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  1. Wack

    Been to the races

    Looks great , not many people there
  2. When did crap like this become acceptable Yoof opens a police car door like he's getting into a taxi then starts abusing the copper because he has a camera He needs to see the inside of a police cell , though with an attitude like that I doubt it'll be long What a cunt https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSwsAP6q/
  3. I just ignored her hoping she'd shut up which thankfully she did
  4. When the kids were about 9&11 we went to Amsterdam for a long weekend , I'd drawn a big X through the red light district so we could avoid it which we almost did Early Sunday morning we were walking down this street when we passed a sex shop with a black Dildo in the window you could've used to moor a boat I just said to Mrs wack , if you ignore it they might not notice , no chance , my 9 year old daughter pointed at it, what's that
  5. He has my sympathy , is that why it was cheap
  6. This reply summarises everything that's wrong with social media
  7. I watched the police dispersing a house party on TV ,must've been 100 people there but they just appeared to be letting them go WTF , 2 women drive 5 miles for a socially distanced walk with coffee and get a £200 fine( now cancelled) but 100 people take the piss and nothing
  8. Fits in a standard garage , hmm if only it were empty, I've got a dinky of this I'd struggle to fit in mine https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/735003700745925/?ref=facebook_story_share
  9. This is probably not the 5 minutes of fame you'd want on live TV
  10. Just had a look at mercedes usa, they don't even list any diesels for sale so it's not even an option from new
  11. I got talking to a guy in a queue in disneyworld 10 years go, he'd driven from ohio ,1800 mile round trip for a 4 day christmas break I asked him why he hadn't flown or taken the train 3 kids so 5 return plane tickets plus a rental car the trains in the US go city to city so to get to florida takes days of zig zagging and still no car Drive on a 4 lane highway that starts 5 miles from his front door and finishes in Orlando 70 gallons of fuel @$3 a gallon The car is the only viable means of long distance transport for many americans The one thing that surpri
  12. This has made my day 😀 https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSTcXejf/
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