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  1. Naturally, I gave it a wash today. Digging around the glovebox uncovered this awesome little freebie! A tie pin of indeterminate age. Keeping it in the car for luck now there was also a Citroen touch up pen in the glovebox, but I'm not entirely convinced it's a good match.... I have come across a small pool of water in the boot around the area of a previous welding repair. The water was being retained by a sponge pad glued to the boot floor, so that's been scraped off and the area left to dry. The wheel trims have been launched into the fucking bin because they're shit. Actual BX ones inbound courtesy of Jim Bell, the little bloody legend he is. So, who wants loads of wanky artsy photos of a BX? Full write up below. The fleet all in one photo (Including the garage if you squint! So, it's a Citroen BX 16 TXS. It's a 1.6 petrol manual with 88k on the clock. Spec includes central locking, electric front windows and electric sunroof. ALL BLOODY WORK TOO. There's an LHM weep on the OSR unit and the carb isn't in the rudest of health, but it seems like a lovely little honest car. Since joining the BX club on FB this afternoon, I've already spoken to one previous owner, and possibly another (he had pictures of it back in the day, so hopefully he knows more about it!) Had a cambelt in 2012. Weirdly, it only had 37k on the clock in '12, now 7 years later, it's shot up to 88k! The stereos been taken out in the past and it's had the GTi alloys swapped out for steels, but I'm not that bothered (it had two new tyres on the front in the beginning of the year). So, downsides? Mainly cosmetic. Also this delightful little bodge on the carb. No wonder he's a bit of a prick to start sometimes. It's also got a really weird cut in the chassis rail. Looks like someone has literally just cut into it with an angle grinder in a straight line and left it. It's easily weldable, just puzzling. So there you have it. I'll update this as it progresses. If anyone has any contacts for spare parts suppliers, I'm always all ears for that. Cheers!
  2. ...six. Sorry, no collection pictures, it was a spur of the moment thing. This came up for sale on FB at £NotMuch a week and a half ago, and I missed it back then. Came back up for sale today at £SlightlyHigherButStillPrettyLow, so a friend and I went halves on it this afternoon. It's a 1.6 Petrol manual. It drives pretty damn nicely, carb needs tweaking and there's a weird cut into the chassis rail that needs welding up (nothing serious, just weird) and a little bit more fettling to see an MOT but we're dead chuffed with it. More pictures to follow when the weather is better and I get time to give it a proper scrub. The interior is immaculate though. Plan is to clean it up, get it running bang on and keep it as a treat [emoji16] As you can expect, MrsH was fucking thrilled that I kept my promise and reduced my car count over 2019.
  3. Ford Model T. Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. Looking forward to seeing the project develop, something about a Saab that gets under your skin! Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. Safranes are gorgeous, well bought and hope it does you well!
  6. All is quiet on the collection front. Do we know what you're getting already, or is it a guessing game? [emoji16]
  7. Best excuse for no sandwiches ever. Good luck!
  8. You've been lucky so far, clearly early morning collections are the winning formula!
  9. L722CPD is a good one to check out too.
  10. Well, this car has been a delight to own so far, so with a week off work still remaining, I decided to start tackling some jobs on the Laguna. On axle stands. Front shock removed for a spring change at TwoSmokes garage tomorrow. Surprisingly easy to remove! Bet I won't say that about the refitment. You can clearly see why it needs changing! Changed the sparks and air filter today, will finish the service tomorrow. The spark plugs were properly graunched on, with the exception of one which was finger tight. Judging by the corrosion on them, they'd been in there for ages. Air filter needed changing too! Busy day tomorrow!
  11. So, not content with the time you and I had identical red Honda Civics, you've now got two red Honda Preludes of your own. Winner
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