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  1. All voxalls are shite! Sitting comfortable, cup of coffee in hand having just finished my tea and about to catch up on AS when there is a knock at the door. Now, those who have visited here will realise that it is a rare occurrence when pitch dark and 8pm. Gets up, looks out the window to see a gentleman with a torch shining on his "Police" badge on his uniform. Of course, my first thought is what have I done now? Quick conversation and it turns out some people had got lost in the forest behind me (out for exercise in daylight and taken the wrong path) and police had told them to m
  2. The PO always tried to buy from down south as less salt in use. Both that and my red estate came from the southern hemisphere (of the UK)
  3. Thank you. After the lockdown is over, feel free to visit. In other news, the ice has melted today and managed to get into my shed today so hopefully work can start again tomorrow. As a bonus I managed to get to the shops today, all be in in low ratio with diff lock in on the drive. Roads are clear though!
  4. I try very hard not to comment on these things, but just occasionally it is even harder not to. I have my own forum so see things from both sides. There are always people who are not happy with the mods. There are always questionable decisions when viewed from one side, but only the mods know what is going on in the background. One major car forum no longer exists because a post was not moderated, the site had to close, either that or the mods faced court. Never under estimate the vindictiveness of people. The comparison with FB is laughable, they have the budget to fight back, AS (nor my own
  5. I will try to make it, assuming we still have electricity here.....
  6. Well it is not getting any better! According to FB most of the roads around here are closed. Last night we had Thunder Snow, apparently a rare phenomenon of thunder and lightning whilst snowing. Today it is drifting.....
  7. I cannot be sure but memory tells me 285/50-15 - the only reason they are still available is they were fitted to early 60s Corvettes, hence race tyres being the default.
  8. Just spoken to my friend who took it down. First he reminded me that it was wheel HP so add 20-30% ??? for transmission losses. The printout shows losses as 19HP but I am unsure of what these things mean. He said that to increase HP we would reduce Torque, especially at low revs. He said it drives superbly and would not change a thing! Coming home at 85mph it was sat at 1800 rpm and just lolloped along! @hairnetthe tyres are super sticky, the last attempted 11 (on the Mulsanne straight) destroyed the clutch...... When lockdown ends I can go and fetch it..... The printout:
  9. A pint to @Fumbler and to show I am not a poor loser one for @Skizzer as well! Having thought about it, one of the priorities with this car is reliability as it will be making fairly regular trips between Aberdeen and Lemans (just under 2k miles round trip) and having a relatively unstressed engine should help with that. The torque should ensure a fun drive whilst retaining some semblance of control. There are only 2 tyres still made for the rear, BFG All terrains and Avon ZZR semi race tyres. The last set (9 years ago) cost £1200 trade, and they will need changing at the end of thi
  10. I have a video on a run but a) cannot figure how to get it off my phone and b) it is very muted due to the exhaust collectors. Anyway, the results are in. I am still awaiting confirmation of the weight but believed to be 1075kg. Very happy with the torque, a little disappointed with the power output.
  11. First run completed, no figures yet (git!) but primary and secondary jet change underway
  12. Set up and ready to start....
  13. Indeed, I have bought several from onboard! Including the Solstad from Stockholm whilst offshore Norway.
  14. It looks like it is all go for tomorrow A few friends are running a sweepstake on it so I will go with the same number I have there. 365bhp
  15. Well, that didn't go as planned! No photos as I was a bit* busy. It stopped snowing around lunchtime and the sun came out. The forecast is for a week of hard frosts (-15c or below at night) so decided it would be a good idea to clear some of the snow so, should I need to, I can get out with the Discovery. First, the snow was deep enough to go into my wellies. I then had to clear the door into my shed with a piece of ply as my shovels are inside the shed! Got in and fired up the 4x4 Kubota with loader. Unfortunately it is on grass tyres (its main function is my lawn mower) but it worked as long
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