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  1. even when they repair em they can't do a decent job. WSCC have replaced a pothole outside our village i think 3 times in the past 3 years- every time they replace it it starts opening up after about a fortnight!
  2. when so many are against it i don't really get why he's going through with it. well, i get it but you know what I mean- he's just hurting his constituents.
  3. good luck! pastries look very nice
  4. i believe that is a hoof pick if i'm not mistaken?
  5. the shell in our village got done for overcharging
  6. hugely late reply but i paid 30 quid and that was in the saaf east iirc as for a car cant fault my mk2 clio, solid motor (albiet a bit rough)
  7. if memory serves i read once that the red fiat was a gag as it was one of the production crew's car
  8. i thought councils farm this sort of work out to private companies (or am i getting confused w/ highway maintanence, and even then i might be wrong)
  9. fuck me, what a machine- best of luck to you guv
  10. i love my little clio, economical, fast enough, big enough and cheap enough to run (barring the fucking tax which winds me up no end). its also quite well equipped- none of my mates first cars had steering wheel wireless and cd player controls, leccy windows and doors or a trip computer (the lack of which baffles me)
  11. the wierd lever instead of a wheel in the clio to adjust my seat is not that annoying since i'm the only one who drives it. the ashtray that keeps closing itself on the other hand when i just want to put me fag out...
  12. aye it is. thats very kind, happy to pay for postage
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