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  1. A poor start. On the plus side, things can only get better, right? ....right?
  2. Mine didn't, but the local Esso station did, so it's luck of the draw. Worth the hunt though, I'd say!
  3. Final, final, final thing from me [emoji16]
  4. Main editor/contributor is Craig Cheetham, not sure if he's on here, but he's well known in MGRover circles as well as gaining a bit of a reputation for being a Battersea Dogs home for unloved MGRs - one feature is a project ZS he got for free off someone's driveway [emoji16] There's also input from Tom Barnard and Sam Skelton.
  5. Wasn't sure if this was worth posting in a separate thread but I couldn't find it mentioned anywhere. Retro Cars has been gone under new editorship and has been re-jigged into what I feel is a brilliant magazine focussing on Shite - the features of the first one include a bubble stealth Rover 200 with a turbo and crusty arches, a Peugeot 106 buyers guide, and 90s sales rep special features. Even our own DollyWobbler gets a page at the back! I think we all need to get behind a magazine like this to keep it going. I've actually subscribed to it - the first time I've ever subscribed to a magazine. C'mon folks, let's support this magazine that has been aimed squarely at us! I know this seems like an ad post, but the editor is a top bloke and serial shiter. My annual subscription was £21.99 for the year and came with a cheapy socket set that's gone in Herman's boot. Win-win!
  6. Finally, I finished editing all the photos. There's some cracking ones, some all right ones, and some gash ones that tell a story. Album link: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmEaX6L2 Highlights below: Hope everyone finds something they like!
  7. I've managed to get 34 photos out of 500 done so far - work and family meant my time today was limited. Still, they're on Flickr if anyone fancies a look. Here's a few below: Shitefest EDIT DAY 1 090619-1 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Phill paying James for winning the bet. James pulled the green Reliant Robin out of a hedge where it had sat for several years, MOT'd it and successfully drove it 100 miles to SF. A real winner in my books. Shitefest EDIT DAY 1 090619-25 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Shitefest EDIT DAY 1 090619-14 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Shitefest EDIT DAY 1 090619-31 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Dickie having a razz of the Stellar. Shitefest EDIT DAY 1 090619-34 by Fat Harris, on Flickr ALBUM LINK - https://www.flickr.com/photos/chipperharris/albums/72157709023606421
  8. I think you're all ignoring the elephant in the room with the whole "Attempted murder by AX" Thankfully the torque of the engine couldn't overcome me and I remained intact Lovely to meet you Alex
  9. Cap duly doffed, she's a rare beast.
  10. "Photos successfully imported" Oh, that's a high number.
  11. I'll do a bit of a better write up later, but I wanted to express my gratitude to Kirton for entrusting us with the premises for what was a very successful Shitefest. Everyone I spoke to was fantastic and a great time was had by all. Party gazebo was a success after initial failure thanks to a generous lending of some ratchet straps to brace the side by Richard, crawling into my scratcher at0145 and 0245 respectively. Naturally, I've got around 500 photos that have been taken over the weekend - I'll start editing those as and when I have the available time, with apologies in advance if I didn't take any of your car. It wouldn't have been for any real reason, either a) the rain was coming in or b) I had a beer in my hand and didn't fancy putting it down 😂 However, I have very quickly edited one on the way back, and it's one I feel succinctly summarises the end of SF '19 perfectly. Shitefest teaser 090619-1 by Fat Harris, on Flickr Roll on SF20. Cheers all.
  12. That boy's a hero. A fucking hand grenade with a pint in him, but a hero nonetheless. Big love to that mad bugger!
  13. We're back on the road, and the convoy continues!
  14. Not keeping a BX running must run in the family then.
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