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  1. Ok so the update. It's all back together now and starts up and runs. Gets warm on the temperature gauge as it should(thermostat fixed) Filled in the hole in the rear inner arch. Also put 2 new tyres on today. The main reason for me getting the car was wanted to take my Sinclair c5 places then ride on cycle tracks etc. Well that's buggered that plan as it doesn't fit in the car. I have to thank my dad as he done all the work. I must admit I dont like the car even though I have not driven it so my dad is thinking of having it for himself as a car to get him to work and back. I should have measured it before buying it but you live and learn
  2. Love this. When I was doing my class 1 hgv training in sutton in ashfield there was a beige one looked like a camper. Id love a quirky vehicle. envious
  3. That looks a nice car that xantia. For some reason I thought it was an estate
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Talbot-Horizon-LE-Special-1984/173892490299?hash=item287cccd43b:g:E48AAOSwSjpczJMf My dad had one of these when I was a nipper. Even in the same colour. This is a car I have always promised myself if I could afford it along with a leather clad austin montego vanden plas efi.
  5. Ahh thankyou I just didn't want people thinking that I did that on purpose. Thanks again
  6. Oh I am so sorry I never realised it had all these problems i feel awful now. (I never meant to dupe you) if you want me too I can transfer some money back to help pay for the Bill's. Again I'm so sorry
  7. Are there any pictures of this car on here sounds interesting
  8. When you stick the car in reverse with the front wipers on the rear wiper does work. So that bits working fine. Looks a lovely car with a great engine. Love the o series
  9. can someone add me and my father to the list please? I put it down then it got overtaken. Thanks Thomas
  10. I must admit I'm not a BMW lover but that looks splendid. Green with cream leather?? I cannot see the picture very well on my phone.
  11. Me and my father would like to come to this please. Be there Saturday and a little on Sunday due to working nights and cannot get the time off. Thanks Thomas
  12. looking good love the 800 as you know
  13. Definately Matt its cheap motoring no matter what happens
  14. Thankyou I will check it out. Thanks again
  15. Oh right bugger. Thing is that's just a quick push with fingers made it like that.
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