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  1. Are they worth anything? I could have a look for mine.
  2. It was 14 years ago when I thought I was old at your age.
  3. Not updated for a while and it's been a long day, but I'll just leave this here, and come back when I get a minute.
  4. This is true, but in their defence, I know from personal experience that many are buying for cancer suffering relatives who find it the only nutrient, and beseech for 'one that tastes different'. They can all taste the same it seems.
  5. They build concrete access ramps which stick out a good 3 feet into the roadway, and may be hidden by the shadow of a tree at speed. This can cause propulsion through the air and severe shoulder damage. Ask me how I know.
  6. Tarmac track Swaffham. I raced there many moons ago. Keeps changing promoter, Not sure who runs it now. Not as much cover or facilities as Kings Lynn, and no affiliation. But decent track. Quality of racing may depend how many cars they get on the day.
  7. Many are only fucked on the outside. The big boys often run highly tuned engines, bearing no relationship to the body shell. There are classes you can't change engine, and some you can. Reliants are good to watch if there's plenty of cars. Many use tuned Reliant engines.
  8. Also try the Speedway if you have never seen that. No brakes on a Speedway bike. Bleedin 15 years we raced there and you show up after his retirement!
  9. I though maybe a bracket or something had been attached by both holes. One hole blank, the other breaking into an oil way.
  10. Wrap the thread on the bolt with PTFE tape, keeping the tape away from the very end of the thread, Also try a fibre washer instead of copper.
  11. Lap belts would be easy, and better than nothing. Loose plate under the floor/tunnel. would suffice. If you can get a shoulder height fastening in the B pillar it's worth it for peace of mind.
  12. Not sure if this has been mentioned on here, but Freddie Flintoff has been filming at a recent KIngs Lynn meeting for upcoming Top Gear. Preview here, no11. Did quite well by all accounts.
  13. I do that with the nuts M10/unf. long male/short male. I had them in separate boxes in the same drawer, but they are mostly mixed up now and I have to check each one every time. Sometimes on your sort of thing they can be metric one end of a pipe and unf at the other, which is not ideal.
  14. The Stainless box will weld up easy. Happens all the time with Stainless. Just needs a couple of triangular plates for extra strength. My Robin Hood did the same.
  15. Can't you borrow a 'works van' and leave the lights on until you finish?
  16. I'm sure he said in the past they have a driver now. Possibly never had an idiot for years who would grind the mushrooms off 😀 I've seen a Circus in Holland hammering them through a tarmac car park.
  17. Yaris leg, wing, sill, doorskin. back wheel pointing in a strange direction. I'm not one to brag, but how's this for a pole @chaseracer? Few more photos tomorrow maybe. I've had 10 hours on this today. That's not me in the photo either.
  18. I've been pottering about* in the garage. Fitted a new roll cage in next years car for Amelia (age 9-1/2) but you can race at 10. Fitted a few tyres to wheels here and there, climbed in and out of the pit a few times, changing a bottom arm, use a step to get out now though. Went to see physio last Friday. How's things?..Good! Right lift that dumbell over your head, ..OK. Pull on that elastic, it's stronger,...OK Get that weight down from the shelf,...OK Err, You are using your bad arm aren't you?...... Yes, check the shoulder bone. OK, yes. Right I'll sign you off. Just keep on doing as you are. I go back to the Dr in a couple of weeks, expect him to clear me. Not sure if the bone on my shoulder will eventually pierce my skin or not, but cross that bridge if we have to. Hannah has been racing at the Ladies Nationals this weekend. I've just had a call to say the Yaris is slightly* damaged. Front, o/s wing, door, sill, leg, bottom arm. Back wheel, probably needs new rear beam. Not sure about inner wing, should have had a strut brace, but they don't bump, do they? I'll stick some photos up eventually. Good job I'm well again. Oh and I'm driving my KA, I like it, a few little jobs need doing , but nothing at all to worry about. I'm going to store the hardtop in my kitchen until November, keep it away from the sparks. I hope the cat doesn't scratch it.
  19. It may be possible to trim a couple of ridges off the belt so that it runs square. No guarantees like, but I'd try it.
  20. He's insured it, I presume it will be driven to the event. When it has an engine.
  21. There's a bit more to it. Someone didn't pay the garage bill, so the garage sold the car on ebay. allegedly Owner reported it stolen, again allegedly. What do I know? I only ever built 2 cars with my name on. I'm 4 behind Hollier.@Bfgis the kit car manufacturer record holder on here iirc.
  22. I've never heard of them. Done a little research, 6? built. Someone even stole one once. Whats the World coming to? Good luck, you may need it.
  23. I had lots of them, best was a 1500, used to tow car trailers quite well. Reason I had lots was no one wanted them, so they were very cheap. Drivers seat often punched it's way through the floor, had to be careful jacking them up, square steering wheel was a big mistake. My wife once spun one 360 degrees on ice and hit nothing. I loved them.
  24. But the less there are, the more the existing ones are worth.
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