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  1. That is lovely in those colours and on Winter wheels. A set of original rear lights and it'd be perfect.
  2. In n out 1st Roffle Win Volvo C70 LPT 1st successful roffle held Vectra V6 SRI Out 530i Non movers Golf Bluemotion 1.9 Probe GT (much dirtier and unloved than this photo sadly)
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144308899502
  4. My Golf came with a set of Alliance tyres (a Yokohama brand apparently) and they seem perfectly decent. Not a single moment, but then it's hardly a performance car. Nexen Nferas seemed decent on my E39 too, wouldn't have been my choice, but hard to fault. I'm a fan of Hankook generally, my 290+bhp 9000 Aero was much improved by a set, turning it from a wheel spinning machine into a proper rocket.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194445405100 I'm in love.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304183627539
  7. Interesting. Any more details? Can't see much mention of it online. The gear change is definitely a bit crap, but the handling is surprisingly decent. No real feel, but it turns in well and the suspension seems nicely sprung/damped. Gave it a much needed service today. Didn't get the fuel filter changed before rain stopped play, but glad I got the rest done.
  8. w00dy

    Winter tyres

    Never had any before, but the Vectra came on a set of Michelin Alpins. Given that they're now 10 years old they've probably hardened up into some performance summer tyres now though (I assume that's how it works)
  9. Thanks, It's a genuine 70s Gitane Super Pista (well the frame is). Ouch, that's not ideal. I don't do many short journeys so hopefully no issues here. It does need a proper service, but it runs really nicely. It definitely doesn't look great whereas the dash design I think is very smart and perhaps even elegant.
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174957194761 Base loveliness.
  11. It does seem like a great engine and as you say surprisingly frugal for a turn of the millennium V6. Nice to have something so British built for a change. That sounds brilliantly mental. Love it. This has done well although Howmanyleft suggest there are more out there than I was expecting (not that many, but a few) AVAS. Great fact, they should've spent less time designing mirrors and exhaust tips and more time on the details and making a steering wheel that doesn't have to be with an inch of the bloody dashboard..
  12. Gave it a wash and some clear side repeaters (because clear front, orange side and smoked rear is an odd look) Interior could do with a scrub As far as driving goes it needs something sorting in the steering, it has some noticeable clunks in it, going to check the UJ pinch bolts first as that seems to be a common issue. @tom13 They're Goldtec hubs.
  13. It does have quite hearse like look to it, but it's a good shape for the tip runs it's going to be doing. Luckily the bike has a fixed wheel so the brake is only really there for when my legs start to struggle. It does seem like a lovely motor, but it's definitely squeezed in there. The chap I bought it from has had it since 2003 and did the belt when he revived it from its slumber in July thankfully. He included the locking kit too.
  14. Thanks. initial impressions are that it sounds great, cruises lovely and the non-telescoping steering wheel is an atrocious oversight.
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