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  1. That's absolutely brilliant. When I had one many years ago as a courtesy car and I thought it was horrid. Now I really want one
  2. These are great looking little cars. I would love one. I almost bought a blue one but it had hgf. Looking at some extras are eye watering though. Front fogs are around £300 last time I checked. Please keep us updated
  3. Never seen a mk3 saloon looks quite nice. Seems a common colour for Mondeos. Good purchase
  4. Great news Matt, If you have any issues im only in Plymouth and haved access to Toaf diagnostics
  5. Congratulations I have reading your thread and it's great its finally coming together for you.
  6. Please may I purchase this many thanks Thomas
  7. Thanks I'll take a watch of that later. I really like him and the way he does his videos. My favourite youtuber by far
  8. Seems to be the way that some people are not honest when selling cars. It annoys me as I seem to under sell mine
  9. Thanks I have actually bought another car now it's in a different thread. My dad thought I was going to buy it anyway
  10. Here you go https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1354115
  11. Sorry I'll find it and put it up. And thankyou I will take you up on that offer if I ever do it again. Many thanks Thomas
  12. That's great mpg. I didnt look at an ls400 in the end. Had a look at a couple close to me on facebook etc but they wernt that great in the pictures or description.
  13. Good luck sir will watch this thread with interest
  14. Thankyou I appreciate your comment. I have owned a 2 600s before one being a ti and we had issues with the window regulators and upon taking them out found them to be flimsy. Rust this car has but it is still solid so once I can I will get a garage to cut out and put new metal in(its not so bad at the moment) Gearbox wise this one has no whine which I am happy about and having had a vitesse box blow on me and having a nightmare finding one with the right ratios and type b lsd. I'll be keeping an eye on this one and maybe as a precaution in the future rebuild with steel caged bearings. Many thanks Thomas
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