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  1. My (not shite in my view) now deceased 1.7 Ford Puma was ULEZ compliant. My deeply shit Bavarian Sierra E91 2l Pez is also, ULEZ compliant.
  2. What do they handle and steer like? I do like the look of this era and Vauxhall engines but never pedalled a Griffin that I’ve liked the steering or gear change on!
  3. God if I could I would drive there now to try and assist. What a utterly joyous few pages this has been, taking my mind off an awful week including a funeral. Herculean Shiteing.
  4. My only reservation to this pass is the straightened out Montego badge. Other than that - Absolutely Shitetastic!
  5. Isn't it funny, I didn't recognise the two spoke, despite having driven one a few times with it.
  6. I know they are ruinous but every time I see a C6 I want one. However if I was seeing sense, what would be the best "My First Citroen"? Probably as a daily.
  7. Just been in a local Fwoooorrd dealer and they didn’t even bother doing me a PCP quote as they’ve all been told they cannot take anymore new Fiesta orders until further notice. The semiconductor crisis screw turns even tighter!
  8. When I drove my then girl friends boggo standard one I loved it. Just rag the old Kent block and it had the now classic Ford driving fun after Parry Jones. Interior was interesting as well. Its just my sort of car actually - cheap but interesting.
  9. Yes I remember mini mag comparing it new to the current on sale original Rover Mini. I preferred the KA!
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