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  1. ATS groupon offer is good if it works Took the smart car in, passed the vac test so they gassed it , freezing, brilliant didn't last 24 hours , took it back , yoof tested it , it's got no gas in it, no shit sherlock They offered to re gas it for free if I got someone to fix it , this seems like a world of pain because if it fails again in a few days ATS will say it's not their fault and the repair guy could say it's something ATS did Bottom line , use somebody who specialises in AC
  2. The post office are no better , recorded is insured for £50 but if they lose it and you haven't got a receipt for it with £50 or over on it you're getting six 1st class stamps as compo I've sold loads on eBay over the last 20 years , don't insure any of it , pack it really well and stick multiple labels on it
  3. Dent , I've not been up any kerbs hard that I can remember , might try a dent repair guy 🤣
  4. Slight shudder on the steering that's been there since I got the car , looks like a tyre might be the problem though I hadn't noticed that before What do we think, put it on the back or a new tyre , it's a 4x4 so it won't be one will it I'm thinking it's fucked
  5. DIY convertible pulled over by police in Swinton Manchester
  6. Professionals my arse🤣 At what point do you give up
  7. If they'd made that in house at Rover BMW would've crushed it Still makes me laugh that even with what must be 100s of hours of design and fabrication the bonnet still looks open
  8. Rover 75c 0b37cef23b53857e91e622a18de373a2.mp4
  9. It was tongue in cheek , if I had the money I'd love one , I've always had a thing for the SM and the DS 50k for a restored one these days
  10. Maserati engine with Citroen suspension Might as well tie elastic bands round your bollocks so you can give them a flick every now and again for the hat trick of pain https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/474953100378242/
  11. I'm the same with tape measures , I must have enough to measure the M6 somewhere
  12. It's the stripe that gets me 57de8de29719cdcad3200cbf0e938ef9.mp4
  13. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/984964089004655/
  14. Smells like it's using a pint of oil to every tank of petrol
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