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  1. Are the batteries in these just shite or something? I had to get the RAC out yesterday because my battery was so dead that even a couple of blasts with a charger wouldn't jolt it. I don't have at home recovery so I had to push the heavy sod 0.25 miles away, fortunately I live near to the top of my street and it's on a gradient. I guess doing lots of short distances finally caught up with it. A quick jaunt to the coast after the RAC man got it going and it's fine again today.
  2. It probably would have launched with that panel gap between wing and bumper.
  3. Flintoff has been a revelation for me. Wasn't convinced at all when he was announced as a host but the bloke has balls the size of watermelons. That bungee in a car off the side of a dam is one of the most nerve-wracking things they've ever done on Top Gear. I wonder how much driving training they got? Harris is still obviously in a different league but both Flintoff and McGuinness are very capable of chucking their cars about.
  4. I've seen one of those in Newcastle! ... It was on Romanian plates I think.
  5. The clutch on my SportKa going while on the A19 going uphill was good fun. Managed to just limp to the top of the hill and into the entrance to a farm from which I could call breakdown. Had only had the bastard thing a few weeks as well.
  6. Burgundy Sierra Sapphire. Taxi driver and it was always immaculate.
  7. Oh yes oh yes oh yes. One of the most handsome estates ever and that's s really nice colour.
  8. Chodspeed. The T5 of multiple shiters passed its MOT last week at the first time of asking. Which is the first time I've ever had that happen!
  9. I loved my old 75. 2.0 Classic SE auto. Bought in a hurry as an A road commuter. It destroyed its rear suspension like two months after buying it, but it was a lovely thing to waft around in while it lasted...
  10. Excellent work. Three door estates are for winners. Shame it's not a 1.1 but you can't have everything eh. What would those have been putting out new, about 45bhp?
  11. Impending poo count: 3. Chod speed.
  12. They did an Almera with two tone paint as well iirc.
  13. I think that's a private plate, MOT check says first registered in 1988. I accidentally put K25MAF first and that threw up an Audi A3 which definitely wouldn't be old enough to be on a K!
  14. I miss my Aero estate, remapped (noob stage 1) and manual - so comfy, so fast. Still in the AS fold I believe. I'd definitely have another some day. Would also like to try a 9000 at some point. Maybe when I've had enough of my T5.
  15. My grandma had a Micra Passion. Exactly the same as a bog standard one but with green paint and a sticker on the boot.
  16. Lovely stuff. The most handsome estate Peugeot ever did.
  17. "equipment levels are reasonable (there's a stereo)" Be still my beating heart.
  18. 205 GTi/CTi/STDT. Anyone has one they would like to swap for an 850 T5 estate, hit me up...
  19. The latest Suzuki Jimny. Those things are going to hold their value.
  20. Holy cow this is ace and I want it. There's one on AutoTrader for £1500... 12 month MOT as well. WCPGW?
  21. Holy rear bumper alignment, Batman. I'm assuming that's factory.
  22. A drive in a base spec 1.4 estate must be a truly depressing experience.
  23. The 2CV would be worth more than the Senator now!
  24. On the other hand, MBs and BMWs of low spec were miserly indeed but the extra money bought you far superior quality, refinement and comfort to what the likes of Ford and Vauxhall were churning out. They built them to last, and quite a lot of them have. Nowadays, less so - you get softer touch interior plastics sitting on top of mechanicals where every penny that could be pinched has been. You really are just paying for the badge.
  25. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/15055278.traffic-disruption-in-glasgow-as-car-faces-wrong-way-on-m8-charing-cross-off-slip/ Can't see it that clearly but this was my write off of a Twingo. Shame, I liked that car.
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