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  1. Even the sight of a broken down luxury car was unusual....Granada was a poor city at that time...there were no flash cars..
  2. To Jim Flowerdew..(L)..my best mates Dad who left us on Xmas Eve. A Dr. and Gentleman and with an astute taste in cars. RIP Sir.
  3. Apart from envy..i contribute nothing..except from this from Aussie...
  4. Oceanview Speedway. NZ. 2009. Not my stockcar...
  5. 1977 MB W123-230.Roxby Downs Missile Tracking Station.Sth Australia. 2012
  6. Due to my erratic travelling life disaster..where i leave a trail of negatives..cars-trucks and stuff ..some of it never to be seen again..especially photographs.. its always amazing when i do recover something..so in my final days in Munich 1992..i worked on the Art Projekt at the State Opera House..Lou Reed..Laurie Anderson..John Cale..John Zorn and Babes in Toyland. I was a lowly stagehand with a camera..so i befriended everybody..and i got Laurie Andersons portrait. Then..lost negatives. I did manage to give away a print to a friend in Berlin in 1993..and she just found it in her Mums attic.It was always the missing piece in that story..as it was Babes in Toyland who took me to Berlin...where i stayed until 1997.
  7. My former workplace was just a Mirage. Early dirty digital. NZ. 2008
  8. Early dirty digital. NZ. 2008
  9. Early dirty digital. NZ. 2008
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