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  1. I had one of those when I was 16. The car I mean, but actually the lady is not too far off.
  2. Red, it's Blue! Best to confirm the Reg, engine number and chassis number with the V5 then. Mind you I've swapped a few engines in the past. Lost the carb linkage is a little csuspect. I'd say it won't run well. There's not much to them though, they fly. Spitfire geddit? Here's one I built and flew earlier. Carb linkage worked on that. !
  3. Even the registration spells it out. Agree it's the wrong colour.
  4. Pad the film by what you are eating for a snack, You can then branch out into your wife's cooking skills, or lack of, it's all content. Everyone pans the camera over their food, no matter what the video is about. Have a brew nearby with your name on the pot, and sip it often. Film your PPE 5 mins. Show yourself getting kitted up and explain why, 5 mins. Take it off before speaking to Camera, 5 mins. Speak to camera 5 mins Repeat this at every opportunity. Drift the camera to your Porche, MGB, whatever, now and then, and then back to your rusty heap, and shake your head. Show sparks, everyone like sparks.
  5. Once you are an established Youtuber You make a program out of that. 'I WUZ ROBBED' 'Dealer steals my car and I'm 2.5K short now!' Donations roll in and/or, someone offers you a free Spitfire because you will look after it.
  6. I honestly think you should have a Youtube presence. I'd subscribe. There's money in it. For classics, it's never ending. You are internet savvy, started with very little knowledge, and are now better than most. Your only problem is they tend to produce weekly programmes, and you through necessity are sporadic.
  7. Donkeys are well down on mine, also old. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3315049/War-heroes-bequeathed-money-DONKEYS-people-s-wills-British-Legion-received-16m-year-compared-sanctuary-charity-got-21m.html
  8. I'd like to see your spreadsheet on that.
  9. My Dentist dropped everything at Covid. I rang when they started again for a check up. Sorry we are a dentist short, you are still on the books, we will let you know. Rang again 6 months later. Same response. My Doctors however keep ringing me offering Covid injections Flu injections.... Seems the Government pay more for injections than Dental check ups.
  10. Mally

    End of shite?

    I've just bought a Diesel 75 Tourer off there £900. Bought it unseen, didn't even try to knock him down. Seems OK, time will tell. You do get the odd free one there, someone on here had one a while back. When I decide to part with my Streetka for less than it cost me on here, no one will want it.
  11. My AA insurers have a £25 administration fee. As they do. They didn't charge me anything at all. I was on the phone almost half an hour. Do they make money on the phone calls?
  12. I like to guess. M8x35. Hex hd, plain washer and spring washer? I could throw you one, but it may fall short.
  13. I insured my last one as a classic, 3,000 miles, with Peter Best. Around £300, but 4? years ago. That was '02 reg. This one is '04 so I expected a bit higher due to inflation. Forget the actual P B quote, but iro £1,350. Couple of other specialists refused to quote. Tried a classic comparison place, Came up with Flux at £1,237. Massively undercutting some of the others. I'm 77, it may not help. Checked with our in house Flux man, who to his credit reduced the Flux figure by almost £500! Seems the underwriters or whoever are sticking to age on Classics (or maybe just 75's?) more that they used to. Mine is less than 19 years old. I think if you started in the past, your premium will rise, but I'd get a firm price elsewhere before I turned a reasonable price down. Anyway, my Ka is with the AA, full ncb, £380 ish. They will swap me to the Rover FOC. So that's my only option, and it's done now.
  14. I tried to insure my new to me Rover 75. It's too new. Well into 4 figures. You don't know how lucky you are. I've had to put it on my normal policy and will be sacking the Streetka or SORN it soon. I really love my Streetka, but it's useless at B and Q for carrying anything more than a screwdriver.
  15. It's just driven back from Sheffield at 70mph. We only did 20 on the way there though. Too much traffic. If I can get Classic ins on the 75 I'll keep them both.
  16. How about a StreetKa...It's very small.
  17. Diesel manual, same as my last one. Only done 96K my last one was on 138K Hopefully it will see me out. If not I'll buy another, I've seen the error of my ways.
  18. Anyone got a towbar they don't need? They are only £160. Putting the bumper back on straight is the hard bit. EDIT. Found a towbar already!
  19. Quoting myself is nothing new. I talk to myself all the time. Now what was it I wanted? Scruffy, cheaper end of the market, auto, towbar. At 3am this morning I bought this, unseen. Which corresponds to exactly none of my above requirements. Rover 75 and zt club £900, paid the man and drove it home. Exactly like my last one but newer and maybe a little better, only time will tell.
  20. I did a leaf spring front mount 50 years ago. Got it wrong and the car went down the road sideways. Couldn't tell, but someone following told me. It measured same both sides from the torsion bar x member though. I didn't* redrill the main leaf of the rear spring and reassemble all the leafs 1/2" forward to compensate but it was perfect an hour later somehow.
  21. Err I thought the problem with the Transit was it didn't blend in? I'd buy the Octopus though.
  22. We are all daft in my family. They are all racing next year. Eldest son, his wife and twins. Youngest son, his wife and eldest daughter age 10. I also got a licence for Xmas, but it remains to be seen if I'll use it or not.
  23. I spotted a book on ebay, start price £0.99 had 1 bid. I contacted the seller, explained my reasons and offered him £20 BIN. He accepted that I had prior claim in the circumstances and sold it me for a fiver. That's me, no 46. I won that race and it's verified inside. I lost my copy in an house move somehow.
  24. Received another cheque for £30 today 🤣
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