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  1. Ever wished you could tow a caravan and boat behind your mini van whilst transporting an elderly gentleman and two women with unfeasibly tall hair? Not possible i hear you cry! Fear not, step right this way sir! https://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/articles/view.asp?id=937
  2. On that note - fancy a project? 😀 https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/triumph-toledo-1300-classic-car-project-barn-find-tax-mot-exempt-750/1340701085?utm_source=com.example.android.notepad&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android
  3. I'd say fair play to anyone who has the technical and practical skills to re-purpose a car which although some would wish to remain original, would be wholly unsuitable for everyday use in modern times. Personally, i'm all about the misery motoring and would happily have put an Indenor 2.1 diesel in there. 15.9/10 and eagerly awaiting updates.
  4. Based on the current fleet vs equivalent fleet age in 1979, would look something like this 2019 Volvo V40 1979 Volvo 345GL 1995 BMW 518i 1954 BMW 501 2002 Rover 75 1.8T Club SE 1972 Rover P6 2000 TC 1985 BMW 520i 1946 BMW 326 2005 Saab 9-5 2.0 Vector Turbo 1953 Saab 92b
  5. I remember that article, it was a Hillman Avenger estate in a fetching faded pale yellow which cost the guy £50 with a small amount of MOT left on it. Pretty sure he slept in it as well. Made it to John o Groats ok but he did have to do a fair amount of bodgery with the exhaust due to fumes gassing him!
  6. Ford Grandad estate curtosey of Coleman Milne https://motor-car.net/ford-eu/item/11112-granada-mk-ii-1977-85
  7. Me and Mrs Steve79 finally decided to put a deposit down to buy our first house after years of renting (brand new house on a small development in a nice area of Bristol. I know that should be positive, but the exact same identical house on the Newcastle or Midlands development is almost exactly £150k less than what we're paying FFS! BRISTOL TAX YO! SiC - you had the right idea buying outside of Brizzole.
  8. Having had a think about this, i'm actually wondering if the alternator might not be shot after all. When i first picked the car up there was no hint of any warning lights on the dash, even when test driving it. It was only when i accelerated hard that that the battery light came on and didn't go away. It looks pretty oily around the alternator area and am wondering whether the belt has got contaminated and is slipping. It also might explain the momentary whirring noise when the car is first started. Any thoughts?
  9. The ni-cad batteries on the SI board in the dash cluster will have shat their contents all over the place, hence lack of anything functional. Got two clusters for my e28 520i and they have both done that. Board can be bypassed though.
  10. Multimeter put on car, lack of participation from alternator causes this...
  11. Turned on night panel to save volts
  12. Yep, revised pcv were fitted from '04 model year onwards. Just got to ensure that only fully synth oil is put in it. Apparently the oil was done within the last 12k, yeah right! It's as black as night!
  13. Jealous that Jim Bell had acquired such a fine Swedish automobile and somewhat relieved that i did not have to burden myself with yet another purchase, i concluded that i should really get on with selling the XJ8 or the Turbo Kettle. However.... This is where we are today Its a late 2005 Saab 9-5 2.0 Vector Auto estate. I always kind of regretted selling the 2.3 LPT estate that i had. i didn't really give it a fair chance and should have invested a little more time in it. With most of the 9-5 estates that are available currently are either stellar mileage (yes i know saab are impervious to high mileage) or lower mileage and stellar prices. I prefer to spend as little as i can and want as much as i can for it. This sometimes works out and others failing spectacularly. I'd seen this advertised on scumtree three weeks ago for an extremely derisory amount and had sent a the seller a message, but never heard back, hence my interest in the one Jim Bell now owns. Fortuitously, the same day that he bought it the seller from gumtree contacted me. Arrangements were thus made to view. It was originally advertised as a non runner but the owner had someone come to check it over and had got it running. It transpires that the owner has had the car since 2011 and up until 6 months ago had been the paragon of reliability. The car had been used to go to work and upon restarting at the end of the day had failed to provide electricity. A duff battery was diagnosed, replaced and all was well for about a week until another failure resulted in a repeat performance and then was abandoned on his driveway. Jump starting was a no-go as the battery was completely dead but with a new battery we were off. The tappets quietened down after 10-15 seconds and idled and drove fine. Monies exchanged and off home we went. About 10 mins into the journey i was greeted by this I knew the oil was low so not a major concern but the battery warning light explained a lot. Duff alternator me thinks! But again not a surprise as i had a feeling that this would be the case and factored it into the offer i made to the owner. I turned all non essential electrics off (inc night panel) and made it home ok. So what do we have? All Pixels present - check No Faulty aircon stepper motors or flaps - check Got no wood - check Grotty - check Delphi check reveals nothing untoward aside from a few errant airbag codes. Its in chronic need of a service and there is a boost leak somewhere but on the whole is quite a nice drive and am well happy. It seems to go a lot better than the 2.3 as well with less turbo lag. The overall plan is to tidy it up, and get Karl at Noobtune to work his magic. Currently 150bhp but 220bhp is easy and cheap to obtain. I'm away for a few days now but will get a mutimeter on it when i get back but a dodgy alternator won't be a surprise!
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