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  1. This was my preferred method of transport at Sunny Beach FWD and they Fly. Transit engine is now fine, it seems.
  2. https://www.manchesterairport.co.uk/recruitment/ I wouldn't recommend the security for suitcase checking, it's non stop hassle. Car parking maybe, but it's likely 7 day stupid hours.
  3. I have several grumps, I'll lump them together. Home from Holiday. Vans still broke. Spent all day removing the entire wiring loom from a Yaris. The second time I've done one and it doesn't get easier.
  4. Actually plenty of jobs going at Manchester Airport. How are you for a 3 am start Max?
  5. Bit boring this going round in circles without crashing, but much less damage. I now have some damage to report. Ste's wife Hannah picked me up at the Airport Fri night, and I called to see the Grand kids. Racing's on at Scarborough Sunday, but they are going Sat. Pub tea and camping over. Vans not repaired yet so using my Saab and a tent. Whilst I'm there, and not for the first time, Hannah walks into an open door and breaks 2 toes. Much screaming and throwing up later, she points them in the right direction and sticks a plaster round them. This is at least the 4th time it's happened. She knows the score by now. So, what we doing now then? Scrub Sat turn up Sun morn, Still driving. You sure, yea it only hurts for a fortnight, then they mend. So today, I tow the Yaris with my Saab. Ste drives Hannah's car with her and the kids. Ste wins one, Hannah is hobbling badly, but racing well. Then as Hannah is passing a car, it turns into hers, hits the front wheel, which drags the steering wheel out of Hanna's hands. NEVER grab a loose revolving steering wheel. People tell you, but you can't stop yourself. Hand in spoke usually breaks fingers, hand, or wrist. Luckily she's only got a large lump, blood blister and sore fingers. Everything seems to work. That it for today then? No I've told the kid's I'm winning a trophy. Goes in final and finishes 2nd place. Ste also got 2nd in final, first time hes won a trophy since we started Autograss, Still no damage to Car. Damage to Hannah 1 foot. 1 hand. Shes a lot braver than I used to give her credit for. Two day meeting next week. Lincolonshire somewhere I think. Hand may be better, foot won't, but going regardless. Van is promised to be ready, but who knows. Used to have a guard over the spokes on the Stock car wheel. I wanted to put one on the Yaris, but he said they can't hit the wheels with wings on. Guard will be on before next meeting.
  6. I'm in Sunny Beach. It's rained most of the time but hey, ho they sun's out now. Anyone who's been will have seen the electric Trikes. It's my first visit, but I'd heard. They have 2 speeds, slow and dangerous. FWD. Good riders only use 2 wheels. They have a seat, but most people stand up. The guy was a little apprehensive about hiring me one, gave me all the health and safety issue's, pointed to my elbows and exposed skin, mentioned something about old. I gave him my 20 lv (£10) .Everyone else is now on 30 lv but he is in a little backwater, and didn't know until I'd had a few goes and told him. You need a good flat surface, which is why they use a Prom full of people, at 40 mph. I'm in a backwater, on the roads with people and cars, there's a bit* of tank slapping when you hit a bump, and it's possible to get the front wheel to drift if you try really hard. Grin factor 11/10. Don't blame me if you crash.
  7. Missed you in 'uddersfield, I live close, but I'm in Sunny Beach now. I'll try to catch you in Halifax if I remember.
  8. Can't see your problem https://www.heritagecarinsurance.co.uk/blog/can-i-display-black-silver-number-plate/ It's there. In black and white!
  9. Kudos to Amber for going round a bend so fast!
  10. We tried to buy a used one a few times, but ended up with a Dax Rush and a Robin Hood, Both were excellent cars in different ways.
  11. Nothing wrong with a good Transit. How did manage to find one? Ours has a TPUK belt and idler, but I'm presuming they will change it before we get the big bill for the timing chain. My son has seen our damage, valves hit pistons no rockers broken. they have sent head and camshafts away for checking. Been broken 3 weeks so far, 2 weeks to get a slot, a week fixing/not fixing. But he can use my Saab whilst I'm in not Sunny, Beach.
  12. I'm in Sunny Beach. It's not!
  13. Would it be possible to fit an extra cross bar just forward of the front of your head and curved a little higher? If so, the fall from that may just clear.
  14. Tbf you are very competent in your own sphere, and in many others.
  15. Used to be a UK thing. Dunno about France. If you put rear windows in a van you had to pay purchase tax, which vans had exemption from. Some used to stick a small window in and say it was for safety reasons.
  16. Any idea how long the shine will last? Is there a way to preserve it? I envisage someone rejecting a less than shiny van somewhere down the line, having viewed the 'as new' photos. I'd be tempted to fix the windows closed and fit do not open notices. They will get broken. Is it possible to make and fit flat or perspex replacement windows now, and store the unobtainium ones? or just remove the catches.
  17. Are you insinuating we never pay more than £200? We are trying, collectively, to give you much more than that for your Micra, but you seem to be ignoring us.
  18. Yes I'm aware. I've travelled to Spain 6 times during Covid, Providing it wasn't illegal I was on Ryanair. Only 6 people on one flight, I've had Curfew in Fuengirola, Restaurants closed at 7. Walked the length of Calle Gerona in Benidorm in pitch blackness. Been refused admission to my paid for meals in the Hotel because they changed the rules, unvax not now allowed in Restaurants. I'm very old, I haven't got time to spare. So I carry on, Shit or bust. Spain still require a test, think Portugal do as well. Absolutely pointless, there are many ways of producing a negative test, or positive even, although I wouldn't do it myself. many do. They let 150 vax people on a plane without a Covid test, and 50 unvax people with a test. Defeats my logic that one.
  19. A few weeks ago. Spain won't let me in because un vax. Fair do's. Then they say, Open house, anyone in, free for all. So I book and pay to go the following week. 8 hours later, Spain 'sorry mistake not allowed in'. Cancelled holiday, almost lost money, but Travel Agent D in L saved me. Next review due 15 May, according to experts* expected to be allowed in. On Spain's review ban extended until 15 June. Sod Spain, I book Bulgaria, no test needed free for all. Today 21 May, Spain, You can come now from today, with a test, It's only 6 bleedin days since you extended the ban for 30 more days. On the bright side. I'm going on holiday!
  20. I have visions of Missy Charm in the passenger seat, with hair blowing in the wind at 185 mph.
  21. The A pillar could turn out to be a pain by affecting the door fit. Ideally you need a jig, for the door, but obviously that won't happen. I'd also be having nightmares of it folding in the middle whilst stood on axle stands. I'd at least support it under the middle until you finish welding.
  22. All being well, it's now sorted. It's an age thing.
  23. Possibly me, I'll check later.
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