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  1. Czech edition. Lovely little thing.
  2. Hadn't seen one of these in a while and I don't think I'd ever seen one in that colour. Lovely thing, looked in great nick.
  3. I remember the Top Gear review at the time was titled "Premacy ejaculation".
  4. I really like these. Very well resolved estate styling.
  5. Was gonna say, even by Ford standards giving an LX windy uppy front windows would've been miserly!
  6. My missus test drove one and it was very nice, but she dithered and someone else bought it.. So she ended up with a Focus with an intermittent stalling issue.
  7. Swap the grille and that could easily be a BMW. Zzzzzzz.
  8. On a scale of 1 to 9-5, how good are these? Always liked the way they look.
  9. This is exactly what I came in to post. If it makes a weird noise or does something out of the ordinary, I want to not be surprised having been told it's going to do it before I set off for a test drive.
  10. It was just sitting there outside a block of flats in Monkseaton! Had an appropriately shite back bumper repair as well, looked like tinfoil.
  11. Didn't even have to move from my desk to spot this. Elite spec and roof rack, lovely stuff.
  12. I feel oddly violated... I didn't even know about that Phaeton but I will certainly be keeping an eye out with a view to asking appropriately AS questions!
  13. When I had one and the scuttles were clogged I did a fix where I just cut the pipe diagonally at the bottom. Sorted it out a treat.
  14. Get the T5 through the MOT, ideally without another big bill for welding. Assuming it manages that, maybe this is the year I start treating it nice and replace all the broken bits of trim. May even wash it for the first time in two years of ownership.
  15. I reckon it'll be a warm version of a 2000s hatchback. A Civic or something.
  16. Apologies, been in transit all day and away from these here parts. PM sent!
  17. It's fast enough, it's got enough toys, it's big enough for a tip run/furniture collection jaunt, it'll do 30mpg on a run, it has comfy seats, the heater is like a furnace, it's reliable and it's got racing cred. Mine has seriously tested my patience at times, but I love it to bits and if I got rid I just wouldn't find another car that was as consistently able to do what I want and need a car to do. This is the most "me" car I've ever had, and therefore for me is Peak Car.
  18. I saw a bright yellow poverty spec one the other day. Mmmm, unpainted bumpers.
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