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  1. This feels like the moment when Alan Partridge watched his book getting pulped… trim_D2FCB0AA-9147-4E9D-BC19-1F1C44AEAB9F.mov “IT LOOKS LIKE PORRIDGE!"
  2. I’ve got an odd soft spot for this gen of Astra, god knows why. Perhaps it was remembering seeing some spy shots for it in one of the weeklies. Looked much more “Teutonic” than the previous.
  3. Gosh I haven't thought about or seen one of these since I was a kid!
  4. I had a System Porsche 1.2. 5 door GLX in black. Was a passed away old boys car being sold by his son. Cheekily offered £80 for it when the manual window winder dropped the window into the door and he accepted. Loved it...
  5. On the way to Gatwick early doors in a local taxi firms Zafira B. Never been in one before but I’m really rather impressed. Good ride. Quiet at speed. A rare exceptionally smooth taxi driver. Either it’s the lack of sleep or I’m turning into the sort of shiter that admires an old shite Vauxhall. (Send help!)
  6. Dad had one before it was replaced with a Motor Nation sold dark blue Mondeo 1.8 GL Zetec saloon. Was like going from a pedal car to a Tesla.
  7. I had no idea Capital/Leic Sq/GCap/Global had some 405's.
  8. Absolutely delighted to see this thread resurrected AND to find so many other former/current fellow radio professionals here on the beige site. *Rememeber, professional only means you are getting paid...
  9. Have sent an amount equal* to the worth of my premium* Bavarian Sierra.
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