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  1. It looks like the FIL has taken quite a shine to the 9-3 and it looks like it'll be going home with him on Sunday after he's dropped off his octavia which I've sold for him to a fellow Shitter. Not quite sure how I feel about this. On one hand, it would have only been a temporary car and would have been sold at some point, but on the other I quite like it and would have like to put some miles on it. I think I'm going to insure it for a few days and drive it around. I may then use the monies from the sale of it and the civic to buy a slightly nicer condition one.
  2. Now that its FINALLY decided to stop raining in Bristol, i decided to take advantage of the sunshine and set about removing a lifetimes worth of mcdonalds, dirt and fart particles from the interior. As a reminder, before the interior was attacked with the Vax carpet washer. Rear Seats Front Seat Here is the interior after a VERY thorough scrubbing. What came out was utter filth Front Passenger seat Rear Seats Drivers Seat I'm still not 100% happy with it but i no longer feel like i'm sat on someones filthy toilet! Feeling flushed with success, decisions about the tailgate had to be made. It had taken a reasonable whack in the bottom left hand corner and had punctured the metal. It was also twisted on the lower edge and dented. I had previously arranged to get a replacement tailgate from the local saab breaker but i have to accept that the car is never going to look perfect. This, coupled with the fact that using G3 on the poor paintwork on the N/S/R quarter panel made the square root of sod all difference, i decided to minimise any outlay on this. So using my child like bodywork skills i set about the damaged tailgate Straight Molegrips for the win I managed to straighten out most of the kinks so it looks half presentable. Next victim was the puncture in the metal. We started with this Judicious usage of these Brings us to this point A bit* better! I'm going to get @rwd to weld it up just to get it watertight (cheers in advance Nick 😂) and then chuck whatever gloss black aerosol i can find in the garage. I'm still going to buy the rear bumper and lamp cluster as these rear do need doing. After 4 hours of fettling all i needed to do way get the saab off of the drive to move things around. Turn key, CLICK CLICK CLICK. Battery is flat as a witches tit! Note to self - Make sure all interior lights are switched off if you are going to leave the door open all day! Halfords best* set to work Saab had pissed itself! That'll explain the constant low washer fluid warning then. Will have to take undertray off to get at this and then it'll get expoxy'd to death! Tomorrow I'll be going to properly look at the 55-plate Civic Type - S that i sort of committed to buy before i got the 9-3. I had a cursory look over it last week if its pretty tidy aside from scuffing to the O/S/R wheelarch. If it checks out then it'll be up for sale PDQ as i am at max capacity for car storage. I'll chuck the pics in the for sale listing i have on here at the moment.
  3. All the photos are hosted on imgur. Not sure why they aren't showing. They are larger file sizes though that may or may no be an issue. I've tried viewing the post at my end and photo's load straight away but on missus old ipad4 they take around 5-10seconds to load.
  4. It's like saab said how much can we physically stuff into the engine bay and can we make access as tight as possible, oh and by the way, make sure the loom gets in the way of absolutely everything! It's just like the 9-5. Practically an engine out job just to do the alternator!
  5. https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/renault-clio-sport-182/1377254399
  6. Its been a day of trials and tribulations! Saab breaker says yeah, rad hose will be piss easy to change, just need a pair of molegrips for the hose clamps and torx bolts for the battery box. Ok says I, no problem, it'll take what, 20 mins tops! YEAH RIGHT! Thought it would be a good idea to crack the Pela knock off out to siphon the coolant out of the expansion tank and hose. Battery box torx bolts were stiffer than Pee Wee Herman in an adult theatre and were not coming out without a fight. First two gave up after wd40 and physical abuse but the rear bolt was not for moving. Cue childish tantrum number one. I'm not the most patient of people and like instant gratification. Not forthcoming, i got pissy and got the dremmel out! I cut out what surrounding plastic i could get to given the limited space and and ripped out the tray. Tried molegrips, heat, wd40, shouting, swearing but the bolt is stuck in there fast. Sod it. That was the easy part! Saab twat at factory though it'd be well funny to put the hose clamps on upside down!!!! The stat housing one was easy but the rad end, could i get it off, could i fuck! Got the dremmel out on it and tried cutting it, nope. Tried molegrips but access is soo tight that you can't get a good enough purchase on the clamp. In the end, i found a pair of bent nose pliers that were part of an extensive toolkit that i inherited from my grandad when he passed away. He was a aircraft fitter for BAC which then became British Aerospace and built spitfires and beaufighters during WW2. Using these pliers i finally managed to yank of the offending clamp which seemed to have welded itself into the hose itself! You can see there scratches on the rad where i was fighting to get it off. It doesn't help that there a big wiring loom which get right in the way as well, hindering access. Finally got the hose removed and replaced and had an equally big fight getting the clamp back on which resulted in childish tantrum no.2. MANY MANY C-bombs were dropped and tools thrown at floor during this. Finally, i got the clamp back on and coolant refilled. 20min job? Try 3-hours! Tomorrow's job is washing the ass juice out of the seats. NICE!
