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  1. Running late for work, so took the Mazda. Noticed it was running low on fuel so decided I would get fuel on the way home. Promptly forgot and then spent 10 miles light throttling and watching the gauge like a hawk. Eventually made it and sloshed in an appropriate, pre-payday amount: Which brought the gauge up to this level: The amount? 8.5 litres. This car is a damned liar. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. Been a pretty quiet couple of weeks here - but there was an event at work that had a static car display, so I figured the Beat would be an interesting oddity there. A quick sponge off and drag back into the garage revealed that the rear bumper and light had attracted a scuff either during or after the Mini show. Not sure when it happened or how, but the boy does go into my garage whilst I'm at work to get his bicycles out so there's a chance it was him (he denied it). Thankfully, a few minutes with some cutting compound and polish rendered the damage almost invisible. With that done, I strapped the boy in and headed off to meet with the South West sports car club. There was lots of posh, exotic motors: And nestled deep withing was my golden nugget [emoji1787] To be fair, there was quite a lot of interest in the car from a lot of people, which was encouraging. A few days later, I took the Beat out for a small shopping trip: Would it fit in the boot? Just about. Perfect for a single fella on a diet, this motor. With that done, it was time to turn the attention to the MX5. This has been fulfilling the role of my daily for a few weeks now, and it was reminding me of all the jobs I had been putting off before I put it away for the winter. Like the headlight that failed in dipped beam in October, worked briefly just prior to the MOT, then failed again. New bulb time [emoji1787] As mentioned in a previous post, the lock barrel fell into the door after I repaired and refitted it, typical of those spring clips. Removed the door card: And found the little beggar hiding at the bottom of the door. Seven months it has been down there! Eventually, after way more fiddling and faffing about than I'm proud to admit, eventually the barrel clip went on and stayed on. Whilst the MX5 was in the garage, I also finally re-secured the wind deflector so it was stay upright (been putting that job off for 18 months - two nuts nipped up and it's good to go again [emoji2357]) The passenger side window was quite stiff to wind up and down - old dry grease was the cause here, so the door card was removed and the old grease removed and replaced. With all the 'big' jobs done, it was time to tackle the one annoying aspect of the car with a budget of zero pence. Spot it? Yes, it's this little fella. Bit of duct tape and some white paint to make it a Kernow cross until I come up with a permanent solution of new plates [emoji1787] The paintwork on this Mazda is looking absolutely appalling, so I think this will end up recieving a roller paint job - it's already a write off with visible body damage so preserving the value is not a concern to me, but having it all one colour would be quite nice. There's a fella on Facebook selling NATO green vehicle paint for £25 a tin so that looks to be the winning idea, once I get some replacement wings of any colour for it [emoji1787] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. I had something similar in the Saab 9000 I bought from eBay. Was slow as shit all the way home, found the wastegate actuator rod was disconnected. Connected it, and was greeted with a slipping clutch [emoji854] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. Still sounds like you could benefit from more fleet reduction tbh, one broken car is a stress, but that many is grounds for a fucking stomach ulcer. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. Possibly the sportiest Daewoo ever. Daewoo Speedster.
  6. What an exemplary road test [emoji106] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  7. I finally bit the bullet last week and organised a mobile phone replacement under the insurance - after ignoring the cracked screen with weld spatter craters for about 18 months, I had an off on the bike which appeared to make the battery swell. The new one arrived (at £125 for the excess) on Tuesday and most of Wednesday was spent moving over all of my data and apps. So naturally, I was overjoyed this evening, a mere five days later, when I pulled my house keys out, causing the phone to slip out of my pocket and fall, cracking the screen once again, rendering the entire fucking exercise pointless.
  8. Man, these just aren't anywhere these days, what a peach!
  9. I've already posted about him, but there's a fella down the road from me who has a collection of 3 Mk1 Lagunas He's got first dibs on mine when we're done with it
  10. This was a really enjoyable thread to read - great work getting the old girl back up and running!
  11. It was a nice day, so I finally set out to answer the week-old question. Well, that's that answered. Fucking tight in there, mind.
  12. Oh yeah, shout out to my little man who was compelled to stand next to the Beat and tell passers-by all about it [emoji28]
  13. P38s are for nutters with balls like brass conkers. Doooooo it
  14. The Monday was an open show day but the numbers were a bit thin on the ground for something other than Minis - I think it could have been better publicised for the open event. Had a great time though [emoji12] Amused me greatly that 'Car of the show' for a Mini-themed show was awarded to a Celica GT-Four [emoji28]
  15. Finally, I was a moron and didn't adequately secure my bike one night. Came back the following day to find it had bounced off the Beats' paintwork: A few choice words and some claybar action removed the deposit and I look to have avoided any real paint damage, PHEW. I gave the Beat a wash, wax and polish for an upcoming show: And remembered that it was 30 miles away, and I didn't have a spare wheel fitted to the car. Thankfully, I swung by Tony's place last weekend on the way home from a wedding in Bristol (Laguna got 40.8MPG) and picked up the spare tyre mounting plate. Unfortunately, the wheel securing bolt has gone walkies, and as it was a Sunday night, I had to be creative. My friend had left a section of M8 threaded rod in the MR2 when I bought it and I never threw it out. Mercifully, the rod fitted, so I cut a section of timber and used a hole cutting drill bit to reduce the thickness. When it was discovered I had no M8 nuts left, it fell to Dad of the year to cannibalise two nuts from his old bicycle. His face was a picture when he attempted to ride it after. The spare wheel itself was a spacesaver. The one originally for the Beat was in terrible condition, with several cracking appearing in the sidewall. Luckily, I had a spare Mazda spacesaver which was the same diameter and PCD as the Beat, so that got inflated and fitted. Finally, I too all the tools out of a tiny boot, put them in a waterproof rucksack, and shoved it into the spare wheel recess. Job jobbed. With that all done, the following morning we headed off to St Austell for the car show, MrsH and our youngest followed behind us in the Laguna, with the intention of parking the Laguna in the spectators car park. Only there wasn't one, so our filthy, dented family hatchback ended up a part of the show - suppose it save us lugging the picnic out of it! It was a local Mini club running the event and the response to the Beat was fantastic - loads of people had never seen one! Took a photo of a Mini alongside it to compare for size - The Mini is shorter in length, but wider. However, the rain started to make an appearance so we left in the early afternoon. On arrival back home, I took the Beat to a mate for him to have a spin. He bloody loved it. With that all done and dusted, the car was parked back up and I'll wash it later in the week. T'was a lovely day for it.
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