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  1. If certain modules (like the light switch unit) are changed in a Rover 75, the mileage display will show 999999.... Just saying.
  2. Mine is used on a combined commute of around 30 miles each way - it's a mix of town driving and fast flowing A/B roads. On a long motorway run it'll do 36mpg average. All figures calculated brim to brim!
  3. I haven't found too much - the 1.8 I had only managed 25mpg (it may have been ill!) But my 2.0v6 usually averages around 30mpg. The V6 is a MUCH more reliable engine, and if it's looked after will go on and on... Sent from my KB2003 using Tapatalk
  4. *Broken Record Klaxon* 2.0V6 Rover 75s sneak nicely under the radar. My 2001 2.0 V6 Auto isn't affected by the ULEZ in London, or any other of the chargeable "Clean Air Zones". It seems that the 2.5V6 may have issues specifically in Birmingham, where you'd need to pay a charge.
  5. Fellow Roverists... I have a conundrum. I'm at a crossroads with Bertie (2001 'Y-Reg' Connoisseur SE in Damson Red - 2.0V6 Petrol). This car is starting to feel a bit tatty, in that it has paint flaking on the front & rear bumpers, poor repair to the sill (going rusty again) & damage to the front of both sills (my ex-mechanic can't use a trolley jack properly). The car is mechanically sound, has another 3 years on the cam belts & everything (EVERYTHING) works. I want to retain a pre-project drive 75 on the fleet, with a V6 petrol engine, so my options are thus: 1) Sell Bertie as a bit of a banger (probably get £800 or so) and look for a replacement, like this: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202109257798932?sort=price-desc&make=Rover&price-to=8000&model=75&include-delivery-option=on&advertising-location=at_cars&radius=1500&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&postcode=hp197rf&page=1 2) Treat Bertie as a bit of a rolling restoration. In this instance I would invest heavily in repairing the sills to as-new standard, get the bumpers sorted (some minor repairs necessary to a couple of splits) and have the whole car resprayed. I would also need to tackle the interior over time, as some fabrics are just beginning to come away (headlining & door cards) but doesn't look bad yet. 3) Sack any more Rovers off, and buy a nice Volvo T5. I'm leaning towards option 2 - I've spent a lot of money on this car over the last 5 years and it's a lovely place to be - but maybe it's time for a change? I dunno!
  6. This is the most expensive car I've ever bought: £5000 of 15 year old Rover 75. It had 11,800 miles on it, and it's basically brand new. Not a sensible purchase, but I really don't care.
  7. Yes, the mechanic I used found that out!
  8. I concur with "Late Nineties / Early Noughties" - this age seems to be exactly perfect, in terms of dailies. I've almost exclusively run Rover 75s for the past 10 years of commuting - some years have been more, some less, but probably averaging 14000-15000 miles per year. I've never had one leave me stranded, and for 9 of those years I never bothered with breakdown cover. There were niggles, but you can always sort those as and when. There are certain niceties that I think I would notice if they weren't there, which do make life easier, such as: Cruise Control Air Conditioning (cooling in summer, and keeping the windows clear in winter!) Memory Seats (mechanics tend to move the seat, grrrr.....) Heated Seats My current 75 also has Xenon headlamps which are just superb for night driving
  9. Managed to pick up another one a few months back... 11800 miles from new, and in a Monogram colour - Chatsworth Gold. Unfortunately it transpired after I bought it, that it had a significant water ingress problem, and while I was investigating that, it snapped the aux belt which put it out of action for a while. Over the summer I stripped the interior out totally, and sorted the various water ingress points (sunroof drains / missing plenum tubes) before sourcing an excellent condition replacement carpet (the old one was a bit too far gone) and building the interior back up. I was encouraged to see that the floor was in excellent condition with no corrosion. We're back on the road now, and although there are still a few things to sort - it's bloody lovely wafting around in what is basically an 'as new' Rover 75.
  10. Oh look, my thread has arrived! 😂 So, in chronological order, I have owned: Gordon - White Gold Club Model - 1.8 K-Series Manual Lemmington - Moonstone Green Classic SE Model - 2.0v6 Manual The Vole - Midnight Blue Club SE Model - 2.0 CDT Manual Bob - Copperleaf Red Connoisseur SE Model - 2.0 CDT Auto Bertie - Damson Red Connoisseur SE Model - 2.0v6 Auto - Still on fleet Hector - Starlight Silver Connoisseur SE Long Wheel Base Model - 2.5v6 Auto Walter - Monogram Chatsworth Contemporary SE Model - 2.0 CDTi - Still on fleet Let's face it, the vast majority of my motoring has been in the above Rover 75s for the last 11 years or so. I've had a couple of Volvos in that time as well, but I always seem to end up coming back to the 75. None of them have given me any real problems, apart from Bob, where the previous owner had filled the Auto box fluid incorrectly and caused damage. They are comfortable, reliable, and so so wafty. What's not to like? Bob: I bought Bob 4 years ago now, after someone on here (BourneIdentity?) posted a link to the advert on eBay. One previous owner, and never driven more than 5000 miles between services. In the last 4 years I have spent nearly £6000 on maintenance - mostly servicing and preventative - and the car is mechanically spot on. I was hoping to have some bodywork done to tidy him up this year, but unfortunately the purchase of Walter has eaten into that cash! Walter: Bought just over a week ago. It's an MGRover 'Monogram' car, which is finished in Chatsworth Gold. This particular car is pretty much brand new, with just shy of 12,000 miles on the clock from new. It's certainly as close to a brand new 75 as I'll ever get, and so far I'm really enjoying it. I hope to keep it looking as mint as possible, and hopefully do some shows in it this year! (Apologies - the photos aren't in the right order, and I couldn't seem to find a photo of 'The Vole'.
  11. Enough but not too much [emoji106] £5000 was my mental barrier...
  12. Thanks all! It's an auto, which is my preferred choice, and will be getting a full change of fluids ASAP! Sent from my KB2003 using Tapatalk
  13. It's 2006, and an old lady who bought her Rover 75 brand new a couple of years ago has given up driving, The car is being sold by her son-in-law, with 11,500 miles on. It's especially nice because it's a Rover Monogram paint job (Chatsworth Gold) on a top-spec contemporary with every available extra, It's a nice car! Thing is... it's actually 2021, and the car still has 11,500 miles on. It looks new, smells new and is looking for its third owner having served two elderly custodians previously. I've just agreed to purchase it, and I can't quite believe my luck happening upon this one! It's a 2004 Rover 75 Contemporary SE, with the 131BHP diesel in Monogram Chatsworth Gold. MOT'd until 21st December this year & is absolutely mint. Picking it up on Monday!
  14. Decided 2021 will be Bertie's year, and I'll be splashing out on some bodywork to get him looking his best, but first, the MOT! I'm certain he will need a new set of tyres, as the current set are now showing quite bad cracks - plenty of meat on them though. I think I'll go with Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance 2 tyres at about £67.00 per corner. I've also spent this afternoon fitting replacement VIS motors as acceleration had become fairly flat - the VIS motors have sorted that out, and now picks up nicely for the 2.0.
  15. Hopefully it doesn't come to that! If it does, just let me know Thank you! Sent from my KB2003 using Tapatalk
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