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  1. This is nice if a bit expensive: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174863304460?hash=item28b6aa470c:g:~WcAAOSwdMRgkAeV Almost worth it for the interior, if only it had Zebrano it would be amazing. Just as well it hasn’t as I do not need another Mercedes and the temptation would be big.
  2. Sadly this is very common with blatant lies about mileage a regular occurance on ebay. I have been to look at many cars where it had turned out that the seller was a blatant liar.
  3. One for Richiekitchy? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184958963311?hash=item2b1069ce6f:g:p-kAAOSwjCxg-ZvD
  4. Bicycle repairman isn’t this your old car? As seen on Bangers and cash https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/403011258772?hash=item5dd557c994:g:60gAAOSww9Zg-VYF
  5. This looks great if it stays cheap, new MOT as well: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294288817387?hash=item4484fafceb:g:g8cAAOSwr5Ng7JII This should keep the price low!!!!! How hard would it be to get a steering wheel and double the value and desire ability? Sorry, that last picture should have come with a warning.
  6. In 2002 I bought a 1982 Cortina Ghia estate, it was in nice condition and had been resprayed at some point, the car looked very nice but had several additions (stripes, wrong spotlamps etc.) which I immediately removed and improved the looks immensely. The main issue remaining was the number plates were ‘show plates’ with Italics font. I got new ones made at a show, not realising they were the dreadful new style font. When I fitted them to the car they looked dreadful and it took me a while to realise why. I was very annoyed with myself for wasting the money on these plates, it was very painful having to buy yet another set but absolutely necessary in my eyes. It is amazing how much a decent set of number plates improve a car. I can live with dents and scratches but incorrect details really grate. My vote is the framptons reflective plates. I need to order a few for my cars.
  7. I like Volvo estates but do not like front wheel drive.
  8. Sorry, just got in, it has been a busy day! Breakfast stop: Saw this on the M4 in London The full reveal: First impressions are very good, it has quite a lot of service history, 4 owners, the last since 2012, and he replaced this with a Lexus LS400 due to ULEZ. In 2002 I bought a 1982 Cortina 2.3 Ghia estate in silver and it is the best car I have ever had despite the boring colour. This could be the closest modern equivalent, first impressions are certainly great. I hope to have a better look at it tomorrow as I am cream crackered now.
  9. Sorry no food pictures, breakfast was a greggs bacon roll and dinner was KFC Zinger box meal. The car drove fantastically and showed 39.1 average mpg. I am going out again in it now so a better update later.
  10. The dog, fortunately the count has not increased in the 12 hours we have spent together. The journey time increased significantly due to the M4 being closed near Heathrow. Can you tell what it is yet? Taken in a traffic jam on the way home.
  11. I am having problems downloading pictures from my phone. We have just arrived home.
  12. I wish, sadly it is not that exciting.
  13. Vehicle and travel companion for outbound journey: Poo count: 1 Time for a quick shower then heading East. Next update will be around 7 or 8 hours if all goes well 🤞
  14. This is my first attempt at a collection thread, I got home late last night and sorted insurance on line, then put a battery on the truck, I hope it will start. This thread could be full of disappointment, the vehicle for the outward journey is certainly not exciting, neither is the first breakfast. I am not sure this is worthy of being called breakfast but it is the first thing I will eat after getting up: It will not be a live collection sorry as I am a Luddite.
  15. I fully understand your frustration but hope you find a solution as I have been interested in this from the beginning. It is a great car in a great colour and I think all these problems will be worth it when it is finished and you have the pleasure of driving it. That is what it is really all about. It is always better to walk away and think of a solution than keep digging yourself into a deeper problem (as I have done many times) We are all behind you willing you on.
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