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  1. I really do like 45 Saloons, they look decently executive like a scaled down 75. Poor kids - bless them! Wonder what our kids will say about us to their friends when they grow up!
  2. Clio 172/182s are very fussy about plugs and only really like one type. It's a bit like the cat you love and treated once to white fish and now it'll eat nothing else and you hate it for that.
  3. Sorry, I can't see anything in this picture.
  4. Just completed a 400 mile tour of the Highlands in the Mini which performed admirably. Only used a cupful of oil too. Needs a bath now though! This old C Class was outside the front door of our accommodation. Doesn't appear to be in use but it is MOTd so might be in reserve for the owner who works in London. This worked as an onsite snowplough at the Tomatin Distillery. Surprisingly still MOTd despite the rough appearance (and holes in the floor)
  5. Launch cars are for the fanboys only, the preserve of the big-talkers at car shows. As Mally said for us normal people, if you can get one that has had upper arms and a has a decent clutch then go for it. They are sensitive to what types of stuff you fit clutch wise and there doesn't seem to be a commonly held belief on what is best. I paid £600 for my 106k mile 2003 Classic Diesel with mainly everything working as it should and 9 months MOT. I paid half that for one with 6 months MOT but with clutch issues and needing 2 rear arms. Both those jobs can be quite expensive so any car needing those means that its a £300 quid car, in my opinion. Diesels are decent setups, not too much thats expensive or hard to fix can go wrong other than the HP fuel pump but there are pathways to a less expensive solution. Good Mpg too. Never tried a petrol, they have their fans though and at this age, surely lots will have had their issues ironed out. I'm always on the lookout for a Diesel one that jumps out at me.
  6. Could just be the crank sensor causing it to refuse to start. Happened when I brought the Megane home. A quick clean up and it never happened again.
  7. Those early Corgi Classics from the late 1980s were a revelation in their day. Inexpensive yet somehow special feeling they modeled British cars that were either overlooked by the European makers such as Bang, Box, Best, Brum, Eligor and Vitesse. I remember getting my blue Morris Minor in 1988 and it is still a joy today. It was before I went to swapmeets and in any case the Spot on 4 door was too dear and I never did find a Lesney one so this to me was the only version available. I also remember being envious of my friend Euan's Dinky MGBGT as they were still quite common on the roads back in 1990. Lovely separate handbrake and gearlever and not just moulded into the interior. I got one shortly afterwards, thanks mum! I sold it in the Great Purge(TM) of 2013 but bought a mint unboxed one a few years later.
  8. Came to £311 all in plus another £60 give or take for the bits I supplied. Quite happy with that.
  9. Audi MOT at a different garage today. New balljoints, column stalk assembly and dampers in the boot so I think my prediction was fair. It had been sitting since Sunday so the emissions fail is not a surprise really and hopefully a grease up of the sliders on the back brakes will sort that issue. Just waiting to hear from the garage about a price for the work required.
  10. 2002 looks a bit chunky but I like it. I'll need to compare it with my HW version. The Sambar is tiny. I think some of my larger 1/87 models are bigger than it.
  11. Look forward to reading more about your fleet. I especially like the Victor as my late Uncle had a white estate example up until 1987.
  12. Tesco Extra in Cumbernauld is shite atm but the smaller one in Camelon and also Falkirk Retail park is always good for HW and now MB it would seem.
  13. Yeah me too. Once I have them they just get shoved up in the loft, it's the thrill of the treasure hunt I love!
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