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  1. And smash a few holes in the front and rear bumpers. For that authentic look cover the holes with your tape of choice 😂
  2. The Edsel Pacer induced a lot of "frothy knickers"
  3. Some more pics of the show today. Only took a few of the non American stuff as everyone has seen an mgb/Capri/Cortina before 😂
  4. Some cock in a bright yellow Lamborghini YOUR-ANUS tried parking in the show field and got laughed right out again 😂😂😂
  5. If anyone is in Bristol today the Bristol Vintage and American vehicle show on siston common is well worth a visit. Loads of cars up here and "Twix" (Buicks new nickname) is getting plenty of attention
  6. And we go from this To this It looks soooo much better. These are early 90's Chevy Astro alloys with almost brand new tyres fitted.
  7. In my best Bristolian "Fuck I, it's hot!!!" Buick currently showing an outside temp of Have pretty much just proceeded to get 3rd degree burns on the backs of my legs from the leather and from the seat buckle. Aircon is performing a treat though
  8. My drive, i'll park it how I want
  9. Ok let's not criticise my poor parking. Plenty of space to reverse to fit if we're nit picking
  10. Don't let anyone tell you running American cars in the UK is impractical. Both fit a standard drive fine Now the Roadmaster has a full MOT I've been using it as a daily in preference to the X3. i brimmed the tank, did 100 miles and then brimmed it again. The result was just over 14mpg which I thought was a bit low but I'm pretty sure the driver's side rear brakes are dragging as the wheel gets hot. It doesn't help that the loon in me likes to bury the throttle to hear the V8. The exhaust is far too quiet for my liking so it'll be getting a new system soon.
  11. Had this happen about 10years ago. Neighbour across the road went on holiday leaving his dickhead son to mind the house. Son (late 20's) decides to have a very loud party till 2am then all went quiet. He did the same the following evening but 2am went by and party was still at full tilt. I tried knocking/hammering on the door but the music was soo loud he couldn't hear it. Another neighbour used their house phone to call the police and was told to call the council noise abatement team as it was a civil matter!!! But this time the whole street was out moaning (all old duffers so not in a physical condition to cause a ruckus). I then trotted down to the local payphone (remember those) to ensure relative anonomimity and called the police. Was told the same about calling the council. I politely informed the call handler it would be a bit late by then as a certain someone would have kicked his door in and smashed his stereo amp over his head and they should probably attend chop chop. Call handler told me they'd send someone out on account of threats being made. 20mins later, problem solved.
  12. Mental note to self today. 90's American fuel gauges are not like fuel gauges of today. Empty does not mean at least 20 miles of further driving before filling up becomes a necessity. In fairness the Buicks low fuel warning did come on a few times before it died. First time in 20 years that I had to call my mum to bring a couple of cans out to where I was. Promptly went straight to Asda after and filled it up.
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