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  1. As it had taken longer than expected, I did not stop for tea and just turned round and went back for my own one. The fleet reduction is going swimmingly* This one also started first go and drove onto the trailer, but I forgot to take a picture at the far end, so one just before unloading For some reason it seems much better than I had convinced myself it was, probably due to my not wanting to oversell it in the flash sale! Of course, on the way back I switched on the radio in the Disco and was disgusted to find Vine on the radio, despite it being 14:57. I then remembered the clock in the Disco is still on BST so I would have had time for my cup of tea after all. A couple of pics back at chez Saabnut:
  2. Today started off nice and sunny and I have loads to do, so decided that I would waste* the day doing kollekshuns. I still lack a fully working heavy duty tow car, but as the cars are only 30 miles away, albeit with the first range of the Grampian mountains between us, I decided to use the Disco DI (still no T). It is slow but reliable and the steeper hill is going there when the trailer would be empty. Firstly the car for the "Shiter who shall not be named". Started first touch, drove out of the yard and onto the trailer fine. Will take it for a proper run sometime, but it feels fine And back at Chez Saabnut
  3. I have already fitted an isolator, but decided not to turn it this evening in the hope it would catch fire as the door is up against my trailer as the naughty corner is not very wide and the bonnet is shut.
  4. A long overdue update on this thread. Shortly after the last update the new hub for the Discovery of Doom arrived, but lacking enthusiasm, it was put to one side whilst I got sidetracked with buying a Disco 1, a Pug 205 and a Volvo 240 GLT Estate, all of which has been documented elsewhere. The 9-5 estate has provided sterling service, so far covering about 6k miles for me, about 60% of that towing. Yesterday my friend phoned to see if I had a towcar he could borrow to move his 2.5tonne mini-digger around as his pick up is currently off the road for some fettling. He borrowed the DOD about 6 months ago and wondered if it was available. This spurred me on so yesterday afternoon he came down and we pulled the old hub off. Several of the rollers in the wheel bearing had escaped, so it was definitely time for a replacement. Went to fit the new one that has been cluttering up my porch since October to find the supplied bolts for bolting it to the axle were too short. Further investigation shows they are the correct bolts for the rear axle that uses the same hub, but the front axle has thicker flanges. This morning was taken up with a job interview, but on the way back I picked up the correct bolts. Ten minutes later the hub was on, torqued up and the new ABS sensor connected up. At this point I went to put the calliper carrier on, but could not find the new bolts for it which are special M14s. After 10 minutes or frantic looking I remembered I had only bought two when I did the other side as that was all the specialist had in stock. Another run out to the specialist (fortuneately only 8 miles away) and I had two in my hand (once again he only had 2 in stock) and half an hour later it was all back together with the wheel on and back on the ground. At this point I should mention that for the last 6 months, it has had a bit of a strange starting problem, turning the key brought on the ignition lights and heater plugs, but turning to start would engage the starter only briefly. Repeated attempts would eventually see it start and hold and by experimentation I came to the conclusion it was the alternator not producing full voltage as putting jump leads on to the (new) battery would see it start first time. As it was still charging the battery, I decided to live with it until it became a problem. Yesterday when I started it for the first time in a couple of months, it started fourth turn and drove in to the shed, but I noticed a bit of a whine from under the bonnet. I put this down to something being a bit dry after sitting. After putting it all back together today, I went to start it. As soon as I switched to position 2 the starter engaged. Turning it off made no difference. Eventually it switched off and I tried again, this time at one point I had the key in my hand out of the car and the starter was still turning. When it stopped after about 30 seconds, I put jump leads on, and normal service was resumed. Gave it some heat and turned the key to position 2 and it started like it should, but the whine was more pronounced. Whilst listening to it, I realised it was the starter motor having failed to disengage so turned it off. It is now completely dead in the starter position so it looks like I have killed the starter motor. Of course, the question now is was it the starter that has failed causing the problem, is it the ignition switch or is it the wiring between (the car had had mice in it before I got it). So, it was pushed back into the naughty corner whilst I attempt to find some enthusiasm again! Whilst typing this I realised since it went back on the road I have only covered less than 500 miles in it as everytime I fix anything, something else has immediately gone wrong. Just checked and the MOT is due again at the end of this month FFS. Once fixed this time, it is getting a new MOT and is then being sold (where of course it will be totally trouble free for the next owner, after all I have replaced everything on it!) but this one has finally broken me. This is the first one to do that to me in over 40 years of motoring and fixing cars. I truly hate it now!
  5. A day basically wasted today as waiting on possible work calls, but it was blowing a gale and raining so not a lot lost. Volvo started first try again today, so the omens are good! Whilst waiting on calls I entertained* myself by scouring gumtree - I have to be really bored to do this, but today was worthwhile as I found some tyres locally at a good price. The advert was a week old and not expecting much, I sent an enquiry which was rapidly and coherrently answered and after Norway closed for the day so no more phone calls, I went to see them. As a result I now have 4 matching Dunlops, in the correct size which have covered a few hundred miles and have a manufacture date of July 2017, and all for £150. Cheaper than the cheapest Chinese Death Rings I could find so very happy with that! I will not fit them until the MOT work has been done so they are nice and fresh for the test.
