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  1. And one of close up working to the platform. For scale, the vessel crane is a 250tonne, 40m reach job.
  2. Still here on day 23 of a 13 day job We are doing groundbreaking work here by doing underwater flange (bolted) connections on pipelines but without using divers. Obviously we predicted problems as it is a steep learning curve, but the first connection went smoothly if a little slow, a few hours more than expected. The second connection did the same, but as we were tensioning the bolts one component on the tool failed. This is the only tried and trusted component on the tool, and has been used for many years in many applications without issue. It had to be pressurised to 1350 bar, and held for 10 seconds, after which the job was done apart from tidying up. It let go at 1290 bar So far it has cost us 2 full days and we still have not got the tool back on deck, although we are almost ready to lift, but the weather has now come up and will stop the lifting operations. Predicted end date is now Saturday evening, I think this is optimistic! As a little light relief, they moved the drill rig the other day
  3. On the leaking oil bolt, as the thread is obviously damaged (hence it will not tighten) the problem is it is just spinning. You will need to apply some pressure outwards whilst rotating the bolt anti clockwise. If there is a gap at all between block and bolt head, a very thin screwdriver can be used whilst turning the bolt with a socket. If there is no gap, a small pair of vice grips on the bolt head at 90 degrees to the block, then turn and pull at the same time. This may take several attempts as the vice grips will keep slipping off. For the diesel leak, as said, a copper washer should work.
  4. Or a mixed stew as it is known!
  5. 7 am Going to bed Nightshifts are not great either
  6. Sorry, no idea on the type of shark apart from a grey one. I have asked here but no one seems to know. I apologise for the lack of car content on this thread at the moment, but my excuse is that the nearest car is about 150 miles away.... Today we spent waiting on weather although we have managed to return to work in the last hour. Earlier we had a visit from the SAR helicopter who wanted to borrow our back deck for a winch exercise. I suggested as they had the bait on the wire we should try and catch the shark, but I was over-ruled. (the bait can be seen next to the crane below the cabin in this picture)
  7. Slow progress and we are again waiting on weather, we currently have 9m waves which, for those not familiar with the metric system converts to "big waves" or technically speaking "bloody rough" My Seal friend has visited a few times, but last night he brought his friend with him. Fascinating to watch, they were actually playing together
  8. A busy if straightforward work trip so far. I have not bothered updating the offshore trip as I am sure you are all as bored as I am of looking at the Ekofisk complex. This trip is all at one location, so apart from the height of the waves, the view out of the office window does not change. Having said that, the forecast for the next few days is rubbish, so we are going to use the time to nip into Stavanger (15 hours away) and do the crewchange we had planned to do by helicopter before the weather had other ideas. Today, whilst working we had a visitor, this is in roughly 300 feet (90m) of sea water!
  9. Not had time to update this thread as back in Norway, joined the boat and been busy mobilising many 100s of tons of equipment. Still, managed to blag the night shift so can actually get on with things rather than spending the day answering soft questions and attending meetings. Before I left I had a delivery All the new suspension bits for the Saab. I had already tried bodging fixing the oil leak by applying tiger seal, but this modern fully synth oil is thin stuff and can escape with ease. It did slow a torrent into a slow seep so counted that as a win. Fired up with enthusiasm with all the nice shiny bits, the Saab went back on the ramp ready to start with the rear suspension, as the design of this meant no spring compressors are needed. I hate doing springs, do not own a decent set of spring compressors so decided do the rear, build up my fortitude for doing the fronts and arrange to borrow a decent set of compressors from a friend. The enthusiasm did not last long as I was met with these on all 4 wheels and of course despite a thorogh search of the car, there is no key! The last Saab I bought had the same problem, and that one took a full day to get the old ones off (with regular tea breaks, and the desire for a repeat performance was nil. Good job I discovered this whilst at home and not on my european road trip a couple of weeks ago! Gave it a great deal of thought for a few seconds and went to see my Saab mechanic of choice. It was agreed he would remove and bin the locking wheel nuts, fit the new suspension and if he had time, drop the sump and fix the leak properley. After all, the greatest labour saving device known to mankind is money! The Saab was left there and I got a lift home. As I now had an empty ramp and a vacant slot in my timetable, I charged the battery on the Toyota Enima and got that onto the ramp to see how extensive the welding required is, which had stopped the MOT preparation a few months ago. As luck would have it, my welding friend called in for a brew so we investigated together. Turns out it is just the rear couple of inches on the back of the inner and outer sills on both sides, so my friend has agreed to sort that whilst I am away if the stars align. Whilst in the final panic of packing my bag and getting ready to head for Norway, I was contacted by a fellow shiter who advised me a car I had shown interest in a few months ago was now available, so was I still interested. Of course, with no time, far too many cars and a severe shortage of space, I agreed to purchase it on the condition he could store it until my return A new piece of chod is now awaiting collection at the end of this trip!
  10. I am currently 13 hours into a 22 hour shift! I started at 0800 this morning in the office, joined the boat this afternoon and will be working 1800 to 0600 for the next couple of weeks or so. Why is this a grin? I usually work on a 6 month contract (zero hours) and yesterday I reminded my agency my contract had run out at the end of August. They responded today with a new contract, expiring at the end of December 2024 and threw in a nice 15% pay rise without me asking! The icing on the cake is my first roffle win on here!
  11. @HMC Welcome to the Blown Bentley club. Mine has the same engine as yours
  12. Locking wheel nuts. That is all
  13. TVO is generally 2/3rds petrol and 1/3 kero. It still uses a spark ignition. Veg works in a diesel with compression ignition. So no, veg will not work in a TVO system as it is impossible to ignite veg oil with a spark.
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