unit due to some complicated issues I can't be arsed getting into. However, luckily I managed to sort 3 x rented garages from Telford Council after kicking their arse when they didn't reply to me and allocated a garage to someone else. (MK2 N-reg Sterling also garaged but not pictured, damn thing *just* about fitted in the garage with the number plate plinth removed) I sold the KV6 Sterling as it was just too far gone for me to get around to sort out. I miss it but there are better examples out there. Did me proud for a good few years which ain't bad for a rusty old Rover with a leaky rad. Done a couple of collection capers, picking up a Fiat Panda and more recently a Ford Focus estate which did me proud when moving a couple of crates from old unit to garage: Finally sourced and fitted a parcel shelf for my 407 which has the optional rear blind after a bunch of failed attempts, the Peugeot 407 club on Facebook are utterly useless and after winning one on eBay from a breaker, the seller refused to send it to me citing delivery charges etc... called him a twat and neg'd his arse. I finally sourced one from Lithuania and even that took some argument to get it delivered. Also, been using the roffle-win Micra, done absolutely bollock all to it apart from changing the front tyres and replacing the wheel trim that made a bid for freedom, cleaning it and using it occasionally to go to and from work. It desperatly needs a service, MAF-sensor replacing, exhaust re-gasketed a replacement bonnet and wing-mirror backing. To be fair, as Ma_Sterling is recovering from a knee operation and probably won't really feel comfortable driving a manual, I'm on the lookout for a small automatic, sadly these have shot up massively in price. I noticed my local restaurant's Clio was lookong sorry for itself, it had been a victim of a hit and run, so I sourced parts on the correct colour and repaired the it: I also did a few other small jobs around the car, got paid and treated to a free meal: Hopefully picking up a Suzuki Alto as another collection caper. May possibly be doing a deal on a Disco 3 2.7 TD but eventually looking to get myself in some sort of petrol Jag due to CAZ in Birmingham and Brussels, but before that I'll be using the Peugeot to go to Brussels again at some point.
  12. You know, it's funny you mention getting rid of the dealer sticker (and badge by the looks of it) I purposely got the badges and dealer logos back on the roffle Micra Ma is driving around in now. Before: After: I got the 'Micra' and 'Tempest' badges off eBay, the 'Glyn Hopkin' badge (original supplying dealer of roffle Micra) was a very lucky find. I found it on the ground of mechanics I take my cars to. Right colour too! Although I have seen Glyn Hopkin supplied Micras with the Glyn Hopkin badge lower right to the lip of the boot. Not that bothered about it myself. It looks good (well, to me anyway) You still got the wheel trims and badges?
  13. Not sure if its been posted before. If it has, get over it. Renner 25 TXE, in white for £1,650 of your finest English pounds. Pretend to be a middle manager from the early 90s: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/155257535019 Look at those SUMPTUOUS seats, LOOK AT THEM! Comes with a MOUNTAIN of spares. This is one of a dozen photos of spares.
  14. WERD man. Love K11s, always had a soft spot for them as they are Mother_Sterling's choice of wheels. This was her first one (still owned) bought from a (now demolished) Nissan dealership in Great Barr, Birmingham. Ma has had this since about '99 before I even knew how to drive. Later on after I got my licence, I made a few changes and also discovered that I was more into OEM 'up speccing' than cheap aftermarket "modz". I raided scrapyards when there were more of them and you could walk into them, I picked upper spec OEM bits from scrappers and fitted them to the Blue: Before: After: Rear parcel shelf with speakers from upper specced models (they have the plug already installed): Tweeters (again, plugs at the ready) JDM floormats from a Nissan March Rear opening bin (usually just a blanking trim) Sadly the Blue got smacked into a couple of years ago. But just before that, I won (well, another shiter helped) a 2002 facelift Micra Tempest from here. Originally this was intended for Sis_Sterling to learn to drive in, but it got transferred to Ma_Sterling when the Blue got taken off the road. This also had some love in forms of windcsreen replacement, service and rust treatment as well as my usual OEM treatment: • Rear badges reinstated (including dealer badge I found!) • Painted over wheel trims changed for original trims. • Floor mats (Not JDM, but OEM rubber mats) • CD player from a K12 • Key changed after original key was lost (done through this forum too) Needs a bit more work admittedly, it a but bashed, scratched and rusty in places but Ma barely does a few miles a week in it other than going shopping or into the next town. The Blue is with me in storage until I can afford (and be arsed) to get it repaired.
  15. @barrett - Is that Vitesse Cinq still up for grabs?
  16. Lots of E280 estate, this one is exactly the same as my old one. I really want one again. Might hit him up and see if he'll take a Pug 407 in PX.
  17. Oh dear 🤯 lovely. I miss mine. I really need to get back into a nice petrol car. Ma is no longer in the IoW sadly. Retired from the NHS about a year or so ago. I picked her up from there when she finished, she's back in Brum town now.
  18. Ah, for some reason, I had it in my head it was a 1/18 scale 😂 Local toy store near to me sells (or sold) these for £14. Although I have a fair few 1.24 scale cars, I've never overly been into them.
  19. If you get it, please let me know. I've checked eBay and there all £50+.
  20. Would you be able to grab that DeLorean for me at all please? It's probably gone but worth a try.
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