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  1. Looking good. Great to see this being properly restored. Will be great when it is done.
  2. This is certainly an interesting proposition. I can think of lots of vehicles that could be converted, particularly those cars that fall foul of the LEZ or ULEZs. The big thing at the moment is the cost. If the cost could be brought down to a reasonable amount then lots of cars could be 'repurposed'.
  3. This looks awesome. Your skill level is amazing.
  4. Lovely car. Well bought sir.
  5. I had a 800 auto many years ago. It was a 2ltr. Lovely car. The interior was something special. I was looking at Granadas, Citroen XM's and these. Once in the drivers seat, there was no contest. The 800 just made you feel special.
  6. Can you box the carport in to give it better protection? Would be an absolute tragedy to see it get damaged by the weather you have there, especially after all the work you have put into it.
  7. If the oil light comes on with the ignition and goes out when the engine starts then I would look towards the voltage regulator or the gauge. The sender seems to be working.
  8. That interior is a thing of beauty. It must be such a nice place to sit. Has your Somerset got the same interior? Best of luck with the dash switches. Thinking of applying heat, what about a cloth soaked in hot water? It is just the heat you want, so you can wring a lot of the water out?
  9. Simple questions, can you weld? Do you love welding old French cars that have steel thinner than bakebean tins? Have you got the skills, tools, facilities and time to be able to repair this or are you going to have to pay someone? If the former, then if it's cheap enough and you really want to, then go for it. If not, save your money and get a good one.
  10. They were cars that were used. I had one as my driving school car for a while. When they brought out the new model there was a supply problem so we went over to the Focus. Good little cars, if a little underpowered. Well put together. We had the 1.25 engine ones. I think rust and the fact they were youngsters cars finished a lot of them. Many ended their lives upside down in a ditch, or hedge.
  11. Great purchase. I had a couple of these many years ago. So smooth, so comfortable, so thirsty. I bought mine 37 years ago, we brought my eldest home form hospital in it. We got it as my wife's Mk1 Escort was rotting out and I fancied a Rover. My favourite car. It is the one I regret selling.
  12. Great save. It looks fantastic. Slow, old, thirsty, unpopular and rotten. Proper autoshite! Well done.
  13. Love this thread. I am in awe of your skills sir. The car looks fantastic.
  14. Had one, 2.5 V6 auto for 7 years. great car. Finally died so got an X Type to replace it. The Rover has a much smoother ride, but the Jag is quicker. The Rover had issues and always needed money spending on it. When told it would cost over grand for the next MoT it went over the bridge.
  15. Had lots of Focuses, both petrol and diesel. I have them as driving school cars. The latest incarnation is very good if somewhat larger than the Mk1. My recollection of the Mk1 is that it handled really well but the 1.6 was somewhat gutless. The 1.8 went well but was somewhat thirsty. Not good in my profession. The diesels, up to the latest ones were great. Now however, unless you are constantly on the motorway, avoid diesels like the plague. The 1.0 ecotech engine is superb. 18000 miles servicing and giving no problems at all. The latest diesel needs oil changes every 3000 miles, the DPF filter blocks up at 26000 miles and put the engine management light on. [Can't take it out on test if the light is on.] All in all great cars. Must have had at least 20 over the years.
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