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  1. Saw a mini behind a fiesta this week, the mini looked tiny in comparison , the fiesta is bigger than a mk 3 escort 3970 x 1640 New fiesta 4068 × 1735
  2. You dont want this , some would call it man flu , it might not be proper flu but it feels shit enough.
  3. Me too Cancelled the pub last night because I could feel it coming on , by 9pm I was in bed with chattering teeth , feel like crap today
  4. Smoke tester , saw it on a car show, they filled it with smoke then looked for leaks in out rather than out in.
  5. Close but no cigar , it'd need to fit in the spare wheel well , that with a normal 19" tyre would take up 1/2 the boot and probably kill us in a crash.
  6. Couldn't see anything on rock auto A few places advertise space saver wheels for the mustang but when you look further they're always 18" so for the EcoBoost or the american gt without the brembo brakes Size is 19" 9j ET 45mm , it's the rolling radius that's the problem because of the LSD I'm going to france for 2 weeks so am a bit concerned about only having a can of squirty foam I'll probably get some tyre plugs because £579 won't be happening
  7. Thanks for trying , the UK GT comes with the performance pack which includes 6 pot brembo brakes , ford say the UK GT was never designed to have a spare wheel so they don't make one , the only one on the market appears to be the automotive authority one at £579 Not available for vehicles originally equipped with summer tires, Brembo brakes, or 20 inch wheels.
  8. A northern town beginning with a B is my guess I really hope both of them end up in prison but I doubt it.
  9. I'd be quite happy to see these cunts splattered under a bus as they run away, expect a crime number if you contact the police which you should do as it goes on the record which affects the policing in the area.
  10. I didn't read the post, just saw the seating plan at the bottom and thought "fuck me that's a big aeroplane" I can see why you'd think that at £250 a seat
  11. I'd have been there in 1975 in the school holidays on my dads market stall selling shoes, I can never find 70s & 80s pictures of the market or them though. Closest we got was my grandads hands and arms in shot when Anglia news filmed a story on the market and I think I remember seeing my dad in the background staring into the camera
  12. A mate of mine is taking his family to that london to see a musical that I've never heard of called Hamilton , 4 tickets £650 which is most unlike him I had to google it to see what it was about The musical score of the play blends a mix of Broadway, rap, blues, jazz, R&B and hip hop Throw some country music in and they could use that to torture me, I'd tell them anything they wanted to know after 5 minutes Seems popular though
  13. Course it has I won about 150 land rover magazines for 99p once Land rover owners are normally a friendly bunch but not when you hand over £1 for £500 worth of magazines, he had his grumpy face on, I think he was expecting considerably more
  14. I've booked a driving holiday in France for later in the year , it's going to be 1000 miles or more so as my car hasn't got a spare wheel and I dont fancy the idea of a can of squirty foam being my only puncture repair kit I thought I'll get one Until I found out ford don't make a spare for it because of the huge brakes and the only company that do want £579 for a kit that includes a jack and a wheel brace. Fuck
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