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  1. Gosh that's utterly mint, check out the box too! Mine is best described as tatty but complete although it was only a quid or two.
  2. Thanks for scanning those FC, a really interesting period in Corgi's range. A mix of 60's hangovers such as the Oldsmobile Tornado and the non-opening Mini and the Mercedes, Cortina and Marina. The above mentioned Mercedes SL is an odd one as compared to the Marina and Cortina, its a lot more detailed, particularly the chrome window trims. I didnt know what to make of mine at first but I really like it now.
  3. Interesting piece on the Soviet Trucks, keep us posted for your updates. Regarding the MB Merc. Don't buy one from ebay at an inflated price! You are playing into the hands of these greedy 'buyers' who buy all the examples they see to rip off us decent collectors either in sales or a trade heavily biased in their favour. Keep searching yourself and strangle their market!
  4. Split_Pin

    Pride & Joy

    Lovely colour and a great save. I know of a fair few members who will be in love with this!
  5. Safe travels chap, sounds like it's all getting quite real for you now.
  6. Thanks for scanning these FC. I am 93% certain that the Swan-neck tipper trailer issued with the Unimog was later used by Joal. I had one behind a Pegaso Comet Tractor some years ago. I am even more certain that the Ford tractor was later issued under the Britain's brand as it looks identical to the one I had. Golden jacks were great but could snap off if you ran it on a deep pile carpet. Never had that worry in my house! I still have the Mini Marcos and the Hunter. The former is one of Corgi's finest ever IMO. The proportions are almost perfect and it has great play value!
  7. Back from Stockholm today, had a bit of an issue with a leak on the central heating to come back to so I will get everyone's cars packaged up over the next day or two and send them out. I'll give out my Paypal details at the time of sending because I trust you lot! Anyway, the old slimming down of things I own is going even worse than at my last report. I didn't leave Stockholm empty handed. Weirdly, a souvenir shop was selling unboxed but labeled 1/24 diecast American cars. I fell in love with this so my wife bought it for me: 1979 Ford F150 Custom. I love the colour, the frontal styling and the fact that it is based on a standard model and not a big-wheel or stepside. Just how I recall them from films at the time. I had also hoped that the Volvo Showroom in Stockholm did diecast. They did and I got this 1/43 Norev S60 for a surprisingly good price compared to ebay. A 1/1 scale example was also present and I have to say it's a very handsome car indeed. I also arrived home to this Mira Ford Taunus. At a tenner plus post I was initially disappointed that I didn't read the advert properly as I thought it was 1/43 scale however it is closer to about 1/53 which is a very odd size. Still, what's done is done and it's the only model of a MK5 I have seen other than the large scale battery operated ones posted up earlier.
  8. Totally get you on being fed up with shite. As soon as I get back from holiday, everything on my side of the fleet is going. Since selling the Duster I don't have a 'modern' on the fleet any more and any issues with cars now make me nervous where they didn't before. The stinking attitude of car people has also put me off for good. On a more helpful note, my wife's niece has had a 57 plate MK4 Mondeo 1.8 Tdci for many years. It was her father in law's before that too. She hasn't had any problems with it at all in that time. Whatever happens though, nothing you get will be cool enough for this place unless it's a Peugeot or Citroen. Sorry it's not worked out for you and I hope you get something sorted.
  9. Edinburgh Airport is one of the worst I have been to. Car park hugely confusing as is the rest of the airport. Nothing open when we arrived at 4am and when it did, the only option was All Bar One. £27 for 2 coffees that were so strong they almost took off from the table, 2 waffles that looked like boot mats and a pretentious 'sausage sa(nd)dwich' that was so chuch it absorbed all the moisture in my body. Shite Hole. Glesca Airport is Miles Better. I hope Stockholm is awesome though
  10. I had a set of those but they didn't have a makers name on them. I wasn't interested in F1 cars so got shot ofnthe at some point. They may still be at my parent's house.
  11. Good grief. I was being so good at clearing out and resisting all the lovely miniature chod on offer. I failed miserably this weekend. 1 Hotwheels, a parcel from Sierraman, an ebay win on a 1/43 Mira Ford Taunus and a car booty tat box rummle. The latter were interesting. First the Motor Max Discovery, mint condition, very pleased to find that. 2 BMWs, I have a Realtoy E46 M3 and though these would go well with it. But check this Celica out. It's a knock off of a Realtoy or Welly casting, right down to the last detail. The original is the slightly scruffier one. I know this sort of thing has been discussed before. I say knockoff because the original feels solid like a Hotwheels but the knockoff has some spectacular flashing. It's mint though and I'm away to detail it and will report back.
  12. I should say, I'm away to Stockholm next week Monday to Thursday so will get stuff posted on Friday if that is ok?
  13. Certainly chap, I'll get them boxed up for you and PM you the postage cost.
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