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  1. They are lovely looking little cars, Never had the 25 mk2 only zr mk1 but they were brilliant fun little things great cars would have another
  2. Looks a lovely purchase, Always been scared of these due to my friends one having issues- he was quite good at buying duds. I remember that a peice of dashboard trim on his( the bit that shuts against the doors) was missing showing fuses. Still hasnt put me off and for the money they command they look worth alot more.
  3. Sorry I hope you didn't think I was being off. It wasn't my intention
  4. @grogee I don't understand you laughing emojee on my comment. That 75 has been for sale many times. I saw it a while ago with different pictures and the bodywork is knackered. Then you have cambelts water pump etc. The sills probably need looking into also brakes tyres etc. It soon ads up. I only state this as I have easily spent silly sums on my old 75s. They can chew money
  5. Hi this one is a pre launch, The 75 was launched in early 99 but they made some at the tail end of 98 for photoshoots etc, Then some were kept by management and others scrapped. I had an s reg one many years ago but the T reg pre production ones are more common. On the VIn plate it would show two '00's denoting a pre launch car. Its a nice spec but the bodywork would be alot to fix and by the time cambelts etc have been done you would be nearly £4000 in if not more.
  6. Looks good always nice to see your thread popping up. Such an eclectic range of cars you've had truly impeccable
  7. Great cars I have had 4 and loved each one,
  8. Please may I cancel myself from this please something has come up. Many thanks Thomas
  9. My mother heard a bang about 19:40 tonight so she looked outside to find my dad's Jag smashed into with it's wheel bent over,the other wheel is straight. Other person has admitted they did it. It was only motd a couple of weeks ago,bucket of arse, sorry the picture isn't to clear.
  10. When I have bought gear aslong as its the same brand the zip was normally the same. But failing that I paid £40 for mine to have new zips.
  11. @500topsThat wouldnt be Tesco Roborough would it? Im sure there was a Tractor run out as There were loads of old ones driving round
  12. Or in my case look at said recipients profile to get an idea then find out it shows the last few people to view the profile. Ill have to be more sleauthy this time
  13. As its the same engine as in the Jaguar S type( which I owned and then gave my father) the electronic handbrake automatically comes on when you turn the car off-It should show the handbrake sign on the dash, Also pulling away will automatically disengage when a load is found on the engine. Good luck looks a lovely vehicle.
  14. Corrr that's lovely. I'm sure the premium is bottom of the range funnily enough. May be wrong but I'm sure I was told somewhere.
  15. Lovely looking little cars good luck with it
  16. I went out to my Rover 620ti and there was a note on it. Expecting a neighbour to be moaning as I have not driven it for a couple of weeks thinking its been abandoned. I opened it and it was a letter stating the person was a fan of it and theyd like to buy it. Its not for sale but it actually made my day.
  17. I had the varadero aswell and they are great, will do 70mph and also has a big bike feel. They are easy to ride with big handlebars. If you go for an early one they are carbbed with no fuel gauge but the injected ones have a fuel gauage. Really miss that bike
  18. Good luck fingers are crossed for you
  19. What a stunning picture. Love the 800 layout especially with the climate control buttons. I'm going to have to go into my garage and have a sit in mine tomorrow. Enjoy fotu really wish I could go
  20. Lovely looking car and the colour really suits it. I would say good luck with the travelling but I doubt youd need it.
  21. Good luck, Love reading collection threads-Mine always seem dull in comparison.
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