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  1. This fine* automobile is still in my possession. It's a lot better than it was after a new MAF, replacing all the boost hoses, new PAS pulley, new belt, fixing various bodges, ensuring the exhaust no longer leaks and slowly poisons the inhabitants, etc. but it's still slow. Back in the searing heat of the summer I fitted a new AC condenser and dryer as the bottom inch or so of the condenser was completely missing. Probably not the most pressing thing to sort, but this gave me lovely cool air and made me not hate the car so much. Recently the AC belt tensioner starting squealing horribly so the AC belt is off and I've lost interest in getting anything else sorted. Every time I look at the car it reminds me of my stupidity. Anyway, enough wallowing in self pity, anyone interested in buying a hateful 320d compact?
  2. Measuring boost in INPA. This one has a vacuum actuator which appears to be working fine. INPA shows no codes other than glow plug relay which is making diagnosis difficult. I think the next step is to test the intercooler for leaks, there's nothing obvious but I'm hoping a pressure test might highlight and issue.
  3. Well, I still have this as I can't afford to change it. It's a bit less glacially slow than it was but it's still nowhere near where it should be Stuff done so far includes: replacing a knackered intercooler pipe, replaced all the vacuum lines, retapping the threads on the turbo intake so the pipe sealed, fitted 2 bolts rather than the one loose one to where the egr pipe joins the exhaust manifold, tightened joint between cat and turbo, cleaned maf and map sensors which were pretty much spotless anyway, tested turbo actuator, replaced air filter. It's now making about 4psi of boost rather than the ~1.5psi it was making before. Nowhere near the ~20psi its meant to make though. Investigation continues and a new cat is on the way in case it's that. At least the computer is still showing ~60 MPG so that's one thing to be pleased about. Taking off the manifold to replace the vacuum pipes revealed some hideousness though, any ideas? Guess it's a coolant leak from the pipe below but it doesn't appear to be losing coolant. Don't worry about the missing seals, I'd already started removing them at this point. I need the car again tomorrow so for now I scraped off the crustyness as best I could and got it all back together.
  4. For anyone still interested, I've just received a text from David saying he's out of the country but will ring when he's back. Not sure what can be done now but at least he can explain his side of things.
  5. Yeah, original advert mentioned swirl flap delete and vortex filter so fingers crossed on that. Will check the filter anyway as I have that area in pieces at the moment.
  6. These photos are enormous in afraid as posting from my phone. Not very exciting but these show the bodged intercooler pipe now replaced, chipped power steering pulley, shredded belt, turbo leak and mullered thread on the turbo. All resolvable of course, just somewhat annoying.
  7. I did drive it for a minute or two in the business park where we met. It felt sluggish but I foolishly assumed that was because I'd just stepped out of my 182. As I say, I should've checked it better but I trusted Dave's assessment of the car. There's no way David didn't realise the state of the thing, he drove it from Chester to Stoke to meet me and changed the belt before doing so. He's also fully aware of the CAT marker on the Clio but doesn't mention it in his ebay listing. I'm sure the buyer will be pleased when they get the V5 with the salvage marker on it. I'll post some photos of the BMW later if people are interested.
  8. Cheers for all the support chaps. I guess I've come across as a complete newb to the world of shite cars but I'm not really, this has just been a moment of madness whilst tired from working two jobs. Genuinely just needed something more economical and trouble free so why the hell I didnt check it better I don't know. Whilst the Clio appears to be a full fat, it isn't. It doesn't have the cup suspension, I measured it out when looking for replacement parts and it's standard. The wheels have been poorly sprayed anthracite and are all peeling. I'm fairly sure the cup spoiler was added by a previous owner.
