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  1. The other one I have has been OK engine wise but its only done 56k
  2. This one is a 451 which has the 1.0 turbo mitsubishi engine, is that the one you're thinking of The other one I have is the 450 with the 700cc turbo that usually explodes at 70k
  3. Double post Took the new to me 1.0 turbo smart car to the garage this morning, engine was a bit lumpy on tickover and the brakes pull to one side It's only done 6000 miles in the last 5 years, turned out to be a sticky caliper & spark plugs The tyres look new, it was pissing it down when I went to look at it when I bought it so I only checked the tread On the ramp all 4 are fucked, cracked on the sidewalls, £300, bollocks
  4. FFS Bad day yesterday I'd been to the chip shop, shared fish & chips with the wife, took her half in , put mine on a plate and a tray, walking into the living room it slipped off the tray, fell behind the side table and splattered up the wall. Fucking great, obviously Mrs Wack though it was hilarious, especially the part where she tipped a whole pot of curry over hers knowing I don't like it so I couldn't nick any of it
  5. Surely you must have one somewhere you've forgotten about, go and start lifting a few sheets up and report back
  6. I'd love one of these, couldn't afford one when relatively cheap let alone now, what do you think 25k finish
  7. Whoever takes a woman away in that is definitely not getting any , that’s really grim
  8. Years ago I worked with a guy who was a drinker, got banned, a year or so later got banned again but he was bricking it when he went to court , the alcohol reading was high so he was advised the court could fine him up to 10k and or 2 years in prison Came out bouncing, £500 fine which wasn't even a weeks wages and a mandatory 3 year ban, he didn't even serve all of that because they let him give them some money for an awareness course, might've been 2½ years in.
  9. I watched that, I bet his reaction would've been different without the camera crew, if she's drunk that much this won't be her first time, just the first time they've caught her
  10. My dentist? They've all been on a sales course at mine
  11. Cop show on C5 They've just had to ram a car up the grass bank to stop it, with 50k of BMW The cunt they're chasing should pay for that damage if it takes him until the day he dies, arsehole was high on cannabis
  12. We went to a funeral on friday, first into the function suite after the service, we both went for a pee , the toilets are shared by the pub and the function suite L for pub R for suite , I come out and she's stood in the pub looking bewildered so I go in and she says, is this where we came in , the pub looks like a pub, the function suite is big round tables with white table cloths and white chairs er, no, this is the pub
  13. If I queued up in the range rover SC it'd cost me £10 by the time I got to the pump
  14. That's where I was, constant stream of cars in and out to the petrol station, it's 6p a litre cheaper than shell on the east lancs
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