  6. Brownnova x1 Fumbler x1 (maybe) Craig the Princess x1 Garythesnail x 2 Billybunter x1 Datsuncog x1 BL Bloke x1 Xtriple x 1 Saabnut x 1
  7. I have a genuine Saab Tech-II but it takes a bit of using and it is not hard to transform your car into a brick. You are welcome to use it but sadly I am a bit* far away and I am not willing to post it or the accompanying laptop.
  8. Have checked and I was right, injectors do not need coding to the vehicle.
  9. I don't think they do but I am not 100% certain (too new for my comfort zone despite running newer)
  10. All the Saabs in the pictures already belong to me! No, I don't* have a problem
  11. Thanks all. Surprisingly this is the first Volvo I have actually owned apart from a brief foray with a 740 Turbo track hack and yes it is a 2.3 I needed to move it today to get the TDi Disco into the shed, but I could not leave the telephone until after a work call, so it was nearly 2pm by the time I went out. Swapped the battery for a less shagged one and it started easily, first turn. A quick look around shows the interior to be good and needing nothing, but the rear 6 inches of both sills have rotted away. No time to investigate today but I am hopeful I can do a temporary* bodge repair for now by welding new metal at the back rather than replacing the sills just now. Moving it showed the same problem I had yesterday, when cold it appears to briefly loose drive in reverse, but soon comes back and then seems to be OK. I think a fluid change is the first port of call there as it has 140k miles on it and I doubt it has ever been changed. Once moved I got the Disco in, boost pressure sensor changed but still not boosting yet. I am beginning to suspect an air leak so will need to investigate further but when it is not blowing a gale so I can hear what is going on. By this time it was dark, so back inside for tea. I doubt I will have much time for car playing over the next couple of days as I have a couple of interviews (via Skype - ooh look at me joining the 20th century at last ) and I really need to see if I can get the old Deemster motorbike started, at least I have charged the (new) battery ready.
  12. The PO became ill but kept the car for when he recovered. He had a leg amputated, but still kept the car for when he recovered as it was an auto. He is now in a hospice and his wife wanted rid....
  13. A few months ago, I agreed to reluctantly* add to the collection at home, and went to collect said vehicle. The collectee had sat for over 6 years, and whilst we got it going, it ran rough and being an auto refused to drive out onto the road so I could get my trailer winch cable to it, so I gave up when it started to rain. A month or so later, I went back, got it running a bit better but still not well enough to drive. However, being well organised, this time I had taken a tow rope to drag it onto the road, whereby I could attach the winch rope, however it was at this point I realised I had left the winch battery and winch controls at home. It then started raining, so I gave up and went home. Last week, my friend called past the car with some tools and a new tool for detecting air leaks and found one of the induction pipes was half off in the area you cannot see, after which perfect running was restored. Today, I called in to see him and he told me the glad tidings, and as the sun was out we decided to pop down to Dundee, where the car was located, so I could see for myself. On arrival I parked the Saab next to it so I could attach jump leads, as the battery is unsurprisingly dead after 6.5 years sitting It started easily and ran smoothly, so much so I decided to see if it would move under its own steam. This it did, and brimming with confidence* a run around the crescent it was located in showed all appeared well, even the brakes seemed to be working fine. My friend and I discussed timing for when I could collect it, when I took leave of what little sense I normally have and a decision was made. One of the advantages of my trade insurance is I am covered up to 14 days before the number has to go on the MID so insurance was not a problem. A quick phone call to my friendly MOT man (who works 7 days a week) and it was booked in for an MOT for late this afternoon, on the strict understanding he did not get to see it today. So, pre booked MOT, check, Insured, check, 50 miles from home, check, having just covered a couple of hundred meters after sitting for six and a half years check. WCPGW? Kept the speed down to a max of 50 as the tyres are a bit* cracked and have proper flat spots, with my friend following in my Saab, the journey home was pleasant, warm and comfortable, and most noticeably without an FTP! Tomorrow I will give it a full check over to see what I have bought. So far I know it needs tyres, a thermostat, an new engine temperature sender and a bit of sparkly stick action on the sills. Happy bunny!
  14. I am a member of the Saab Owners Club (you will be surprised* to hear) and also the Tayside Classic Car Club. Tayside organise lots of local things. SOC organises a few great meets a year. Made some excellent friends through both. SOC does not have a forum, UKSaabs provides that and we work closely together. Tayside does an electronic newsletter, SOC a great colour magazine. Happy to be a member of both.
  15. It is a Volvo PV544, powered by the same 1.8 litre that went in its successor, the Amazon 120 series
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