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  1. @cort16 finally broke me with his posts in LCBL and I decided it was a great plan to fly up to Scotland to purchase this. Scottish roads are great fun with a V8 and a manual box.
  2. Somewhat quicker than the train I probably couldn't get even if I wanted to Next stop Edinburgh.
  3. Airport achieved. Nice and quick through security so now have time to kill.
  4. I missed this otherwise I would've certainly failed to get the Probe ready, rather than not trying at all.
  5. Waiting on a Megabus to Bristol Airport. Breakfast pictured. Should be a good one.
  6. Off on a collection tomorrow and the seller wants cash. Since I've not been near one of the 3 branches left of my bank in the last week, it's involved many trips to the cash point. Counted it out today and I'm £20 short somehow.
  7. What a collection! I loved the Quadra I owned briefly.
  8. Contrary to everyone else I think this seems like a sensible purchase. If you spent the same again on fixing it up, then it's a wonderful motor for £5k. Looks lovely in green without the Aliexpress tat most of them are rolled in by this age.
  9. A couple of arrivals. Bugatti is lovely (slight disappointment that it isn't blue and sans spoiler, but you can't have everything) and the Range Rover is nice aside from the diarrhea wheels.
  10. Not keen on the brown wheels, but otherwise a nice model added to the collection.
  11. Added the little yellow Civic to the collection. And one I unearthed from when I was younger and the models were larger.
  12. Fun little Mazda I picked up in B&M
  13. I bought it knowing a service was due so did the oil and filter. Nice and easy from the top. I do appear to have a stuck thermostat though and it doesn't look the most fun to change, but it'll give me the opportunity for some fresh coolant at least I suppose. So far I really like it, and have very little to complain about.
  14. Some fresh stock at One Below meant I couldn't resist these three.
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