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  1. Focus is an absolute champ. Only needed a couple of tyres and a headight resecuring for the mot. I'll get a claybar on the paint next week to tidy that up a bit and i should be picking up a replacement door and wing as mine are knackered. I'll also be upgrading the radio and dash panel to the mk2.5 shape and get the sony dab unit fitted or i may go down the xtrons android touch display route. I also want to check to see if mine already has the additional wiring fitted so i can put cruise control in.
  2. Steve79

    E10 Fuel

    Mustie1 on youtube comes up against this regularly on things like garden power equipment in New Hampshire. The stabilisers used turn the fuel to shit and it seems to congeal. Advice he usually gives is to drain them completely when not in use for long periods.
  3. No excuses then. Get it bought and save the wear and tear on the Mercury. You can chastise yourself in private later 😂
  4. I wouldn’t have bought it but I’d managed to sell something that I’d been given for free that covered the whole cost of the car. Very pleased with the outcome and less than £90 per year to insure limited miles fully comp with Peter S Taylor
  5. The trick is to promote the fact that its soo cheap that it will increase in value as time goes on. Justification for the cause is to use the transit as an example of speculate to accumulate. Or do what i do and park it round the corner and just hope the missus doesn't cotton on 😂
  6. @danthecapriman got Transit Sale money burning a hole in his pocket. Get It Bought
  7. Steve79

    E10 Fuel

    Just bought the '94 Buick Roadmaster that was for sale on here. E10 wise I'm all good
  8. Strangely doesn't feel as big as the grand marquis. Lots of buttons to play with
  9. From Ian's tweets it sounds like the damage isn't too bad.
  10. I'll counter that remark with the following: Mk1 Alfa 164 Lancia Trevi
  11. Now this is entirely the dogs fault as i've been going back and forth in my head about selling the saab over the last few weeks trading the speed of the saab for the practicality of an estate. I'm usually sceptical of any cheap car on Facebook, let alone from a used car dealer so the journey across town was made with low expectations. The dealer mostly had 3 year old vehicles on site and i was pleasantly surprised by meeting a car salesman that did not specialise in bullshit and was very upfront and honest. The car had been driven to bristol from okehampton yesterday for px and was getting punted straight on with no prep as its too old for forecourt. It's a 2006 Titanium with the 2.0 Tdci, 6-speed manual box and 155k on the clock. I thought the seats had been replaced with blue ones but it turns out these are original. Bodily its a 20 footer and certain areas have had a blow over in the past which haven't been done terribly well. I was chucked the keys and took it for a blast. It actually drives really well. It pulls through all the gears fine with no noises from the dmf and all the electrical bits are fine. Aircon, heated front screen, cruise, auto lights and wipers and leccy windows all round. I couldn't get the bonnet open as the lock mech is missing so that'll need sorting and the mot is out on 1st Sept. The bonus is that the service book was in the car and is fully stamped up to date. I reckon it could be made reasonable tidy for minimal outlay and will look 10x better inside once it's been cleaned as its complete filth. I'm happy playing bargain basement roulette
  12. After the immense rollicking I received from MrsSteve79 for buying yet another shite car in form of the Safrane (an update will come soon I promise) i was, in no uncertain terms told that having two cars on the drive and the safrane, saab and work van parked in the street was the absolute limit. She, however failed to factor in the spare spaces on MotherSteve79's drive and garage 😂 Idle hands make the devil's work so i kept them busy by looking for things I don't need/shouldn't buy on Facebook marketplace. The busy hands got out of control and bought this Because two weeks ago we bought this soppy bugger
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