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  1. Sorry I didn't see your earlier post about the Astra. I'd try with a different MAF and coil pack. I'd recommend known good 2nd hand but genuine ones of these, that's where I've had greatest success with these Vauxhall parts. Just found out that the guy I sold my lovely Coupe to must have got bored of it, sold it to some clueless bird who couldn't fix an idling issue it had. Simple repair, cat or throttle position sensor. Sold it to some guy down south who is breaking it for spares before I could save it. Total waste but it was always worth more in parts I guess. Don't let the sun g
  2. I haven't bought anything from a French seller since 2007. As said, disinterested and in absolutely no hurry to post despite me paying immediately. Avoid.
  3. Gents, be aware when inadvertently ordering models from a European seller on eBay. I got a message yesterday from the seller of a Cavalier with a picture of the postage label dated 25th January. It looks Italian. The estimated arrival time is 17th February.... I heard some stories of people ordering car parts from Autodoc, based in Germany (whom I use from time to time) with parts never arriving at all, being lost in the new and confused regime. Sorry to get political here, but, yeah, cheers for that!
  4. Not that I'm aware of and my previous efforts at stopping the ingress were successful, not sure what's up with it now. The dehum tubs have done her haw I'm afraid, might put them on the front carpet now that it's actually wet though and see what happens.
  5. The outside temperature seems to have gone up today and the cars have defrost meaning I can get into them again after 4 days. When I got the Audi 2 years ago the driver's side carpet was wet. Water was getting in around the fusebox so I sealed it up and modified the scuttle to direct water away from that area and over to the correct drain hole. The carpet was wet again today which is strange since my repair has held for so long. All looks dry around the fusebox so my scuttle mod is working but I sprayed silicone grease liberally around the bonnet cable grommet in the bulkhead in case it m
  6. Cars have been frozen solid for almost a week so can't do any work on them. I therefore decided to get my old German 1/43s out that still have their boxes.
  7. Home education is breaking most parents at the moment I think. Getting my son motivated is the biggest problem. I also have a full time job and working from home and my wife is out working as she is a pharmacy technician. I don't think my son's class will be back until after summer the way things are going.
  8. Fed up faffing about with this stone age cassette player. I need a pin removal tool to get the telephone mute wire out to stop it having an acky-peevy when I drive off. Fitted the original one back in and fired the Symphony on eBay, too much time spent on something that isn't a non driving issue.
  9. Crikey sorry to see this. I hope both you and your wife recover over the next few days. Shame about the van too, rotten luck chap.
  10. I had this problem with my 75, cleared them out with an old net curtain tensioner.
  11. I like the mailbag episodes mixed in with the tinkering. The latter are mainly whom I follow on YouTube. One guy mucks around with 00s VAG stuff, another is rebuilding a cabover Kenworth truck. Another just builds whatever comes into his head, Garage 54. Car reviews just don't engage me at all any more, unless it's something really unusual. I have found that unboxing old diecast and tinkering on cars is working for me at the moment, in terms of diversity.
  12. Falkens are where it's at now for a daily. Good reviews, not expensive. Had fitted them to my 172, the Audi and the 75.
  13. Some hot uncensored Corgi Mini unboxing action yesterday evening.
  14. I've not had a dream like that for years but I used to have ones where I was at a Swapmeet and there were lots of cars I wanted but I woke up before buying anything.
  15. Cheers Tam, I had no idea you still had that!
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