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  1. Somebody at LRHQ has this on remote control Let them get their luggage then hit them with it https://vm.tiktok.com/ZML3YeQQy/?k=16
  2. It's a trick , that's ninja training right there , it's all bottle opener until you make her angry then you're dead
  3. The sad thing is this is how many people think the world works , its always somebody else's fault
  4. In Middlewich they used to camp outside the ERF factory for months as the access road only went to ERF , when they fucked off the council put double yellow lines down which obviously they ignored ( traffic warden, you can fuck right off) Then once they'd fucked off again they put concrete storm drain sections down to stop them parking on the verge so obviously they just parked on the road making access to the factory difficult for the trucks, I went there one evening about 5pm and the concrete storm drains were square and just about the right height for a dinner table. Then one time I went and 2 caravans were wrecked , full of pick axe holes, I doubt that was the council though.
  5. I'm not sure if this is Thailand but it doesn't look very appetising , if I ever went there I'd need to bring a freezer full of ready meals 6d96f885b9a4ce754cac3e5e3df9aced.mp4
  6. Round our way it'd be roundabouts without potholes 2 years ago the resurfaced our street , I swear there was nothing wrong with it I asked the site manger why they were doing it His reply , somebody on the council probably lives down here. There a dip in the road , probably caused by mining subsidence from Parkside, after the resurfacing it's still there FFS
  7. I had a mobile in 1990 on cellnet , it started with 0860 , I don't remember 04. I thought 1988-90 was the start of mobiles. I do remember the phone ringing in the services cafe once and everybody looking at me when I answered it . It was that embarrassing I can even remember where it was , Corley northbound
  8. Not sure this is a great idea , 400kg a shelf though so only 1200kg to fuck your car when it collapses
  9. Wack

    Youtube moments

    No that's a bad day 980c71659160aaef7275537dfdd3496e.mp4
  10. For anyone interested in the TT £14.99 buys a pass to watch all the qualifying sessions and races streamed live https://ttplus.iomttraces.com/products/tt-live-pass
  11. Fuck me , imagine buying that thinking you could tow safely 785d7af19c3d696044a1141b3d6bf298.mp4 with it
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