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  1. I don't swear much, but it's all a 'kin masterpiece.
  2. Have you ever drove a VW camper with the engine cover off, using a piece of string over your shoulder attached to the carb, and pulled by hand, when your accelerator cable broke.
  3. Have you ever had the front trunion collapse on a minor, chained it back together with the chain you always have under your seat, and carried on the 400 mile round trip on holidays to Great Yarmouth, with severely restricted lock on one side. Have you ever put grease on your brake pipes before an MOT.
  4. You, as me, seem to be over engineering things. Your bed is magic! This will never fall apart in a million years, which is good. You are dragging the weight around forever though. Not in any way a criticism, I'm exactly the same, but beware fuel consumption may suffer.
  5. Sounds good to me. Will likely sound good when you start it up.
  6. Looking at it, I feel the baffle may be too restrictive. It's only a gut feeling, I used to jam old tin cans in mine, which usually blew out again. You will soon tell with loss of performance and/or overheating. May well be fine. Your engineering expertise easily surpasses mine.
  7. I think I'd have machined a phosphor bronze bush for the crank, rather than stripped the box down, I don't do gearboxes if I can help it.
  8. https://www.maxpeedingrods.co.uk/product/Remote-Brake-Servo-LE72696-TT3949Z-Brake-Booster-19-for-Austin-A30-A35-A40.html?tracking=adstrong_uk&code=GBP&origin=CjwKCAiA2O39BRBjEiwApB2Iknd9QNxE6uiUREr3h9Pu9Xk4tPzox7P6M2zJV9BoGx4XS1wFfPefZRoCDGMQAvD_BwE&gclid=CjwKCAiA2O39BRBjEiwApB2Iknd9QNxE6uiUREr3h9Pu9Xk4tPzox7P6M2zJV9BoGx4XS1wFfPefZRoCDGMQAvD_BwE I'd ring someone like this and ask the size
  9. I've fitted one to an MGB. There is a dedicated kit available though, and they are quite large. People said the MG didn't need it , but I found a vast improvement. Sorry can't help with small.
  10. I think the back mudguards are fine. The front's were good enough for my Dutton and Robin Hood, which says very little, but we even had a Dax Rush with those on.
  11. It's Scotland, might rain. Get a sports car with a good heater and massive boot. Or hire an expensive campervan with all mod cons.
  12. Just cut short a Spanish holiday, returned 2 weeks early. Left my December return fight running in case of mishap. Ryanair have moved the December fight, which I no longer need, and offered a refund!
  13. I did ours with similar carpet. stuck the carpet direct to the bubble wrap. I laid the carpet on a privet hedge to spray the glue, Looked like an Xmas tree when I'd finished spraying. Trimmed the hedge later.......glue all gone.
  14. Shortened version. What to do with it? Check water first thing. Then get it running. Check for spark, if no spark clean points. Check for fuel, brrrrm. If no brrrm , bit of easy start down carb. If it has brakes, short test drive, If no brakes, best to fix brakes first.
  15. I wouldn't over think it, try to help but don't push her. She.s not going to change her ways much now. She will just start seeing you as a pain, rather than as she sees you now, a help.
  16. I have a story from the distant past. I'm not sure if this can still happen. Trucker friend one day backed his cab up to an artic trailer, jumped on the back and plugged the airlines in. When he did this, air went into the trailer lines releasing the trailer brakes. Unfortunately he had not set the park brake on the truck, after he coupled up. Yard was on a slope, the whole unit rolled forward. He panicked, jumped off the back and tried to open the door and press the brakes. It crashed into a fence doing considerable damage. Had he unplugged the air line that he
  17. What I used to do in the days when leaf springs were plentiful. Obtain 2 extra main leafs. cut the eyes off longer than half way down the end eyes. just as it starts to curl up Leaving main leaf on van, remove centre bolt, fit extra main leaf under main leaf, adding remaining leafs, possibly leave short bottom leaf out. Thus you have a double main leaf. All you need is a couple of half decent main leafs.
  18. So thought I. Sod staying in for a month, on me tod, I'll go to Spain for a month instead. Got to fly Tues or Weds to dodge Boris. Planes are all full up, I'm not the only one that thought it.
  19. Problem is, as executor he is in charge of many things, but not all. Let him carry on. Keep an eye on what he does best you can. Only step in when he is outside his jurisdiction, even then tread carefully. His suggestion of her moving back home is actually in your favour, he could have said, sell your house. give me the cash, and move in with New POD permanently. Keep a low profile, stressful time for all. When he's finished sorting, go back to whatever you think is best for all concerned.
  20. Yes stick with that, it's much better than mine. Mine also has fibreglass front wings, I don't like them, but they are staying on.
  21. They thought it was all over......Extra meeting Kings Lynn ,Sun 8 November. Afternoon, and big F1 meeting, so all good to me. Never say never.
  22. If you ever pick a stock car up, you are welcome to one of mine. So is anyone else for that matter.
  23. I have a few* of these. I like Lord Sterling's plug, but they soon make a hole in your pocket.
  24. Sept 26, cancelled rained off. Meeting report Northampton 24 October. Last shale meeting of the season. Called at Lyndale engines on the way for a rolling road session. They build engines and rolling road test them. Our engine is much cheaper build,but not tested. He said max you can get within the rules is 170 bhp. Ours was 164 first go. Swopped a couple of carb jets, 167 bhp. Said that's it. You will get the other 3 bhp by removing the fan and fitting an electric one, but it will then run hot, so best leave it alone. Charged us £80, cheapest we have ever had, spent a
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