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  1. This one has a 780cc Kubota 3 cylinder diesel. Today was a day of trailer fixerating.. My ever reliable Ifor Williams had picked up a puncture and the current tyres were approaching 6 years old and bitter experience has shown they start to deteriorate rapidly after 7 years and the original 15 year old rims were starting to get very rusty so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to replace them all. £270 of evilbay specials and today I fitted them. Also refitted the jockey wheel as I had remembered to buy a replacement clamp. I no longer need to use a trolley jack to hitch/unhitch whic
  2. Today I collected the digger (OK I cheated, my friend collected it with his van and trailer and I just went along for the ride! Very happy with it Good news - the heater works!
  3. @Zelandeth the blower works, not sure about the heater as I have not run it long enough. Tomorrow I collect it and get to play with it properly so should know soon! After yesterdays pain (literally with regard to my knuckles) today was a better day. First this went for a retest and is good to go for another 12 months Also today, another one went for test. The Boris MOT runs out at the end of November, so to give me a bit of time to repair any faults, in it went. MOT now runs out end of November next year! Will take that!
  4. Well, been a busy couple of days. Yesterday I had a tip off that a local dealer who is very well thought of had a recent arrival that I have been planning on buying for the last 20 years. A quick call to my friend who knows more about them than I do and we headed down to Glamis for a look. It was all I had hoped it would be so a deal was struck and I had bought the newest and slowest member of the fleet. Powered by 780cc of devils fuel and 2 speed, it is a 2011 model. What thing of beauty has been acquired? Now I can do some proper gardening!
  5. Yes, it is mine and the reason I don't like them as much as I did (it is a motorbike)
  6. Well, that is this evening not having gone to plan. Was happily sitting watching shite TV and eating the end of my tea when the phone rang. My MOT tester and all round good egg (he comes over and fixes things I have broken) was on his way home in his neighbours 10 plate Yaris Diesel. As be passed my turn off on the dual carriageway, he noticed a hum, and his neighbour had mentioned he thought a wheel bearing was on the way out. That does not really sound like a wheel bearing thought my friend just as there was an almighty bang and the front locked up at 60mph. Dipping the clutch made no diffe
  7. Like most on here, my shed/workshop is always full despite being a bit* bigger than average. As a result I end up working outside a lot of the time, or if raining just inside the shed in the doorway. If the contents of the shed were better organised, there would be plenty of room, but the main problem to getting this space usable is to get the cars neatly in line would require emptying the shed to get room to move the cars. It does not help that a couple are basically shells with no wheels. For many years I have half heartedly promised myself a set of wheel skates, preferably hydraulic. A
  8. I rarely eat chocolate despite being a fat bastard, but when I do I am partial to a Cadbury's flake. Not had one for a couple of years, but a friend has just visited and brought me one! Jesus, what have they done to them? I knew that some cadbury recipes have changed since being taken over by our masters over the pond, but I can report a flake now is like eating crumbly sugar with a hint of chocolate flavour. So sweet! Another pleasure gone.....
  9. The work/hours you were doing for that pay rate, this is the sensible thing to do. More time to chase scooters......
  10. I have a want for a van, a Disco 2 TD5 Manual surplus to requirement needing very little except enthusiasm (and maybe an ignition switch or a starter) and can throw in an X308 as either a sweetner or a threat depending on your view I could also be persuaded to part with a bit of cash....,.....
  11. Tractor units have air brakes as well. Some medium duty trucks have air over hydraulic systems which is basically a hybrid
  12. Another update as it is peeing down with rain here, the BMW is blocking the access door to my shed and the ground is waterlogged so moving it out of the way is a no no. Fortunately my friend Jason has sent an update or two this week so I can summarise here whilst watching the BTCC on telly and supping more superior* vintage* wine. According to Jason, replacing the sump gasket with the engine in situ, even having lifted it, is a pig of a job and probably explains the goo used previously! Before the sump could be replaced, the front timing cover needed to come off to replace the leaking gas
  13. Back in 1999 when I had my workshop, we were approached by the owner of a block of lock ups. Apparently an "old Ford" had been left in one, part restored, he had ownership and a log book for it (from the deceased estate in lieu of rent), were we interested (this was before OMGFordFever). Went to have a look, opened the door and there was a 1965 Ford Zodiac in (rare and original) light metallic blue. The body looked good except no front wings/grill/bumper etc, most of the top of the inner wings missing and about an inch of dust all over it. Brushing away the dust on the windscreen the interior
  14. Tractor tyres have tubes, 900 x 16 is a fairly common size (or rather was) as FC landrovers were fitted with them, but the 10 ply is more problematic. Take a look at agricultural collective auctions as this will be the best source. Sign up to Bidspotter for notifications of upcoming auctions.
  15. The bike is lovely in a lot of ways, and I am sure I could get to love it except for two things. 1. I am an old git and I live in the North East of Scotland, I have not ridden regularly for 20 years and I am now very much a fair weather short trip biker. Based on this, getting used to it in a couple of thousand miles will take 4 or 5 years! 2. The big one. Literally. I am not particularly tall and I have always ridden physically smaller bikes, RD400, 400/550/750 Four, BSA 650, AJS 650 etc etc. The two exceptions I had were a CBX 1000 (the 6 cylinder one) and a Goldwing 1500 both of
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