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  1. Do you mean a tachograph?
  2. Intermittently over the last few weeks the sat nav has started playing up, it comes up with insert SD card message. Anyone any ideas as to what is causing it?
  3. I've just seen a brand new Yutong airport bus being transported on a low loader. Does anyone know if a vehicle is used solely in an airport going between the terminals etc and never gets used on the public road does it need to be registered?
  4. Greetings that's one chodtastic Land Rover there
  5. Looks like Henry has been MOT'd for another year, good to see he is still around. Eccles's MOT will take place at the end of next month and he will need a service then too.
  6. My old Focus was advertised on Autotrader when I bought it, would certainly use again.
  7. Stuck the door seal down with gorilla tape today, let's see how it holds.
  8. Aah now given the price of fuel crude oil is useful, all you need is your own refinery 不不
  9. Hi Ian, was TWC one of the government Invacars?
  10. To be fair I used Avons on my old Fiesta and never had an issue with them.
  11. 不不 Yeah it should have been on the number 11 to the Cemetery Gates but Blakey programmed the sat nav wrong 不不
  12. Is the bus in stealth mode? 不不
  13. My grandparents had H564 VRH in the early 90s, a 14 St Tropez which was one of the 36 billion special editions they did. It was basically a povvo spec 14 with a sunroof and snazzy graphics on the side. They only had it for about 18 months as my grandad had a stroke and gave up driving and my gran couldn't get on with it so it was traded in for a ZX 1.4 Reflex J946 HKH
  14. Eccles reached 104k miles today. Around 870 miles covered in the last week.
  15. Both of them are near the Blue Bell Inn at Crookham in Northumberland if anyone is interested. It's an old coaching Inn, does really good food, I can certainly recommend. Neither of the cars appears to have moved for a long time which was why I am surprised they are both taxed.
  16. MOT checker says Riley 1.5 litre so I'm not sure
  17. Both surprisingly show as taxed. The maroon car is some kind of Riley.
  18. A couple of pieces of chod I saw at the pub today
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