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AS communal Rover 75 / MG ZT lickers thread


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  • Cookiesouwest changed the title to AS communal Rover 75 lickers thread


Having never had one before, I managed to win a 75 in a Roffle, and very nice it was too.  I had, however, already had a ZT, also a Roffle win!


This means that I've now owned the V6 in both sizes, 2.0 and 2.5, both being attached to a learner gearbox.  Now I'm no fan of manual anyway, this is well known; I'm especially no fan of it in big cars and even less so when they're supposed to be luxury models like the 75 is.  But boy oh boy, these perfectly illustrate my point!  They're a right pain to use.  I would like a 75V6 again, but it absolutely must be auto.

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1 minute ago, Mally said:


I think what I'm saying is just accept it for what it is and as you say, bin it when it needs something spending. I tried to improve mine but I realised it needed a lot spending to get it up to the standard I wanted. I sold it and waited a bit till a slightly less needy one came along!

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Currently on my third - a 2.0V6 manual, Club spec in "antique gold". Bought it to do some long journeys and it does the job admirably. Cam belt time coming up soon though so need to think carefully about whether I want to keep it longer term - but I'm erring towards a yes.


My last one before this was a 2.5V6 auto, Royal Blue, in Connoisseur SE spec. Loved that one even more - it was a one pensioner-owner car before me, had pretty much every feature, and was mintola. But I couldn't afford to run it at the time and so it ended up with @purplebargeken and then, I believe it got passed on to at least one other forum member. I really hope it's still alive somewhere, but just checked and I see it hasn't been MOT'd for two years.

Picture of that one below (plus more pics of it in these two old threads) 



My first was another 2litre, an 02-plate with an LPG conversion, but can't find any pictures of that one. Despite only being about six years old at the time, it hadn't been particularly well looked after. I also bought it to replace an 800 Vitesse, so it felt glacially slow in comparison, and I didn't enjoy it. Very glad I gave them a second chance though. 


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I've had five of them.  This is my current one, a Connoisseur SE +Nav Tourer CDT automatic in Copperleaf metallic, bought off of cpjitservices of this parish 2 1/2 years ago.


I've been all over in it and it's been brilliant - I've been to my parents' in Somerset several times, I went up to Scotland in September 2019 and dragged a diesel Merc back from Poole last year.  It's feeling a bit sorry for itself at the moment though - it needs a couple of tyres on the back and I think it's going to need a new BCM - it keeps locking itself and the driver's electric window switches have stopped working.  I also really need to pull my finger out and get the aircon sorted, although replacing the belt is such an awkward fecker of a job that I might just end up getting the aircon regassed on the C2 or the Mondeo and use those on hot days.

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I’ve had- 3 if memory serves. 

Pre preproduction chassis build jan 99. They certainly learnt on this one as various trim pieces had been hand cut, plus the body engineering wasn’t all that hot. The rear 1/4 panels had been poorly sealed where they crimped against the recess for the boot jamb. Water ingress as a phrase doesnt quite cover it. 

I also have an early production estate which was a diesel manual. Dog slow until I went Through it and made it acceptably fast. Final was a 190+ mg estate in gunmetal  which was nice. 

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Oh look, my thread has arrived! 😂 So, in chronological order, I have owned:

  • Gordon - White Gold Club Model - 1.8 K-Series Manual
  • Lemmington - Moonstone Green Classic SE Model - 2.0v6 Manual
  • The Vole - Midnight Blue Club SE Model - 2.0 CDT Manual
  • Bob - Copperleaf Red Connoisseur SE Model - 2.0 CDT Auto
  • Bertie - Damson Red Connoisseur SE Model - 2.0v6 Auto - Still on fleet
  • Hector - Starlight Silver Connoisseur SE Long Wheel Base Model - 2.5v6 Auto
  • Walter - Monogram Chatsworth Contemporary SE Model - 2.0 CDTi - Still on fleet

Let's face it, the vast majority of my motoring has been in the above Rover 75s for the last 11 years or so. I've had a couple of Volvos in that time as well, but I always seem to end up coming back to the 75. None of them have given me any real problems, apart from Bob, where the previous owner had filled the Auto box fluid incorrectly and caused damage.  They are comfortable, reliable, and so so wafty. What's not to like?


I bought Bob 4 years ago now, after someone on here (BourneIdentity?) posted a link to the advert on eBay. One previous owner, and never driven more than 5000 miles between services. In the last 4 years I have spent nearly £6000 on maintenance - mostly servicing and preventative - and the car is mechanically spot on. I was hoping to have some bodywork done to tidy him up this year, but unfortunately the purchase of Walter has eaten into that cash!


Bought just over a week ago. It's an MGRover 'Monogram' car, which is finished in Chatsworth Gold. This particular car is pretty much brand new, with just shy of 12,000 miles on the clock from new. It's certainly as close to a brand new 75 as I'll ever get, and so far I'm really enjoying it. I hope to keep it looking as mint as possible, and hopefully do some shows in it this year!

(Apologies - the photos aren't in the right order, and I couldn't seem to find a photo of 'The Vole'.







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I ran Sara, a 2.0V6 Club in Atlantic Blue from 2011-2014. 

I carried out my longest Road Trip in this car. UK to Cz and back! 

Plus points were the looks, the Pre Project Drive Interior, the comfort and excellent insulation. 

Minus points were the Vis Motors and Flaps,  Water Ingress and the Clutch Hydraulics. 

Rear Suspension Trailing Arm Bushes can be replaced with BMW 3 Series items. 

At the time, I think I put something on the Rover 75 and ZT Owners Club... 


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Here's mine, a 2.5 Conny SE auto bought with just 64,000 miles from two previous pensioner owners. 19 years old & never had a cam belt! Although it had been serviced annually like clockwork. Belts done, VIS motors checked, the accelerator cable tightened up properly and it flies. Problems with a water leak diagnosed as HGF - 'scrap it mate' - change of garage - turned out to be a leaking hose clamp at the back of the block. 

Then endless problems with losing charge - which turned out to be a constant supply of crap batteries. Despite 5 yr warranty's, three of them failed in a fortnight. Replaced with a slightly cheaper Bosch - problem solved.


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Had one, 2.5 V6 auto for 7 years. great car. Finally died so got an X Type to replace it. The Rover has a much smoother ride, but the Jag is quicker. The Rover had issues and always needed money spending on it. When  told it would cost over  grand for the next MoT it went over the bridge.

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Audrey gets even more love.

Rover garage called to give an update.

Front of the car is off, ready for her new Rad fan. They also found leaking boost pipe and knackered aircon compressor.

Because I'm mental and can't stop spending on fixing cars  I've given them the go ahead for the extra work.

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Choppy or harsh ride is usually attributed to broken rear springs. Both my first and 2nd 75s had this issue.  The previous owner of my current 75 also had this issue and discovered the problem when he replaced the suspension arms. With new springs as well mine really does have a magic carpet ride. Coupled with the torquey  remap on the diesel and the auto, it now wafts lit fuck .

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