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  1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/186353183684844/
  2. Wack

    Youtube moments

    Poor guy , one second his virgin days are over then boom back in the room a63f856ecf83d79cfaec238160518a79.mp4
  3. This would make Greata's head explode 0953fe612fe22c05da14c3d2e8b77c08.mp4
  4. Just spotted this in the car park , man that's tight , think I'd do my shopping in a different car
  5. So , you have experience driving trucks and want a job in the UK Yes boss
  6. Might be cheaper for 12 months cover than ringing a breakdown co at 9pm on a Sunday evening
  7. Nowhere near wincanton but if you know anyone in the AA with a personal membership they're covered in any vehicle even as a passenger The AA even let you join if you've already broken down
  8. It is very tight if you've got no spatial awareness
  9. Has anyone else noticed how many people seem unable to judge the width of their vehicle , they'll come at you in the centre of a road when there's bags of room to get two cars through I have no words
  10. On a trip to the US about 15 years ago the hire co gave me a Chrysler 300C , it had 40k on but drove like it'd done 140k without a service so I took it back, all they had to replace it was a 25 miles on the clock Lincoln Continental , it was massive, biggest boot i've ever seen in a car , it was so slow, I had an XK8 at the time so knew about V8s , all that happened when you floored the lincoln was a bit more noise , it barely went any faster, It was that bad I lifted the bonnet to see if it was just V8 badges on the wings. You'd really have to want one because the test drive would've been so underwhelming you'd be straight round to Lexus/Jaguar/BMW/Audi etc
  11. Wack

    Truck Shite

    This is quite interesting d89928eebf71eebce18f5c3b042a5901.mp4
  12. Believe it or not this is an electric fire in super slo-mo 20211001_195231-VC.mp4
  13. In 1985 my wife's boss flew the whole company to Sweden for a very long day trip , I took about £100 worth of krona , I think I bought a coffee and came back with most of it , it was the same stuff as here ( except for little wooden horses,) at 3x the price
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