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  1. K11 Nissan Micra Wave. You've got to wonder if whoever signed off on that special edition knew that the piss would be ripped out of it!
  2. Need to get the Clio and Saab out and fill them up! Cheapest unleaded has been for years!
  3. Et Voila! http://citf5.tripod.com/bx10dom.html
  4. Mazda 13b, also as found lugging round over 3200kg in the Mazda Parkway Rotary 26 - Speedy!
  5. Always loved the GSA as they seemed like a decently put together package. Just about enough "bonkersness" without resorting to CX levels of "AAAAAAARGH" Remember you rocking up to mine as a passenger in a GS when you bought my old 1985 Nissan Bluebird. Did that belong to someone on here?
  6. If this is still available @rwd might be interested.
  7. Don’t let her sleep on the bed!
  8. The mercedes 190e has definitely got my attention
  9. Embarrassingly i have failed at the first hurdle with this challenge today as i forgot to renew the insurance for the e28 and saab and it expired yesterday! πŸ™„ Will resume normal activity tomorrow.
  10. If at first you don't succeed, etc!
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