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  1. IMO (which is worth sod all) are not legal as they protrude, but as said down to an individual occifer. What is deffo illegal is the front number plate, as they have to be vertical. Trouble is a pull for that could result in additional for tyres. I would sort the number plate as a minimum.
  2. If you can live with it until I get home, I am 99% certain I have a blue polybushed one of those on my shelf
  3. I wish I was as bad* at tin bashing as you are! Fantastic, please keep the updates coming, this remains my favourite thread!
  4. There can only be one green for a 1970s car (and a black roof would et it off nicely)
  5. Good luck to Mrs Tet. I am also going to declare the first Wednesday that she feels fully fit to be the 8th July. There. It is done. Enjoy the celebrations!
  6. As part of my job, I have to take a Coronavirus test before being allowed to join the next boat. Keep in mind, a failure (ie having it) would cost me that trip meaning no pay and probably any remaining work for the rest of the year. Of course, if they manage without me this year, chances are they will manage without me full stop. No pressure then. Whilst at home I take all precautions, limiting my exposure to others etc, but I have to take international flights via busy airports where I have no control. Yesterday I took my second test. Results just through, negative! Phew. I would go for a celebrationary beer except I am still required to isolate until joining the boat. Oh, and it is 13 quid for a beer........
  7. My take on this car, (Eddy feel free to tell me to FRO I am thick skinned!), based on 45 years of playing with automotive shite and 13 years owning and running what became the largest Classic Car specialist in NE Scotland. We did a lot of American vehicles and became the UK Corvair specialists. This car has reached the point where there are realistically 3 options. 1. Break it for parts. Be a shame, but most cars get to that point at some point. 2. A full restoration. This is the only option if you are planning on welding that rear panel. To get access to do a proper job, you will need a bare shell. A rough estimate for a full restoration is 1000 hours plus parts and materials. At £50 per hour, that is £50k in labour and a final resto bill knocking on £100k. You would have to like the car a LOT unless you can do the work yourself. Not practical for Eddy. Option 3. The least recommended but what I think Eddy has chosen to do. Bodge it up, keep it on the road, enjoy for as long as possible. It is what I would do in his place. With luck, it will last longer this way than Eddy at which point it becomes someone elses problem. The people who say the strength of this will be reduced are correct. But it will not be significantly reduced, these things are built like a brick shithouse. Admitedly not from the best of materials (remember 70s Vauxhalls? Well, both Cadillac and Vauxhall were both owned by GM and had the same head office accountants). This car will still have far more strength full of wob than any of my pre war cars, or the Cobra. I drive them all happily without worrying what if. So in summary, wob it up Eddy, enjoy doing the work, do the best you can then get out and enjoy driving it! At least the rear panel can not been seen from the driving seat!
  8. Rattling over bumps from the front will be drop links - cheap and easy to swap if you have an angle grinder! Rattle from clutch will be the Dual Mass Flywheel - very common on these Spend little on it, run it til it explodes would be my plan!
  9. Saabnut

    Bus Shite

    The last time I saw a trolley bus in service it was a double decker in Wolverhampton over 50 years ago. Today in Bergen I have seen a load of these bendy trolley busses. New since the last time I was here, about 12 years ago!
  10. Saabnut

    Bus Shite

    Vandals with matches I am sorry to say
  11. Well a mainly good weekend, with the exception of my post in the Grumpy thread. My friend Jason arrived Thursday evening and a bottle of wine opened at a respectable social distance and as we both live alone no rules were broken. Thursday the new fuse was fitted to my extension lead and this happened After a good look underneath, Jason took it for a test run. In true Fiat fashion, at the furthest away and after turning around, it promptly FTPed. After waiting a few minutes, it restarted and got most of the way home before a repeat performance. During checks it was discovered that the ignition coil was hotter than the engine, so the most likely culprit. Again, after cooling down it restarted and made it home. In true AS style Jason declared it was for him! The rest of the day was spent looking over the Cobra and identifying work to be done. Friday night was spent in the company of another couple of bottles of wine! Friday night we had a tremendous thunderstorm (I don't think it was related to the wine!) which at least washed the dust off the Royce. Saturday we decided to put the Royce away before I go away as we had finished needing the ramp so it was pushed in with the Kubota of much usefullness. Jason and I discussed why it was a none runner, and I explained it had not been started for 4 years and I suspected the points needed cleaning, and that the HT leads were old and one kept falling out of the cap. I told him that the last time I looked at it I discovered that the distributor cap had been repaired (a new one is £185) and the rotor arm was damaged. We repaired the HT leads, managed to free off the rotor arm so we could remove it and cleaned the points. We got a spark at the points, but it still would not start and we found no fuel so a trip to the petrol station and 20 litres of finest* unleaded was purchased and put into the car, which made no difference at all. We suspected the Autovac system so started to investigate that. For those unfamiliar with these slightly* older cars, they do not have a fuel pump as such rather a vacuum pump, driven off the inlet manifold that creates a vacuum and sucks in fuel from the tank and fills the tank mounted below, which then runs to the filter then the carb. There is a float that rises in the Autovac unit so that the vacuum is released to prevent overfill of the tank, a simple and normally reliable system. The release valve was stuck so we freed that off but still no joy. We dismantled the Autovac and found the taknk was full of rust and sediment, blocking the outlet pipe. An old towel and Jasons hand soon cleaned it out Once all was cleaned, the tank was primed to save cranking and another try at starting was made IMG_2078.MOV
  12. Well that has been a pretty mixed weekend. Had a great automotive weekend (I will update my thread with that) but on Thursday one of my best friends, and fellow car nut, aged early 50s was killed in an accident at work Within the last few minutes another friend has phoned to say his mother, a lovely lady of 88 and whom I have known for over 30 years, died at the beginning of the week (not COVID related). I have to go back offshore tomorrow so cannot go to either funeral, even if allowed. Puts things in perspective and I am definitely grumpy.
  13. Sadly not, I am back to Norway tomorrow and not due back until mid August
  14. Roffle? (No I don't want a ticket!) Congratulations.
  15. It was made by a little known company called AC It is the only RAM chassied, AC Autocraft alluminium bodied Continuation Cobra, with Shelby Chassis Number. I have a picture of Carroll Shelby driving my car!
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