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  1. Mrs TWs 206 has a great one. Scrape the ice off the screen, get in the car, look at display... 38 degrees C.
  2. It has taken years to realise that my mechanic mate will say "why the fuck did you buy that piece of shit?!" about absolutely anything that isn't a Sierra or a Cavalier. He might let a BMW pass without turning his nose up at it, if it was built before 1995. Maybe a Capri? Another mate bought a 911. Proud as punch he was. "Its a fucking Beetle!" For the record, I've had: 205Gti (£4k) 405Mi16 (£4k) 405 Td estate (£400) 106XS (£75) AxGT (£100) Breakdowns = 1 Some twat broke the 205 rotor arm locating peg and it gradually turned on the shaft until it wouldn't run any more. (Yes, of course it was me.) You can tell from the prices : A. When I bought a house, and B. How long ago it was I bought the AX (although there was the small matter of a wiring loom fire that was reflected in the price. The 106 was accident damaged but was kicked straight and pressed into service.)
  3. Yes I remember that flipping bangers. They cubed the car still with the wheels they had just paid to refurbish. There are so many flaws in that format. 1. Buy shitter. 2. Take pictures and put on ebay. 3. Fix the old shitter. Nonsense. I still like to watch it though. Utter balls that it is, it beats watching Midsomer murders.
  4. Although I like to watch it, Wheeler Dealers is a fake as Eastenders or one of those stupid videos on Facebook that say For entertainment only.
  5. What is going on with those wipers? @dollywobbler needs to investigate.
  6. *watches with vague interest* Frv price and location?
  7. Funnily enough, when I was a kid, my dad had a Renault 12 and I used to puke on every journey! It is easy to see where she gets it from. The other two kids have no issues with travelling. We try travel pills but they zonk her out. Every family outing she mooches around almost like she is stoned, which is no fun and defeats the object.
  8. A perfectly logical solution. Mrs does drive but only when she has to. She doesn't enjoy it at all.
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. My Mrs is also a bit queasy in the car so sitting the queasy kid in the front doesn't really work. My other idea was a Honda HRV so they can both sit in the front. I could also cure the problem by buying a Multipla. The family would disown me and refuse to travel anywhere in it. Edit. Its an Frv not an Hrv.
  10. Ha ha. See my "Today's courtesy car" thread. It is 0% interesting. I only had it for a day. When I got back to the dealer my car wasn't ready, so I spent the next hour driving all around Bury St Edmunds looking for a forecourt with diesel available. Picked up my car, straight to get diesel 🙂
  11. Nice idea, but number currently on sale in the UK would appear to be 0.
  12. As per title, one of my kids gets horribly car sick, always has done and she is now 11 and no sign of improvement. It doesn't help that the roads around here are bloody awful. I live in the fens and every tree has a dip in the road alongside. Plus the repair budget for roads seems to be in pence so we have dips and humps and broken surfaces. Our route home has a load of cobbled speed humps which look nice but feel like Miras Belgian pavè. This is usually the final straw for her. So using AS logic, I'm thinking I might be able to justify an older Lexus or E class? I've never been all that impressed by hydropneumatic Citroens. What else might work? What are big Volvos like over the rough bits? Not sure if I can stretch to the running costs of a Jag. Also need to seat 5, 2 still in booster seats and they take up a lot of room. An estate would be handy (and yes, I know I said Lexus) Recent vomit comets have been a mk2 Galaxy, a 4 door Ranger, and an Outlander. None of which were particularly smooth.
  13. Mrs TW has one and I can confirm that she only fills it up once or twice between MOTs! It's okay to drive, but last time I used it I did about 60 miles and when I got out I could barely walk! I am getting a bit creaky. For my list, I'm wishing it was 2028 when I might be able to afford a Volvo V90
  14. Maybe someone from BL saw Marty McFly on one of his adventures?
  15. Without stirring up the old banger racing argument, you can't deny the ingenuity of some of them. I've not been to a race for donkeys years, but the spanner that went on between races was remarkable. I've seen them pinch bits of the tow car to get the race car going again. Of course it was easier then when everything was a Granada or Cortina.
  16. There is a thread on RR of a DIY 309Gti Estate with an extended tailgate on the standard body. Looks brilliant. https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/203017/1990-peugeot-309-touring-estate?page=3
  17. For years I was known on here as Tontops. I had a succession of old crocks that were all sub £100. There was a £50 Metro, an Astra, a Rover 600ti, a Sierra Azura and an AX GT. All knackered in their own special way.
  18. Do company cars count? Well, company funded. 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander £18 grand. The engine is a rattly as A Talbot Horizon but apparently TADTS. Drives okay, 50mpg, huge boot. Can't complain. AC is currently borked, goes in next week to see what the problem is and if it is under warranty or if it is pants down time. Cars I bought myself? £5500 on a Sierra Sapphire in about 2005. Ive still got it. Not used for a few years. Probably make a few quid when I sell it as it has *that* badge. 😀
  19. I've known a JCB hole a sump by driving over a scaffold pole on a building site. No way to recover it from its position so a JB weld bodge was employed. Still running like that years later.
  20. Greatly improved but still only just acceptable. Driven back to back against a contemporary 306, ZX or 214 they were still crap.
  21. You never can tell on this site. There is usually a flag waver for any given piece of crap.
  22. I knew I'd seen this before. I never saw the footballist show, but on Sept 1st my piss taking mate sent me this : With the caption "this would go well with your pink mini" If it were mine, I'd park it next to a skip and transfer anything gold or green in to it, but that's just me. Good luck @dollywobbler And anyway, my mini is orange.
  23. Old Fella or not, there are times when it is appropriate to use the F word.
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