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  1. Thankyou I don't know what it is about the 800 range but they certainly feel special
  2. The other day I was looking on eBay as you do and spotted a scrapyard with a vitesse in. So I went and bought some bits. I bought a set of wings(I thought they would easily fit in the car) it really is surprising how long the wings on these cars are. I also bought a wasted spark engine and gearbox with type b LSD in. Exactly what I have in mine. I thought I'd best as if never find them again. The engine is getting delivered this week somewhen. Their is nothing wrong with the engine and box in mine just it's nice to have a spare set.
  3. Thankyou I bought it back in 2015 but even then it was cheap but was all I could afford. I've since seen the son at Pol and he got some pictures of the car and he's happy so I'm happy
  4. Thankyou I bought it in 2015 but even then it was cheap. Thankyou it still comes up well to this day Thankyou @HMC It was a pleasure and lovely to chat with you Thankyou it has nearer 70000 miles now so I have used it as intended. I've always loved the vitesse and I agree regarding the MK2 Thankyou it's one of my better purchases that's for sure. Thankyou it was and I'm glad they accepted Thankyou it still comes up very well Thankyou
  5. The car started to get a few rust spots one of which was the rear sill which unfortunately had gone soft so my dad has just cut out the rot and welded a nice new bit of metal in. When the weather is better then he will paint it. The MOT will be done as soon as I can then we will be bringing it to festival of the unexeptional.
  6. I then set about getting the speakers sorted. My dad was really impressed doing this We then just drove it. We took it to a car show and the gentleman rushed over and said are you showing your lovely Rover then guided us to the show ground.
  7. I thought I'd do a thread on this as I have not done one on it before. The reg is not covered up for any other reason that they took the plates off to clean it. The reg Number is T588STA It all started at the end of 2015. I was looking on facebook when a rover vitesse came up on the owners page asking for offers of what it was worth. I sent a message offering £700 (I think) due to no MOT and being off the road for about 4 years. Anyway I was refused and thought nothing of it. A few weeks later I had a message back saying people were offering over £2000 but never
  8. My father and I will be coming. I've finally pulled my finger out so will be taking my 800 vitesse not dependant. Will have to book a hotel but am hoping we can have a bit of a meet going as I'm not the best socially but will be good to put faces to names
  9. I'd like to meet up with some members from here if covid rules allow. How would we go about doing it as I'm sure quite a few of us are going
  10. Thankyou its had top of the range items as I wanted everything done properly.
  11. Thankyou everyone for your replies it means alot. I think my feelings are exacerbated because I have been quite depressed lately and your replies and help have kept me going over the last few months Again thankyou Thomas
  12. Thanks I think you are right. I did enquire about a rover 45 but it had already sold.
  13. Thankyou I think as you say they have hit the bottom. They are a good car to be honest and it's fun on the odd occasion I drive it but seeing it sat there most of the week makes me feel like it's a waste
  14. Thanks it's very impressive in gear as it has so much torque. My father told me to wait and keep it on the drive until I feel differently about it
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