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  1. Don't worry Si, you've got a bit of time yet.
  2. On the subject of vehicular improvements, i paid a visit to the local longlife exhaust centre just outside bristol Which housed some tasty treats The cat crossover pipe and the right exhaust are very much past their best and are in need desperate need of replacement Most of the system is longlife already so it makes sense to replace the rest as such. I've been given a price of £300 if they delete both cats and add two silencers instead or £600 which will include two brand new custom made cats. I'm undecided of which route to go down. Much ponderin
  3. Probably didn't help that i pressed it more than once! 😂 I'm not keen on whitewalls but i'm definitely investing in some decent tyres. I'm far too used to driving modern vehicles with ABS and the "shit shit SHIT!!!" moment i experienced when dabbing the brakes in the wet, combined with the lack of ABS and the sheer weight of the car was unexpected. It definitely won't be wearing chinese death rings!
  4. Facebook marketplace yielded more treasure today in the form of retro computing which involved a 100 mile round trip. Weapon of choice was the Mercury and it dispatched it with ease at the correct speed It wasn’t all plain sailing though. I had the drivers window down 3/4 and decided the use the interior boot release button which is electrically operated. Car all loaded up with goodies, I started the return trip. The only problem was that now none of the windows were working, the clock was dead and the fuel gauge was dead - Great I had a brief fumble in the fuse box
  5. I’m guessing that if you’re in a hot weather state like Florida, Texas, California etc and you’re doing a lot of freeway and inner city driving then chances are you’ll be on “Schedule A” whereas colder states will most likely be on “Schedule B”. The Mercury lived most of its life in California so probably would have been on Schedule A servicing.
  6. This is Fords 1989 service schedule for the Mercury
  7. "Then i put my foot down leaving and launched it into the kerb" FTFY
  8. You know its probably just the element gone which is no more than £20 and a 15min job to replace.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/392299441857917/ This look fecking terrible -WANT!
  10. I tempted fate and checked Schrödingers towel. The fact that its now in the tumble dryer will indicate the success of the experiment - Bah! It wasn't sopping wet though just a bit damp, which was surprising considering how much rain we had last night. In true autoshite style, I'm going to leave the towel in the footwell with a rubber mat over the top and then chuck the carpet back over it. That way, it'll stop the carpet getting soaked and it'll be easy enough to retrieve the towel and dry it. I'll sort the leak in a more permanent way once its a bit warmer outside, or i h
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/696406467649623/ My eyes!!!!!!!
  12. Schrödingers towel Whilst the towel is inside the Mercury unobserved, the towel is both wet and dry at the same time 🤣
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