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  1. Looks like a japanese specced one. Wonder if it still has the flare clip holder in the passenger side
  2. I really regret a couple. The first was an MG Montego turbo that I had, The turbo was puffing out blue smoke on the overrun and my dad jacked the car up and the car stayed n the floor but the seat was touching the roof. We were moving back to the Isle of Wight and had nowhere to store it as my dad would have restored it so scrapped that one. Next was a nightfire red Rover 800 vitesse. The gearbox blew and we were moving to the mainland and unfortunately had nowhere to store it so scrapped that one aswell. Theres a few more than this but these two stick out for me
  3. Thanks Lord Sterling love hearing about the Island. Im an Islander born and bred ' caulkhead' and proud. Makes me homesick seeing these. I am aiming to move back as soon as I can. Thanks again
  4. Still a handsome well proportioned car. I have a great affection for r8 rovers. Lovely things.
  5. HI MATT how long could you hold with a deposit? Thanks Thomas pm me if you wish
  6. Thanks I have been looking for an express van for a long time. My intention was to buy a trophy blue 160 express. I really have to think about this. Thanks again
  7. Can these mg expresses be driven on car insurance or do you need van insurance on them?
  8. Love the old granada mk3. Does this one have the clock in a pod in the roof?
  9. Not quite it was a joint effort by psa and Ford. It's not wholly a peugeot product. Lovely smooth engine though. Surprised me as I thought a jag shouldn't have a diesel
  10. That's a new car. Well I class anything with the new style reg as new. Good price but as you say I'm not sure if good or not
  11. As above the smart going onto pastures new on here and the astra being scrapped I was on the look out for another car. A 2006 mondeo tdci came up. I bought it then pretty much went straight on holiday(well back home) to the Isle of Wight in it. All was going well till a loud band from the back end. Got out and the exhaust had fallen off. Thing is it's no louder than when I bought the damn thing. Well we have fitted a new exhaust and tyre and its being used for work. It needs some repairs before long as its knocking from the strut top and the injectors will need changing at some point also the aux belt and tensioner need doing. At least it drives nice and has good ac. My vitesse will be taken off the road when the mot runs out. I just need to find somewhere to store it and then it will be treated to a full restoration as unfortunately rust has set in. I felt I needed something automatic again and after seeing this car I bought it It's a 2007 s type jaguar xs. It's the 2.7 by twin turbo diesel. Lovely car. Just need an older shite car in the mix now. Well this is what's happened so far. Well I also bought a sinclair zike to go with my sinclair c5. Thanks Thomas
  12. Ok so the update. It's all back together now and starts up and runs. Gets warm on the temperature gauge as it should(thermostat fixed) Filled in the hole in the rear inner arch. Also put 2 new tyres on today. The main reason for me getting the car was wanted to take my Sinclair c5 places then ride on cycle tracks etc. Well that's buggered that plan as it doesn't fit in the car. I have to thank my dad as he done all the work. I must admit I dont like the car even though I have not driven it so my dad is thinking of having it for himself as a car to get him to work and back. I should have measured it before buying it but you live and learn
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