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  1. He did mention the gears. I'm on the insurance but I can't see me getting behind the wheel except in an emergency. My old fella started trying to squeeze through gaps that weren't there aged 72 and I'm a little* older.
  2. Might get a Couple of stripes, motor home style. Has a few scratches high up. Wouldn't bother me, but it's not mine. Won't be race van stickered, although it is insured as a race van.
  3. These tend to last. The Stock car signs cost twice the price and could last one race if you rolled it. About 3K there all in. 13K for a low spec F2
  4. New * Yaris just back from having signs. Had a lot of scratches but they are all hidden now. It's a spare car just in case. Nothing much to report, recent weekends racing have been cancelled, next weekend is cancelled all because of rain. Work on Luton van is progressing slowly. Photos of that after my hols, when I'm hoping for Sun.
  5. Never mind, at least you can read* the registration
  6. May be waiting for this vote to decide if they are allowed to. 😂
  7. Returning home from Kings Lynn Stock cars and must have got carried away. Know the route very well but I'm not normally driving.
  8. 47 in a 40. Long while since I had my last classroom stint. Hope I get chance of another.
  9. They may get wet Take some spare underwear.
  10. Sir John. I was 67 at my last go. I'm not getting in a stock car again. Auto grass? never say never, but my knee is a bit dicey these days, and I enjoy being able to walk.
  11. I saw that in Liverpool on the 27 March. Couldn't decide if it was accidental, or an advertising gimmick. Hazards were still going.
  12. Retired as red, I think s/s was year before? Guaranteed red due to being European champion. Not sure how his points were at that time. Had to get a new licence, not sure if he's got a temp, or season one, same number 788. Asked if he could start blue. and Bunter laughed and said no. So red it is then. Can be better from the back, especially in a strange car. Never driven a TMR before, always Randell/TLF. I'm a little worried he may do well. It's a qualifying round for the Word of Shale, and may not end here if he has points in the bag.
  13. There's one neighbour who keeps a decent log on here.
  14. Been quiet for a good while, built a spare Yaris over winter. Raced a couple of Autograss meetings for Amelia recently. Ste's wife, Hannah has won a race or two. Reason for this posting is I've just been told the Stephen will race an F2 at Kings Lynn on Saturday 6th April. We were going watching, it's a big F1/F2 meeting. But a hire car was on offer, so £550 and on you go. ( plus licence and whatever, he's not booked in yet). Last time he raced an F2 was well over 2 years go. It's good to watch him, but I thought the worrying was over for me. Next day, Amelia races a Yaris at Nottingham Autograss, on the way back, which is much more sedate.
  15. It's my left arm and I'm right handed so lucky in that respect I can raise it too which they said wouldn't happen. Couldn't drive for a while, thought I'd need an auto but I've overcome it. Can climb in and out of the pit now. Still have the elastic on my house doors but never use it. Stick some photos up of your other doings after the MOT. There are quite a few on here with smallholdings. Spartacus, RIP, would often show us cars, streams, hens, tractors, rock climbing.
  16. You have my sympathy. It hurts a bit* Completely tore mine, It's much better now than they expected.
  17. I'm deaf, but it didn't matter.
  18. Whilst he spaffed 15K on something worth maybe 5K, and shit happens at times. I fail to see the connection to losing his home. I feel he may have poorly organised other things in his life along the way.
  19. I've got a Bungalow, same tiles as you. Had a slight leak, felt was split in the loft. Cost me 6K for a new roof.
  20. It's all solid until you fall through. I used to know a roofer. Can you get in the loft to check underneath first?
  21. I'd say the timber batterns that the tiles hook onto are broken. Possibly the rest are suspect. Be careful, you need a roof ladder. Although you may be able to reach those without climbing on.
  22. They said that to me when I had 2 MGB's. But my son was a named driver on both. So I figured as long as we didn't hit each other it would be fine.
  23. @chaseracer will fill you in better than I, but when reporting and asking for it to be put in the accident book keep copies of everything. Time, date, name reported too. They forgot* to put my late wife's accident in the book. Tribunal sorted it, but you need all the details to back you up.
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