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  1. I wonder if this is a result of people thinking their car is worth far more than it really is. It's the same in the classic car world the prices have gone through the roof. I mean £4000 for a Mk1 Cortina needing a total rebuild? It's a cooking one, not a Lotus. £17,000 for a XR2? Just had a quick look on E-Bay and there do seem to be some cheapies about. Some you can see are absolute rubbish, a couple of weeks MoT or none at all, but some seem like a good deal.
  2. It saves changing the oil, just keep topping it up and knowing that at least some part of the car won't rust. 😄
  3. Well bought. Looks like you know how to fix these 'little' problems. Should be good for a few more years sterling service after.
  4. This looks amazing. It is great to see so much work going into what was at the time just another working van. They were disposable. You used them until they broke, then threw them away and got another one.
  5. Love the little Nexia. We bought one of these for my son when he finished uni. Properly speced up thing is was too, power steering, alloy wheels, central locking, electric windows all round and aircon! All for the princely sum of £500. It had the 16v 1400cc engine in it as well. Went well and was the cheaper rate of tax! Result. had it for several years before HGF saw it bridged.
  6. That is quite a collection you have there. Just think, all of them together are cheaper than a modern drearybox on the monthly rental contract. [At least that's what I tell the wife when she moans about how much I've spent on the Landrover, Jag, Renault...]
  7. My dad had one of these, but it was the 3ltr Zodiac. Bought it to tow the caravan, but as the clutch started slipping while stuck in traffic going up some sodding great hill in Bristol while stuck in holiday traffic he chopped it in for a Landrover 109 safari. [Loved that Landy.]
  8. Looking good. Great to see this being properly restored. Will be great when it is done.
  9. This is certainly an interesting proposition. I can think of lots of vehicles that could be converted, particularly those cars that fall foul of the LEZ or ULEZs. The big thing at the moment is the cost. If the cost could be brought down to a reasonable amount then lots of cars could be 'repurposed'.
  10. This looks awesome. Your skill level is amazing.
  11. I had a 800 auto many years ago. It was a 2ltr. Lovely car. The interior was something special. I was looking at Granadas, Citroen XM's and these. Once in the drivers seat, there was no contest. The 800 just made you feel special.
  12. Can you box the carport in to give it better protection? Would be an absolute tragedy to see it get damaged by the weather you have there, especially after all the work you have put into it.
  13. If the oil light comes on with the ignition and goes out when the engine starts then I would look towards the voltage regulator or the gauge. The sender seems to be working.
  14. That interior is a thing of beauty. It must be such a nice place to sit. Has your Somerset got the same interior? Best of luck with the dash switches. Thinking of applying heat, what about a cloth soaked in hot water? It is just the heat you want, so you can wring a lot of the water out?
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