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  1. It is the right colour, right spec. and right engine. No excuses, someone on here should buy this. I must admit I am not a fan of low spec. underpowered cars but I really do like beige cars and this looks great. My excuse is that I have too many cars so I’m out. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203951156815?hash=item2f7c6fae4f:g:ws4AAOSwpj1igXnD It is a fine looking car: Power to the people!
  2. I would also be interested in more information and pictures of this car. I assume by it being on the road that it is still in use? It is great to see a Cortina in this condition still being used as it should be. I would love to see pictures of the interior as I believe the early mk4’s in Signal yellow had the option of green interior which would be fantastic.
  3. I think the top one is for an Anglia:
  4. We got to Longbridge and it was worth going. One for @Matty Some temptation there! If I had not recently bought a Mercedes I would have bought the red Montego, I believe the owner wanted £500 which seemed good in the current market.
  5. A few weeks ago a friend suggested I should get the tomcat on the road and take it to the pride of Longbridge show as he had recently bought a 214 cabriolet and was taking that. We bought a set of 4 new Yokohama’s and fitted the only uncracked tyre left on the spare Next job was to tackle the rust. I am sorry the pictures are upside down, I have no idea why. This is the first time I have seen more rust on the outside than inside a sill and it was a nice surprise. After cleaning the area I made some templates and cut them out With the welding done, new tyres fitted,lights, wipers, horn, brakes etc. checked it was ready for the MOT. Or was it? the one thing we didn’t check was the seatbelt, when I got in to drive to the MOT the seatbelt wouldn’t engage, also the SRS light decided to stay on and was a fail for some reason along with a few other dubious issues. The seatbelt receiver came apart easy enough and the fault was a dislodged spring, we fixed this and the rest of the issues within an hour and got a new MOT the next day so we’re ready just in time for the drive to Longbridge.
  6. I had a two year old mk3 Mondeo Ghia estate and original colour was on the log book as silver, the car was Gold and was clearly original and never resprayed. I would not worry.
  7. Yes, this has been modified, I believe it started off as a 1.6L with red interior if it is the car I think it is. It was rebuilt and used for the 2012 Cortina’s to Cortina run and had the 82 model grey GL seats in then, I think it has changed hands at least once since then but apart from the badge looks the same as when Jim had it.
  8. On a 1977 Cortina the rocker cover should be blue the same as the cambelt cover, not sure on the shade of blue as I need to do the same on my 2.0S. I have a passenger door mirror to fit on my estate, my opinion is that if it is an option available when the car was new then it is a worthwhile upgrade, I am also thinking of fitting a Philips turnolock or pioneer fm radio cassette from 1977 in mine but haven’t yet. As for electronic ignition, I have never fitted it to any of my Cortina’s but one of my friends keeps telling me I should, I am still undecided on this.
  9. I am not a Rolls Royce fan and this is not cheap but it is less than the cost of a mediocre new car. It is also fantastic colours inside and out and has a good numberplate. Cheaper than a new Focus and infinitely more stylish and interesting: https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1443160 Sorry I cannot copy the pictures on my iPad but the link should work 🤞
  10. The E320 CDi is showing 25 mpg on very short runs to Asda and back, it is showing 30 mpg for trips around 10 miles each way and 40 mpg for long runs. I should start using the Panda more for very short trips as it does 40 mpg and 50 mpg for 10 miles or longer trips. Typically after many years of saying I would not buy a diesel as soon as I get one the price of diesel shoots up to over 10p a litre more than petrol. I think my next job will be to get the 1.6 Cortina estate back on the road.
  11. Is anyone going to The Pride of Longbridge on the 23rd at Cofton Park? I have ordered a set of new tyres and booked the Tomcat in for an MOT next Tuesday, I will need to get on with the welding over the bank holiday and hope for a pass. If all goes to plan Cofton Park will be it’s first run out🤞
  12. I like these early 4 door Range Rovers: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224932833174?hash=item345f0aa796:g:L9oAAOSwOodiVH3j
  13. This looks interesting especially if the price stays sensible: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275267005007?hash=item4017312a4f:g:81MAAOSwW8diVVF8 Could be good for @SiC as it seems to be several cars in one. I like it and think the square lights suit it and like estates.
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194971977225?hash=item2d653c4609:g:ycMAAOSw0xNiVFjD
  15. Sable brown looks great on the series 1 Jag. Sir William Lyons chose it for his own car. It is no secret that I love brown cars, especially Roman Bronze.
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