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  1. I have* the number of a man who is still working delivering vehicles as he can't work from home and is transport. Very reasonable and reliable. Actually the number is at home, but I can get it from a friend if anyone cannot wait for new chod.
  2. Sadly, and as expected, the ACO have postponed the 2020 event until 2021. The new dates are from the 1st to the 4th July 2021. So, dates for your diary, the first confirmed* AS event of 2021. I will almost certainly be there for it so it will still be a thing, just a year later. For anyone who has booked travel/accommodation for this year, if you still want to join us you can either reschedule or I guess if you want to cancel there should not be a problem doing so.
  3. Nothing to lose! Check for a spark. If OK, put a fresh mix in and give it a go. If the seals are dead, it won't go, if they are OK and it starts, it will do no harm
  4. Bollox! Saw the first picture and comment and was just going to post "Glad my favourite bus is back" and then saw the follow up! So sad, the only bus ever to have stopped at Corsebauld is no more
  5. Some progress to report today. As there is a possibility I might be going away for a few months, and if it happens will be short notice, I have to make sure that the better cars are under cover whilst I am away. First job was to get the Cobra running, plug clean and battery charged and away it went. Let it warm up properly as well. Next job was to see if I could get the '34 Rolls Royce started after about 4 years as this would make squeezing everything into the shed much easier. After a while of trying, it stubbornly remained silent, so the usual thing with these is the points need cleaning, and as I have never been into the distributor of this one, decided to have a look. Oh dear. I have driven this car from Aberdeen to Le Mans, and all over the UK with no problems, but no idea how! The HT leads are old and hard, and at least one fell out of the distributor cap as soon as it was moved. The distributor cap itself is broken and has been glued back together, and the rotor arm has a lump out of it where someone has levered it out. Whilst doing all this, I might as well fit a new set of points. At this point I briefly considered raiding the white '35 Royce but decided as there are not going to be any shows etc this year, there is no rush so it can sit there whilst I order new parts. This did of course mean that moving stuff around was not going to be easy, but judicious use of trolley jack, the Kubota and a sling eventually saw everything in (albeit with minimal clearances) so everything is under cover if I do go away. If going away does not happen, I can soon move them again. So, in I came and on to the websites of the pre-war Rolls Royce specialists. I am lucky that most things are still available, but to prove the points raised on another recent thread on RR/Bentley parts costs, here is what I have found. Not worried about HT leads as I can make my own. Prices of parts? Points 40 quid. Rotor arm 75 quid. Distributot cap 185 quid, all plus VAT. So basically, a very basic service will cost around £400 in parts alone. Ouch.
  6. Somehow I had missed this, many thanks Zel!
  7. As I am not allowed to go anywhere* I have been at home. My friend left his mini digger at mine last week, so he called in to see me this morning (before you moan, he is just across the fields) and one of my other neighbours was out walking his dog so also called in by. Stood in my shed, the regulation 2m apart, we discussed cabin fever etc whilst drinking my coffee. The discussion moved on to things we could do, and when my digger driving friend suggested a clear up by the shed, this was done and of course we then decided that the "outdoor ramp" - also known as an old Ford A series recovery truck body - needed positioning. With me in the forklift at one end, my mate with the digger at the other and my neighbour directing operations, it was soon in place. Sadly I forgot to take pictures until it was nearly dark. With that done, as the forklift and digger were running, we decided that today would be a good day to actually install my 2 post lift. Had to move the Kubota, the Cobra, the Saab 900 vert and the red Royce out to give us room to install the lift. It is a very old and heavy lift (manufactured 1975 according to the data plate) so it was brought over to the shed on the forklift and then each part was lifted into position with the digger. About half way through, it went noisy with hail off the shed roof, at which point I remembered the roof was down on the Saab. By te time I got the roof up, the seats were half an inch deep in hail! Oh well, they will dry out! Having worked out which bits went where, eventually the lift was in place, and it was getting dark. A test run attempt showed I need a different breaker in my switchboard, so no test lift yet. At this point the Cobra refused to start so was pushed back into the shed, and the Royce pushed in with the Kubota. Tomorrows jobs are to clean the plugs on the Cobra to get that running, start the royce for the first time in 4 years and tidy the shed so I can get the Saab back in to dry out! Whilst it may not be actually working until I get the new breaker, at least it looks the part!
  8. As an old Bentley owner, I say RUN AWAY! If you heard me say away, you are not running fast enough. For ideas, a set of anti roll bar ends (like drop links), there are 4 of them - £300. That is each! A set of bump stops - £420 Pair of rear load levelling units £3k plus the shock absorbers, about another £2k nothing is cheap. (these prices are for T2 parts which are normally on a par). Despite what Panhard65 says, these suck up loads of cash without involving specialists. Parts are more than just expensive! However, I still have mine and think they are worth the expense, but it is impossible to run one cheaply. Secondhand parts are also expensive as most breakers are bought by two big marque specialists who have cornered the market.
  9. Wll the DMW has left but has been replaced with this BMW So no change with numbers. Not counting this as a reduction yet, but it is a step nearer. Today a low flying Saab was spotted Despite being a one owner, low mileage car, it lived all its life at the top of a sea cliff so is completely rotten underneath. Its bits are keeping several others on the road though. Still 60.
  10. Update from the ACO - the 24hour race has been postponed until 19-20th September. Nothing about the classic though....
  11. Unfortunately at the moment all I can say is "who knows what will happen". As of today, France is on lockdown with going out for only a few reasons (food shopping, medication shopping, looking after children or other vulnerable people etc) allowed, and then only with a signed certificate and ID. This is for the next 15 days. Travel restrictions are in place for 30 days. Both can be extended. The ACO (Automobile Club Ouest) who organise both the 24 hours and the Classic have said that they will make a statement about LM24 on the 15th April. It is widely expected to be postponed until Sept at the earliest. The Classic is scheduled for 2 weeks after the 24 hour, and my feeling is it will either be cancelled, or less likely, held the weekend before or after the 24hr with the hope people will stay in the area for a week spending money! If anyone can get a refund/reschedule after announcements are made, I would. HOWEVER, for those that cannot change, rather than write off the bookings, subject to travel restrictions being lifted, and assuming I can still get time off work (I cannot afford to lose anymore than essential as I am already many £k down, I plan on going to my place in Lemans that weekend anyway, even if there is no racing. Still lots to see and do in the area, and anybody is welcome to join me. I will update this thread as anything comes to light, hopefully we can salvage something!
  12. Unsurprisingly this has now been postponed. Bugger!
  13. Nothing I can add Condolences to all affected.
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