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  1. There's only one simple tool in this conversation, Stephen.
  2. My old Megane dripped a small bit from the gear selector. I just got the fluid changed and never had to top it up again.
  3. G clamps are buttons from ebay, mine has been invaluable for brake piston plunging. Glad you are getting on with things on it. Thermostat is an ugly job, keep your local garage sweet as nowhere round my area will touch Minis.
  4. Those faults highlighted will unfortunately the least of your concerns with an R56/7. I hope you are lucky, ours has been a right old war, although it has behaved OK in the last few months.
  5. Unless the paint is flaking or otherwise compromised, a DA should bring that back OK. I used mine on @320tourings Oxford which probably hadn't been polished since the 1970s and it came up really well. Just use a simple polish and keep the machine moving or you'll burn the paint.
  6. If I keep it I'll fit the Speedlines from the Corsa for a bit and then maybe swap them for ones like you have shown. Or if I don't, the new owner will have the choice!
  7. Picked up the right filter from ECP, it was twice the size of the original which I think was for a small block GM unit. I'll do the filter tomorrow afternoon as I'm on holiday all week. Washed, waxed and polished. Good to see it and the Corsa next to each other. ..and one of the whole fleet together.
  8. Scrub the oil change, ECP have given me the wrong filter . I thought it looked a bit short. A wash meantime then.
  9. New dizzy and rotor arm has cured the misfire under load. I don't like this though. New stepper motor on order and I have a spare loom now so I'm just going to replace everything from the scotchlock up to the motor. Now for an oil change and filter, 15 w 40.
  10. Yes its an old Foxguard item. I'm not good enough at electrics to go ripping it out but apparently its an easy job for an auto sparkie to do. I don't really want to spend any more money on it until it gets an MOT so something for later perhaps.
  11. Got the Cav back. Guy showed me some more pictures of the job and some extra fabrication which was required, all looks good. Price We chatted for a bit and it turns out he is a bit of a fan of these cars as his dad had a fair few of them. So I may be back, but not for welding. The battery is on its last legs so he took it off to charge it for a bit. The immobiliser seems to have disarmed itself and the led is pulsing really fast. You don't seem to need the chip in the dash to start it any longer. Weird. Onwards this afternoon with a new distributor and rotor arm. Its sti
  12. Still needs the emissions sorting and an MOT but I have plenty parts waiting for it when I get it home tomorrow.
  13. Mine is an LS so it doesn't have it. You would have needed to sell a further 100 Olvetti printers and 50 OKI faxes in Quarter 2 1993 to get the GLS with the decent rear end.
  14. The Cavalier is ready. From this. To this. Boot floor nearside. So, whatever happens now, I think I can say that this car is safely back from the brink.
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