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  1. If you look at the right of the page it states upto 20 miles and after that its £1.50 a mile
  2. Love a collection thread god speed and all that.
  3. What an absolute bargain very well bought. I do like these and the 3 doors do seem to look better than the 5 on these.
  4. Love a good collection caper god speed and all that.
  5. All done and paid, Also popped a little extra to get yourself a coffee as really appreciated
  6. I really dont get in this day and age people lying about issues with cars now the MOT history is available online. I've looked at cars that say MOT ran out but not had time to put in. So online you see a whole page of failures. Some people should have been swallowed
  7. God speed and all that. Hmmm peugeot 405??
  8. Lovely looking 4wd justy. Motd aswell
  9. Im so sorry to hear this, it brings back memories of collecting my dog Spuds ashes. It's never an easy thing to do but we felt as if we were bringing him home
  10. That's the spitting image of my old one. Mine didnt have a buzzer for the lights so many a time I found myself pushing it down the road to bump start due to dead battery. Luckily they are very light
  11. Loving these models. Love the double decker
  12. What a cool little recovery truck. Good luck getting it sorted
  13. Done as others have Said easy and painless
  14. You are certainly going great guns with this. Looks a lovely repair
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