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  1. Well it seems it's finally been put out of its misery. Top Gear: BBC flagship show will not return for 'foreseeable future' - BBC News I'm marking this milestone in history by listening to some of Elton's best work...
  2. Another snooker one…
  3. Can't decide if he wants to be Richard Hammond or wants to be in Peaky Blinders. But yeah, what a contemptible scumbag.
  4. A bit lo-fi maybe, but I've just got a couple of these and they do me fine
  5. Looks tidy for the age ATCNBE
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1416658378570338/permalink/3659957470907073/
  7. This is a new one on me. Think I'll probably manage without tbh. https://www.national.co.uk/windscreen-treatment
  8. BRAN FIND Don't put yourself out m8 VAUXHALL VIVA SL 2.3 1972 BARN FIND ONE OF ONLY 12 KNOWN REMAINING CARS | eBay
  9. No idea what this is but Facebook’s algorithm obviously knows I like C15s… https://www.facebook.com/reel/10090588174348994?fs=e&s=TIeQ9V
  10. Ever since the regrettable departure of the former @MrDuke Xantia from my life (as seen here in this thread), I've been craving some Citroen hydropneumatic waftiness. So I've finally done something about it and gone out and bought this. A bit of a shed bodywork-wise (pic is flattering), but it's got a full and reassuring service history, drives lovely with the 160bhp diesel engine, and generally offers all the barge-tastic vibes one would expect. Done 123k miles so only just run in m8, etc. Being a 2012 model, this is the most modern car I've ever owned - and my first experience of an electric handbrake (initial opinion: utterly pointless, especially with a manual gearbox). But it also has a few more useful toys for my long journeys and the ride is obviously joyous. One thing making me a bit nervous as a total amateur in the mechanics department, is (please don't laugh but...) this will be the first car I've ever owned that doesn't have a Haynes manual written for it. Anyone know if any similar alternative exists?
  11. Looks as if the Chinese have "reinvented" it... Can BYD Replace Citroen as a Suspension Wizard? Meet DiSus - autoevolution
  12. Wilko220


    Diary date for anyone who likes "Classics on the Common" in Harpenden - just had an email to say next year's event will be on Wednesday 24th July, 2024. Apparently tickets will go on sale in April. This year's show was very enjoyable (until about 5pm when the heavens opened and gallons of water started pissing through the front of my Coventry-built exhibit.)
  13. No smoking sticker for that classic '90s dodgy minicab look!
  14. Wilko220


    Well this is a bit of a bummer. https://www.aronline.co.uk/opinion/the-time-has-come/?fbclid=IwAR1roHqGa85fjtAhRuIbTTI3MOk0nv-_tOWZV5ypPwxv8WKVFtcYGvdvaUA_aem_AU_f8e8He9pxGKjHqxlYdy1VNLcXnpdSxXmDsJ6DC-DHy27HUGaVyEEToKhxHB4zp_g&utm_content=cmp-true
  15. Ford Transit and VW Transporter must both be up there.
  16. Not really an Audi person but this is quite handsome looking. 1994 Audi A6 Saloon 2.0 4dr SALOON Petrol Manual | eBay
  17. Chinky Chento begging to not be turned into a "bus wanker" replica 1994 Fiat Cinquecento 0.9l RUNS AND DRIVES WELL | eBay
  18. MG Midget 1500, year 1979, T-reg, rubber bumper | eBay
  19. 1978 CITROEN CX 2400 Pallas. Very low mileage. ULEZ and tax exempt Classic Car | eBay
  20. TEH SEX rover sterling 827 | eBay
  21. vw scirocco classic cars | eBay
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