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  1. Couple from Shitefest Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. The cab was getting dragged in after a test flight and I asked them to stop the move, unhitch the tractor and go in for a brew [emoji23] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. Not much has happened here now, as I prepare to go away with work for a while, the BX has been handed over to Dan, who in conjunction [email protected] managed to diagnose the stalling issue to the ignition module on the side of the distributor. Luckily, Phill is a total legend who had one to hand and, touch wood, it has behaved fine since. Not that it's getting driven much at the moment as the radiator top hose has been observed to be very swollen and at risk of blowing. Also, as a nicety, the new issue of Practical Classics came out today, celebrating the classics used during lockdown. And what would we find there? That's right, the BX was subjected to another photoshoot shortly after the first one when I posted a photo of it next to the aircraft. Permissions wee obtained at work to take/use the photos, which I've included below for your persual [emoji16] Next evolution will be a replacement carb coming through the mail, along with an OSR suspension unit, and radiator top hose. Cheers for reading [emoji16] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. I had a 220Di and for seven months, I did 550 miles every weekend with three blokes and our kit, driving as fast as we physically could in the dead of night. Did absolutely fine, and still returned 42Mpg. It also regularly travelled nearly 600 miles in a day to Guildford without drama. It'll be fine. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. Well, I think there's sufficient passed time for an update. Took the BX to a local farm for pick your own, the Laguna came along as backup. The boy gorged himself on strawberries - And the BX ran faultlessly there and back, so I confidently dropped the BX off at Dan's as I am due to go away with work: Of course, you can all guess what happened a few hours later: As the kids say, 'FML'. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  6. I'll have to dig out a picture of the front then [emoji16] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  7. Shortly after the parcel shelf shenanigans, I got two parcels. One turned out to be totally unrelated (phone charger), but the other one made me very happy: The cooling fan slow speed resistor, and another treat, the fuel filler neck retainer, which had all but rotted away on our example. All in all, about £70 spent. So, easiest one first, the resistor. Plugged straight in, ran and left it running, until eventually cooling fans kicked in. Happy days. Front fascia panel put back on. Next, the filler neck retainer. Was expecting it to be a bastard to come off, was very pleasantly surprised. Was rotten as hell though. My advice? Buy the fitting kit it is advertised alongside. The rubber seal I had from the car was not in good nick, but it has an o-ring to seal properly. Top tip for that, a smear of vaseline (I use vicks vaporub ) on the o-ring will keep it in place and stop it falling off whilst assembling. And it was a piece of cake. So, onto today then. I purchased something on eBay and it finally arrived: This would be the answer to my prayers as the car is a bit of a prick to start when cold, courtesy of this delightful* removal of the autochoke system by a previous owner. Notice anything up with it? That's right, operating the choke only operates the choke flap and has no interation with the throttle at all. Sadly, this kit requires the housing for the auto choke, which was removed, so that'll have to wait for another day. Quick check of the air filter. Date stamp was 2015 so well overdue. Bit grotty too. Finally, a bit of ignition timing with the assistance of MrsH, found it was retarded by several degrees, which would explain the lacklustre performance. Finally, with all this work done, I was confident this car was a good runner once more... Ah, fuck it. Basically, it cut out again as I was reversing out of the driveway. Me being me, I assumed it was a choke issue (despite the engine still being warm from the timing, I am a dumbass) so sat there turning it over for an eternity until it eventually started again. I got halfway up the hill out of the village, marvelling at how much extra power the timing change had brought about when it cut out again, this time nothing I could do would coax it back into life. More awkwardly, I was on the wrong side of the road as I was overtaking a cyclist at the time. Sadly, this meant I popped it into neutral and rolled it backwards down the hill, towards the house. My driveway is uphill, so that was never going to happen, so I worked on it where it stopped. First thing I did was check all connections were fine. Then I took No.1 plug out to check for a spark, with none forthcoming. Thankfully, when I changed a load of ignition bits with NOS parts (coil, rotor arm, dizzy cap and HT leads), I kept the old ones, so I swapped out the rotor arm and the old girl fired into action once more. The drive up to my destination was a rousing success, so I naturally thought I cracked it. This proved to be not the case at all on the dual carriageway home where it cut out for a good 15 seconds, making loads of poo come out. Mercifully, it started working again and I got it home where it conked out again on the way up the driveway. Suspecting a coil breakdown when it's hot, I've stripped the coil connector to clean it up and refitted the old coil. A test drive in the next couple of days will reveal if that has proven to be successful. And you're up to date with the BX [emoji16] it'll be getting some more maintenance in the not too distant future when it gets handed over to Dan for a bit. