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  1. I think the seventies were a very exciting time for cars hence I have several mk4 Cortina’s an early mk2 Granada, a series 1 Rover 2600 SD1 and an S reg Citroen 2400CX. I often wonder if I had been the age I am now rather than 7 years old would I have found the cars so exciting or would I have had more interest in forties cars. If I had more space (and money) I would also have a Rolls Royce Camargue and Ferrari 400 amongst others. Definitely a great time for cars.
  2. 1.3 and 1.6 have 8 1/2 “ drums, 2.0 and 2.3 have 9”.
  3. The lower picture looks like an earlier car with different lights and bumpers?
  4. That looks remarkably solid for an XJ6, mine was far worse at 9 years old back in 1993, the front wing / sill is an easy repair. Great colour and nice with cloth interior. This could be a nice easy project and worthwhile being one owner too. I would buy it if I had more room. It would be awful if it got broken but I have too many projects to take it on.
  5. I noticed you said 90’s or earlier but discounted the Seicento , I think they are a great modern small car but the seating position is a bit high, I always feel I am sat on it rather than in it . The Cinquicento is a bit nicer but similar seating position. A proper 500 is a good alternative to a Mini but no cheaper. For a sensibly priced small car which is fun I would look at a Fiat 850 or Austin A30/A35, or even an A40. I also like early mk1 Fiesta’s now but they seem to have got expensive. Peugeot 104 could be worth a look also. Fiat 850 just listed on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/394418718143?hash=item5bd53005bf:g:~V4AAOSw3bNjwQ~V&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoCMAEb%2FpDbnhqL8HGCVauUI8Vmv%2FBFS2B9oUqUyD3mCInHvl%2FXj9LWuY8a8ikztQf%2FgGa5SL4fDvhc3aKoEsZuTzrGaXkG6GrshOBh5sSQSQOIVSSlmQqYM65tRdTL51QIxriQGynlMx178uIrMSkLjb4PL7o5Yiy5r800RvL8dSvu7x1xNTo%2Fjpq6kPSDhhCEScwWHqpxw1S24O8n7vOYE%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR9Dyob-1YQ
  6. Not all Vauxhall’s are S**t! Even before the late eighties when they got their act together they made some good cars, I would prefer this to an RS2000. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234852700192?hash=item36ae4fd020:g:2J4AAOSwvY9juzTb&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoEndUIYYDgwvnfU3WZES7iBfjRdvOE9BE81yszbpePwvF7I2CRzYA6TbLxFytpUghLi9Kr4kgSaZKsQeMtV8cnq%2FJLM86hVMc37CaVs5EGm%2BECKxY2L7jzWJZNUjvSlEmqlvBQPZXED0wcxXbZFt%2BGF6CCIMHJ5Ebrx7pRqVgcMvxUVI033J%2BkI6U%2FPDaJV5VcBzsMBcdQXWgLirbjhrzqU%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR7LWwtOyY
  7. I understand the point about awkward conversations, I would not introduce myself as a car enthusiast. I am very enthusiastic about cars but my taste is not exactly mainstream and I am certainly not a Top Gear viewer. I have very little interest in modern cars. When people ask what cars I like and I tell them Cortina’s they mostly say you must have a Lotus Cortina! I have never had any interest in owning one and much prefer 4 door saloons or estates, another common assumption is that everyone must want a mk1 or 2 Escort, again conversation gets difficult, I much prefer a Cortina, Granada, XJ6 or SD1. The other one I get from so called car enthusiasts is why don’t you sell all your cars and buy a Porsche? I have never been interested in owning a Porsche (although a 924 with Pasha interior is increasingly appealing). I like cars that impress me and don’t really care about impressing others. Because of the above I would be cautious about describing myself as a car enthusiast. Discussions about BIK I don’t mind so much as I am still working and not yet retired so keeping as much of my wages as I can is of interest to me.
