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  1. Ford Ka 3 Wheeler Alfa 156 GT3 Ford Probe Estate Honda Jazz Type R
  2. Only managed one from 4 shops. But it's a nice one.
  3. How can a photo of an Aston Martin outside a fuck off stately home be improved?
  4. Yep, might try to fix it when I can be arsed.
  5. Looked a nice model in the packaging. Oh dear.
  6. I might be the last guy in the world to get an 850, but I'm very glad to have it
  7. By standard they are referring to the model which came without the chrome trim, fuel gauge etc. of a Deluxe which are much more common in the UK.
  8. Increase the value of your motor by £££ in seconds using this one easy trick
  9. Today's trio of finds. MR2 is an odd looking thing from the front, the windscreen extends too low and the clear headlamps annoy me.
  10. Went on a quick hunt for the lovely RS2000. No luck l, but I didn't come home empty handed.
  11. Will they arrive? Will they be correct? Will they be made from tin foil? Guess we'll find out.
  12. It is the opposite of interesting, but it's great.
  13. Managed to pick up a couple of nice ones from B&M today. Then popped into Sainsbury's where the was a single fancy boy model (along with some rubbish standard stock) which happened to be of one of my all time favourite cars. Not sure I'll be adding many more to the collection at £7!
  14. This is already excellent. Looking forward to more updates.
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