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  1. That Porsche needs body coloured / white steel wheels.
  2. Having changed the oil and filter weekend before last, the ungrateful bastard has now pissed all over the tarmac immediately after I parked up in the carpark at work yedterday morning. I knew it was likely to be brittle plastic coolant components in the V, asked for the day off, parked it in one of my employers outbuildings, back home for tools and set to work. Yep - something going on here Two out of two Elbow Thermostat housing You can see that I had replacement parts in stock (I still own an MG ZS 180 - changed cambelts twice on it and, while stripped down... may as well). Unfortunately, while the parts I already have suit a ZS or ZT, fitting to a V6 Freelander would involve messing about with pipe adaptors as the MGR items are just sleeve-pipe-jubilee clip type arrangements, Land Rover saw fit to make it a 'quick-fit' type connection requiring different plastic parts. Arse. Wait until Monday now
  3. The front of the small container is probably 20' and a bit back and has the twisting lugs from the deck locked in .
  4. The manifold does not have to be removed. A job of many cuts.
  5. Autotrader agrees with you👍
  6. I've had difficulty getting a dead battery to 'receive charge' - no juice going in. I have had success by using jump leads to connect a dead battery in parallel to a good one, and then connecting the charger to it.
  7. Agree. This is a free car. If anywhere near 'looked after' by its next owner will not be worth much less when it's sold on in a few years.
  8. I concur with both options offered in the poll. I am avoiding the rears on the Freelander as the handrake remains effective* at present. The thought of springs, clips, rust, cables, tension, adjusters..........😱. I haven't buggered about with drums for 16 years or so.
  9. Anything less than 20 years old show up? Does look a good turnout.
  10. I resemble that remark!🤪 *may be biased
  11. 3 door smoll 4WD with petrol engine . . . . must be rubbish😉. Looks tidy enough and smells OK from my couch. How does it go/stop? I have a petrol 3d Freelander. Fronteras are proper 4WDs, aren't they?
  12. Am I falling in to some kind of Autoshite trap...... I quite like the Orochi - like a proper supercar but more shite.
  13. @Asimo's right. Refer to Page 1 of "Autoshite Lexicon" thread
  14. "Because Toyota" This is how I've found the experience of running the four Subarus we've had - they just work.
  15. SC430s aren't the sexiest, sportiest thing, but lose the vinyl and scoop on the bonnet, get the chrome painted to match the body and you've got a quirky, reliable little car with a V8 that's going to lose you very little over the summer. Maybe. At least it's a proper colour.
  16. Nice looking 405 diesel Not sure if it's a turbo D or not.
  17. I have happy memories of our young family being thoroughly entertained by four-abreast 2CV action at Pembrey in the mid-nineties. They were literally leaning on each other.
  18. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091642/ and before that in1986.
  19. FFS don't eat it - just rub Lada Cream in to the rash.
  20. This sounds familiar . . . . @Crackers . . . . 3500 . . .. . @Crackers . . . .. 3500 Nope - can't remember.
  21. Nice - my parents went through several small Triumphs when I was kid. I remember being disappointed with the appearance and quality of dashboards in 'inferior' cars. Anyone else prefer the look of these without the front bumper or is it just me?
  22. Is it wrong that I like the look of that X type estate?
  23. Is @Mrs6C selling a Volvo? https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/11498076
  24. Seen previously on the thread but the TF coupe looks 'right' - even now. The EXE is more 'of its time', which may well be how I'll feel about the coupe in a few years time . . . if I've still got my marbles then.
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