  7. Hmmm Civic you say? 160bhp Civic Type-S VSA any good to you? No rot at all!
  8. This! I had a 53 plate 1.0 charade with the same ej-ve engine for 2 years and MotherSteve79 has had her 53 plate one since 6mths old. These are vvti engines and they really like to be revved as that is the best way to get the most out of them plus the 3cyl sounds great a high rpm. Mum never drives hers above 50mph because she's old so on the odd occasion when i borrow it, it gets a damn good thrashing to clear the cobwebs out. The only bother you'll get with this engine is that they do like a drink of oil once they get to around 100k. This is mostly due to knackered stem seals. The only money she's every had to spend on this car in 14 years and 100k is routine maintenance. The original clutch lasted 95 thousand miles.
  9. Took the 9-3 out shopping earlier with MrsSteve79, she obviously hates it as its not a brand new car 🙄 but she did comment how comfy the seats were! I had a low coolant warning yesterday so i checked and it did need topping up. Mental note made to keep an eye on it. Got home and left it 20mins and there was a small pool of water underneath. Checked the hoses and Yep that'll be it 😡 Judging by the amount of brown wet staining surrounding this area i'm guessing that its been leaking for a while. Note to future self - please go back in time and tell past self not to bend said damaged hose in direction of face when engine is running as you will get boiling hot coolant in your eye! I'd been In contact with the local saab breaker 5mins from my house to get a replacement tailgate, lamp cluster and rear bumper so i popped up there this afternoon. First thing he did was ask me where i bought it from as it turns out it was his personal car originally and he sold it to the guy I bought it from - it's a small world! Have managed to procure from them a good tailgate, rear bumper, lamp cluster and replacement hose for £150. They'll also fit the lot for £60 which i'll probably get them to do. Central Locking is also non functional on n/s rear door so the panel will be coming off to investigate. Weather depending, the seat fabrics will be getting the carpet washer treatment ask they are absolutely hanging, although not the 206 levels of hanging! In other news, I'll be meeting up with @djoptix tomorrow to raid parts off of the 9-5 aero he's breaking so should get most bits I need to sort out little trim niggles etc. I may possibly definitely may be viewing another car tomorrow. It's got a k20a3 engine.
  10. That's kinda the plan. It's been fairly well looked after in the past and has the service book stamped up to 120k. There's also this warranty plan in the history file for when the car was sold in mid 2017 for £2995. That's a whacking amount of depreciation for you
  11. The 9-5 has been carrying out its daily duties with aplomb but 15mpg around town is becoming slightly tiresome. I'm enjoying the big car experience again after selling the clio, which renders the 206 redundant and will be up for sale once the DVLA gets its act in gear and send me the V5/C. So the hunt was on for a suitable larger vehicle with enough space for shopping/tip run crap/everyday life items. Now, facebook marketplace is not the normal place i would scour for obvious reasons but this popped up and i couldn't resist. The ad had very little info apart from the fact it was a Saab 9-3 1.9 TiD. It was up for £500 which seemed reasonable enough so i went to see it. No pics of the collection as it was parked in a very narrow space and pics would have been shite. Also no pez station pic due to complementary half tank still in there. At home Not too bad right? Wait for it!!!!! Shite paint Interior isn't bad years of bum juice! Shite wind deflectors Its a 2007 Saab 9-3 1.9 TiD 120bhp 6-speed Vector Sport Anniversary Edition (mouthful!). This edition was to celebrated Saab's 60th year anniverary. The models got different wheels, bodykit and interior trim. The boot floor handle was also metal instead of plastic and in the shape of an aeroplane. I wasn't expecting a lot when i got there but was "mildly" surprised. It started well enough and drove ok, but there was definitely an intermittent chattering from the gearbox area which disappeared when the clutch was depressed. I also did an HPi check before i got there which i wouldn't normally do, but i had three checks left from a greenflag offer so i though why not? Glad i did, its been written off twice! Once in 2018 as a CAT-S and again in April of this year as a CAT-N. The seller, who whilst a nice enough guy, had neglected to mention this or the chattering noise in the ad. I quizzed him on it and the response was that he wasn't aware of that. He's owned it since early 2019 so i said that i didn't mind that its had a few knocks, but at least volunteer the info rather than me having to have an awkward conversation with him. He looked a bit sheepish after that! He asked if i still wanted the car, to which i replied that i did but in the light of the two CAT markers and clutch noise, i was going to be low-balling the living daylights out of him. Offer was made and declined, to which i asked him how many people on faceache had arranged to view and not shown up (including the person that was supposed to be viewing before me), his response was "a lot". The same offer, [email protected] would be proud of was then accepted 😂 There are a few teething issues that need addressing. The tailgate is fucking fucked mate and desperately needs replacing as well as the rear bumper and lamp cluster. Luckily there is a Saab breakers 5 mins from me and have the bits in stock. There's also a wheel bearing noise from the back, a rattling over bumps coming from the front o/s suspension and the paint on the back n/s panel is in desperate need of G3 cutting paste and a buffer. The noise from the clutch is very intermittent and rarely happens. So am not going to worry about it. I've also got a feeling that a owner in the past may have had it tuned as it seems very brisk for a 120bhp. Overall though for the price i got it for i'm well pleased!
  12. The increasingly careworn Charade of mothersteve79 is currently transporting myself and steve79junior into the "wrong" side of Bath to make what will undoubtably promise to be a most unwise purchase! All i'll say is that its from 2007, features a z19dth engine and may or may not (probably has though) a noisy dmf. Wish me luck!
  13. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202006240475742?atmobcid=soc3
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