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  1. Glad to see we haven't all gone mad. My point is, as above, a few extra hours getting the tray off intact would not have cost £400. That's just wear and tear and my dad would have been absolutely fine with that. Instead they, admittedly as well, broke it trying to get it off.
  2. Seriously, fuck the mechanics pocket man. My dad has just been charged £400 for a part that could have been taken off without breaking it. So you're saying just suck it up as long as the mechanic doesn't have to pay for it? I can't believe 4 other folk on here actually liked the above response as well.
  3. My dad was ripped off by a main dealer today (no surprise but wait until you hear this right old load of tripe). He had his 2017 Volvo V40 cross country into John Clark Volvo in Edinburgh for a service and MOT. He's 74 now and hates the long and busy drive in from Linlithgow so they always collected it and dropped it back off which is brilliant. They delivered it back to him and said that there were some rusty screws on the undertray and they broke it whilst trying to remove it. And charged him £400 for a new one (which took 3 days as the wrong part arrived initially) It also needed a new front damper which was £160 for the part. For a service, MOT, parts and labour, they charged him TWELVE HUNDERED POUNDS. I'm below amateur and even I have removed an undertray which has had rusty fixings without breaking the thing. Cutting the bolt and making do with the no doubt countless other fixings would surely have sufficed. Obviously he is going to complain but I'm beyond words how a main dealer can do this to someone. They obviously saw he was a pensioner who lived in a nice house and just took the piss. I'm really angry about it.
  4. You've literally just made the world's best Advent calendar (Boxing Day not included)
  5. Crikey I remember those Polistils. I had a Golf and a Celica. The big spoilers were interesting.
  6. Yes I think the changeover was 1993.
  7. I love watching banger racing in YouTube although from your account I think I'll just keep it that way 😅 Vans are my favourite for some reason.
  8. Nice one, this has certainly gone to the right home. Your engine code is C18NZ, and you should get the belts for it no bother. The crank pulley bolts can sometimes turn to chocolate. This happened on 2 out of my 3. Forewarned is forearmed! In case you decide you do need it, that whole outrigger under the floor can be had new from Carz2.com.
  9. I thought McGills would have had at least a few buses painted up in the new livery to launch the service. Instead we have the same tired buses with the 'First' logos removed. As these were followed by 'Midland' the latter wording is now offset, making the bus look even worse. It's true that big bus companies couldn't give a flying fuck about less populated areas. As always, my area is a graveyard for the companies vehicles.
  10. Looks very nice from here. Get yourself one of those pumper spray things from B&Q or Wilko for £15 or so. Technically not a hosepipe and it only uses about 5 litres of water.
  11. Aah, it looks like Pilen make a 1/64 version as well, another one to add to the list.
  12. Superb man, I'll have a look on ebay to see if anything comes up.
  13. Do you think that 17 is a Majorette copy? The treatment of the back lights suggests it is.
  14. The black and white version is the ine I have seen most often at Swapmeets and toy fairs.
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