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  1. Funny..cos I was thinking on a similar idea yesterday..Cars and Threads..I used to deal in vintage clothing and I still have the perchant for an oddball outfit....but my idea was to raise awareness of CBD-THC treatment for epilepsy and Parkinsons...and it will have to be in Scotland. Once I get a Jag or a Fiat 500D over from NZ..might give it a go ..somewhere...like in Stirling...and ..the damn suit collection is all stashed in the Rheinland..so big job in garage and wardrobe design on hand... Back in 2009..the local Whanganui Museum in NZ asked me for an historical idea...so I pitched a vintage bike rally..and everybody had to dress the part..and then we cycled round town.. Me on the Raleigh 20 (made in NZ) in the 1960s claret polyster suit..which i still have..and it still fits
  2. Hulme. Manchester. 1965. Image Credit - Shirley Baker
  3. Photographer. Enrique Metinides. Mexico.
  4. Rab

    Youtube moments

    The YouTube algorithim for car related videos..title now must be Barn Find Will It Start..please dont feel creative and try any other title...cos u get nowhere. Actually..my now fave channel is the Estonian guy..who does it without voice-over. Plus the standard of car related stuff is so abysmal...once u gain popularity..they slide off to mainstream supercar nonsense..and they have to punt twenty items and sponsers before a wrench is even pulled...
  5. Ha..thats funny..whats interesting is people have remarked on that poster before..Stu..Ive got these images in a book..guy who released it found me online..Ian Chapman from Canterbury Uni..he's a shiter in terms..owns a Triumph Herald....so I submitted the Mr Drumm Archive..that we saved and restored. I did it for free ...I did actually talk with Ian at length on the phone..and the eventual published item is quite cool.
  6. Invercargill.NZ. Circa. 1958
  7. I looked at one in Boston with a friend-1988..ex student car..new floorpans..bad paint..but good runner. $650....
  8. I was passenger-witness to a complete brake failure in one..we had just dragged it out of a garden in Wellington...then heading downhill towards a busy T-junction...all we would have needed was a passing trolley bus to have slowed us down...thankfully....bus was late...anyway....good job Mark...
  9. Ive been there....Chappaquiddick Bridge...also at the time I was working at the Boston Opera House..which was established by Joe Kennedy...JFKs father..(bootlegging and whoring rackets)..and I was paid by the Greek Bank. That was Onassis.
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