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  1. Great read looking forward to many more posts about this little car. I've always liked the 205. Never had one but wouldn't say no to one. Anyway good luck it looks great and I love those seats
  2. Thankyou everyone I really do appreciate it. You guys have knocked some sense into me. It was a knee jerk reaction seeing a cheap car for sale and me needing a car to get to work and back. Again thankyou everyone it really means alot to me that there are people that have more sense than me.
  3. Thankyou thinking about it. It does seem a little silly buying it. It was just cheap that's all. I think I'll give it a miss
  4. My mondeo gave up the ghost and I need something cheap to get to work and back for a few months. My focus st does 25mpg and I drive 72 miles a day. I'll be honest I had one as a courtesy car for a week when I was 18 so 15 years ago and I didnt get on with it back then but maybe getting older I'm really liking the idea of them. I'm confused it was cheap hence me jumping towards it but maybe I should hold fire. It's just a pain with the mondeo giving up its put me in a place of needing something sheepish.
  5. Theres a cityrover near where I live for sale. It needs the handbrake adjusting and a regulator for the window. Its had welding in the past and needs some in the future. It has done a total of 11000 miles. I could get it for 200. I'm not sure what to do. I drove one years ago and it was utterly dreadful. What a dilemma. I hope the pictures come out ok. It looks like it might have aircon aswell.
  6. That's actually a really good tape well apart from rod Stewart.
  7. Thanks theres a lovely one in Plymouth for a similar price which is easier for me at the moment as I work long hours. I've always liked the idea of a panda
  8. I said to my dad about the xms as I really like them but he said I'd be an idiot as I said I wanted something easy to live with.
  9. Thanks I've had a 75 diesel and I thought the engine was rubbish in my opinion. I had the diesel auto and it done 36.6mpg which is only a couple more than my jag was achieving. I then asked on the 75 club how they were achieving 50 mpg and they said oh that's about right for the auto diesel. The x type has the same engine as my mondeo had so I dont really fancy that again. Thanks for your suggestions. The 75 is one of my favourite cars it's just I could never get on with that engine. Heres my old 75 diesel
  10. I crashed mine into my next door neighbours house. I was riding up the mud in the middle of the shared drive doing 5mph most and the front end disinterested which I thought was a poor show for an adventure bike.
  11. Thanks it does sound lovely but as you say it's not the best on fuel. I seem to buy myself something then as soon as I do the other car decided to expire.
  12. Sorry I honestly never thought it was an american slang I was annoyed sorry. I dont actually drink. Again apologies
  13. Hi sorry I was thinking either a small petrol or an older diesel. I have a little time to think but I remember my dad having a rover r8 shape turbo diesel. I just dont want anything with dpf or dual mass flywheel etc. Manual or auto doesnt matter and budget is £1000. Any make doesnt bother me. It's just I'm stuck thinking about cars I used to own and need outside input. Saying that theres a nice 2006 fiat panda 1.3 diesel for sale currently near me Thanks Thomas
  14. I wish no the car was nearly on a roundabout and it was flat surface. I was also pissed as it was before my shift at work. Thanks for making me smile
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