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  1. Yeah I found that comment ironic considering what rot boxes the Mk3 proved to be
  2. Thanks Dan I found this on YouTube last night, I enjoyed it. Pity they didn't bother to reshoot it for the UK with RHD cars though.
  3. @dollywobbler another car here for you to add to your collection
  4. Finally got the parking permit for work today
  5. Phoooaarrr. There's a yellow Cortina in Hull thar I occasionally see, I'll get a picture when I'm next down the road it lives on, it still has the Crystal Ford sticker in the back window, Crystals were the main Ford agent in Hull and Beverley at one time
  6. Why do manufacturers only offer one free colour these days and often the selection is so bland?
  7. Do they pay their fare in bones or dog treats? 😂
  8. Would you get a taxi to join REV if you could?
  9. @C3C3welcome you will fit in well with your fine collection of old chod.
  10. Thank god all our vehicles have CCTV on board now
  11. That's the problem, mud sticks. I didn't speak to the kids much on school runs for that reason, all it takes is something taken the wrong way or whatever and causes all sorts of problems. Fortunately on NX it's very rare we do them, only to help out if Coaching are struggling.
  12. I had mine 12 years, only sold it as it was going to cost too much to get through the MOT
  13. Congratulations chodtastic news. Enjoy your new career.
  14. Same colour as the 56 reg one I had. Good cars, I still miss VK56 YMC though I do prefer Eccles.
  15. Eccles resting on a trip to the shops today
  16. Personally I would replace the lot, I know it costs but you can guarantee it would pack up at the most inconvenient moment possible
  17. Since our trip away at the weekend Eccles had developed an annoying squeak and last night I finally figured out what it was, the passenger sun visor hadn't been clipped back in properly and as the car went over a bump the visor moved.
  18. I was just going to say a Multipla so they could both sit in the front though if they both refuse to travel in it that also solves the problem 😂
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