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  1. Not many photos as I was on a tight schedule but: And now parked up at home. Full inspection/write up to follow. It drives absolutely lovely but it's not without fault.
  2. An MERDE achieved. Eagle eyed viewers will spot the yellow crayon markings.
  3. There was boquets of flowers everywhere on the platform when his death was announced, and well-wishers lining the bridges over the dual carriageway that his hearse went along. Some bleddy boy [emoji108]
  4. No point in a dedicated collection thread. Be home before dinner. MrsH got home from dropping me off in Herman before I passed her in the choo-choo boi. As for the car, it's not likely to be staying as I've gone over the magic number on the driveway.
  5. I wouldn't say Elitist, but certainly beyond a typical AS budget. When I picked Herman up, he had 56k on the clock, in amazing conditions throughout, full ticket, new pads and discs and was £1000 on the nose. Those days have gone, sadly.
  6. Herman's battery has been weak for the last couple of years. At the moment, I've got the BX's battery in the boot in case a jump is required - only really required if the car hasn't ran in more than a week and a half [emoji2357]
  7. I became a dad again today! Evelyn Pippa May was born this morning at 7lb 3oz, Mum and baby are fine and we got home this evening. Fair play to MrsH, she's a fucking trooper [emoji3531] Took her home in the only choice really - he was our wedding car, he brought our first born home, so it only seemed right to bring home the final piece of the Harris family jigsaw: As an added bonus, we hit a milestone today! Now we've got one of each, and I'm sure the project progress will slow down for a short while [emoji28]
  8. Sadly, that ship looks to have sailed, there's some silly prices being asked these days
  9. This is the second most exciting thing I'm witnessing today! Any clues?
  10. Trust me, at £162 I'd be snapping one up if they were in stock!
  11. I'd have liked to buy a new floor but they're simply not available any more sadly, hence the oodles of patches. Replacement rails are available, but at £180 each, I simply do not have the cash for that [emoji24] I've just got back from taking MrsH to the doctors so I'll go for a quick run and share some photos of the upcoming grot!
  12. I say chassis rails, I mean the reinforcement rails that run under the boot floor - they've been patched and bodged over the years, with grot found running under sections that attach to other sections. Whoever replaced the boot floor sections last time did minimal rust protection so they're starting to go again. Couple that with the fact they REALLY wanted to ground out the entirety of the welds means this is a not very fun battle to fight [emoji1787] Sounds weird saying it like that, I'll get some photos up when I get in the garage next.
  13. In all reality, a replacement bootfloor panel would have been the preferred option, especially at £162 from Chevronics, but they've been out of stock for months, and I still feel out of my depth cutting into the panels. The other issue is the chassis rails run underneath and I'm trying to minimise disturbance around those areas. You are totally right though, faffing around with these tiny patches is doing nothing for my sanity, but because this boot floor has been welded and flap disced to death by a garage in the past, I'm a bit hesitant to find out how bad it really is because if I find myself totally overwhelmed then I'll just end up putting tools down and abandoning the project altogether, a conclusion I have done twice before. Determined not to do it again though! I think a couple of days away to re-evaluate isn't the worst idea in the world though, especially as it gives me a chance to consider where I go with it next. Ideally, I'd get the garage space back, but I know the subframe would be better coming out for better access, but then the danger is finding the rear subframe mounts rotten and then I'm really out of my depth. We shall see!
  14. Top job there fella, that'll keep your feet dry for years!
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