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  1. Our last full day in Cortina so we took a few pictures. The first from our hotel. The ski jump James Bond came down in 1981! Then we went for a drive up a very high mountain. There are plenty of Panda’s here and still a few mk1’s about. Three in this picture: And another nearby Plus lots of expensive modern cars: We also had a walk to the top of the toboggan run which has been made narrower since 1962 as there would be no chance of driving a mk1 Cortina down there now! It looks like it has been unused since 2010, but will be refurbished for the 2026 Olympics. @danthecapriman I saw Scott again last night and again this morning, he took his Capri to Capri in 2019 for the 50th anniversary of the Capri and was the 4 th Capri to go on the island so I had it wrong. The next will be the 5th! I suggested to him we go in 2029 for the 60th anniversary and he seemed interested. If you came we could have a mk1, 2 and 3 which would be fantastic.
  2. You would have been made very welcome and I would like to meet you and see our two cars together. You have 10 years to prepare for the next trip, or we could do one in 5 years? @danthecapriman I was talking to the owner of the Tawny Brown mk3 and he said he also has a Capri Laser he drove to Capri in, his was the 6th Capri to go on the island. He said if I went in the mk1 we would be the 7th, It will be at least 6 years until ours is done so you could beat us, or wait and we could go together in our mk1 and your mk2. My next trip will be Granada to Granada in my mk2. We walked to the 1956 Olympic ski jump this morning, sadly it is not being maintained very well I took some pictures of cars along the way, as you do. Great house and car in one shot! (plus my finger)
  3. It was Taunus in most of Europe, Cyprus had both names. Africa, Australia and New Zealand used the Cortina name and possibly Singapore, Canada and America.
  4. On Wednesday we left Speyer to head for Mittenwald. As we were so impressed with the Museum at Speyer we went to their sister museum in Sinsheim where they have two Concorde’s! We went on both. They also had some nice cars there. Soon after leaving Speyer we caught up with three other cars from the group and followed them for over an hour and enjoyed a stop for coffee and cakes with them. After a while they turned off but we soon caught up with another car and followed them for the last leg of the journey. We stopped for 2 nights in Klais ( just outside Mittenwald) in a fantastic guest house with a great host. He let me use his hose to give the car a much needed wash and told me to park in his car port🙂. He also made a fantastic breakfast and is a car enthusiast. I would definitely return to this guest house We spent yesterday walking over the mountains and through the gorge in Mittenwald but still managed to spot some cars We set off this morning from Klais in Germany, drove through Austria and have arrived in Italy! Now that we are in Cortina there are many other Cortina’s arriving in other groups or alone as above. We are here for 3 nights now. There are Cortina’s all over town, we also saw a large group of Maserati’s and Ferrari’s and another group of Porsche’s.
  5. I had to check the number plate when I bought ours to see if it was the one Bodie stole with an inflatable boat on the roof
  6. Yesterday started with a trip to the Ford Europe plant at Cologne where the Fiesta is currently made. We were given access to the museum and then had a tour of the factory on a road train. From Cologne we drove to Speyer, only around 180 miles but the last 4 were not good with a 2 hour hold up on the motorway in extreme heat! We eventually got to out hotel, not as flash as the previous two but half the price. We are staying at the Museum Technic Speyer for two nights. A fantastic museum well worth visiting It is fantastic here, a good collection of cars, aeroplanes, trains and lots more. Inside the planes were great also, they were raised and at an angle so you felt like you were flying The GAZ is inside this plane!
  7. Running lovely so far....... touch wood. Nice to have a better view behind.
  8. After completing 560 miles yesterday I was very tired but after a good meal and a good sleep I had my money’s worth at breakfast and we set off for Cologne, a very short drive of around 95 miles. We saw a few older Mercedes and a couple of mk1 Granada’s along the way. We avoided motorways where possible to make the short journey much more interesting and arrived at the V8 Hotel in Cologne around 3pm. Our room is fantastic The seats are very Comfy and they recline. Loads of nice cars here, this Citroen went past as I was eating pizza and drinking a beer. The hotel in Nijmegen was also fantastic, great architecture. Some interesting cars in the car park The only interesting car I managed to photograph en route sorry. There was an American car show at Cologne when we arrived but they were leaving when we got there The museum is great here also, a really great hotel.
  9. This year is the 60th anniversary of the Cortina’s introduction and the 40th anniversary of the last produced in the UK. I have done this trip previously in 2002, 2007 and 2012, each time a different route but the same destination Cortina d’Ampezzo! I fitted an electronic ignition kit to the car about a month ago and as part of last minute preparation checked all fluid levels, changed engine oil and filter, swapped wheels for refurbished wheels with new tyres and fitted a passenger door mirror on bank holiday Monday. I borrowed the starter and all bulbs from the S. My girlfriend booked the ferry and hotels during the week, we left at 8pm Friday and filled up with super unleaded at the local Tesco before driving to Dover The M4 was closed at junction 6 so we headed for the M3, entry to M3 was blocked so we had to drive the wrong direction to the next junction, when we eventually got to the M20, part of that was closed! We eventually found an open Tesco garage to fill up with E5 again before getting to the port with 258 miles covered by 1.10 am Saturday! We got the 2 am ferry to Dunkirk. We met at the Louwman museum and then spent the night in Nijmegen. T.BC.
  10. I would buy the new part to keep for the future and use it as a reference to make a repair using sheet steel as it looks quite easy from the picture.
  11. I was travelling with work last week, I was very impressed to see these two next to me on the ferry to Belfast: I stopped for breakfast in the dock and was lucky that I left the cafe at just the right time to see these coming past with about six additional similar age Austin’s, it was a fantastic sight but unfortunately I could not get my phone out quick enough to take a picture as I had a coffee in one hand and my truck keys in the other.
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/385062946165?hash=item59a78a4575:g:vioAAOSwHOxi-RlK Oooof! Interior appears to be out of a newer car but still looks ok
  13. Lack of use, for all the time I was using it it was very reliable. When I started a new job where I must have a company car and cannot opt out it didn’t like being stood, it kept going into limp mode, I changed injectors and it seemed ok for a short while but then went to limp mode again, it now will not come out of limp mode. I suspect a new fuel filter and cleaning the injectors could sort it but I think there is an issue with the loom also. Minor issues that could be sorted but I never have any time and have far more interesting cars to work on if I could find any time. I got £375 for it so it didn’t seem worth the time or hassle.
  14. After nearly 11 years the Mondeo has left the fleet, a shame to see a good car scrapped but it has served its purpose as a work car which did its job very well but lacked any character or driving pleasure, still sad to see it go and need to update my signature On a more positive note the Cortina got us to Stratford and back yesterday and drove nicely with the new electronic ignition, time to book the ferry and hotels for Cortina’s to Cortina next month!
  15. The blue over silver mk2 was a Sapphire, although many older ones were painted Similar after the Granada Sapphire came out.
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