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  1. I decided to get my models out of their boxes last night to put them on display. I started with as close as possible to the current fleet, there are some variations with spec. and colour, also some saloons substituting estates but this was as close as I could get: The finished display:
  2. Brilliant, I really enjoyed watching those. I want an XJS now. I am looking forward to the Lotus and Rover reviews as well as all the others.
  3. They had two identical in the dairy I worked at when I was still at school and saving for my first car, we used to use them for any extra deliveries for items not on the milk float.(later replaced with bedford midi’s. I had a minivan when I was 20, I remember getting it to 80 flat out. When driving them my knees were touching the metal dash rail as the seat would not go back far enough due to the load bed. Fun but in short doses, not for long journeys.
  4. I would love one of these, this is the right year, right colour. It has been listed recently, so this is at least the second time of listing. Below is the best picture. If the vans and caravans do not inspire confidence in the seller then read the description. I’m oot. Even I am not stupid enough to bid on this. ( it is lovely though ) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lotus-elite-1974-n-reg/254838937818?hash=item3b559598da:g:v9wAAOSwYRxgBwQp
  5. A weekends work for Gingernuttz: It has instructions on the number plate for connoisseur’s of Japanese Triumphs. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Acclaim-spares-or-repairs-project-barn-find/265016506461?hash=item3db436f85d:g:xa8AAOSw31NgAxP6
  6. Oooof!!! I really like these, if only I could get the jackpot on Euromillions. It has a make an offer option......... I wonder how many swear words he could fit in a reply to what I would offer. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Maserati-Khamsin/164644546358?hash=item2655946736:g:a9EAAOSwo2BgAHK6 Now where is that lottery ticket......... first thing I would get is proper number plates.
  7. I drove to Portugal for a holiday in 2019 and hope to drive there again, it is a lovely country. I was hoping to see lots of great cars and did see a Granada mk2 in a compound soon after crossing the border from Spain. Unfortunately after that there was not the volume of great cars I had hoped to see, although Mercedes 190’s and Renault 4’s seemed popular which was nice to see.
  8. The blade and nozzle go onto the end of the arm. Mine got attacked by a gate a few years ago so the other side looks like this:
  9. Correct I think I need to clean the lichen off the 740, I was going to photograph the 940 but the arms are slightly different and hide the hoses.
  10. These are mad money now but look fun: gallery https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1973-M-Reg-Bond-Bug-Fantastic-Opportunity-Stored-since-1978/164640641454?hash=item265558d1ae:g:zeMAAOSw6GZf~fbi
  11. Indeed, explanation was in the advert but it now shows as a Golf! I posted the engine picture as my first thought was it was a V12 until I saw the engine, then read the advert. Apparently it was damaged when new in 1984 before being registered then stood for 5+ years before being sold to a garage who rebuilt it and registered it.
  12. Two fantastic spots, I remember sitting in an Elite just like that when I was a child, one of my dad’s colleagues had one identical, even the same colour. He left it on our drive when they went to a meeting as my Father had a company car. I thought it was amazing (and still do ) The Marina is just like the one Sid James had in Carry on at your Convenience.
  13. This seems a reasonable price and doesn’t have dodgy chrome arches so can’t be too bad. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MERCEDES-116-350SE-V8-1977-CLASSIC-CAR-BARN-FIND-RESTORATION-PROJECT-3-owners/203243314552?hash=item2f523edd78:g:b-0AAOSwgSBf-b9l
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