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  1. If I ever meet the owner of this I will beat him to death!
  2. It’s a joke that you can’t leave negative feedback for buyers. I recently sold a car on EBay and my buyer never showed up for collection and is now ignoring my messages but I am unable to leave him negative feedback, EBay is shite!!!
  3. Xantia that’s been in an accident and has no mot for £6000 https://www.gumtree.com/p/citroen/citroen-xantia-hatchback-1993-manual-1761-cc-5-doors/1403762532
  4. There was some available in my local but as with all these ‘deals’ they soon sell out.
  5. The Valvoline oil is heavily reduced at Halfords, pot luck if it’s available in your local store though! https://www.halfords.com/search?q=Valvoline
  6. Ok, let’s wait and see, unless there was a small hole on the top of the exhaust somewhere? Let’s wait events!
  7. Also, was there another hole in the exhaust then? Apart from the tail section that you replaced.
  8. That’s great news, I hope you get to enjoy it now all the hard work has been done 🤙🤙
  9. I hope the advert states ‘no tyre kickers’ as there would be nothing left!
  10. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I’ve changed my mind I want it back @Stanky 😂😂. Well done on all your efforts of getting this back to it’s best and good luck for the MOT!
  11. I know a lot of people hate Halfrauds! But they are currently doing a free MOT with any retail purchase, for example a £1 bucket. Might be useful for someone looking to move an MOTless car to a pre booked MOT. https://www.halfords.com/deals-and-events/free-mot.html?utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=drytinder&utm_campaign=phgreferral
  12. You would have to make sure you got a hand scribbled note with ‘100K’ ‘Sold as seen’ with it.
  13. Absolutely superb news! If only the second hand throttle body I bought was working properly, it would have been a 10 minute fix for me, but Sod’s law and all that. I’m really chuffed for you and glad to see that this little beauty will be back on the road again once more!
  14. This is turning out to be a right bugger! I thought someone with a bit more knowledge might have got to the bottom of this but on the bright side if you had solved it too quickly it might of made me look like a complete idiot 😂 The info for the plugs is in the manual, this is my Yrv.
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