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  1. Would the fungi experts please see my thread in ask a shiter. My tea could depend on your answer!
  2. Because I care* so much about you lot, I thought I should do a recce on the venue. OK, I wanted a break and an excuse to drink large quantities of red wine, but here are a few photos of the venue taken today, 18c and mostly cloudy with some sun. The weather will probably* be different for the event. BBQ Area - the tree doubles up as a sun shade Shelter should there be rain Overspill car park area Camping area Overspill camping area (and the field the other side of the river)
  3. You really need to get it on a Tech II as that will give you the errors and probably what is causing it. Not much use to you I am afraid, but having my own Tech II these are a help rather than a hinderance, not sure who down your way has one but there is a list of Tech II owners on UKSaabs.
  4. Norway is probably easier to get to! Bus or (expensive) taxi from Aberdeen the only options. I am in France until the beginning of next month but happy to help with a lift after that if it suits.
  5. Where in France (it is a fairly large place!) If anywhere near 72 (Sarthe) happy to give you a hand as here for about 10 days or so.
  6. Since the MOT on Tuesday it has covered 1300 miles, averaged 48mpg solo, 35mpg towing, and so far has cost £25 for the MOT so stands me at £275. I am really liking this car so am now thinking this may be a keeper and the 9-3 can go. Currently on my second bottle of red watching the darts. Life is good.
  7. I recently purchased a Saab off @cpjitservices of this parish as I don't* have enough Saabs. The princeley sum of 250 quid changed hands for a car with a weeks MOT, a few minor faults (all declared) and an assurance of "it will be fine". It certainly covered the 400 miles home in style and so a few minor things were fixed with a bit of time and a few parts from my stock. Tuesday it passed the MOT at the first time of asking so it went back home to be hooked onto this trailer once I had unhitched the 900 'vert. 250 miles later and the roller was delivered and the trailer returned to its owner. A couple od days doing things at home followed before loading a set of Dolomite seats into it and Friday morning I left for Worksop. Saturday saw a meeting just outside Leicester before leaving around 5pm. A stop at Thurrock services saw the seats passed on to their new owner and on to the Chunnel. I was booked on the 10pm ish train, but all afternoon I was getting texts saying there was a 4 hour delay. As I pulled in to the tunnel I received a text saying the delay was now running at 3.5 hours, and it was now 19:20, so was surprised when the automated ticket machine offered an earlier train at 9ish. Pulled into the car park, I had letter C and the board said delayed but showing 0620 Sunday morning! As I was thinking WTF a man in an orange jacket told me I could go round now! I did, usual quick checks at UK and French passport control and straight through and onto the train, which pulled out at 20:20, an hour and a half before my booked train! Bonus. Drove down to about an hour past Rouen and pulled into an "Aire" for a bit of kip where I discovered the seats in a 9-5 estate fold flat unlike the 9-3 estate and the back is a couple of inches longer as well, so a good nights kip was had. Left about 0730 and was having lunch at ChezSaabnut.Fr
  8. You have my condolences, and that extends to the Disco! I love* the TD5 Disco (see my blog for details) and as soon as my Disco 1 is home, you could have another one to keep it company!
  9. Cheap reliable motoring? Got to be a Saab! Good in bad weather (they were designed for Scandinavian winters, a set of snow tyres and anything but deep drifts are fine). Petrol or diesel (the infamous 1.9 derv lump is what I have) and they are cheap enough to buy 2 so 1 will always be working! They even do a 4x4 and as long as the Haldex is serviced regularly (and always has been) they are supposed to be reliable enough.
  10. No, the Disco is only 18 but is the reason I need a spare. At the moment that role is taken by the 1989 Saab 900 'vert!
  11. The ex cpjitservices Saab 9-5 Diseasal estate passed its MOT today meaning I now have a spare towcar that is less than 30 years old!
  12. Some success today - but sadly not with the Discovery of Doom as the parts have not arrived. No, the Saab 9-5 passed its MOT today thanks to an understanding and shite friendly tester. Tomorrow it tows a road roller down to between Edinburgh and Glasgow (Shotts), then fetches some seats to go south, then fetches a load of bits for Mr 6C. Thursday i will head for Sheffield, Saturday Leicestershire and Sunday LeMans. A proper test.....
  13. Time for an update. Firstly some friends arrived Saturday morning (having travelled up from Maidstone and Hull) to strip the engine and gearbox from a rusty Saab 9-5 that I had collected for them. All went to plan and by mid afternoon Sunday te deed was done. Part way through... And how it looks now After my friends had left with the goodies, I decided to have a look at the Discovery of Doom to see if I could track down the grinding noise. The fact it had to get over about 20mph to make itself known made it tricky to diagnose. Took it up the road and it was still there, stopped and crawled all aound/under it and could see nothing wrong and all discs were cool to the touch which basically ruled out brakes. Went back home puzzled but another friend arrived who is a professional mechanic so sent him out to test it. He came back about 5 minutes later and pronounced front nearside wheel bearing failure. A quick jack up confirmed his diagnosis as as soon as the weight came off it was very clearly stuffed! FFS, more bits ordered! A picture to shame it! Whilst drinking tea with my friend, I mentioned how there was no power to the main beam headlight on the nearside of the Saab 9-5 I recently purchased from cpjitservices of this parish and how so far I had traced the wiring back but not found a problem so was suspecting something in the headlight itself, and as how several bits were missing from the headlight I was going to put an appeal on UKSaabs for a replacement. My friend, who in my defence is used to modern shite asked if I had checked the fuses, and I said it could not be a fuse as the offside was working fine, but he said some moderns have seperate fuses. Hmmmmm... So this morning another friend came over to borrow my big trailer, the cost to him was to drop off the dead Iveco shell at the bridge as he would be passing. Fired this up for the first time since May (started first turn as it always does) Reversed the trailer to the van and pushed it on to the trailer with the Massey. Trouble was as the van has no engine/box when fully on the trailer it was still very tail heavy. Decided to put the van on backwards, and to make things easier, put the fork extensions on and lifted the van and turned the trailer round. This worked but as the van has a tow bar fitted, it would not go on the trailer without destroying my electric winch. Gave up with that and put the van in a temporary storage spot until I can borrow a Stihl saw and reduce it to more managable lumps So my friend escaped with my trailer and I got on with other things. As the Discovery is OTR until the new hub arrives, the only other vehicle on the road with a tow bar is my old Saab 900 convertible so hitched the trailer on that and loaded the roller ready to deliver it After that, mindful of what my friend had said about fuses on modern cars, I had a look at the 9-5 and sure enough there are indeed seperate fuses sometimes I am a bloody idiot! . A quick swap and I had a working light and a tie wrap later and it was secured in place. Refitted the headlight and front bumper and came in feeling smug. Quick phone call and it is booked in for MOT tomorrow morning at 0945. Wish me luck!
  14. You will be pleased to know of the 4 vehicles in that photo, only the dumper survives! It has had an engine swap, and the brakes now consist of a lump of wood on a length of string which you drop between the wheels, the string is in case you miss and need to take a second go. Still working fine and still earning its keep!
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