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  8. Now back home, it was time to do some fault investigation. I had two faults to look into - the overheating, and the cutting out. Typically, I was unable to recreate the cutting out fault on the driveway despite leaving it idling for an hour to aid diagnosis of the overheating snag. I chose to ignore it as it was probably a flash in the pan type of fault. So, the overheating snag. First thing I observed was the total lack of cooling fan. I already knew from the last time I was working in the area that it wasn't siezed. But would it spin with 12v applied? Step forth, my trusty bit of 3 core: This, applied to a separate battery proved successful, as the fan span into life. Through various continuity and voltage checks, transposing relays for serviceability checks as well as some advice [email protected], I eventually bridged the coolant temp fan switch, as well as the cooling fan slow speed resistor, which was successful. Inspecting the body of the resistor proved I didn't need to search any further: A quick check with the multimeter revealed an open loop, meaning this thing was well and truly arseholed. Naturally, this meant the car was staying off the road whilst parts were ordered/delivered. So, a visit to Phill produced some very much needed spares (thanks mate) to tide up some bits around the car and fix some other issues I was having, namely the wing mirror trim, headlight switch (ours was rubbish on applying full beam), a pair of front indicators, a parcel shelf and a pair of orange rear lights. Inspired by the same change I made on my Xantia many years ago: I thought I'd give it a go on the BX. Opinions? I'm still torn, I do love orange lights on a grey car but it also really suited the original smoked lights. Ah well, they don't need any tools to swap over so it's no hassle to flit between the two [emoji16] Next up, the parcel shelf - a rarity in itself. Sadly, I am not a BX expert - made all the more apparent when I picked up an estate shelf! Luckily, those industrious chaps at Citroen made it so you could modify an estate shelf into a hatchback one with minimal work. Naturally, due to years of being in storage, it was in need of a clean. This was promptly hoovered: And pressure washed/scrubbed with detergent and a scrubbing brush, before pressure washing it and leaving it to bake dry in the car. Even the retractable sunvisors for the scrubbing treatment! Whilst that was done, I wanted to test out the theory that you could spray paint carpets etc, to match your interior colour. As lovely as the shelf was, it was the wrong colour. Luckily, there was a spare bit of parcel shelf left over from changing it to a hatchback one, so I cracked out a can of black for a test bit: This was left to dry in the blazing sun for 30 minutes before being scrubbed with a stiff bristle brush to free up some of the fibres. Colour match isn't too bad at all! Next time I'm out, I'll be grabbing a couple of cans of black and doing the parcel shelf. Watch this space. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  9. So, with the sun shining, and Grand Emperor Johnson decreeing that we can go outside, we loaded up in the BX to go get some strawberries and eat them on the beach! First time we had been out in the car together for weeks, sun shining: What could go wrong? Yep, she did FTP, with the tacho suddenly dropping to zero and losing power to the engine. It kept going off and on, and we eventually limped it to a car park to investigate. All connections seemed secure and after a few minutes, it started up. MrsH had decided that the car had it's only chance and told me to turn around and try and get us home. At least it couldn't get worse, eh? Oh balls. Still, without wanting to ruin the vibe of the day, we abandoned the BX on the driveway, hopped into Herman: And enjoyed our strawberries and cream on the beach [emoji16] Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  10. Used to go to Bigbury loads as a kid but never got to ride it. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  11. Do not entertain this particular one, it's been around the forums warning about it, and it had a smack up the front, and they haven't even bothered replaced the scuffed front number plate, which hardly inspires confidence in the rest of the repairs. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  12. A neighbour's Yugo 45, as Dad was going through a ban for drink driving at the time. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  13. Looks right on, that! Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  14. Absolutely heart broken for Craig and the team, they put so much effort into it. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  15. This has been under my wing again for a while as I'm still working during this lockdown and it seemed silly to let it stand doing nothing. It's still a pig to start but it's definitely the manual choke conversion that has been botched. If anyone has any good pictures/information, I'll be very grateful! The ignition system has had a bit of an overhaul including new dry coil, HT leads, distributor cap and rotor arm, which were all past their best. I'll get around to checking the timing when the weather improves. One thing that will be getting changed soon are the front tyres. They were replaced by one of the previous owners and are all but new, but they're a dogshit brand (Debica) and whilst they may be the original size, they're just too narrow. The tyres I liberated from the Laguna's alloys to replaced the incredibly ancient rear tyres fitted the wheels nicely and were much wider, so I'll investigate replacing the fronts with the same size as the rears. Aside from that, it's been a very pleasant car to drive. During the first week after the MOT, the orange coolant temperature light would come on after 11 miles of driving. The coolant level was checked and found to be low so that was topped up with no discernible loss thereafter. This week, I removed the front grilled and cooling fan to check the front of the radiator to find the bottom half of it absolutely plastered with dead leaves and other debris. That's been cleaned up now so hopefully that'll be all right for a bit, Needs a full coolant flush/change though as I'm beginning to suspect there isn't actually any coolant in it at all. Finally, last week I got some better photos of the BX at work - there's another set ready to go, but they're waiting for a little while for a good reason Cheers for reading
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