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  1. also speaking of the grauniad, good news for us shitists https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/oct/16/suvs-emit-more-climate-damaging-gas-than-older-cars-do-study-finds
  2. think the article is spot on tbh. the crux is that cars are far too big, and SUV's are the biggest offenders. nobody needs one. if you need space, buy an estate. if you need it for offroading, get a jimny. if you need it because you need to keep up with the jones', you need some sense knocked into you.
  3. with that sort of range they're completely pointless. on the whole 'lets save the world point', if the governmetn was really serious they'd offer to pay for us all to convert our cars to electric & give us solar panels & wind turbines to charge them, but that'll never happen for various reasons.
  4. 2003 renault clio mk2 (ph2 facelift): bloody fantastic. it's a 1.2 so no ball of fire but has a good amount of getup and go, just runs out of puff pretty quickly so you'll need to stir the oil. pretty comfortable, and suprisingly spacious inside, especially with the seats down- was able to move all of my uni stuff in it. piss easy to park as the visibilty is superb. stereo is pretty good, although probably needs new speakers, and the CD player has broken again. electrics are a bit flakey, and the sunroofs always leak (hence the application of renault approved tape), but look beyond that and they are fantastic little cars. 2005 mini park lane automatic 1.4: i used to hate this, but having driven it to and from work while the clio was having a bit of work done I have upgraded it from shit to not quite average. decent amount of poke for an auto, and handles pretty well, but is let down by terrible fuel economy, terrible ride quality and being smaller inside than my clio despite being a bigger car on the outside- the boot is pitiful, so it's always got the rear seats down. 2008 ford mondeo estate 2.0: I think it's a tdci?? diesel, pretty quick, very long. not driven it much so can't comment much more. people do get out of the way though, although that's probably more to do with the scratches down both sides of the thing! very comfortable on long journeys, and has cruise control.
  5. the online mot history check somewhat takes the fun out of this one, unless they want the exact figure I suppose
  6. you'll have a desirable* multicoloured Zafira now, sounds like an upgrade to me
  7. not since i left uni to be fair, so about 9 months. I hardly go north of Horsham in the car at the moment 🤣.
  8. i don't think i've ever seen a speedtrap on the a23 mind you, the clio struggles beyond 75 anyway so it aint as if i can get done for owt anyway! (barring down handcross hill, which is a bit boring these days- bring back the copious danger)
  9. i'll admit bowery electric and miraidempa are both grey areas
  10. no fear! long way off yet (unless owt dramatic happens) anyway that's a whole other topic, glad this mondy has been found i never did see it move while i lived there mind
  11. it's just a bit of a pain to go out on the beers anywhere late at night without paying an arm and a leg for a taxi!
  12. eh, difficult to say. we did get broken into, but other than that my last year of uni was a proper laugh. compared to rural sussex it has its ups and downs that's for sure.
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