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  1. Just don't even reply to pondlife like the Dolbo guy.
  2. Let me have a note of your PayPal when you get a chance chap!
  3. May I take the 605 and 2 Matchbox Thunderbirds please!
  4. Depending where you are, Tom Force/Force Tuning usually have some in stock.
  5. I think the N600 was the late Raya Asada's last design for Hotwheels before he passed away.
  6. Really great pics those. As much as I like the cars, the people ones are always the best.
  7. I bought a new Nissens Radiator and a new Intermotor fan switch all for £33 posted. Hopefully the radiator fits. For that price it is easier to replace the radiator rather than faff about trying to get it flushed successfully.
  8. You need to take it apart and clean the crap off the contacts.
  9. Possibly but I think other issues are afoot....
  10. @Jim Bell Enjoying my Twix* ! Cheers!
  11. Bridged both fans on the Cav this morning, both working. I will get a new sensor as well as a thermostat. The housing doesn't look great but the only 2nd hand replacement on ebay doesn't look any better. I also shut a screwdriver in the wing channel, jamming the bonnet shut. Thankfully Mrs_Pin was on hand to help me get it open again. My old car mojo has taken a bit of a dive this morning.
  12. Took the Cavalier down to the NE meet yesterday, it was a brilliant day. Unfortunately the drive back was somewhat tense though! The Cav is overheating quite a bit. It's fine on A roads and around town but on the motorway the needle rises almost to the red, especially on inclines. I thought I wasn't going to make it home at one point. On reading up on it when I got home, the 1.7TDs are known for this. I've bought a new thermostat (I've been told there are 2 though, no idea where the second one is!) and I will flush the cooling system out, hopefully that will cure the issue. The coolant in it looks spot on though so I'm not sure why it would be crudded up. My plan is obviously to fix this, get it MOTs again in September and then I will probably sell it.
  13. Just home now. Thanks for a great day, the location and scenery is stunning around there. Food was brilliant too. It was great to meet everyone, I think I got around most folk. Hopefully the @loserone 205 will make its way home OK! Cavalier was running warm on the way home, it was touch and go at one point! Looking forward to the next one!
  14. Cairn Lodge Services achieved rather earlier than expected. Just waiting on the others.
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