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  1. Tres bien https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1983-Citroen-CX-20-Pallas-Project-Barn-Garage-Find/174731180507?hash=item28aeca39db:g:rAEAAOSwvaxgdffY
  2. If you are as impressed by Angrydicky’s latest project as I am, you could buy the next best thing? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Austin-A70-Hereford-1952-running-driving-solid-all-original-barn-find/233964898521?hash=item36796508d9:g:-VgAAOSwjRlgWfSN
  3. I have liked these since they first come out, just not quite enough to buy one. This looks great but doesn’t appear to have stripes on the seats so I’m out. Still a great car and looking better with age, appears solid too: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Carlton-GSI-Bsrn-find/154412346916?hash=item23f3b16e24:g:R4wAAOSwXFJgdKUJ
  4. Interesting and built ‘against all odds’, buy this and ‘Everyday ‘will be ‘Another day in paradise’. See seller for details. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Citroen-CX-six-wheeler-Loadrunner-1989/274735876353?hash=item3ff788c901:g:CwYAAOSwmX5gXzxc I am close to M25 J3 Swanley – Phil Collins.
  5. I do like 70’s brown cars, this cannot be denied, I may also be a Princess, but only on weekends. I have really enjoyed seeing this car brought back to life. As much as I love Princesses there are other cars higher on the wish list, and a Lotus Eclat or Elite and V12 Jag are both near the top, added to this my lack of space plus the fact I am a tightwad. I missed out on a Cortina with green interior because I wouldn’t pay three grand. I am not saying this car is not worth three grand, just that I am stingy and have more cars than garage space. I hope someone here buys it as I would
  6. I am impressed with Flintoffs choice of cars, from the Cortina to the TVR he has all my favourites, I must have had my mid life crisis at 31 as that is when I bought one exactly like on tonight’s show, I need to get it back on the road next year, I’ve not driven it for a few years.
  7. This is great, I really like estate cars and this is quite special: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1968-Ford-Zodiac-Abbot-Estate-running-restoration-loads-of-work-done/184741496666?hash=item2b0373875a:g:ZLAAAOSw7GVgZyP3 Fantastic interior too
  8. Bloody hell, I feel old now being described as your dads generation. I was only 12 when Cortina’s went out of production but really mourned their loss and still think nothing has or will ever really replace it. I am very glad they gave the Sierra a new name as it is a very different car even if most of the mechanical parts are the same. It was a shame Ford did not drop the Granada name in 1985. Life moves on and things change but not always for the better. The Sierra was a good car and still RWD, the Mondeo was very good and the mk1 was the best riding FWD car I have driven, but crucially it
  9. Yes I was aware of the deposit and have done so in the past with SWVA, what I failed to notice was how far in advance you had to pay. I do not understand why I could not give them debit card details before the auction started.
  10. This looks great for the price and it is the right colour. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Audi-100-Avant-C3-2-2-manual-1988/324539524412?hash=item4b9010253c:g:iLAAAOSwGeZgXONo
  11. I did, and it was well within my budget 🙁
  12. I really hope so, I consider all my cars exceptional, I may be the only person who does but that is the point for me, your car should be something that makes you happy to look at, sit in and drive otherwise why own it? I see no point in having a car just to impress other people. None of my cars are concours, I like cars that look used but cared for.
  13. I was hoping to bid on a car at SWVA today but didn’t ‘t realise you had to register well in advance and thought I could do it at 7am this morning, I was wrong, phoned them and they will not allow me to bid. I keep telling myself I have too many cars, I hope it sells above my limit.
  14. I hope so as that is what I will probably choose for 200 plus miles each way, we should have a dog soon so the Mk4 Ghia estate is the most likely choice, if no dog then maybe the Granada GL.
  15. Great video and my favourite, now I want a Lotus more than ever. I am trying to resist the one on ebay ending in 12 hours. I look forward to reviews on the rest of the fleet, especially the Rover, Granada, Royale, Gamma and Victor. Keep up the good work.
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