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  1. I've watched that half a dozen time already...... and it's getting funnier each time. Am I a bad person?
  2. BOGOF on the way back from blood test The Mitsubishi pickup was 2wd and only 2 seats this was ready for an MOT.
  3. I"m wrong in thinking that's an abbreviation for 'manufactureres', aren't I?
  4. Was speaking about this with my wife as we were driving to town earlier. My car has a rotary dial adjusting in 1° increments. Hers has physical buttons adjusting 1/2° at a time. We bith agree that any heater or climate control system needs only three temperature settings - "too hot", "just right" and "too cold".
  5. Ia that a very young and pretty Diana Dors, @The Old Bloke Next Door?
  6. Just worked out fuel consumption for my two and a half tonne brick-shaped car after giving it a chance to stretch its legs taking the grandkids from South Wales to Legoland and back. Am I the only one who thinks that 34 empeegees for an 8 speed Range Rover sport is bloody good? Bonus grin on the way back being overtaken by a 98 Mondeo estate with a towbar when I was doing 70.
  7. Or is it just the swoopy lines of the mk3 and the lighting?
  8. 20 years old and quarter of a million miles and who know how many 'unsympathetic operators', it's done well just to survive!
  9. In my experience with an MG Montego.... Computer says, very softly "fuel level is low".
  10. I'm sure it'll still GLF but VVCs are a great engine for a lightweight car.
  11. I've always liked these as a 'smart' little coupe. WTF happened inside though? Doesn't seem to tie up with the mileage.
  12. You are not alone in regarding my opinions as wrong.
  13. They are out there Ageing 525i Oddball 4x4 Not a C6 And that's just Autotrader
  14. That is stangely alluring...... only 80k miles too.
  15. "Honda derived" PG1 In my ZS, BRMs and TFs. Best described as "Ok" in those. Not bad by any means but not snickety-snick.
  16. And without having to create fake online accounts or dream up fake comments
  17. If only you had a vehicle with a splash of a bright colour, both incidents could have been avoided.........
  18. Between the 1.4 16v, 1.4 8v and 1.8 VVC, we found that the R8 400s and bubble 200s all had very similar fuel conaumption - between 33 and 38 on a mix of roads, more on a long run.
  19. 'Spotted' is stretching it a bit but don't have a photo of my three together. In my defence, one of mine is in the photo below. I think one of these siblings is adopted. Two of my three below - not an atypical situation. I really need to get them sorted.
  20. Liked for the Recaros not the shits......
  21. Only possible improvement would be the addition of a single, 15mm hole in the base to aid biscuit extraction.
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