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  1. I see you as a bit like myself. Daft but not stupid. For all I know you may have won a Million on the Lottery. Up to you how you live your life. I'm enjoying the topic, which is all that matters to me.
  2. My son and his family have a 4 day pass for the Goodwood festival of Speed. Not sure what's happening with that one yet.
  3. Thanks, I can do my own tap and it seems Ben Is in charge of photos. But I still want Paul to come back. It the tales I miss most of all. I quite got ben much of the time, but others didn't.
  4. Excuse me, but my tap's been leaking for ages, and all my photos are upside down. Please come back and help.
  5. Probably in the wheelie bin.
  6. I'd drive that. There's probably not many of us though.
  7. Got a txt from my Dentist 'you are overdue a checkup, please ring'. Rang them. We have no check up vacancies on the NHS until December. December it is then.
  8. If you find any more in the drawer I'd be interested. I had one lined up for the Saab, but it's fell through.
  9. Just read it all again. Drive away awning would save much thinking, stop draughts, and could give you much more room. That's a better proposition long term I would think.
  10. Too heavy using a TR back end. I like the idea, the extension, and the fact that you stand on the floor is good. I may have missed this, but how is the extension sealed? Does the wind flow through, is there a false floor, or awning material down to the ground? It's draughts I'm thinking of. What thickness of 1-1/2" box are you thinking? We use 2.5mm and it's quite heavy. It's 40 mm now btw, but I measure like you. You may get away with 30mm x 30mm x 2.5. steel I'm a little concerned it may be heavy at the front, but up to 100 kg is usually accepted and you should be u
  11. Hes 41. Started in Ministox at 10/11. Went into grasstrack at 12. Rebels at 18 ish. F2 at 25 maybe. The idea is to go grass track car racing. His daughter will be old enough in 18 months. He can race, his wife can race, same car. By 18 months they will know the ropes and daughter will be winning....maybe. Idea was to start grass next year, but if the F2 goes, it may happen sooner. He has house alterations half done too. No time/cash for paint and carpets when you spend £150 a week on fuel, and £100 on tyres. His wife used to sponsor him from her commission selling hol
  12. F2 sold, deposit taken. Ex FI Stock car guy We race Bradford 17th July, Northampton Sat 24th. Sun 25th first race is European Championship / end for us. Taking car straight from Euros ensures you get exactly what you paid for. End of an era,
  13. Forgot to say, he's put the car up for sale directly after the European Final. Seems there is interest. Few believe he will retire, but if we get into Autograss racing then maybe it's final. There are rumors of maybe hiring an FI Stock Car for a go round Bradford as a finale.
  14. I don't mince my words as well you know, and I'd advise caution before starting something without doing an in depth survey of whats required, and the cost in cash, time, and effort for all concerned. I get what you are doing, but I'd give it 6 months thinking.
  15. F2 meeting Northampton 12th June. Very sunny and hot, good for watching, bad for engines. 6th in heat, so qualified for final. 7th in final, but not given in results. Normally you go and complain to the commentary box, but Covid, can't go round there. We sort the car, Hannah, Ste's wife goes to find an official. Official lady says they are busy in the box, I can't bother them. Comes out of Office, bumps into Deane Wood., Head honcho. S'cuse me Deane, we were 7th and they haven't given it. "see the lady in the box" have done, too busy! Walks in office, grabs
  16. Rotor arms are a common fault on these, but it had a 'Distributer Doctor' rotor arm already fitted. These are supposedly fool proof, and fooled this fool at first. Eagle eyed amongst you will notice the black tape I stuck on a battery clamp. The car has 2 + ve battery leads, a left over from x2, 6v battery conversion. A little disconcerting until you follow the lead back. Get your mechanic to put a -ve terminal on. Also needs a bit of tape round the wire near the blue connector in the first photo. I did it the first time, but obviously not later. Well done in
  17. 800 miles would be a godsend at the moment😀
  18. I fitted new condenser and points, cleaned the float bowls, and it started first go, revved and ticked over. Then when we were going for the test run, it wouldn't start again. Sometimes not firing, sometimes half running but like a bag of spanners. Fitted a second condenser as I bought 2 just in case, suspected the clip on bit maybe shorting on the backplate, so bent it a bit, still the same. Prefer the nut fastening myself. Then it hit me Rotor arm. My theory is it starts fine when cold, you run it a while and switch off. The rotor arm warms up and starts sparking anywhere
  19. That's me in a nutshell.
  20. We may well be electronic before that happens, any recommendations for that?
  21. Every things been swapped on this, it's the wrong colour, wrong wheels, wrong interior. As long as it proceeds down the highway it will be fine. There's at least 20 yards of village road in either direction before you hit the A1 Perhaps I should go first.😀
  22. I didn't, but that's the wrong type. The condenser clips into the points spring, and the fly lead pokes through a hole in the dizzy base to connect the coil. There is no post with a nut on this car.
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