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  1. Since having my jaguar and subsequently giving it to my dad I thought I had gone off jags but that is lovely. I like the mercedes but jaguar's seem more special to me
  2. No it was just to test if it would stop the binging which it didnt. Would be easier to get a new ipk screen and have it fitted
  3. I've been reading this thread with great interest as this is the perfect sort of thing. Not to big but ok for you just to pop somewhere and be comfy out the way. I really wish I could make an offer for this. If you do sell I wish you all the best with the sale
  4. I fully agree once the hazards are on it seems they think the rules of the road dont apply to them.
  5. I think the rear quarter of the concept car looks awfully like a citroen saxo
  6. Congratulations on the pass and I hope you get some resolution regarding the brake lines.
  7. That looks amazingly clean. Used to see lots of these around but they just seemed to disappear quickly.
  8. Next time it does it give the top of the dash a tap if it cures the issues then yes the cluster is at fault.
  9. So sorry to hear this. I may be wrong in thinking but this is going to be a problem for a lot of more modern cars in the future. They look spot on up top but underneath metal still corrodes.
  10. Mine isnt a certain car per sey but my resolution was to have a kitty for shite cars. Say £1000 then buy something then after a few months put it on here as a roffle then do the whole thing over and again. While I'd love to be able to just buy cars and keep them all I am limited on space. My vitesse is in my garage and then 1 parking space on the drive(75 is currently taking up.) I'd like to try as many shite cars as possible so this seems the correct way to do things. But I would like a 740 estate this year. That's one car I am aiming for
  11. Thanks my dad looked for a while and this one was available at machine mart and it was better than the one he originally was going for.
  12. Thankyou I'm hoping in the next week to have it all complete bar maybe the welding. It has an mot to the end of february so can properly test the car before doing the welding.
  13. Thankyou I have always loved the 75s since I was a nipper and after having 10 of them they still make me look back. Lovely cars
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