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  1. I had the Matchbox Playtrack. I remember being slightly frustrated that it was essentially a one-way system as the track was only one car width. I did like the correct Uk roadsigns and the car park areas.
  2. Agreed on the Lesney fantasy cars write up, nice one Tim. I can't say I ever cared for them, preferring models of cars that I could see on the road, but I can appreciate them now and will definitely look out for the 'Vauxhall'.
  3. FINALLY a maxi model I may be able to afford! Yuss!
  4. That Focus is crazy, it can't even have been 3 years old when it fell out of use.
  5. As work is winding down I am just taking days off here and there, who cares if I owe them holidays and the end. I took the Mrs out for a bimble in the Audi whilst the wee man was at school, top down and stopped for lunch at a bistro next to the Canal. A really enjoyable day and the car went well of course.
  6. Ooft I forgot about the HW version, that looks much more like a sporting model.
  7. Solido did a 1/43 RS Turbo as well.
  8. 1/36 Metallic blue versions came with a beige interior as well.
  9. Nice to see 2 old Glasgow registered cars together. Absolutely heroic stuff on the France trip too, intrepid isn't the word!
  10. Good news on the job man, bet that's a weight off your mind. I'm now being made redundant from my job but I'll just Sorn all my cars as I'm hoping one of my applications will be successful.
  11. 1:64 Escorts: Solid blue and solid red with no markings. I have both but I repainted the former Titan Blue about 25 years ago.
  12. Found out today that I will be out of a job in around 3 months. I know to many this sort of thing will have happened before however this is a first for me. Unpleasant times now and ahead.
  13. Here is mine. Fantastic little representation of the Transit. <Alec Guiness> While not as accurate a casting as the Corgi version nor as robust as the Matchbox, the Majorette is the example of choice. </Alec Guiness>
  14. Aye good to see you posting again chap. Hopefully the 75 will be sorted quickly, it's a lovely example.
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