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  1. I don't watch a lot of youtube but AS has brought you another subscriber. I like your style, so will look through the back catalogue when I can.
  2. I used to do them regularly and have also organised many. Cars used: 1979 Fiat 126 (brilliant), 1972 Beetle (Excellent), 1935 Austin 7 special (meh) and 1930 Morris Cowley Special (rubbish!). Good fun and social side is good, just a lack of venues/events by me hence my organising some but lack of support stopped that.
  3. I had forgotten that! Will go and find it and, yes if there is any interest I will revive the thread. May not be too interesting this time, but you never know.
  4. COVID PCR test results just in - negative so I can go to work! Taxi picks me up in less than an hour to take me to the boat. Here we go again.....
  5. Travelled by train for the first time since lockdown started last year. Four trains, Perth-Waverley-Peterborough-Norwich-Great Yarmouth. Every single train on schedule to the minute, every train waiting on time, plenty of space, not many people and ALL wearing masks. Could not have been better.
  6. Last year I bought a cheap 2 post lift as it was old and well built (manufactured 1975 so a classic really), single phase, local and cheap. Did I mention it was cheap? I paid £250 for it, but had to dismantle it and collect it which meant I could see it go up and down (empty). The bits were extremely heavy, it took 20 minutes to dismantle and 40 minutes to lift into the trailer as we had to keep stopping for a rest. On collection it was plugged into a standard 13a socket despite it being a 2hp motor. After sitting in the barn for a couple of months, a couple of friends, my Kubota and his
  7. @juularWhere do you source your Volvo repair panels? I had planned on patching the sills on my GLE estate but a closer look shows small holes along the length so now thinking of replacing the outer sills and risk opening the can of worms that is no doubt hiding behind the existing sills.
  8. One of many I have, and the only one I have ever bought (direct from DVLA)
  9. I am really, really busy at home at the moment as I am getting ready to go offshore next week for a month or so. I spent this morning on paperwork and phone calls, but by after lunch the "sod this" attitude had won through. Now, I have lots of quick jobs to do, the pug needs work for its MOT and I have to clear a path in my shed to get the '34 Royce out to allow access to the Ruston Hornsby 6AP stationary engine that has stood in bits at the back of my shed for over 30 years and whose new owner is collecting it Thursday. So, it being a nice day, I decided to investigate the 2007 Saab 9-3 TiD e
  10. I have used the same MOT tester for the last 10+ years, but sadly he retired just before Christmas. He was always pragmatic, would fail anything dangerous and tell me what needed fixing when he gave me a pass. I always fixed them, he knew that, so we had a great relationship. Today I returned to the same garage and met his replacement. First thoughts were good, he is an older man, but that soon changed when he turned out to be a surly git. He went over the pug and failed it on a sidelight bulb (fair enough but it worked last night and these things do happen) binding rear brakes (I watched
  11. About as local to me as London is to Bristol, the difference is it would take twice as long with the roads here. Trouble is, there is not much or many people local to there...
  12. Wednesday evening saw the old starter off. Thursday morning phoned the factor with the number and they called at lunchtime to say it was in. On arrival they had ordered two, a cheap one and a Bosch which was roughly 50% dearer. The old starter had 13 teeth, both new ones a slightly smaller cog and 11 teeth. They assured me it would work, but I was not convinced. As the cheap one had a 2 year warranty I took that and fitted it fully expecting it to have to come off again! To my surprise, my factor was right and I was wrong and it works a treat and has cured the sluggish starting. Friday I
  13. This! Over 30+ years I have killed 3 good make grinders (and lots of cheap ones when we had the workshop) and now have 2 mains ones and a battery one. Most useful and often used tool in the box.
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