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  1. Despite the fact that it's been on AT for a few weeks afaik ... Sorry we missed the boat by half an hour☹️
  2. Morning Glenn...

    I'm just setting off now.

    Can you give me a number I can reach you on...

    .Mine's 07914787165








  3. I can look at it tomorrow Cort ... Funnily enough I've just sold my C6 2.2
  4. He's had to lurk on the Volvo forum to get his fix Ken ☹️
  5. Thanks very much Pillock... I've replied to your PM !
  6. Thanks for that Barmatt ... Much appreciated
  7. Bump... Still waiting for a reply on behalf of Tetleysmooth
  8. Thanks for the reply BeEP ... Yes,I msgd Slarti yesterday and Dave had already contacted admin as a 'guest' before he contacted me. Maybe the lack of response is due to Bank holiday busyness ...
  9. I think you're right Snagglepuss... Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the heads up Skattrd ... I'll msg Dave and tell him he's not alone!
  11. Dave (Tetleysmooth) sent me a txt msg earlier asking if I could help .... Apparently despite many attempts to log in to the updated site since it's introduction and following all the instructions posted by Pillock/Slarti bf he's still not able to log on! Can admin/mods please help him? He's suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms and would much appreciate it if someone could put an end to his Autoshiteless woes. I'm not sure if he can be contacted through the site for obvious reasons so could someone msg me if they have a solution please ....? Or alternatively I do have Dave's phone No Many thanks in anticipation Chris .
  12. Hello SBF ...

    I've had a msg from Dave 'Tetleysmooth' asking me to contact admin because he's unable to log in ... Apparently he's tried everything.

    Please advise



    1. chrisjvm


      I sent you a message Re a members difficulty logging in to the 'updated' site on the 4th May ...

      Why haven't you afforded me the common courtesy of a reply?

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