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  1. That looks like a fantastic buy. The colour really does up the tastiness factor significantly.
  2. w00dy

    eBay tat volume 3.

    That Twingo is superb. I must own one someday.
  3. w00dy

    eBay tat volume 3.

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volvo-740-GL-2-3-Auto-Saloon/293052639129 Someone buy this before it gets a white background and a big price increase.
  4. w00dy

    eBay tat volume 3.

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Proton-Puma-1-5-GL/273809145772 Incredible.
  5. w00dy

    eBay tat volume 3.

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/toyota-sera-show-car/192891935361 I'd love A Sera, but they're almost always rough, This one looks fabulous.
  6. Fresh ticket for the Jazz. New wheel bearing needed for the rear. Quoted £200 so I was worried it'd be a difficult job, but it's a bolt in part that cost £68 and took 45 minutes to fit, so that's nice. Also needed wiper blades and a bulb so all done for £80. It was even good enough to leave the check engine light off for both the test and re-test thankfully. If only it were a bit more comfortable it'd be the perfect shite accompaniment.
  7. My Opel Monza was very green. Green outside, green inside. Even the dash was green. It was an absolute shed. Still like green cars though. I know how you feel with the V70 fighting you. Mine is running so rich that it's un-driveable. No codes whatsoever though. Re: the polybushed top mount, are these hard to fit? MY top mount is tottaly shagged.
  8. This thread is bringing back memories. The 65 was my first car of my own and I was gutted when I sold it.
  9. I've had a '65 1200 and an '81 Mexi with a 1641. Loved them both, but they do love to rot and often have poor repairs. They're good to drive and one of those cars where I don't feel any road rage, probably helped by the fact that people seem to love them. That aircooled thrum in the sunshine never failed to make me smile. Parts are easy to get (although the quality and/or price is not always good) and knowledge is endless and they are simple things. If you happen across a good car at a good price then I'd go for it, but actually finding those cars may take a while and there's other stuff out there I'd buy before spendning good money on a rough car.
  10. I used 1500 and 3000 wet and dry followed the Meguairs PlastX polish and drill attachement from their One-step kit (I reckon there's 4 cars worth in there if you use wet and dry first), but if you've already got a mop or drill attachment I'd just buy the PlastX stuff on it's own as it is very good and much quicker than toothpaste or regular polish, whilst the little sanding pads in the kit are a bit crap. Then just chucked some wax on to try and protect it. That sounds like a long job, but it was 20 mins tops.
  11. w00dy

    eBay tat volume 3.

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-827i-Vetesse-fastback-1989-G-mk1-low-mileage/153424172042? 99p no reserve auction for this honey.
  12. Well in a bid to figure it out a bit more I went out and it started well and purred into a nice idle. It then gets rougher and rougher within a minute or so and is chucking unburnt fuel out of the exhaust so I can only think a sensor of some kind has gone really wonky, but no warning lights or anything and I'm imagining no codes as was the case before. Still at least it'll burn well with all that excess fuel when I set fire to the fucker.
  13. w00dy

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Someone buy this before I have to. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153413484913
  14. So today it decides it won't even start again which considering it has only done 400 metres since last run and seemed to at least be idling on 4 yesterday is a pain. No fault codes showing when Steve once again was kind enough to come round, but since it wouldn't start we haven't learned much other than it'll throw unburnt fuel out of the exhaust and wash the bores which has found its way back into the now-fresh oil. Great . Part of me wonders if it's a spark issue now I'm not sure if a weak coil or something could be the issue, but I think there's many possibilities and i'm reluctant to keep throwing money at parts without really knowing what I'm trying to achieve I think a mobile mechanic in Bristol might be the answer if anyone has any recommendations. Doing 270 mile trips in a Jazz is cheap, but it's really not very comfortable.
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