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  1. @Ghosty - I will let it go one day, just depends on what comes up on here that I can swap it for or buy using the money I earn selling/roffling it. It's a bit shonkier than you'll remember it, mind - it's done a lot of estate car things like moving all my stuff into a new flat and taking a washing machine to the tip, so the interior is a bit bashed up, and it's a bit more dinged and scuffed on the outside. It ain't a minter. What it is, though, is a simply superb tool, a lovely place to pass the motorway miles, and utterly dependable*. *Apart from the time it destroyed its water pump and shat out all its coolant while lugging an entire bathroom's worth of rubbish to the tip.
  2. I know it's wrong, and yet... It feels so right.
  3. At the moment it's not for sale as I don't have a suitable replacement lined up, but... You never know what's gonna turn up on these here pages.
  4. That 305 was *quality*. Will I put you down for a random when I eventually win a roffle and have to roffle the 850 off as a result?
  5. I'll probably have had the Volvo MOTd the weekend before so I would fancy my chances to get there and back in one. Where are we thinking?
  6. My current steed. That's the side without a massive dent in the front wing. It's currently in my good books as it provided helpful transport today to a mate in a pinch after his clutch went.
  7. Only one area of excessive corrosion? That's got to be a result for one of these at this age!
  8. Mine was an estate, and a manual one to boot. An incredible all rounder. My current 850 T5 estate might be an even better one, though.
  9. These are magnificent, I miss mine a lot. If it's not been breathed on already, get it to Noobtune for a stage 1 remap.
  10. Looks like someone described a Jag XJS to an American over the phone and this was the result.
  11. No messages in an hour so I can only assume some German farmer has lured him in with promises of chod then murdered him and stuck him in a pot for dinner.
  12. I'm 33 and I think this could be it for me, it's perfect. Apart from the fuel economy. And the suspension needing sorting a bit. And the big fucking dent I added to it.
  13. Don't like either of these. Do like this. A lot.
  14. Chodspeed. If this is another convertible I assume you won't be putting the roof down on the way home!
  15. My mam had a B reg K10 as her first car after passing her test, later upgraded* to an E reg version of the same. My grandma had a series of Micras as well, including a K11 Passion (a trim name eight year old me found hilarious for some reason).
  16. Quite a few Beetle looking bits on that... Is it a Beetle?
  17. Are Avons cheap...? They're not Chinese, anyway. I got four for my 850 in a Black Friday deal last year for £45 a corner fitted. They've been really good so far, absolutely no issues whatsoever. Keep an eye on Hot UK Deals around Black Friday, you might get lucky.
  18. My favourite car my folks ever got was their 125i coupe. Should never have got rid. Comfy enough, quick enough, nice enough to sit in, handled really well. Shame it wasn't the 135i - but my stepdad was at least able to get the 125i petrol rather than the diesel my mother wanted. The worst was the Evoque that replaced it, bland and shat its engine oil out all over the ground after 10k miles.
  19. Were there any Rover 200s registered in 2000? Ah, never mind. Rats.
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