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  1. Found this water pump at the back of the shed. I bought it for a 2001 VW Polo 1.4 a few years back and it never got used. Looks like it fits various VAG cars. Any use to anyone?
  2. LOLz Anyway, I've said my piece. I guess it's time I put on my big boy pants and got over it. Buy an R53 mini instead, they're also a cunt to work on but not quite as bad as the 182. Also not as fast along with worse fuel economy and a shit boot.
  3. Quite frankly if the Clio bit you on the arse then it serves you right. That BMW was the most mis-represented heap I've ever owned and I've owned some crap. In fact I still rage about swapping it with you most days and I pretty much begged you to swap it back. As for the condom under the seat, if indeed it's true, it wasn't mine, chance would be a fine thing. Nor were any fast food containers, despite me being a fat fuck. Karma's a bitch I guess and the Clio, if completely fucked would still be worth more than the scrap man gave me for the POS BMW.
  4. No worries, good to meet you. Hope you got home safe ?
  5. £650 now if it tempts you more.
  6. Looks like 83C is taking the SV. Cheers all.
  7. I'm in Belper, near Derby. It's been sat for at least a year, probably longer. Started straight up off a jump pack though and sounds ok. It's had a bit of a knock at idle with the clutch lever out for as long as can remember, goes away when you pull the lever a bit. I'm fairly sure it's the clutch basket rattling but it's not got any worse. It's safe to assume the battery is toast, although a my ctek is trying to revive it. Both calipers are seized but free enough to roll it, they need a rebuild at least once a year anyway if you ever ride it in any sort of rain. It's got carbon end can which I've lost the baffle for so it's rather loud, rear hugger, double bubble screen and cartridge emulators in the front forks which were resprung for a rider of around 90kg which is what I was before becoming and enormous bloater. Also the usual tail tidy, led indicators, etc. Back tyre is a fairly new Continental, front is a more worn Dunlop. Pretty sure I have the matching front Continental somewhere. Will bang some photos up shortly although I stupidly forgot to check the mileage before putting it all away again. Will be pretty much whatever it was at the last MOT though. Edit: photos at https://photos.app.goo.gl/Y7k52Kmw78jn868o6
  8. I really need to get rid of my rough and ready 2003 SV650s. Not been MOTd for a fair while and I can't myself riding a bike again for a good while and I could do with the space. Values seem all over the place for these though. Mine has been used to commute on through all weathers and has done ~55k so I doubt it's worth much. Has some suspension upgrades and cosmetic tweaks though. Gonna drag it out of the shed and get some photos. Anyone interested in an easy project?
  9. Rover 75 1.8 turbo £550 in Matlock. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/545397549731870/
  10. This fine* automobile is still in my possession. It's a lot better than it was after a new MAF, replacing all the boost hoses, new PAS pulley, new belt, fixing various bodges, ensuring the exhaust no longer leaks and slowly poisons the inhabitants, etc. but it's still slow. Back in the searing heat of the summer I fitted a new AC condenser and dryer as the bottom inch or so of the condenser was completely missing. Probably not the most pressing thing to sort, but this gave me lovely cool air and made me not hate the car so much. Recently the AC belt tensioner starting squealing horribly so the AC belt is off and I've lost interest in getting anything else sorted. Every time I look at the car it reminds me of my stupidity. Anyway, enough wallowing in self pity, anyone interested in buying a hateful 320d compact?
  11. Measuring boost in INPA. This one has a vacuum actuator which appears to be working fine. INPA shows no codes other than glow plug relay which is making diagnosis difficult. I think the next step is to test the intercooler for leaks, there's nothing obvious but I'm hoping a pressure test might highlight and issue.
  12. Well, I still have this as I can't afford to change it. It's a bit less glacially slow than it was but it's still nowhere near where it should be Stuff done so far includes: replacing a knackered intercooler pipe, replaced all the vacuum lines, retapping the threads on the turbo intake so the pipe sealed, fitted 2 bolts rather than the one loose one to where the egr pipe joins the exhaust manifold, tightened joint between cat and turbo, cleaned maf and map sensors which were pretty much spotless anyway, tested turbo actuator, replaced air filter. It's now making about 4psi of boost rather than the ~1.5psi it was making before. Nowhere near the ~20psi its meant to make though. Investigation continues and a new cat is on the way in case it's that. At least the computer is still showing ~60 MPG so that's one thing to be pleased about. Taking off the manifold to replace the vacuum pipes revealed some hideousness though, any ideas? Guess it's a coolant leak from the pipe below but it doesn't appear to be losing coolant. Don't worry about the missing seals, I'd already started removing them at this point. I need the car again tomorrow so for now I scraped off the crustyness as best I could and got it all back together.
  13. For anyone still interested, I've just received a text from David saying he's out of the country but will ring when he's back. Not sure what can be done now but at least he can explain his side of things.
  14. Yeah, original advert mentioned swirl flap delete and vortex filter so fingers crossed on that. Will check the filter anyway as I have that area in pieces at the moment.
  15. These photos are enormous in afraid as posting from my phone. Not very exciting but these show the bodged intercooler pipe now replaced, chipped power steering pulley, shredded belt, turbo leak and mullered thread on the turbo. All resolvable of course, just somewhat annoying.
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