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  1. Based on my 4 nights in an action man tent at the IOM TT Double SOD THAT The conversation went do you want to come to the TT for free It's camping It was as bad I as I was expecting , this body isn't cut out for sleeping on the ground
  2. You can spend £100 on one seat to watch The Spice Girls so I'd say it's a bargain
  3. This made me grin in a wtf kind of a way , spotted at the IOM TT Who new Fred Flintstone was German
  4. On the boat back from the TT now, listening to bikers stories, my mate John had a mate who crashed at speed through a hedge and a good way into a field when he was 18-19 Somebody saw it and called the police, when the copper arrived he said how did you get so far in how fast were you going What is the speed limit here 40 39 then , Thinking on his feet to disguise the speed he said , you see all those cabbages , they acted like ball bearings leaving me here The copper said , i've been a copper for 30 years, that's the best excuse I've ever heard
  5. Quick update , saw racing Thursday, the whole of the senior TT yesterday and the southern 100 Road races today , drunk more than I have in my life ever and experienced the most fantastic weekend of loved up bikers Saw a guy In a bar I haven't seen for 5 years who's now organised a reunion with some other guys I have seen in a similar period The IOM is a place everybody should visit, it's addictive and a beautiful island
  6. Wack

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Went to have a look at a £900 MX5 yesterday , eunos 65000 miles , looked good in the pictures that were obviously taken before they left it on the drive over the winter , minging green seats , scruffy inside because the window was open an inch and lacquer peeling on the wings and bonnet It went like this Knock knock Hi Yeah that's not for me Back in the car , he didn't even get his first shoe on
  7. I haven't watched the 89 series yet , hope it's as good
  8. Have you seen Deutschland 86 , that's really good
  9. Probably cheaper to subscribe to now TV for a month £7.99 or you could take the 7 day free trial , 5 episodes , Iwatched 3 in one night, couldn't turn it off then had to wait 2 weeks for the next 2 episodes It's only on there for 5-6 weeks though
  10. I'm not sure grin is the right word but if you want to watch the most powerful , moving and thought provoking programme that's been on TV in years Watch Chernobyl, it's definitely one not to miss On sky / now TV
  11. Just got a phone call from a mate I've not seen in a while Can you get Thursday, Friday and Monday off work I think so ,it's pretty quiet, why Do you want to go to the IOM TT for free Fuck yeah so I'm going Thursday, foot passenger on the ferry and camping though , unless I spot a vacancies sign in a B&B from the bus STOP THE BUS
  12. Facebook monitors your conversations , I was talking g to a guy this afternoon who's rented a storage container Just opened Facebook and there in the adverts , storage containers, I haven't googled it, searched on Facebook so the only place is talking this afternoon. Also a couple of weeks ago I was sat next to my son , later that afternoon , people you may know and his picture is there , I didn't even know he had a Facebook account I need some tinfoil for my hat
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