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  1. this is probably a silly question but how do i get the little 'flair' type thing at the bottom of my comments?
  2. i did until it broke because french
  3. drove from darkest sussex back to birmingham in the mighty clio. 50mpg, not bad for a 1.2 on the motorway
  4. potatocam quality birmingham sights. the red 25 has wonderful laquer peel but I couldnt get close enough to capture its glory. also features an excellent curtesy car.
  5. spotted in birmingham, the pickup appeared to still be working for a living
  6. this wonderful french steed, and I still am. cost me £600 quid in 2016 and have promptly spent 2-3k keeping it on the road, but sentiment and all that
  7. a freind of mine has moved back up to uni and thought they better change their insurance so it reflects the car is now parked in a big city in the midlands of the UK, not a rural part of the SE of England, expecting perhaps 50-100 quid extra. it was more than double the bloody original price so they decided not to bother. considering they will be doing one trip a week to the shops rather than driving 4+ times a week around dangerous country lanes I can see their annoyance at the price raise which is quite frankly, rediculous.
  8. the first one i already put in the news thread, but its an astra campervan. the bloke was selling it (although he had just been into Aldi buying 2euro cigarillos). a nice golf and a couple of festering XM estates. then spot the 3 mk2 golfs in the local scrappie.
  9. found my password again and have something epic to share, found in germany while visiting family
  10. problem with all of this is that it is far more damaging to build a new car than it is to simply keep an old smoker running for a while longer. until there is a viable alternative to having a car (cycle lanes, decent public transport etc.) then they will still be needed.
  11. not at the moment no, sorry. although if I ever do start selling my mini motors I will be sure to let you know
  12. citroen zx estate, the photo shows off my quality* phone camera
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283899224937 rather optimistically priced sprinter pretty epic fail list as well Reason(s) for failure Rear Registration plate lamp not working both (1.1.C.1d) Offside Front Main beam 'tell-tale' not working (1.7.4c) Front Leaf spring cracked (2.4.B.1a) Windscreen wiper not operating automatically when switched on switch not working all postions (8.2.1b) Nearside Front Body has a sharp edge caused by corrosion (6.1.C.1) Nearside Front Body has a projection caused by corrosion (6.1.C.1) Offside Front Body has a
  14. here's some more of my shelf tat a rather battered matchbox ovlov 760 , had this one since I was very small majorette renault safrane, possibly as rare as the cars themselves were over here matchbox rover sterling with epic rimz siku vw passat mk3, my favourite shape- I have quite a few siku models from going over there a lot as a child as I have family over there, although this was found at a toy fair in the UK iirc. an excellent* colour choice as well majorette escort mk5? fastback? coupe? 3 door? not sure what this shape is called. it a
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