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  1. The friend referred to works as a plumber in Perth but a gentleman from Practical Classics did pop in by a few days later to buy a car off me. He may* have taken a few photos whilst here and he found the transit amusing so fully expected it to appear at sometime! Before I left for offshore I did attempt to get the Fergie running. The old oil/petrol mix was drained from the sump and fresh oil installed. The spark plugs were a mix of 3 makes (including a Volvo branded one) but a quick search on the shelf produced a new set of the correct champions but still no spark. Cleaned the points brought a spark but no life. The grey fergie has a provision for locking it at 10 degrees BTDC so this was set but stll no life. Chucked some petrol in the bores and it fired once or twice but that was all. Gave up. Next morning went to check the timing again and locked the flywheel to find the distributor rotor arm in a completely different place. Removed the distributor to find the dog had not been seated right on the drive (the tractor had some engine work before laying up including new pistons) and I think the distributor not being seated properly is what made the PO give up. All reset, more fuel in the cylinders and it fired and ran briefly. Encouraged, I filled the radiator with water, a considerable amount of which made a bid for freedom via the completely knackered top hose. Deciding what remained would do for a brief run, I tried again. Nothing. Gave it a sniff of brake cleaner and away it went, but stop the sniff and the engine stopped, obviously no petrol getting through. Removed the carb, stripped it and cleaned everything. Of course I could not find my stock of carb gaskets so a cornflake packet was sacrifices and a new one made. Refitted the carb, and absolutely no difference, so again I gave up and went offshore. Got back last night, and whilst I was away I had ordered an ultrasonic cleaner (as per my ask a shiter thread) which arrived yesterday along with some expensive solutions to use. A very good friend had recommended the fluids, but at £20 delivered for 1l of carb cleaner and 1l of deruster I was unsure. My friend was adamant so thought I would give it a try (they dilute at 10:1 so not so bad. Today I set up the cleaner (I bought a 6l one) but stuck a 2l ice cream tub in for the additive mixture so only used about 0.2l. After a 30 minute blast, I was amazed at how black the fluid had become as I thought the carb and bits were clean before putting them in. Re assembled the carb, sacrificed a bit more cornflake packet for another new gasket and refitted the carb. Of course, near my carb gasket stock must be where I put my split pins, so the throttle and choke lever connections were just assembled loosely until I find mine or buy some more. Connected the battery, turned on the ignition and it started first time and continued to run fine*. The engine is very smokey, but hoping that is the pistons still bedding in, the top hose reminded me that I have not bought a replacement and then the throttle linkage fell out so turned it off. Tomorrow I will find/beg/steal/buy some split pins, do a proper* repair on the hose with some duct tape and see if it will drive. The ultrasonic cleaner with the solution worked well so happy with that purchase.
  2. I know Karl well, and it is not what it seems He does declare and pay tax etc, the reason for the cash has a lot more to do with a vengeful ex than the taxman!
  3. The last Midget I had painted before I quit the trade was with a top notch (and so expensive!) painter. Delivered as a primered bare shell. Came back superb and with a bill for £3k! This was 2011.
  4. Bit modern (post steam) for me but I think that is the drop link
  5. Keep the Disco! It will be rusty underneath the paint but at least the electronics will mostly behave. I had both, sold both and now have 2 Discos, one of which (the TD5) will go. The TDI is staying, and I have just spent as much on repair panels as I paid for the car, but nothing with 4x4 and a 3.5 tonne towing limit is as practical as a Disco. The P38 was a better car to drive, but for everything else it is the Disco. 8:7
  6. I left home a week ago. I am in the middle of the North Sea where I have been for 5 days. So how the hell have I managed to buy a shite car that I have never seen? I know it is OK however. Firstly it is a modern. Secondly it is a Vauxhall. Most importantly I had it inspected. Well, the previous owner did. By an insurance company. Who wrote it off. WCPGW? Fortunately it is nearly 600 miles from my house.
  7. I have had far, far too many over the years. From memory, and I am certain to miss a few: American: Corvair ('65), Buick Electra 225 ('62), Pontiac Cruise ship (,72) Cadillac ('69 I think) Vintage: Humber ('28), Austin 10, Austin 12, Austin 7 Pearl, Bullnose Morris Oxford, Model A Ford, Model T Ford European(ish) VW Golf ('72), Saab 900 Turbo ('99), Saab 900 Turbo ('89 LPT, FPT, i), Pug 306CC, Triumph Spitfire (Mk1,2,3 4 and 1500) Triumph Herald, Triumph Vitesse, MR2 (2000 and 2001 both new), MX5 Mk2, Mini ('79) MG Midget (x a few) MGB (x many) Ford Corsair, and no doubt many others. Currently on fleet: Saab 900i ('90) Saab 9-3 ('05) , Morris Cowley flat nose ('30 - special, no roof!), Mini half converted badly ('81) and of course the Cobra which in 10 years of ownership I have never driven with the roof on! Think it is fair to say I like a convertible. Edited to add Land Rovers (S1,2,3 and defenders), TR7, TR7V8 - OK going to stop adding them now.
  8. Once plastic lights have been polished, they need a coat of UV resistant clear laquer on them to stop them going the same way in short order.
  9. Brilliant! Thank you for doing that, I am sure it will be well appreciated.
  10. That is looking SO much better than at anytime I had it. So pleased it went to a good home.
  11. Has the spare not arrived? It was posted Monday morning first class signed for.
  12. Sadly looks unlikely for me now. I was due offshore last week for 2 weeks so would have just made it baring problems on the job site. It has been delayed a week so I will likely miss it, but if things go well and I am back in time....
  13. If I am in the country I will come along.
  14. I recently bought a 57 plate 1.9 TiD auto estate. 4 new tyres, new battery, immaculate inside and out but knackered engine for £250 so your offer sounds right.
  15. I will pull my finger out and go to the post office on Monday!
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