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  1. Surprised @dollywobbler hasn't updated this to include the Smart car
  2. Wasn't it about April 1993 it was launched?
  3. Wish I was in a position to take this chodtastic conveyance on
  4. How does £2995 in 1991 compare to wages at the time?
  5. Were many early Mondeos private sales? I'd have thought most of the early ones went to fleets
  6. Chodtastic, Hull Mitsubishi is my local dealer. They now sell Subaru and Isuzu
  7. Paid a insurance indemnity thing which was £29, which to be fair I knew about before. I was only down to drive the Mini but they asked if I wanted to drive anything else, so I thought I might as well drive the Lotus for an extra £20 as I was already there
  8. I wouldn't mind booking with them again and having a go in the Impreza, E Type and Mustang convertible
  9. Of the 2 I'd say the Lotus, though I see why the original Issigonis designed Mini was so popular
  10. More of a morning, but yes it was great
  11. It was chodtastic as was the Lotus. The event was run by a company called Car Chase Heroes, they have loads of cars including an Impreza, a Mustang, E Type, police car etc etc
  12. Loved it, I see why the original Mini has such a good reputation, and the Lotus was great as well. The first time I've driven a classic car.
  13. Eccles has been over to the old airfield at Tockwith near York this morning as I had a driver experience driving these beauties, a 1970 Mini Cooper S and a 1966 Lotus Cortina
  14. I wonder why Ford gave a different service interval to Peugeot for what is basically the same engine
  15. The only problem I've heard of with the 1.4 is injector seals going, though again I've no personal experience of them
  16. I think a lot of the problem comes from people neglecting them, though I have no personal experience of the 1.6tdci
  17. The 1.6tdci up to about 2011 when it was reengineered wasn't very good though, renowned for problems with DPFs, injections, turbos etc
  18. Welcome, one chodtastic Cortina there
  19. Eccles is booked in for a suspension bush to be replaced on 12th April at the friendly garage we use
  20. I thought you had been to Australia to get the pictures 🤣
  21. Another mileometer moment tonight in Eccles
  22. We have made it clear if she is caught drink driving/no insurance etc she is on her own, we aren't bailing her out
  23. Eccles had a trip down to Frome via several places the other day, over 500 miles covered in a day. Now on over 121k. He should overtake the Purple Peril's mileage over the summer.
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