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  1. Like all the best threads on here, its making me want one. Superb shiting!
  2. Hello! I cannot believe I have been on the internet for decades yet only just found this wonderful forum. I'm currently having a spell of bad autoshite luck. My beloved Puma dumped its coolant and warped the block earlier this year. Its now with a member of Prac Classics as a engine swap project. Following that was an E39 530d which aquaplaned off the A3 as it had some Lingalonger Ditchfinders on it. Now on a high mileage E91 3 Series Touring which recently decided to give it's ECU a bath and awaiting a fix. In time hope to own various Longbridge tat, especially of interest being the R3 200/ZR, the 75, Aggros, MGF. Oh and developing a worrying interest in French stuff...
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