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  1. I applied some Renovo to the Audi's hood today, it came up well I think.
  2. Tinkered around the cars today, mainly the Clio. The clamp holding the tail pipe to the mid section was loose. The clamp holding the second tailpipe to the system is also rotten but still tight. Helpfully I have neither size so have ordered 2 from ebay. The rear heatshield was only held on by one bolt and was rattling something awful. Off you fuck. While I was there I fitted a new hanger for the second tailpipe and applied Vactan to the rear chassis rails followed by stonechip. The whole mid section is only held on by this one bizarrely designed rubber. It is hanging a bit low so I'll order another. Sits a bit more even each side now. I also fixed the non working numberplate light bulb by binning the shitty LED item and robbing a bulb from the Corsa. Garage had said it was the wiring but that looked fine and it now works. Moved onto the front nearside and treated some light corrosion with Vactan and then stonechipped it. I did the offside about a month ago. I had some Vactan left over so treated a small patch in the Audi's front wheelarches, same both sides. Poked the hole in the Corsas strut top again and made it bigger. Rest of the car is OK but realistically its worth more in bits.
  3. That shabby MK1 is tremendous. Just as I remember them looking in the early 1980s. Great job!
  4. I'd be interested to see how you do this as I am after a 75 that I would otherwise have had on my drive for a week.
  5. Good stuff. Hows it running now?
  6. I hope today goes as smoothly as it can Robin. I think I'll go out the back in the sunshine for a wee while at 11am to remember him.
  7. After 10 years ownership I think I am going to call time on the Corsa. The O/S front strut tower is holed and the other is rusted through too. There are a few other areas which would need attention in the coming years too. Scene tax is strengthening on them and I fitted a lot of good upgrades to it years before this happened. I have worked out that just counting these sought after bits there is about £800 in it. This would buy me a decent 75 and I'd get to keep my Clio too. Obviously I can't do anything at the moment but, like others I'm sure, time on my hands means I have been mulling a lot of things over.
  8. That's a fantastic job.
  9. Polished and waxed the 172 today, came up well. Polish was hard work again but gave excellent results.
  10. Polished and waxed 2 of the cars yesterday, Clio to do today. Trying a new polish after using Autoglym for 25 years plus. The Meguairs polish seems slightly greasy and you have to work hard to buff it off however I'm hoping that this will give it a more durable finish. I topped it off with Meguairs wax. Clio to do today. Corsa won't be getting done as its going nowhere for a while due to a rusty hole in the strut tower.
  11. Why are some in a red box? I think I've owned all of them at some point, those that I now have are as follows: Visco Nova (original survivor) Duckhams Escort Orange Jeep Transit Wrecker Pointers Transit (the other original survivor, all others have been bought recently) Volvo 760 Weetabix Volvo F12 (came in the same style of box, presume it was part of this promotion) Renault Trafic Schweppes Pontiac BMW M3 race car Jaguar track car Half a Homefire Sierra (cut and shutb original but not really a survivor!) I also have examples of the others but they are colour variations not in the promotion. Black Jaguar XJ6 Police BMW E30 Various Rovers Red Rancho Various Escorts ( including the Weetabix 'XR3i') R5 Turbo
  12. Forgot about that, wonder if we'll ever get back to that sort of normality.
  13. Well that escalated. Its been bubbling here for years, might as well get it out in the open. The other side is going the same way.
  14. All but one of my cars now have an MOT till 2021, the Corsa is due in November.
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