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  1. Just looking at your hand controls, do you have a little switch on the throttle/brake control for the indicators? I teach people with disabilities and this is something I have picked up before. I had one client who had great difficulty signaling because of it. Lovely car though. I have one myself. So smooth and comfy on a run.
  2. That was a bit of luck to find it then. That could have so easily ended in disaster. Well at least you now know what the problem is. As long as it is only the pipework then the cost isn't too onerous.
  3. Having a car you enjoy and can feel some kind of sense of achievement driving is so good for the soul. I know people advise you to be sensible and frugal, but if we all did this then this site would not exist and we would all be trolling around in the Kia or Dacia. While I'm sure they are worth budget cars they do not get the blood racing or give you any sense of enjoyment. We pass this way but once. Enjoy your Jag while you can.
  4. That looks like it might be in good condition. Best of luck with it. Must be a lovely place to sit.
  5. I run several old cars. The reason is twofold, one, I cannot afford a new one, two, I can have a nice little convertible when the sun shines and an estate car to take shite down the dump. We paid £600 for a Renault Megane floppy top 5yrs ago. Apart from regular servicing it has needed new brakes, new tyres and servicing. The Rover was bought this time last year, again just tyres, servicing and the MoT cost £300. The wife's car is a Jaguar X type. That has cost us a bit over the years, but again, lovely car to drive. Fast, very comfortable, and as it doesn't do too many miles then the fuel consumption is irrelevant. My Landrover 110 is my toy. I've had it for over 23yrs. It's a V8 so yes, it drinks like Oliver Reed in a brewery. All these cars combined cost less than the cheapest new car on the market today. Okay, I pay more on tax, but these are all bought and paid for. I don't have a £300-£400 payment going out every month on PFC.
  6. When I lived in West London there was a place doing this. Always busy. If it's still there it would have been going for at least 40yrs, maybe longer. We used to buy a car cheaply and see if it was worth doing up. If yes, it got done up, MoTed and sold. If not, then over the bridge it went.
  7. Wasn't my car, but a colleague of mine, when we also worked as bus drivers [Hanwell Garage, 207route]. He would buy a car at the auctions, keep it for a couple of months, then sell it and go back to the auctions and get another. He drover big cars, Rover SD1's Granadas, big Vauxhalls. One day he goes to the auction and everything is either too expensive or shite. He is getting desperate, having sold his car and does fancy having to do the shopping for his wife and kids on the bus. In desperation, he puts in a bid on an Allegro. He wins it. [Early 80's, these were cheap as chips.] He intends to sell it and buy his usual big car. His wife however has other ideas. She loves the fact that it is big enough for the family, the boot will hold a weeks shopping and it is very good on fuel! [35-40mpg as opposed to 18-20mpg] She decides they are keeping the car. This thing simple refused to die. He had to admit in the end, it was probably the best car he had owned! It just kept going!
  8. Well bought. I know several people who run these as driving school cars. That is not for the fragile or temperamental.
  9. No way! Well, I am properly astounded!! Someone out there has been smoking something very, very strong or has balls of steel! [I wonder if he's married, and if he is, will he remain so?]
  10. I've just had the same. Massive increase. Went on the comparison sites, got it down to just about what I was paying last year. One bonus, on my Rover, I can now drive other cars! The fact that I already had that with the Jag makes no difference. 😁
  11. Sorry to hear this. Our condolences to you. A good wash and valet should spruce it up no end. [If you don't fancy doing it yourself, then the local hand car wash would do for not too much cash.] That should be very easy to sell. Ideal first car.
  12. Glad to see you are using this car again. I remember these when they were new. Always a very under-rated car. Much better than the Cortina in my opinion. Very roomy and comfortable. They rode very well as well.
  13. The wiring definitely looks like it had been got at by a serious 'enthusiast'. Very enthusiastic about adding wires whether they are needed or not!
  14. Wel done! Good to see one being saved.
  15. I remember those little 1.25 Fiestas. We had them as driving school cars. Great little things. First car we had with power steering and air-con! However, I do remember when you wanted to overtake, you had to turn the air-con off to get that little bit more power!! 😂 It's amazing how cheap these BMW's are now. Good buy.
  16. He's possibly recapturing his youth. Perhaps one of his kids was conceived in the back of one!
  17. Looking good. You were lucky with that rear subframe. Saved a hell of a lot of work there.
  18. When is the sale? We can then award the new owner his gold plated brave badge! [Made of cardboard, the gold coming from a quality street toffee wrapper.]
  19. Now you have found someone who will work on the car and hopefully do a good job and not just fob you off with excuses. Best of luck with it. Jags are a lovely thing to tool around in.
  20. Good to see this is going to live. Best of luck with it. Hope your wife gets her new hip done.
  21. They really are lovely little things. I would imagine that everyone over a certain age has had a mini or two in their driving history. Mine was yellow, bought, if I remember for £125, sold for £250. Then bought a clubman estate for £50, cost £150 to get a MoT, ran it for a year, then sold it for £50.
  22. I know for a fact hat this is true as I was in the garage when they took the wheels off. We sent the car back!
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