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  1. I'm glad I read this - I've picked up a D5 XC70 and that top end rustle (mine isn't really loud enough to be considered 'rattly') just creeps into the cabin enough to be slightly annoying! I'll try the 2 stroke trick - thank you Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  2. I'm still torn. Every diesel I've had has had this top-end rustle - I think it annoys me more in this car, because of how refined it actually is. That said... I have discovered a pool of diesel between some of the injectors so there could be an issue there...? There's no hard starting etc though and plenty of power. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  3. Gave the car a good wash today & invested in some black trim restorer. Works well, but needs a bit of elbow grease! Pic from earlier when I was half way through... Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  4. The Volvo managed to blow another headlamp bulb last night. Funnily enough I’d noticed a set of brand new Osram Nightbreakers in the spare wheel well that the previous owner must have left, there. Duly fitted this morning, so we’ll see how long those last! Off to pick up some trim restorer from Halfords now, so will be giving the car a good clean this afternoon!
  5. I've spent a bit of time on YouTube listening to other D5s and I think it's just a dieselly thing. I can hear the same noise in the other videos, so I'm not going to worry too much. Gave it a good bootful a couple of times today and although it's not hugely powerful it doesn't half give you a shove in the back. Interestingly the fuel economy seems better accelerating briskly up to speed and then holding it there. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  6. One thing that is annoying me... And this may well be because I've not had a diesel for ages, but... Does anyone else get that common-rail top end rustle from the engine intruding into the cabin? The engine sounds sweet, and this is also a feature of a friend's diesel Dacia Duster, but I find it really annoying! It's not loud, but it's there... It's like I've got a midget under the bonnet constantly crinkling a crisp packet. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  7. That’s pretty much exactly what mines doing. - both on the OBC and real MPG.
  8. Yeah mine reckons those sort of figures for a full tank. I topped up from half to see what the MPG was looking like. Maybe I'll let this tank run and see what mileage I get from it! Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  9. I filled up today to work out exactly what MPG I'm getting... Only over 280 miles so hardly conclusive, but only getting 38mpg. I presume XC70, Geartronic & AWD to blame... Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  10. Mine's not getting figures like those! The OBD has settled on 46mpg over a few hundred miles, but we'll see what the full picture is when I fill it up again! Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  11. Mini roadtrip today in the Volvo to meet up with Father. His 75 Tourer makes the Volvo look like a Tonka Toy. It's settled at 46mpg for the moment on the OBD. 50mph send to be the sweet spot where you can keep the consumption figures over 70mpg, but at motorway speeds they seem to suffer a bit. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  12. Good news - I have the Volvo back. Seemed to be a bit of a theme with oil leaks, and a few other parts that were noted so quite a lot of work was done in the end. Overall the car is still cheaper than the next cheapest XC70 on Autotrader - still happy. We're now error code free, with no leaks or obvious mechanical maladies. Filled the tank yesterday and it's estimating a range of 700 miles... I think that might be a bit optimistic, but anything over 400 will be better than my other cars (adjusted for tank capacity!).
  13. Well the mechanic has the parts, so I'm just waiting for him to let me know when would be convenient for him to have the car back and sort the oil leak. Despite a sizeable patch of oil under the car, it hasn't lost enough to actually show a loss on the dipstick. I took it out shopping today, just to give it some sort of run and get some juice into the battery. It really does drive nicely although the ride is a touch crashy - nowhere near as bad as the V70 I had previously though! Still can't wait for this to be in daily service.
  14. I will catch up with the mechanic tomorrow and see if he's any closer to getting the parts. If not, I'll give those guys a call. Thank you! Since the Volvo has been parked up, I've been trying to get through some niggly stuff before it is pressed into daily service. I currently have the following on order: Replacement front fog lamp (to replace the cracked one) Replacement front nearside headlamp wiper motor (to replace the seized one) New handbrake gaiter (current one is worn) Today I've been trying to clear down the error messages on the dashboard. I had the dreaded 'Alarm Service' message, but this seems to have disappeared after changing the car's battery (I've not touched the alarm battery / sounder etc...). The alarm does work, so we'll see if it pops back up at some point. It was also telling me that there were multiple bulb failures. Initial inspection showed that everything apart from a headlight worked, but on further googling there are a lot of secondary bulbs at the back, and they all have to work. Now sorted! Et voila... No warning messages!
  15. This is still waiting for the parts for the crank seal renewal to be available from Volvo, but in the meantime I've given it a good wash & polish, as well as giving the interior a good clean as well. It wears its miles really well inside: There are a few cosmetic / minor issues on the outside such as a missing centre cap, smashed foglight (I'm guessing a stone was thrown up) and a seized headlamp wiper motor. Despite my mechanic saying the bumper would need to come off to renew the headlamp bulb, it was actually a very easy job without having to remove anything, so it's no longer a "one-eyed monster". Really can't wait for this to be fit for daily use!
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