  8. This looks a bargain, I doubt it will hang around for long: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/374445498525?hash=item572eb0e09d:g:l1EAAOSwqedjuFB9&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoL8LR4lXiNTtgyVQ9Tm7dFYm%2Fww%2BNia6TxUVv37T1LPwxBCbm545o4MPPmNNm5R1SanjDOsUyV%2B9occiXKA%2BJLJJ10JBaIs7obO7nd145VzQ%2F%2BsxDA10sAdJriKOvFvWhBpILa2MZwfOuLxwWh%2FaO9WwS5IB40wWhr8TLUmERXhPu9oQ%2FwQqXGMQLad9VO4rluB4d8da5k%2FF9QP1ZuBiJWQ%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR7LlmoaxYQ
  9. These have become very appealing recently, maybe from watching Holiday on the busses. This one looks very solid and original, could be a good buy if the reserve is not silly. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304761220053?hash=item46f52f2bd5:g:3LgAAOSwUTZjttVh&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoKmfOVoqmBxH%2BWQjluvaT24tng0mbtoVOwBna9bnH9vyhV8AwSM3KBQzgXHt5PJ6sUHTYpjyUZzZsvUrCaP%2FWOuyQ0QFkgjo3QRlhgoP4gXe2D8iX3C3Nn6GC7%2B2chEZetlMWc7Ai6LbjD4Q%2BM1zH4V%2F0fyNmXawist%2BsyNmRHcb58YauINKegEgchwfULcF4RAsbwAv6I7Q37LX53WMp6E%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR9T1--6wYQ
  10. I pass these when walking the dog: @grogeeDo I get extra points for matching number plates?
  11. I had a Chasseur estate for Christmas. After seeing @Datsuncog’s Ghia estate I know what I want for my birthday. I took some pictures of my Chasseur and noticed it has the same towbar which I like. The detail is great including the interior. It is odd that they did not include the sunroof though. Overall I am very impressed, I love estates and hope they re-release the mk4 Cortina (Taunus) About 15 years ago I was offered a full size Chasseur for £50, I turned it down due to lack of storage space and too many cars. ☹️
  12. As I said this is based on my own experience, the cars were not particularly well looked after but not abused, servicing, brakes and tyres were all they had, maybe I was lucky but facts are facts.
  13. I have had three Mondeo’s, the first a 93 K 1.8LX I bought with full service history at auction and ran to over 130,000 miles with the only expense being it’s first clutch at 130,000 it still drove like new once replaced. The second Mondeo I had was a 2005 2.0 diesel Ghia estate, I ran this as a work car from 2007 (bought at 60,000miles) until 2011, at 135,000 miles the first clutch failed, soon after replacing it the chain tensioner failed causing major damage, I had the engine replaced but it was not the same after, it was sold at around 145,000 miles. I replaced it with a 58 plate 1.8 Zetec diesel hatch, grim compared to the Ghia estate but cheap and did the job, bought at 70,000 miles at Blackbush auction and scrapped a few months ago at around 138,000 miles, It was an ex fleet car so had full history, still on the original clutch and no sign of slipping at 138,000! One set of brake shoes and front discs in my ownership (68,000 miles) and a back box. The only other expense was a belt at 100k, oil and filter changes and tyres. When it was no longer in regular use due to a change of job it didn’t like being parked up and had injector issues which led to it being scrapped. My summary of modern Ford’s is they are dull and boring compared to the great cars Ford made in the seventies but still the best for trouble free low cost motoring. Based on my own experience I would not expect to do anything other than servicing on a modern car until at least 130k miles.
  14. This looks very interesting, surely the ultimate Saab? Someone here should buy it to spur me on to sort my SD1 and we could do a remake of ‘Don’t you want me’ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165863936187?hash=item269e42d0bb:g:o38AAOSwVQpjrbKv&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoC%2FKBPbB0FdGTHRSm1EUnUHE5jewmipF35lvV0M2SPcM6IYSrglSpgH1p9%2F%2FUx%2B1kvUUxESfHVWaYMX7%2FbsB%2BK25E6uGa7rvkwkrSkQdOAQkMG0gWDzyC1Jvu724QpYCsZZM9IVGYhxmzUXpTH5mI1tNfqj7z4dt6kfdSno1gwzSMd0FGxdRkPZ6p%2BUc4vtfR6nPn7kVxcKq5FEfP%2Bmo%2FH0%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR4K7ppeuYQ
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