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  1. Eccles cambelt will need changing this year, does anyone know roughly how much a belt change for a 1.5tdci costs?
  2. The Mondeo I papped earlier turns out to have been registered September 1993 so only missed out on being a K plate by a couple of months
  3. Hi @egg this has just passed us in London, I know it's a L reg not K plate but thought it might still be of interest
  4. You're missing out. Should have been your new years resolution to buy one. If we ever meet at FOD or at any other forum meet you are welcome to have a go in Eccles
  5. A few plans for trips in Eccles for this year, in May he will be going down to Oxfordshire as I was bought a tour of an aircraft hangar for my birthday, also at the end of May we have a week in Northumberland, at some point this year I want to get the train driving experience in Nottinghamshire I was bought done and in July I am hoping to get to Biggin Hill and Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome along with a couple of English Heritage sites. Finally I am hoping to finally get to the Severn Valley Railway this year. No doubt other trips will crop up as well.
  6. My OH's is a Corsa D, there's a thread on it in the modern shite section, I think stepdaughter wants a Corsa D as well
  7. My OH has a Corsa and it's what stepdaughter currently wants, though at one point she was on about an Audi, Mercedes or BMW, when she is older maybe but not when she is learning
  8. First update of the year. I've had a weeks holiday from work, Eccles hasn't been used as much as I thought he would this week, never mind. Stepdaughter sent my OH pictures of a couple of Corsas she found on Faceache earlier, one was £400 and a complete fucking wreck, the other was £650 and looked OK from the pictures.
  9. Only a pound? The tight git. I heard the going rate was £4 now. 🤣
  10. I see what you mean that is a tight bend.
  11. I've looked it up, going by Google maps it looks like quite a nice road to drive down
  12. Aah I see. Glad to hear nobody was seriously hurt. I don't know the A817 but will have to look it up now as I'm a nosy git 🤣
  13. Bloody pesky suffragettes 🤣🤣
  14. I saw one being towed on the M1 about 2 years ago does that count?
  15. Is your wife the one on the right? 🤣🤣
  16. Oops I hope nobody was hurt
  17. Basically Climate means it has the Quick clear heated front screen, bloody handy this time of year
  18. I didn't know your Mk2 had found a new home
  19. Phoooaarrr that is lovely. I miss my old Mk2, mine was a 1.8tdci Zetec Climate Estate, there's plenty of photos of it on the Eyerseys Motoring Adventures thread. Though I do love it's replacement, a 15 reg Mk3.5 1.5tdci
  20. MG and Ssangyong according to the website, yes I'm a nosy bastard 🤣
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