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  1. The recently acquired AX passing its MOT with no advisories first time presented made me grin today
  2. A bit up and down as usual at the moment! Wheel nut removal tools are not due until the end of the week, but I do have my wind back tool home. Remembered who I lent it to, or to be more accurate as I went through the possibilities, one of my friends said yes My friend dropped it off with me, but as usual enthusiasm for that particular job had waned. Of course, it has rained since, so I have made a start in replacing the CD player in the old Saab 900 with a DAB unit, but that is going as well as anything electrical I tend to do. Came in about midday for a brew and remembered the AX is due an MOT at the end of the month. Phoned my tester to see when they had a slot and was told 3pm! So, swapped a couple of cars around to get the AX out and off I went. When I got to the test station, I was in good company After a cup of coffee this happened And a bit later this happened A clean pass! I was expecting to spend the next day or two with a grinder and polishing up my welding (non) skills, having never been under the AX, but both myself and the MOT tester were astonished at how good it is underneath. The tester even called my mate over (who is the stations second tester) for a look! A good dosing of waxoyl is now on the cards rather than grinding! I'll take that!
  3. Keep the updates coming, even if just results. I find it interesting to see how you get on, and have a silent cheer when you get a good reult.
  4. In that last picture they are in a "transport box" not riding on the tractor that opens up a whole heap of different legislation! I seem to remember it must have a min of 18" sides and the "contents" must be secure, so hand grab rails would probably do. In reality, if plod thinks it looks safe(ish) they will probably leave you alone rather than get embroiled in legislation they are not fully conversant with and is a bit of a grey area.
  5. Careful, it is (and always has been) illegal to carry passengerson the road unless an approved seat is fitted (not possible on old tractors as passenger seats were never approved). The difference is in the old days plod did not care, in todays society it is an easy nick with the bonus of "protecting the kids". It will also invalidate your insurance.
  6. Got to be a manual, autos do approx 10mpg less in my experience!
  7. I know the feeling. Found myself investigating how big a patch is required (about 5" x 3" is the answer) on the Honda. I am still going to bridge it at the end of the month unless someone on here decides they want it, but the guilt is starting already!
  8. Nuts! Well bolts actually! I have reminded myself why I always bin locking wheel nuts/bolts as soon as I buy a car, but sometimes you do not get the chance to do it! Decided to swap the rear shock mounts and front calipers on the newly acquired 9-3. Got it into position in the shed and the locking wheelnut key broke clean off so now have to wait on some removal sockets arriving. So next I decided to look at the old 9-3. I basically destroyed the plastic at the front in the winter when I hit a large lump of ice that fell off a lorry. An hour or so had it tie-wrapped and duct taped back together So I thought I would tackle the rear brakes. Spent the next hour or so trying to find my caliper wind back tool, but with no joy. Then I remembered I lent it to someone, so have spent the rest of the afternoon trying to track it down, so far without success! Still some progress today even if not by me! My friend phoned to say the recently aborted collection thread is back on after he swapped part of the injection fuel regulator system and the Hall sensor in the dizzy so the latest acquisition is now running and ready to collect. The Discovery of Doom seems to be behaving and my trailer is being returned to me Tuesday evening so a collection should be on for later this week!
  9. That first image is a familiar one being a fellow Discovery of Doom owner! To be fair, mine has been behaving itself the last few days having covered 250+ miles without an FTP (much to the relief of the AA)
  10. I am using firefox and Windows 7 and I often get the 502 gateway error. Sometimes just occasionally, others often.
  11. Saabnut


    Just get yourself to Shitefest, in my experience the worse the car, the more popular it is!
  12. Being an in boot tank, it is in very good condition, with just a little surface rust on the bottom from standing water in the boot whilst it has been sat in my garden. Plan is to donate it to a friend who has a series 1 landie frankenstein V8 with LPG so he can jury rig my tank and use the gas from the tank.
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