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  1. I always think that it is ‘better the devil you know’. At least you know what has been done on your car rather than buying something unknown. I agree with you on how quick the 320 CDi is and how much fun to drive. Also for a diesel they sound very nice too. This is my first Mercedes and the first diesel I have bought out of choice. I have had several diesel work cars, mostly Mondeo’s and Alfa’s, all front wheel drive so nowhere near as nice as the Merc to drive. When I first realised that a Mercedes was the answer to my needs I started looking at W211’s, then read Talbot’s thread and realised W210’s were better, I then started looking at W124’s which are much better looking and very nice with the right cloth interior (beige or red is great) and zebrano wood looks fantastic. But these also seem to rust and also command higher prices. I think the W210’s are great for the price, they are not fantastic looking but looks are not as challenging as a Scorpio or early Sierra. I love how they ride with Citroen rear suspension but the advantage of RWD, also the single front wiper is nice. Space inside is ample, towing capacity is great, turning circle is good, visibility great compared to modern rubbish and they do not feel big to drive or park, it is immeasurably better in every way than the mk4 Mondeo I have had for the last 10 years. For a modern everyday car I cannot think of anything better especially when they are available for less than a grand.
  2. This looks great, nice colours too: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115053840718?hash=item1ac9be494e:g:HL4AAOSw5JJhbqgd Bodywork Its very beige! Surprisingly there is very little rust to speak of, It gets better: Interior Dashboard is a lovely shade of brown! These colour choices are infinitely better than black or even grey which are all too common now.
  3. Wow! That is a bit different to a Morris Traveller. Looks a lot better than ours and a very different style. It would be good to get the two together next year when it is out of storage.
  4. I am very impressed with mine, bought as a general runabout and to take the dog out. It is far better than I expected and I enjoy driving it far more than any newer car. It has spent all it’s life in London which may be how it has survived so long, it also has two tone leather interior. All the non car people I know cannot believe how cheap it was. These are real bargains in my opinion and can only go up in price.
  5. This looks very nice and currently not a lot of money: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255172666489?hash=item3b6979e479:g:wn0AAOSw9ONg~ba~ Nice interior too, I like stripes.
  6. You have impeccable taste, a mk4 2.0 GL Cortina in blue is the most stylish car ever in my opinion. I remember my dad borrowing a Cosmos blue one from his boss in 1979 for us to to go to London in, it was absolute luxury compared to our Viva. The only car I remember passing us on the M4 was a red 911 which we passed about 15 minutes later when the police had pulled him over in the hard shoulder. The Senator is very nice too, although I like Fords a lot I think Vauxhall were at their best in the 1990’s with the Cavalier mk3, Carlton and Senator all great cars and more stylish than Fords offerings at that time, If I was a Company Director in 1992 the Senator would have been my choice of Company car. Thanks for posting, as you may have guessed I like Cortina’s a lot! I could never get bored of looking at that Cortina, it is lovely.
  7. Well said, there are not enough people repairing cars in the street anymore as they did when I was a child. I was impressed and surprised to see someone welding a gate near the pavement recently in the nicer part of the town. I welded a car for a friend years ago in a communal car park with a long extension lead running from his house, I would not recommend doing it late at night in the rain as I did, but when you are tight for time you have to do what is needed to get the job done. On the safety side, some good advice has been offered, it is better not to learn the hard way. The worst fire I had was when I was in a pit welding an inner sill, I had removed the back seat and lifted the carpet and soundproofing, the back seat was propped up out of the way. On the rear wheel arches of a Cortina there are strips of velour glued where the seat back rests against the wheelarch, I had unpeeled them 18 inches up the wheelarch and taped them out of the way. Unbeknown to me the tape come loose and the velour fell back into place (still about 4 inches from where I was actually welding) This acted like a wick and the fire spread quickly along the headlining, sun visors, half the rear seat. The first I knew was an orange glow and an unpleasant noise. I put out the fire with the garden hose and saved the car but it had a kink in the roof from the heat and took a LOT of cleaning. Another time, welding a bulkhead lying upside down on the floor pan I could see an orange glow, turned around and it was still behind me, then there was a horrible smell and I realised my hair was on fire, this was years ago when I had hair. Also don’t wear fur lined rigger boots! I admire you for taking this on and having a go, we all need to learn, keep up the good work and look after yourself, learn from other peoples mistakes where possible rather than your own, take regular breaks from the welding and keep checking for fires, even for some time after you finish.
