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  1. I think the Chrysler name didn't help I vaguely remember reading that they were originally going to be Humber-badged (in the UK anyway).
  2. Not often you stumble across one of these
  3. Having recently achieved another year’s MOT (not without event), thought today was a nice day to treat the 75 to some Lanoguard on its underside. Still looking pretty decent under there.
  4. Not quite as twattish behaviour to destroy one in 1995, or whenever that was. Only a complete philistine would do it now.
  5. To be fair, they were keeping their MGR expertise fairly quiet in recent years. They changed the name of the place and started promoting themselves as BINI specialists, which they seemed to do a good trade in. But the guys there still knew a Rover 75 like the back of their hand.
  6. Just found out that my local Rover specialist has been forced to close due to redevelopment plans. Been taking my cars here for as long as I’ve been able to drive, and it’s the only place I’ve really felt able to trust for the more complex jobs and that in-depth MGR knowledge when you need it. Particularly rubbish for the guys who were running the place, as it was basically an employee buy-out when the owner retired, and they only took over a couple of years ago. Hope they manage to land on their feet and find something else quickly.
  7. Even still had the original dealer sticker in the back window - looks to have been bought new in Hatfield, Herts (not far from where I spotted it).
  8. Not every day you spot a 125P in the Homebase car park! Reckon there must be single figures of these left in the UK now. Minty as well. Yes, I did get so excited that I put my finger over the lens...
  9. Yeah remember watching this at the time and then again a few years later. Great documentary - but the optimistic note it ends on brings a bit of a tear to the eye now, knowing the outcome.
  10. Didn’t think the naff white dials came in until the facelift. Nice though. Can certainly confirm that sagging door cards (and sagging everything else) is indeed “normal in Rover of this age”
  11. Tempted to buy it just so I can pretend to be a bad guy from The Professionals…
  12. Wilko220

    Car Sectionals

    Absolute legend - here’s an article about him. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/magazine/the-work-of-terry-davey/ One of my favourite items on the bookshelf is this tome which has more than 100 of his drawings in it.
  13. dozeydustman - x2 catsinthewelder - x1 andyberg - x1 barefoot - x1 RobT - x1 Fumbler - x1 Wilko220 - x1
  14. New article on ChinaOnline about the last gen 9-5. Keen to get my hands on one of these one day. https://www.aronline.co.uk/opinion/saab-9-5/?fbclid=IwAR1nDSJ9CAV6jjL5qFgzoQdIzaa9NqABFHz3bUiHm618nTVOuuvXYhABVPo
  15. Thanks for your nice comments Was able to overhaul the ignition system recently, with new coil, contact set, condenser and rotor arm at a total cost of about £65 - so keeping things original for the time being. But will see how things go and keep that in mind - I know it's a common modification people make on these.
  16. Yep, Hunter GLS. I think someone on here has/had one - @TagoraSX possibly?
  17. Cheers Eddy! Sadly, I’m working Saturday so won’t be able to get to Portsmouth I’m afraid
  18. So, the wood is now in the hole. And it's looking every bit the poor man's Rover I was hoping it would. Any 1970s provincial bank manager would be right at home in this interior. . This means it's pretty much restoration complete now. Literally just need to sort out wheel trims and we're there. Yeah, it took longer than it should have, and I cheated by getting a lot of the work done by other (significantly more talented) people. But I can still enjoy a sense of satisfaction from having bought an unloved scrapper destined for the breakers, and turned it into a head-turner that's hopefully going to last many more years. And looking at the way values of these have gone, I've probably just about broken even (ish). Got a ticket for the rescheduled Classics on the Common in Harpenden on 22nd September, so planning to take it for a day out for what will be its first show in many years. Hopefully will bump into some fellow members of the AS massive while I'm there. Some new exterior shots for the pervs. A final shout out to MBVR who did the most recent work on it, including that stunner of a vinyl roof. Would recommend them without hesitation.
  19. Bo11ox on the Ford Zephyr:
  20. I bet in 1978 the original owner was well impressed when he discovered the Saab dealer had put black and silver metal number plates on his brand new motor.
  21. Took a while longer than hoped but, erm, I've got wood... A few switches and wires to be matched back up now...
  22. Yeah it's not an Escort though m9 so I'm out
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