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  1. Flipping heck a MK1 Probe! I built the AMT kit back when these were current, still have it too.
  2. I'm going to hit up Tesco and the Entertainer tomorrow. The latter is usually up-to-date with cases.
  3. 2019 has been an awful year for my whole family, can't wait till 2020. Out: Rover 75 Classic CDT. I miss this car but couldn't say no to a roffle win. I was made redundant this year so had to give up our much loved family Duster to WBAC. I was pretty upset at this, still am. In: Possibly the only genuinely good thing to happen in 2019, won this in a roffle from here in February. It's GR9. This replaced the Duster. My wife loves it. It does look good and drive well and despite it's initial teething* troubles*, it has settled down a bit. Next year I'll make a decision on whether to keep the Clio. I'm having the subframe and lower arms replaced in January so I'll decide after that. I'll either sack off the coilovers and have more comfortable springs and dampers fitted or sell it and buy a car which is more comfortable. The Corsa and Audi will remain and if the Mini continues to drive OK then that will stay too.
  4. Crikey she must be a right silly sausage. My wife knows our Bini burns a bit of oil and she understands that it needs topped up weekly. She nudged me to do it for the first few weeks we had it until she was sure that I was indeed checking it weekly but at least she remembered!
  5. @bunglebus That Superkings 5 series is a nice find, been after one for ages.....if you decide it doesn't suit you
  6. Send him a message in Flickr, Alan seems a nice chap and will likely be able to tell you where it is now.
  7. Brilliant comparison DC. I have the MB 83-85 police versions and the Corgi versions in red, metallic blue and yellow, thenlatter of which is paired with a nice Corgi caravan. Incidentally I bought an eraser from the school book club in about 1988 which was a pirated casting of the police Corgi SD1. I'd like to find the last-of-the line BP promotional police version as it was one of the few from that series that I didn't own despite it being common amongst my peers.
  8. As a big fan of the KLF and the Ford Timelord, I think this car is absolutely tremendous. I tip my hat to you. Please, please come to our monthly Scotoshite meet on the last Wednesday of every month, next one is January!
  9. I love Christmas and always have done. Ignore the consumerism and make your own joy.
  10. Just had a seat in my cousins' hubbys new Volvo c70 Cabriolet. 54 plate, 33k, black with baseball glove leather. WANT.
  11. Sorry to have to do this, but I am really hacked the fuck off. It's more annoying because it all boils down to a little diecast car that's only a few quid. In the Shite in Miniature II thread there is always a good deal of selling and swapping going on and has been for years. It's great and is pretty much my primary source of model cars now. All carried out amongst trusted shiters and up until now everyone has been absolutely honourable with no bother. On 22nd November I posted up some Matchbox cars for sale and these were claimed on the thread. However since that time, despite my repeated but polite attempts to complete the transaction, including provision of Paypal details and promises to the contrary, the buyer has wasted my time and failed to complete the deal. Now I am stuck with models which I feel I can't sell to anyone else because others can see that they have been claimed on the thread. In isolation I wouldn't have ripped my knitting over such a small issue however I was going to sell fair few more diecast on here in January but now I feel that I can't do that anymore. The money would have been nice too. I could go to ebay but its too much hassle and of course it costs more to do it that way. This is a regular poster on here and I am surprised and now thoroughly grumpy about it all. Good day.
  12. Gracious! Thats a fantastic motor.
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