  9. In case anyone's interested in the latest edition of "long term lurker comes out of the shadows to moan", here's an update. As I'm obviously stuck with this now I've started to look into the issues. Once I'd finally got my lad to sleep and some time to myself, I set out stripping off all the undertrays. BMW obviously love undertrays. The exhaust leak is coming from where the cat/downpipe joins to the turbo, clearly been leaking for some time as the area is very sooty. Looks like someone's tried to seal this with sealant before but failed. I can't get the nuts to turn on this to get it off despite using a massive breaker so before I round them off or snap the studs I may as well take it to an exhaust place and get them to do it. Looks like the flexi join may be leaking to so a new cat/downpipe may be the only option here. I can't detect any play in the turbo shaft so that's at least t some good news, but investigating further I could see the intercooler pipe that bolts to the top of the turbo was loose. In removing it I can see that someone's mullered the thread in one of the mounting holes, looks like they've lost the original fastener and used a coarse thread fastener in a fine thread hole. Gonna plug the turbo with a rag and try running a tap through it to see if it can be revived otherwise I guess drill it out a bit bigger and tap. Fun times. It also likes to leak oil, a lot. The wife's gonna be chuffed when she sees the state of the drive. One of the leaks was fixed by tightening up the sump plug beyond finger tight but there's a major one coming from around the area of the turbo which I've not tracked down yet due to fading light. New pulley for the power steering on order as that's chipped and cracked so could very well be the cause of its penchant for shredding belts. Spent a good while picking bits of old belt from behind the power steering pump pulley mount but it appears to spin free and true so hopefully it'll be OK with a new pulley.
  10. Yeah, that's the Clio. I can't believe what it's bid up to already, should've just sold it myself. I'd be more than happy for DavidB to respond as he's ignored every method I've tried so far.
  11. Indeed, as I say caveat emptor and all that. It's nothing I can't tackle myself, I'm just not a fan of being lied to and seeing the car I swapped for this being misrepresented in the same manner is an additional kick in the teeth. I guess everyone has a different moral compass though, I like to describe every fault with a car so people know what they're getting rather than masking the truth to make a quick buck.
  12. Yeah, the one from Chester. Thanks for the offer Wingz123, as it stands I don't think it'd make it to Birmingham. I'm going to have to tackle it myself I think.
  13. I guess so, I'm not normally so trusting but hey, lesson learned I guess. E46 320d compact.
  14. As David clearly has no conscience I'll start a thread to chronicle getting this heap back I to a usable state. For those that didn't see the original thread, I swapped my CAT D Clio 182 for this as it was advertised as having no problems and my clio had a couple of issues that I wasn't in a position to resolve. The post described the car has having no issues and that it had been "meticulously" serviced. David has now deleted all threads related to the car further confirming that he knew the problems it had. I realise there's a big dollop of caveat emptor here but I took him at his word, assuming membership of this place meant he was a likeminded trustworthy fellow. Serves me right I guess. Lesson learned. The icing on the cake is that the Clio is now listed on ebay with no mention of the CAT marker, the slipping clutch, the tyres worn to the markers. Lies about recent services, if anything it needs new discs, they haven't recently been changed. All the photos are taken to hide the damage just like those of the BMW. It looks like he'll make a tidy profit from this. Problems discovered so far: Car has hardly any power and is getting worse, barely manages to maintain 70 on the motorway. Cabin fills with exhaust fumes - I guess exhaust leak related to above. Intercooler hose has been patched with gunk and tape. Crank pulley wobbles like mad and has shredded the new serpentine belt that David kindly* fitted to get the car ready for collection. I didn't twig when he grabbed the breaker bar out of the boot that he'd brought along in case the new belt went on the way to our meeting point. Horn doesn't work - when we met he did offer this information when I asked if there was anything wrong with the car. Supposedly came with two keys, turns out one is blank and only the fob works, one is cut for the car and the fob doesn't. So basically one key. He specifically stated the car was clean all over with absolutely no rust. Once I got it home and cleaned all the grime off, I found it it has scratches on practically every panel and rust on the arches and door bottoms. The rear brakes are sticking. All in all, quite a lot wrong to not disclose and he obviously knew this. No doubt more will be forthcoming as its clearly not been serviced as regularly as he claims, the air filter is gopping. I guess there's nothing I can do now other than beat myself up a bit and crack on with fixing a car which I neither have the time or spare cash to fix when all I really wanted was to swap to a car that could safely and reliably cart me and the family around. Anyway, after all that moaning, anyone have any tips/pointers on getting this heap fixed? Looks like I need a locking tool to hold the crank pulley, don't suppose anyone in the Derby area has one I could borrow?
  15. Hi David, Any chance you could reply to my phone call, text or PM regarding the heap of a BMW you've lumbered me with? Cheers.
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