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  1. These are great cars. Much better than the equivalent Ford Escort of the same era. These were, for a very short time, Britain's most popular car. They were everywhere. I had one for a while. Very swish.
  2. 2flags

    Kitten kapers

    Great looking little car. Should be a hoot once you sorted out the cooling problem.
  3. It's bad enough on a car. Imagine the horror I felt when we were replacing some floorboards in my old house we found the house wiring had been treated in the same way! The ring main just cut and twisted together! Junction boxes were bought, every wire traced, a lot of floorboards raised. Needless to say I was less than pleased!
  4. Lovely car. Well bought. Looks like a nicely warmed over version with sympathetic and period upgrades. Personally I'd ditch the Wellers and fit some Wolfrace slot mags. 😁
  5. I'm sure you'll get to the bottom of the gearbox problem. As to the fuel consumption, well, it's a toy. Toys can be expensive to play with. My Landrover is the same.
  6. Old Lancias? They were rusty before they even left the factory weren't they? Jersey? Pottering around at low speed, never really getting warmed up, Smoking! You need a house first. You already have plenty of cars to be getting on with. Get what you have sorted then, once you have done that, with any luck you can get your house. Once that is done then you can look for old Italian money pits.
  7. If you want the outfit of a young man of the 70's then flared jeans, denim jacked and platform shoes and long hair is the way to go. How do I know? I remember them well and found some old photo's and no, I won't be posting them.
  8. Your kids must love this. It has to be the coolest car in the drive-in.
  9. Fantastic work. It must be so pleasurable to be able to cruise the highway in this.
  10. Top purchase that man. Always had a soft spot for these. As my youngest daughter has just gone off to uni in 'my' Renault Megane convertable, I find I have space for something topless on the drive. Whether or not it will ever happen though is another question.
  11. I worked on them when they were new. They were very roomy and comfortable. Much better than the comparable ford escort. The 1500 and 1750 with the 5 speed boxes were very economical and refined for their time.
  12. Lovely car. I remember them well. Used to work on them when they were new as my first job. Very spacious and comfortable.
  13. You are about to find out!!!! Get the swear box out and expect to be able to fund next years holiday! Hopefully the nuts will release, if they do it will be easy. If not...…..
  14. These are great cars. We had one for 6 years. Paid £600 for it and was very pleased with it. It finally fell apart at 170,000 miles. Very comfortable and smooth. Lovely place to sit. Traded up for a Rover 75.
  15. Oh the joy of buying cars! My daughter wanted one some time ago. Went to see, what on paper looked a good deal. Rover 25, one owner with 10 months MoT. Good price as well. Would have bought it if the camshaft wasn't totally fucked. Knocked more than a knocking thing. Sounded like a woodpecker on speed. 'They all do that' I was reliably informed by the seller. 'Yes, they do if they've never been serviced' Needless to say I didn't buy that one. Eventually found her a lovely Renault Megane cabriolet. She loves it.
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