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  1. New alternator and battery on the 850 in the last week .. Still getting the battery light flashing up when I kill the ignition. Apparently TADTS. Hmmmmm.
  2. On the one hand, my petrol T5 gets like 25mpg, not helped by the fact it's been stuck in sport mode since its last service. On the other hand... that noise. My word.
  3. Using my aircon and keeping the sunroof closed is probably worth 0.1MPG on the motorway. So I get an average of 21 combined rather than 20.9. Got to tighten your belt with the cost of petrol right now, innit.
  4. Did they do a bespoke set of dials for the bASe models? Surely that would have been more expensive to develop and implement than just giving them a rev counter?
  5. Christ, I would not fancy doing that sort of distance in my be-leathered 850 without the aircon working...
  6. This was a sight for tired eyes at 7am yesterday morning.
  7. I saw one of these yesterday and tbh I thought the black bit made it look even worse than the original version!
  8. I thought I had made it look bASe spec! A guy gave me a thumbs up the other day, I assume it was for the quality of my handiwork.
  9. 52.9MPG?! Bloody HELL. Petrol at nearly £2 a litre has me thinking I should punt my 850 T5 now and get myself one of these bad boys instead.
  10. The biggest pro for me, aside from the obvious financial advantages, is that it's fun. You'll get a more interesting car with more character than if you buy new, and because you've spent £1k up front rather than £400 per month you will not only tolerate its foibles but even grow to love them.
  11. This is so cool. How fast will it go, mister?
  12. Iirc despite being a van they still sold those V Classes at a premium compared with the likes of the Galaxy and Voyager!
  13. Iirc the diesel version took over 20 seconds to get to 60.
  14. Is this something to do with crash regs? Surely one of the Chinese manufacturers offers a shite copy of a teeny weeny Japanovan which is forward control.
  15. Why have that when you could have this? Renault Kwid. 57bhp, 775kg, simple smoll car from India. Could be coming to Europe as a Dacia. It's £3k for a bASe one in India, even at double that it would be incredible value.
  16. Body coloured bumpers, though! Does anyone stick unpainted black/grey placcy bumpers on their smoll cars these days? The first Dacia Sandeep bASe models had them (and no radio) but I'm not sure if you can get them from anyone now outside of the 4x4/crossover ranges.
  17. You could move it up so you have one long sentence that just reads "THE CAR IN FRONT IS Autoshite".
  18. That looks like a Bristol to me.
  19. The idea that they pitched a convertible based on a fifteen year old shopping trolley, with that interior and that spec, as a premium addition to the range is hilarious to me. But that's the last few years of Rover all over.
  20. The grille on my 850 is broken. Problem solved. I kinda like it, it's very ace of bASe spec looking. Ford Sierra vibes.
  21. Look at the gleam on that. Mmmmm.
  22. Even Wikipedia doesn't mention it - must have been hella rare, maybe on the earliest ones only?
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