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  1. Big thanks to @worldofceri for collecting and delivering the MG to my mates MOT place on monday with less than 24hrs notice.
  2. Had a chance to drive the CR-V properly today and you wouldn't believe it has 182k on it. It drives absolutely spot on with no thuds or clonks anywhere from the suspension or drivetrain. Everything works, even the electric glass split tailgate. Feeling brave, I played sunroof roulette in the rain and came out a winner with it working perfectly. However, I'm having somewhat of a dilemma. I really can't decide which I like more, the X3 or the CR-V. They both exude quality but of different kinds. Thr X3 has the "hewn from rock" type of solidity, with comfy firm seats and decent switchgear which is sensibly placed. The CR-V is the stereotypical 90's Japanese engineered quality, dull as fuck but will go on forever with little more than basic maintenance and nothing will snap off. Yes the CR-V has better fuel economy vs the X3 being temp 4wd but I daily a V8 Buick so obviously that doesn't bother me. I can't keep/don't need both as I still have to collect the MGTF but I'm really having a hard time deciding which. I'm tempted to run a roffle @ £25 a ticket or £1500 cash sale and the winner gets to pick which one they want (don't think that's ever been done before on here) NEED HELP HERE PEOPLE!
  3. Just came across a receipt for a new clutch and dual mass in 2019 (10k ago) for £966 😱
  4. Probably not but if it's the local scrapper I'm thinking of then he's a right bellend twat and I'm glad I got to it before him.
  5. 2.0t is the Saab b207 engine so 175bhp in standard tune or for £99 Karl at noobtube will map it to 225bhp
  6. I get offered all kinds of mad shit in this job from people who are giving up driving. Was offered a 04 plate Vectra 2.0t SRi edition 100 last week with 38k on the clock for little £££
  7. So, this was a completely unexpected purchase. A customer i paid a visit to today wanted a mobility scooter as she was giving up driving as she felt she was no longer safe to drive on the road. I'd been with her for over an hour having a laugh and a chat and getting her sorted. I asked her whether her garage was clear for the scooter to be delivered into and yep it was as her car was parked around the corner. She said she was sad to be getting rid of it and that the scrappers were collecting it tomorrow for free I asked her if it was the silver 4x4 and she said yes. I said she was mad and that I'd have it off her and pay her decent money for it. She was happy and so I'm now an owner of a 2.2 diesel crv sport. Milez iz high fam but she has owned it from a year old and everything and I mean EVERYTHING, has been carried out at Honda main stealers. It was only MOT'D middle of August. Barely a mark on it and all of the miles were done visiting her sister in Glasgow once a week from Bristol! Not sure if I'll be hanging onto it as I've still got the X3 but whatever happens one or other will be up on here for sale within a month.
  8. DON'T EVEN GO THERE. Ive not even picked up the mgtf yet 😬
  9. Very local Collecshun Fred underway. Not sure if I'm going to keep or punt straight on. Updates in a bit
  10. https://gm6spares.com/Senator-A-c69824115?offset=120 http://www.senator-monza.de/?QM9QUSE1kJx0DRJ10UNZCNxMTPElURNNlJ0EzM9EkUBBVT Hope this helps
  11. Mercury still waiting her turn. Been trying to get a passenger wing from the states as it currently rotten to fuck. Will have to temp patch it for the most soon but it'll need doing relatively sharpish.
  12. Yep i'm pretty happy with the outcome. Got it insured today with Peter S Taylor, adding it onto the policy with the Mercury and Buick for £47 until the policy renews. Policy renews in Feb 2023 so will be £89 per year, agreed value of £4k, fully comp 3k miles per year limit.
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