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  1. I didn't know that the Astra plus another 5 were specific to the Mobil offer. Corgi really maxed out on the promotional models back then, they were almost omnipresent. BP, said Mobil, Weetabix, Frosties, Duckhams oils, Golden Wonder and so on. Great times as a kid, urging the driver to brim the tank and get another token.
  2. Tons of play value in those earlier ones! I don't recall ever not having one in my life.
  3. Slowing up less bad rust while you correctly repair the worse areas is, in my opinion an absolutely credible way of going about things but covering it up is no different to ignoring it. Eddy you are one of the most smashing blokes I've met and I hope you get the car to a point where you are happy with it. This was always going to be controversial.
  4. Cheers @Datsuncog, I agree with your plan in them going down to a quid or two.
  5. Don't bother with these potless years, they are the number one reason I stopped going to Swapmeets. Try and find a stall that has a normal looking person, under about 50-looking whose stock gives the impression they are clearing out toys that their children have grown out of.
  6. I would also point out that the other side of this argument is that there are people who had nothing growing up and just want a few nice things before they die.
  7. I had a look at the nearside chassis leg of the Corsa as I only managed a glance at it when it was on the ramps. I just wanted to make sure nothing was missed. From the back.  From the front: Looks good! Hurrah.
  8. From my not inconsiderable experience in a past life of debt collection and arrears, poor financial decisions such as buying a brand new car or slashing £1000 on a new sofa over paying your loan or clearing your overdraft is an indicator of an underlying issue and possibly vulnerability.
  9. Y0 @Datsuncog I might be interested in those 1/76 scale Alexander Y Types if they're not too mullered. One looks like a Lothian one, I sold mine a few years ago but kept my other Lothian Buses so would be good to get one again.
  10. It's like that film Bird Box. Unless you board up your phone screen, once you see The Diecast Tat, you can do nothing to stop yourself walking towards it and being engulfed by the smell of dusty Zamac.
  11. For some weird reason driving stops my stomach hurting so I took the Corsa for a run tonight. This was a nearby train station car park that I used to use. As most people who use the train to get to work have been working from home since March, the weeds had grown tall through the monoblock surface almost everywhere, giving the place a more dystopian feel than the area already has.
  12. Good work there BB, they sound like a shower of bastards.
  13. They are quick but alot of other cars are quicker. They are fun though. Your Boxter will possibly be the reason the Clio feels slower. My gearbox would give a slight crunch from 3rd to 4th if I really hurried it but 2nd to 3rd is where it's at for bombing it whilst still being legal. Never got any worse in my ownership of nearly 2 years.
  14. It's one of my favourite Matchbox models, equalled only by the MK4 Cortina with its excellent badges.
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