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  1. Oh look, my thread has arrived! 😂 So, in chronological order, I have owned: Gordon - White Gold Club Model - 1.8 K-Series Manual Lemmington - Moonstone Green Classic SE Model - 2.0v6 Manual The Vole - Midnight Blue Club SE Model - 2.0 CDT Manual Bob - Copperleaf Red Connoisseur SE Model - 2.0 CDT Auto Bertie - Damson Red Connoisseur SE Model - 2.0v6 Auto - Still on fleet Hector - Starlight Silver Connoisseur SE Long Wheel Base Model - 2.5v6 Auto Walter - Monogram Chatsworth Contemporary SE Model - 2.0 CDTi - Still on fleet Let's face it, the vast m
  2. Enough but not too much [emoji106] £5000 was my mental barrier...
  3. Thanks all! It's an auto, which is my preferred choice, and will be getting a full change of fluids ASAP! Sent from my KB2003 using Tapatalk
  4. It's 2006, and an old lady who bought her Rover 75 brand new a couple of years ago has given up driving, The car is being sold by her son-in-law, with 11,500 miles on. It's especially nice because it's a Rover Monogram paint job (Chatsworth Gold) on a top-spec contemporary with every available extra, It's a nice car! Thing is... it's actually 2021, and the car still has 11,500 miles on. It looks new, smells new and is looking for its third owner having served two elderly custodians previously. I've just agreed to purchase it, and I can't quite believe my luck happening upon this one!
  5. Decided 2021 will be Bertie's year, and I'll be splashing out on some bodywork to get him looking his best, but first, the MOT! I'm certain he will need a new set of tyres, as the current set are now showing quite bad cracks - plenty of meat on them though. I think I'll go with Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance 2 tyres at about £67.00 per corner. I've also spent this afternoon fitting replacement VIS motors as acceleration had become fairly flat - the VIS motors have sorted that out, and now picks up nicely for the 2.0.
  6. Hopefully it doesn't come to that! If it does, just let me know Thank you! Sent from my KB2003 using Tapatalk
  7. If you needed to shift the rover on in the future, I'd be certainly interested in it! Kv6 engined 75s are fine for the London ULEZ, which is nice
  8. My childhood. I attended Bishop Burton College and used the bus to get there. More often than not it was Alexander-Royale bodied N660BRH which wore registration A10 EYD. There was also an Olympian that we regularly had which I think was R172 SOY or R792 SOY? Either way I think it broke down on every journey we had it for. If we were really lucky we'd get an older H reg Olympian which would boom and shake at idle. I would always sit so o could see the dashboard, and is amazing how many of the older buses would illuminate their oil pressure lights at idle. Sent from my KB2003 using Tapatalk
  9. I grew up in North Ferriby. My Dad had a brown Montego Countryman Estate. I think it was broken into 5 times, and eventually stolen. It was used in a robbery on Bev road before being dumped round the back of the station. Dixons got custody of it after it was recovered and we went to collect all of our stuff out of it - it was a right state. The first time I cried about a car.
  10. I've now stuck a few thousand miles on this, so it's probably time for an update! Good Stuff: Goes well, and a comfortable cabin Looks smart & presentable Plenty of power for commuting / motorway work Only things that physically don't work are both heated seats (control module or something?) Bad Stuff: Engine seems noisy in the cabin - I suspect some auxiliary system / vacuum leak? Autobox likes the occasional slip - much better in geartronic mode Small oil leak which leaves a very small patch every night (about the size of a 10p piece) ri
  11. All I care about is that there are enough people who want to buy a new car, and expect to keep it long enough to make it worth looking after. 10 - 15 year old premium cars which are worth sod all, but have been looked after are where its at.
  12. I have EXACTLY this issue with my D5. Same symptoms, although the water loss is not really noticeable, there's lots of dried coolant around the cap / components near by. I don't think I've got a big issue, she I have a cap on order. We'll see! Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  13. Bertie is now back to "classic car" duties, in that the Volvo has taken over my main mileage. Just covered 500 miles in lovely, wafts comfort. Who needs modern cars, seriously?!
  14. Well no more slipping from the autobox - yay! Just filled up after being very accelerator-happy over the last tank. 40mpg... Go figure... It does seem that the more I use it the quieter its getting as well which is nice. When I had the oil changed I asked the mechanic what he thought of the engine noise - he thought it sounded great for a D5 so I'm satisfied all is well! Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  15. Slight update... Had the oil changed the other day as, although it's only done about 2000 miles since it was changed by the previous owner, that was 12 months ago now. Thought it best to have it changed. I've also ordered a new rear wiper assembly, as the plastic cover on the wiper arm of mine is cracked - cosmetically the car will be looking really good soon! In the not so-good news, the gearbox gave me a massive slip on the way to work the other day, which is a tad worrisome! Until now it's been perfect. I checked the colour of the fluid and it's bright cherry red, so obviousl
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