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  1. Self defence instructional video, sort of
  2. Oops https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159631051058636&id=812618635
  3. Lifted from Facebook but what a nice thing to do
  4. It doesn't look that big until you add some perspective
  5. I had one of those in 1989 on a D reg, great cars , mine was a 2.8 Ghia or it might have been a 2.9 can't remember I took it for a service to a place i'd never used before, couple of days later I pulled out to overtake a car , gave it the kickdown, foot to the floor , got past, took my foot off and it kept going , flat out , fortunately the brakes overrode the engine as they should and I got it slowed enough to turn it off Lifted the bonnet and the jubilee clip to the air filter box had been put on upside down so the throttle linkage went past it but hit it on the way back and stuck open. That was a scary 60 seconds, garage got a right bollocking The one thing that did amaze me about the car is it had ABS brakes but no seatbelts in the back which I thought was odd
  6. This guy wakes up in hospital with his whole body covered in bandages apart from his bollocks A doctor comes in to inform him he's been in a terrible accident , the bad news is his penis has been cut completely off He starts to panic so the doctor reassures him , it's not all bad news , we can rebuild it , you've been awarded £9000 in compensation , the cost of reconstruction is £1000 an inch We would have done it while you were out but we didn't know how big you'd want it , if we gave you 5" and you had 9" you might feel hard done by but if you only had 5" then 9" might have been a bit if a shock for your wife , best have a chat with her and let us know. A few days later the doctor returns, have you talked it over with your wife yes, we're getting a new kitchen
  7. I was walking the dog past asda a couple of weeks ago , a car backed up to a large bank of outdoor lockers with a screen in the middle of them, a guy about 25 got out, punched a code in and one of the lockers opened , I watched him pull some plastic bags full of food out, put them in his boot and drive off so they now have a about 30 refrigerated lockers OUTSIDE a shop that's open 24 hours a day apart from sunday evening , fucking lazy cunts , it's shit like this they ought to be protesting against, 24/7 refrigeration just because some lazy twat doesn't want to do his shopping
  8. Does anyone but the tree huggers care how their food is delivered as long as it's hot. The under 40s are probably responsible for most of it with their me me me I want it now lifestyles
  9. Does the name Shaun Greenhalgh mean anythingHe was the forger who fooled the art world until he got caughtJust watching Made In Bolton on iplayer BBC4The man is immensely talented in a health robinson kind of a way and it's quite fascinating watching him make copies of various works of art
  10. That's where you're wrong , the world isn't full of arseholes but they are sufficiently spread out so you meet at least one every day
  11. Fuck me , don't try playing the video it's just a picture No fear of the law mobile phone shop raid https://www.facebook.com/groups/KetteringAreaChat/permalink/1295135587331224/?sfnsn=mo&d=n&vh=e
  12. Wack

    eBay tat volume 3.

  13. You and me both, I did 4 nights at the IOM TT and it was hell , I'd like to say it was as bad as I was expecting but it was worse , much worse. Although all male i really wasn't expecting communal rugby club showers , I managed to find a private spot but walking back into the main dressing room and seeing a guy standing there bollock naked with a [email protected]#k like it belonged on a donkey is a sight I'll never forget. I was up at 5am day 2
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