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  1. Ive now given up hope with the garage that has got my Audi. That's been 3 weeks and they've just fobbed me off. Why they just dont tell me they are too busy or aren't interested I don't know. I'm a polite and reasonable man. I put a post up on the Audi 80 pages saying I might be breaking it and I think I got about 10 messages asking to buy it whole for £5-£600. I realised that the headlights are worth a lot of money as are a lot of the other parts that are specific to final edition models so they are all clearly wanting to make a fast buck out of me. There is a used stainless system for sale for £350 but that's just too close to the price of a new one for me. I'll get it back and decide then. The same thing happened with the Cavalier and I felt differently once it was on the drive.
  2. That looks great in my opinion, the slot mags really suit it. All reversible too if required. I'm glad to see it looking spruce and at least it's ready to drive. Those Rover chairs will be very comfortable too, fair play if the owner has got the electrics to work. I have no frame of reference as to what these are worth though.
  3. Computer says no on that Insignia. I find it hard to believe that it's badly corroded. I've never seen a rusty one. More likely an oil pump or 6th gear failure if its a diesel.
  4. 13 months MOT on the Civic now , woot. It still knocks somewhat over bumps under 30mph but turning the radio up helps. Also, there's now an annoying squeak from the front bumper. The strut top is buried under the windscreen and I'm not exactly sure what has had to come off to get to it but the squeak wasn't there before. Pressing the bumper or light stops it so I'll wedge some rubber in there to shut it up. A fiddly job no doubt but the car was in and out in a day, unlike the garage that still has the Audi.
  5. Ach that is suboptimal Tim, I'm glad it failed where it did and not at speed, that doesn't bear thinking about. I guess stresses on chassis components are greater at lower speeds where there's more resistance and less momentum to absorb the lateral forces (like I know what I'm talking about). Hopefully the old girl has a few years left yet but it's firmly put Subarus off my radar for good with the tales of corrosion.
  6. Fails were 100% expected although I didn't know which bush it was which was worn. So 2 drop links are the least worst of them all. Damper I saw when I was doing the pads. The rest they weren't concerned about. I'll do the rear pads as long as the calipers aren't those daft ones that need wound out. £245 all in, I'm not complaining at that at all.
  7. MOT day on the Civic today. Despite the non opening boot it's actually turned out to be quite a decent car. Compared to the Bini, it's reliable and doesn't feel flaky. There's a knocking from the front suspension somewhere so that will need fixed. I've told them about it so if they start anything about having to book it back in to fix it I will go ape shit. I do not want to be down to one working working car from 4. Advisories from the last MOT have been addressed, namely tyres and brakes so hopefully its just a drop link or something. No news from the other garage about the Audi. I would play a game of how long can they stand it being in their way but the place is littered with other cars that have been there for years so one more won't matter to them. I think it's going to be there for a good while. My plan is to replace it while it's away and when I get it back I'll decide what's happening then. I definitely won't be using that garage again that's for certain.
  8. Definitely not accurate. Surely there would be a Skoda Octavia and a Skoda Rapid / Seat Toledo on the list if that was the case. It's perfectly plausible that a diesel 75 could cover 750k, the engines are very robust. The petrol Astra, not a chance though and even an old 8v MK3 wouldn't be used as a taxi to reach that mileage.
  9. The jacks a bit dodgy? 205 as well by the look of it.
  10. I think I'm of an age now where I feel able to say that a car with proper chairs is everything now. I like that interior arrangement no end. Well bought @davehedgehog31
  11. Lovely. Built in Schrieber sideboard too!
  12. Carried out an oil change on mine yesterday. The engine bay has always been clean so I spruced it up again. Nothing to do with me being clumsy with the oil......
  13. I have at least 16% of those buses now!
  14. Hey @bunglebus that's that's fantastic haul. I love the Renault 30, I wonder who made it?
  15. He sounds like a top gent! There are some out there after all then!
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