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  1. All I get ringing me on the landline are scammers , if it weren't for the fact there's no cable here I wouldn't have a landline at all
  2. I bought an old phone that'd been converted with a bt plug , plugged it in and rang it I was straight back in the 70s with the bell ringing , you couldn't say you hadn't heard it , I could hear it ringing up the garden.
  3. This is really starting to piss me off now I live in a cul de sac of five houses , we're lucky because you can get at least 3 cars on every drive on the whole estate This is the road that leads to the 5 houses , not a car in sight , it's wide enough that you don't need to park on the kerb This is the access road to the cul de sac , none of the owners of these cars live here they all live on the empty road at the bottom There's a red BMW in front of the Seat that was parked there for 3 months while the owner was out of the country , he's back now but has clai
  4. That was pretty shocking , but adrenaline , driver trying to run , I can see why she panicked though some of the cops are out of control I saw one where they approached a black guy double parked, asked him to take the key out , no no i'll just park over there , no turn it off, next second he's gone , nobody got run over but the cop fired 5-6 shots into a moving car with a lot of traffic about
  5. You have got to be fucking kidding me 9e725aba3a68902f6ff08de9d58c7fdb.mp4
  6. Wack

    Youtube moments

    Exactly The future is , the rich get richer and the poor are unemployed , Amazon have got little robots delivering parcels in Milton Keynes , hardly any checkout staff in the supermarkets because we're doing it ourselves, there's very little factory work because it's all in the far East. Nobody will own cars in the future , you'll just pick one up when you need it like a Boris bike and it'll take you where you want to go so taxi's will become obsolete. More and more people with less and less to keep them occupied Even police dogs are heading for redundancy d912ac981
  7. Wack

    Youtube moments

    The future has arrived 01d8b40b2eec1bd234796be9e5cbdded.mp4
  8. Nothing to report other than the suspension is still creaking I'm taking it for MOT next week , anybody know if this is just an EGR The Petronas oil checker asks if it's got a dpf fitted , there's nothing in the spec further up the thread than mentions dpf so I'm assuming not
  9. 2019 we had a week away in Shropshire , it really is a beautiful county with a lot of history and some lovely old towns
  10. Have we had this one https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/147628073848788/
  11. I locked myself out of the house last summer, went out with the wrong keys , got into the garden with 2 hours to kill and 4 bottles of cider , by the time mrs wack got back I was pretty pissed, as was she when I went to bed scuppering her afternoon plans Looked at the bottles when I woke 7.5%
  12. My favourite has always been Ambulance : ambiwlans and if you see more than one it's ambiwlansys , there's a possibility they could've been copied from English too
  13. Wack

    Youtube moments

    I've come for the digger job Have you got a hard hat Yes Don't bother you won't need it https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeaSESoF/
  14. A clever one You want the plastic traps with a food well , fill it with peanut butter
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