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  1. Remember these were ostensibly toys not model cars and they were designed as caricatures. Regarding the marketing campaign, yes it was catchy, John Moschitto Junior was the 'Fast Talking Man' who said 'If it doesn't say Micro Machines it's not the real thing!'. Anyway, I'm wasting my time on this thread with Micro Machines.
  2. Here is my Deluxe II set from 1988. 1988 to 90 (Primary 5 to Primary 6) were my halcyon Micro Machine Collecting days! I have also photographed the packaging to show the range at the time too. This is a US issue however from memory the Collections shown here look the same as I recall.
  3. Set of 3 for Deluxe(opening doors) set of 5 for regulars.
  4. Would have been a Lamborghini Countach and a Mercedes SL. There were a few European Collections, the early ones had the black XJS and later ones had a burgundy one, however other cars varied. Some didn't have the MG or Rolls Royce and had a Porsche 911 added instead. I think American and British issues were different.
  5. Micro Machines, proper early ones too, look to be later 1980s.
  6. Where are you moving to? Thanks for your Wednesday tattage!
  7. Interesting, the side windows are clearly home made but the 'tailgate' looks like more of a factory modification. Looks good!
  8. Home Bargains were selling those 1/24 Doblos for about £3.99 a year or two ago. There weren't any in my local branch however I did get a 1/43 Lancia Lybra, whatever that is.
  9. I had a Guiloy Fiesta in blue with stickers on it. I was given it by a Swapmeet stallholder that I always used to buy from as a kid. My dad and I always used to chat to him every month, he was a lovely older gent with his spectacles on a chain and his wife for company. I let it go in the big purge of 2013-15. I also had a Goal one that I swapped with a friend, I forget what happened to that. I did try and sell my 1/24 Polistil Fiesta in the Purge (R) and almost succeeded, but I'm glad I still have it now!
  10. I think I mentioned before that I have the Range Rover version of the above although I recall it had a window box so might have been later. Probably around 1984. The plastic shell is definitely a rip of a Bburago, scaled up slightly.
  11. Hello and welcome. Vanguards are a very good place to start, lovely models and can still be found for a good price second hand.
  12. I picked up what appears to be NOS 2018 Hotwheels at Tesco this afternoon. They haven't had a delivery of new ones, or any MB since before Covid hit in March. I am quite pleased with this one.
  13. As above, same here, thank you for sharing. And I'll just echo Jon's sentiments about having a hobby. Too many people nowadays have a self-serving narrative or are otherwise desperate to 'make their mark'. There's something comforting with this thread about a simple and shared subconscious calling of the past.
  14. Crikey I had a stomper, they were all the rage for about 3 months when I was 4. Mine didn't have a shifter on top though but the lights worked. It was a green Subaru hatchback, I can't recall the name. It didn't work for very long. I may still have the remains somewhere.
  15. Crikey I've got one of those tinplate Rolls Royce radios in the loft. My granny brought me it from a 2nd hand stall in the 1980s. It was never my cup of tea, if anyone wants it for postage I'll happily post. It did work about 30 years ago.
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