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  1. What a stunning picture. Love the 800 layout especially with the climate control buttons. I'm going to have to go into my garage and have a sit in mine tomorrow. Enjoy fotu really wish I could go
  2. Lovely looking car and the colour really suits it. I would say good luck with the travelling but I doubt youd need it.
  3. Good luck, Love reading collection threads-Mine always seem dull in comparison.
  4. Ok I had this with my s reg 75. Mine was like this registered in 2001 but wore an s plate. Mine had some history going to Spain then coming back into the UK getting registered on date it originally got registered. Mine is long gone now but I think that one had the same story as mine. Ask to look at the vin. Should have 2 zeros which means pre launch
  5. Im sorry you are in the wrong place if you expect any of us to stop you.😁 Looks a stunner
  6. Perodua on Facebook seems like a little bargain
  7. Well done that helps a great deal. That had made me smile
  8. Love a good collection thread. Lovely dog by the way. Looking forward to seeing what the car is
  9. Have a great time all. Hopefully I'll be able to make it somewhen if it's ok.
  10. My rover p6 has been parked on my drive, it's a shared drive with the next door neighbours. After the wind a few weeks ago. I came out to the p6 to find a scratch on the passenger front door. They leave all the bins out and every morning when its windy I have to pick those things up. We have told them to stick them inside their own gardens while its windy but they never listen. Luckily my dad was able to get most of the scratches out. Idiots
  11. Good luck. Looking forward to seeing what it is
  12. I'm tempted to go this year in my 620ti apart from my p6 it's the only thing old enough
  13. I had many mgzrs back when they were more current and they are brilliant rev happy little things. I still miss my first 105. I have had a 160 aswell and that was nice but for me now a nicely sorted 105 will do me.
  14. Recieved mine yesterday many thanks great job
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