  8. I like these with the rectangular headlights, great colour too. Currently a good price: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384437479715?hash=item5982426923:g:50wAAOSwqrNhYaPg
  9. You have a lovely orange Cavalier ( unless I missed something ). If I was going to have a Cavalier then this would be my top choice ( maybe excluding a mk3 which really are good but too new) a mk1 is also driven by the correct wheels so should be more pleasant to drive.
  10. Wow! A great choice of cars, the Senator is very nice, the Bermuda Blue Cortina GL is fantastic, it looks stunning, especially with the tan interior. Absolutely beautiful! It would be great to see more pictures.
  11. I still have 16 as in my signature, mostly saloons though. I did look for another estate when we got the dog earlier this year as I didn’t want a muddy wet dog in the one currently on the road and the other estates are in varying states of disrepair. Prices are now far higher than a tightwad like me is comfortable with paying so I had to go downmarket and buy a Mercedes for approximately a tenth of current Cortina prices, it is very nice and stands out a lot less which is great.
  12. I doubt anyone will be surprised that I fully agree although a 2.0 manual estate would be my preference. I really need to prioritise getting this back on the road, it is the best car I have ever owned. Bought in 2002 for £400 and very reliable daily transport for the next 4 years doing around 16,000 miles per annum. It did well over 200k miles on it’s original 2.3 V6 engine, the Cologne engine is not Ford’s best, hence my recommendation of a 2.0. Unfortunately prices have gone up a bit in the last 19 years. The picture above is the only one I can find of my car so below is one I found on the internet of a nicer looking one:
  13. This is lovely, great colours inside and out but not cheap. https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/sat-6th-sun-7th-november/1986-citroen-cx-25-prestige-auto/ The seats are fantastic:
  14. Currently the cheapest car on the company car list is this 😞: So is likely to replace the truck that has been sat unused on my drive for the last year covered in algae, unless I can persuade my boss to get me a van for the cheaper tax 🤔 For a daily driver the E320 is hard to beat although I keep thinking about an E55. As for cars I actually really want and do not already own then these are top of the list when my garage is finished:
  15. This is a hard one as I had a lot of cars when I was young, the £15 1700HL Princess I bought to use the engine in a 7 year old Ambassador I bought for £50 was the cheapest. I bought a Mini Clubman with lots of 1275GT bits for £40 when I was 16 but when I found an 8 inch diameter rust hole and couldn’t weld at the time I sold all the rare bits and then sold the car for £40 to someone who needed the gearbox. Also a tidy mk1 2 door Escort for £50! For MOT’d running cars, I gave £50 for an R reg Chrysler alpine against a Cortina I was selling, more recently I paid £60 for an MOT’d and taxed mk3 Cavalier 1.6L, it failed it’s next MOT on serious rust and got scrapped. The 940 Volvo estate was £160 with MOT and tax. The best though was my 82 2.0 Ghia Cortina, this was £180 with MOT, the seller worked in a body shop and had taken parts off to repair other cars, I fitted an exhaust, passenger door and dash from my spares stock and drove it home, this was my very reliable daily driver for 4 years and is the best driving car I have owned or driven, it maintained an indicated 120 mph for many miles following two Capri 2.8 injections on a private* road. The only repairs needed was a big weldathon at each MOT, which I did myself. The only cost was oil, plugs, filters, tyres and brake pads.
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