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  1. That looks cracking. Real old school driving that is. 😁
  2. These are such lovely cars. They always make you feel special when you drive them, even the smaller ones. They always felt much nicer, more up market than the opposition. Worth saving.
  3. Ooh, that looks tidy. I'd say a couple more cylinders than a six. I wonder if it's the 289, the 302 or the biggun, the 427? What ever it is, it's nice. I like!!!
  4. I bought it for my son who came over to us for Christmas with his family from Brazil. It was cheaper to buy this, insure it and tax it than to rent a car for seven weeks. Now he has gone back I get to keep it. It makes good company for the Jaguar X type we bought to replace the last Rover 75 we had.
  5. I love the Rover 75. Great cars. I'm on my second. CDTI Diesel Auto Tourer. I would describe it as a '5 footer'. Yes it has a faults, don't they all? but I will see what happens on the next MoT then decided where it goes from there.
  6. Great purchase. Love a Rover myself. I've had a few over the years. Still have one now.
  7. 2flags

    Mo rides again

    The SD1 is the one Rover I have never owned. They were great when they came out but did seem to rust well.
  8. I understand how you feel. So the engine is out, and the bearings are checked, so, does the crankshaft need a regrind, or at least a polish? Do you pull the head off and give it a decoke? Do you pull the pistons out to check for wear? What about the camshaft? Just where do you stop?
  9. This is a great thread. You are doing well with the car. It's great to save a car like this. It has real history. I am looking forward to spring when you can go for a drive in it and get the bodywork sorted.
  10. No, just no. Kill it now before it breeds!!!
  11. 2flags

    Peak Car.

    For me it's the Rover 75. I have had rovers, with a six-year gap in the late 80's-early 90's since 1984. I need a car that is spacious, comfortable, stylish and just make you feel that little bit special. I have a 75 CDTI Tourer. I also have a 3.0 Jaguar X Type. The Rover is more comfortable, but the Jag is so much quicker. It also makes you feel special when you are sitting behind the wheel. I have had a P5, P6, 800, 2 400's and a 75 2.5 V6. They are all great cars and just feel that little bit nicer than the competition.
  12. Lovely old barge, very brave of you to take something like this on. Well done.
  13. This seems to be a great motor. You need to keep it as you will not find anything else for what you paid for it, 😁 Okay, it may be a little thirsty but when you consider the fact that you have zero depreciation on it the running costs are minimal.
  14. The 2022 Dolomite Sprint looks like something built in Eastern Europe just before the fall of the Berlin Wall!!
  15. Looks like it's great fun. It's amazing just how much smaller it is compared to modern motors. Great to have a car that is ulez compliant without have the £350 pcp payment each month. 😁
  16. I must have struck lucky. Was looking for an estate car for my son and his family, who are coming over from Brazil. Managed to find a rover 75 cdti auto for £900. Bit scruffy, but cleaned up nice, was a ten footer, now a five. Should do him proud. Cheaper to buy a car, tax and insure it than rent one for two months!
  17. As far as I remember, and it is a while ago, the torque for these is 140Ibs ft. [Okay, why can I remember this but can never remember where I put my glasses?]
  18. You will need the special tool to remove and tighten the nuts on the first motion shaft and layshaft. These are the only special tools needed as far as I remember. It's been many years since I played with series Landies. I've had 110 V8 csw for the last 23yrs.
  19. The guy with the Wetspot van, please tell me his name was Mike Hunt!!
  20. Ah, the joy of owning older cars. 😁 At least you're not paying several hundred dollars every month on a PFC. You drive something with style!
  21. Any early pre-BMC Austins? Also, the Farnia A40's 55's and 60's? Also, anything British.
  22. The Post Office have these. I can confirm that the build quality is less than optimal. The interiors don't seem to last that well. That and the fact that they are battered to shite. As to the padlocks, if it works, why knock it?
  23. My Dad had a Bluebird. It replaced his Volvo 240. 1.8 automatic with all the toys, power steering, windows and sunroof. Went pretty well. They normally ended up as minicabs doing intergalactic mileages, particularly the diesels. Very reliable and great as A Car. All of the Nissans at that time seem to have more toys than the European offerings.
  24. It's alive!!! That is such a satisfying thing. No clouds of smoke and horrible banging noises!
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