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  1. The L-Series is a bloody brilliant engine. Missed my 45 that i had back in January last year with that engine. Was getting around 550 on a tank doing motorway driving. Not as "refined" as a XUD but definitely a slogger. Let me know what you want rid of it as i may be interested.
  2. First Bristol seem to reserve all of their newer buses for journey's within a 3 mile radius of the city centre. The further out you go from there the older the fleet stock that gets used. I wouldn't be surprised if a Leyland Lynx rocked up one day! I regularly see 2001 and older buses around my area (Bath side of Bristol) and you can hear the things coming a mile off and belching black death everywhere. The last time i got a bus into Bristol centre from my house it was on a w-reg first bus and it sounded fucked. I was sat in the back and something was grinding and banging hard under the floor! I'm sure First see maintainence as optional on their buses! Makes me yearn for the days when i used to get the school bus. Crown Coaches had the contract with Avon County Council at the time. They usually supplied one of these most days
  3. Mk1 Aska used the GM J-platform used by the Holden Camira and Opel Ascona/Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2 Aska was a Subaru Legacy Mk3 Aska was a JDM Honda Accord
  4. Yep, but you needed to shift both at the same time! Mitsubishi Super Shift transmission - Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitsubishi_Super_Shift_transmission
  5. Yep, called the supershift, as fitted to the Cordia, Colt, Tredia etc
  6. Wasn't that shortlived as they never did a T12 estate. The estate used the U11 platform from 1984-1990
  7. Got massive horn for these at the moment. Mitsuoka Rock Star - based on current mx-5 They've only made 50
  8. 1989 Nissan President AMG Mitsubishi Debonair Scooby XT
  9. Any coupe made by Isuzu 117 coupe Gemini Coupe Impulse RS Don't forget the Pizza (piazza)
  10. Steve79

    Youtube moments

    Think your Sandero Access is a bit on the luxurious side, check out the VW Gol 1.0 Special. Check out the 1-minute mark, THATS base spec for ya!
  11. It really wasn't worth saving. Aside from the oil leaks which made the Exxon Valdez look oil tight, the PO had used semi synth oil for years and EVERYTHING inside the engine was covered in tar. The front and rear suspension creaked like a good 'un the the whole PCV system was completely clogged. Did i also mention the oil leak!
  12. So today this happened With my new VW Passat Estate fulfilling load lugging duties, i found myswelf no longer in need of Shonky Saab no1. I was not willing to inflict it upon the autoshite community due to it being "fucking fucked mate". The engine was literally pissing oil out of various parts and the pcv system was toast. Having said that it still drive fairly well. Would have felt guilty about selling privately so thought i'd give the Webuyanycar walk in service a go for a laugh. I can't believe i'm actually going to say this but i was really impressed. Clean little office, friendly chatty staff who actually know about cars and quick service. They did the usual HPI checks which were clear, asked for the keys and spent 10mins looking around it. Then 5mins of keyboard bashing and offered £500, less a £49.99 admin charge. I asked for 15min payment so cost an extra £30 but meant i didnt have to wait 7 days for payment. The guy did say that he wouldn't personally have given much that for it but computer said yes 😂 I took a smolish hit on this but was glad to see the back of it. Moneys will now be spent on recomissioning the e28 and tidying the aero. Farewell you oily bugger, you won't be missed!
  13. The fact that the EML on the Aero has been merrily glowing its tits off and mocking me is properly pissing me off. Wife's cousin had borrowed my laptop with the "legit" delphi software on it to diagnose some nonsense performance issue on his "all vauxhalls are shit" 1.4 Astra J. Went round to get it back and turns out there's no fault. Thr performance issue is that the non turbo 1.4 is just slow as fuck With laptop back in my possession it was swiftly connected to the Aero and i was greeted with ... That'll be the Di cassette then FFS! Its not missfiring at the moment but you can bet it'll fail somewhere REALLY inconvenient! I'll take the known good one off the vector estate before it goes to WBAC who have now updated their offer to £820. Really need to get it gone! The bypass valve fault was a vacuum hose that had popped off. The new job has been soo busy that i've not had the chance to do much on the Aero but i really should chance the ATF. There is about a 3-4 second delay in engaging drive from park which is accompanied by an almightly thud. It only does this when selecting drive and doesn't do it at all when driving. The changes are very smooth. The fluid level looks ok at cold and doesn't look burnt, although its far from being cherry red. Oh and the timing chain is rattling a bit but it does't sound like its smashing itself against the case too badly so that can wait till the new year! 😂
  14. Assuming its the 3-speed C6 cruise-o-matic box that you have fitted which it should be, then what you are describing sounds like the trans kickdown rod. https://www.fordmuscleforums.com/threads/kickdown-dont-works.505623/ Also have a look at this article (posts 3 and 4) https://forums.aaca.org/topic/139193-1966-ford-fairlane-transmission/ https://www.diyford.com/ford-c4-c6-transmission-trouble-shooting-guide/ Is your transmission kicking down when you floor it? Lokar do a replacement kit INS0007-FordC4C6-KickdownKit.pdf
  15. https://www.americanglass.co.uk/news/ Ahem......May want to try these guys Scroll across to the third picture as its a '66 Galaxie which they have done a screen on. 😀 Could also try https://www.dbmotors.net/index.php/10
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