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  1. The 1987 release was one of the few cars my brother had. I always wondered what it was. I think it'd still at my parent's house.
  2. I was just looking at the 70s - 90s ones I have on my shelves and I definitely agree!
  3. The Disco 3 seems to translate very well into a scale model for some reason.
  4. I'd prefer to build a great fire with them on a hillside. Everyone would cheer when they saw the big flaming Lledo beacon. Except Natasha.
  5. I'm gonna stick my neck out and abandon all notion of being politically correct and say that Natasha is not of the demographic to have a fucking clue what she is talking about on this particular subject.
  6. I would suggest it's someone who has not bothered their arse to do some research before advertising it.
  7. Hey yeah that's damn nice. That reminds me I have a Britain's Freelander in the loft but I'm sure it's bigger than 1:32. Which makes no sense as Britain's have of course modeled in that scale forever.
  8. He's not a car person a such but whenever his car has been bumped before he's always really annoyed about it, understandably. Its a decent car too, a 2017 Volvo V40 Crosscountry 2.0 diesel. Not like my old cars where you can just go on ebay and get 2 doors for £100 or so. Thankfully they have a decent bodyshop just down the road who does smaller jobs like this. They made a good job of my mum's Corsa when a similar incident happened. I'm still hoping that when I see it that the grey scuff is in fact paint transfer and I can cut it out with the DA.
  9. Spoke to my dad on the phone earlier and he told me that someone had side swiped his car in Tesco Car park and fucked off. Theres a big grey scuff right down both offside doors so he says. I'll get a look at it on Saturday night but it sounds like a bodyshop job. Some people eh.
  10. The only thing about those Vanguards Cortinas was that some tended to suffer from zinc pest. Yours is obviously a good one though!
  11. Such a great Mini. I really like these ones with black bumpers which must only have been made for a few years until they went back to chrome.
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