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  1. Forgot i own this 😂 Best try and get running this weekend.
  2. Mate did say he put a jump pack on there but no dice, zero crank. Hopefully a new battery will sort it. A 75AH is going on it.
  3. I've left it with the garage at the moment as i'm flat out with work. If it get chance at the weekend then i'm going to chuck the new battery i bought for the saab on it and see what it does. @SiC good shout ref the battery cable, i'll give it a go.
  4. Safrane is having a massive strop and resolutely refuses to crank whatsoever. The immobilisor light goes out so its recognising the keys but when you go to crank it doesn't do anything apart from the lights goes dim until you release the key. The general consensus is that: 1: Earth strap corrosion which judging by how badly the brakes are seized could well be a possibility 2: Borked starter which is just as possible. Also the voice synth isn't outputing any noise. @catsinthewelder i know you said you turned it off. Did you disconnect the speaker? Apart from this t
  5. Good to know cheers. I'm going to the garage before work tomorrow to have a bit more of a look.
  6. Andy who delivered it on behalf of Ceri said that it was showing signs of life but not firing. Rich said that it was running fine yesterday and this morning but didn't want to fire when loading onto the trailer this afternoon. I know (because 90's Reno) that you have a 30sec period from the point of unlocking on the plip to starting the engine. If this elapses then you need to lock and unlock the car again before you can start the engine. If its not this then we'll need to look deeper into it.
  7. It’s the V6 3.0 RT formerly of @Schaefft and @catsinthewelder Its only just been delivered and it disgraced itself by failing to start when being loaded. Investigation work will have to wait till tomorrow though.
  8. The Lincoln purchase went down the drain when after further investigation it was more likely the box rather than the converter was terminally borked. However, not to be dissuaded from further financially disastrous purchases, a fine example of early 90's luxo barge has been sourced and is being delivered today via an outsourced delivery by @worldofceri. All i'll say is i'm a serial licker of these and it has Mr Cholmondley-Warner living in residence inside the dashboard. More to follow
  9. Is the tool tray beneath the glove box not there?
  10. Enquiries are proceeding with regard to the Lincoln MK Vii. Its a 1988 Bill Blass model with the 225bhp 5.0 High Output engine from the Ford Mustang. The word from the selller is that the torque converter is dead and the car doesn't move in any gear. Good news is that its a VERY good price. I'm going to speak to JPAT transmissions in the morning to see what a refurb will cost.
  11. I was thinking of something like this https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1063020670805601/
  12. I bade farewell to the UP today. A small price drop on autotrader sparked interested in the last few days of the advert being online. Lovely couple from Reading came this afternoon and paid asking price in twenties. Empty garage = whats available! 😀
  13. Steve79

    my spots.....

    That’s affirmative
  14. Ooof, early 70's Ford LTD. MAJOR WANT!!!
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