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  1. i have a strange love for those polo estates, so glad to see one being kept alive
  2. used the rest of fiats soviet steel for those it would appear
  3. bought a new rear wiper blade today, and some tape to tape up my air intake pipe thingy. student car maintanence a truly professional job
  4. ee by heck, i'll have one please
  5. did my test and most of my learning in my clio, the lessons i did have were in a fiesta (66 plate i think), but mostly learnt through driving to college with my mum everyday since she worked at the school.
  6. oh grand, I'll have to give that a try at some point
  7. its the same in the south east- i've no chance
  8. morons parking with their fucking hazards on outside one stop on the high street where theres double yellows. how about you park in the two big fuck off car parks just up the road, or are you too bloody thick. boils my piss cos all it does is clog up the roads. bloody townies.
  9. the mighty clio lives to fight another day, after a hazard light switch. now to sort those advisories at some point, and the leaking bloody sunroof.
  10. aye, rome wasn't built in a day. MOT tommorow, not holding out much hope for the poor thing but it shall live
  11. its not much but I did my first piece of work on my own car- the herculean* task of the front wiper blades and a rear lightbulb. slightly broke the clip of the drivers wiper blade but i'm sure that will hold, it seems very tight (fnarr) anyway.
  12. one fine evening in 2019 , the boys were round and a pleasant evening was preparing itself. food was required so alongside the pizzas in the oven 3 of us hopped into the mighty clio for a quick tear up to the kebab shop for some chips (best in the village). the clio had a few starting issues recently but as all good car owners do, I ignored it and anyway, it fired up fine. parked on the high street, went and ordered the chips and said to the boys "i'll just go turn her round" (for a quick getaway, me mother always said park so you can make a quick getaway). i hopped in and nothing, the mighty
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