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  1. Busy couple of days, but not a huge amount achieved, but meh. Firstly the Subaru was collected. Runs nice, exhaust is blowing but worst is the clutch is very much on its last legs. The car was bought with the intention of running until the MOT expired where it would become a donor for a future sensible* project. My mate says it is not a hard job to do a clutch on one of these, but I don't think I can be bothered at this stage. I might lash out a months tax at the start of next month and see if the clutch lasts a month, or it may go straight into the storeage section. We shall see. Next wa
  2. Not sure that is a forum thing as I had the same problem with firefox since about Wednesday and I am currently using Chrome for AS
  3. Update overdue. My carpenter arrived to take a look at the Royce (thanks @puddlethumper) and the good news is the man from Del Dudley, he say yes! Hopefully in the near future he will return and sort that one out. Next a visit to my friend Simon resulted in one working fob for the Disco, so at least it is no longer a garden ornament, and it buys me a bit of time to sort out a spare. The PO of the Disco also phoned me to ask if the locking wheel nut key was in the centre glove box as he had found what he thought was a spare in his garage. Went out to check, no locking key, but before I cou
  4. Sorry, I need to say this to the admin. You utter, utter bastards! Site was down. I went out. I bought more chod. I have to arrange collection. I return home, and the site is back up. If it had been up all day I would have 1 less car. Think I am going to pass on the purchase cost to the admin, personally. Thanks guys, the work really is appreciated.
  5. It will not be wasted, it will be invested!
  6. Oh it is so nice to be back playing with the fleet. In the last few days, several things have happened and mostly good has been the result. First off, the last couple of times I have used the Smart car, the brakes have felt terrible and grindy noises came from the front. Obviously pads out, so ordered a set just before going off to work. So moved the Royce out of the shed to give access to the ramp and after a bit of fiddling managed to get it up (ooh missus) Removed the callipers to find one slider pin a bit sticky but otherwise all in good condition, including the pads which
  7. Hi Yohan, parts are fitted and working well. Cobra is away on its holidays getting a bit of engine fettling
  8. I am grumpy today, and for a change it is not automotive related. Most realise I live in a fairly* remote location, so there is plenty of wildlife around. Whilst back home in the middle of my work trips, I made a visit to my tyre changing shed where I discovered several large piles of animal crap. Strange, as that shed has, and has never had, any source of food in it. I could not identify what animal it was from, but my friend Pete, an ex wildlife ranger visited and I asked his opinion. He was not sure but took a sample away for identification. A couple of days later I found a sample
  9. There is now a waiting list for MOTs up my way, and despite my mate being a tester, the first slot I could get is for next Friday, so have booked the Enema in for then. Today I thought I had better check it over. The rear fog light was not working but a scientific thump sorted that. The nearside dipped headlight was also out and a thump did nowt, so opened the bonnet to change the bulb. As soon as I touched the connector the headlamp came back on and has remained working since. Clever things these Toyotas, self repairing. Sitting in the car, it appeared to be misty, as the windows were fi
  10. Nice to see the rest of the country is starting to see I was right! Well bought.
  11. As mentioned earlier, on Saturday I dropped off my Cobra with a friend in Oxfordshire for some fettling. By lunchtime he had cleaned it so it looked like this My friend Jason had visited a few weeks ago for a look see and I pointed out the things I knew needed fettling, mainly the oil consumption, the over fueling and the loss of "crispness" to the performance. I said that I was not certain the performance had dropped off or I had just got used to it. In addition there was a smell of fuel in the boot and the starter did not always engage first time, so I thought a strip and clean of
  12. Be aware - if it is the same as my X308 (and it looks and sounds the same) there is not enough free length on the pipes to remove the tank. It MAY be possible to get enough movement on the tank to get the pump out BUT the fuel pipes tend to snap as they go brittle with age. A new set will not see much change out of a grand, and secondhand are not an option 'cause they always snap on removal. I plan on the angle grinder through the parcel shelf if/when I get some enthusiasm for it.
  13. And now safely back home The biggest surprise on seeing the Toyota for the first time was it was not an Estima as I thought but one of these Yes a Toyota Emina (or Enema as it will be forever known) - a model I have never heard of before! The biggest (pleasant) surprise is that it is All Wheel Drive, and powered by a 2.2 Turbo diesel. Tomorrow I will unload it and see what I have bought and give it a look over to see if it will MOT without too much work.
  14. The Disco did not like the hills on the A66 but now over the border at Gretna
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