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  1. It's enough to make you wish the bASe Sierra had enjoyed* a similar engine downgrade. At least it has the dangly mirrors, eh.
  2. This might even surpass the legendary bASe Sierra in its utter abject shiteness and poverty spec horribleness. Well bought.
  3. Mmmmmmm, that's a very nice colour!
  4. I like it better unfixed. Keeping the revs below 3000 really suits the car's character.
  5. A quick YouTube check says the port should be exactly where we looked, so I'm a bit stumped...
  6. I really liked the Insight. Felt very, very normal for a 20 year old hybrid. I ate my Twix while enjoying the world's slowest Citroen C5.
  7. That Merc is ace, smooth as butter and about as quiet at idle. The 850 is a bit less fast than my T5 but also feels tighter and more planted on the road, and it gets 2.5x the MPGs. On the drive home around the sheep-covered hills of Weardale I had the T5 down to single figures.
  8. I really, really liked that Insight.
  9. Mega thanks to @loserone for ensuring I didn't go hungry - send me your bank details and I'll make sure to pay you back! Even bigger thanks to @Jim Bell for further proving what I already knew, that 90s Volvos can take a lot of punishment...
  10. I've arrived. Kind of. Google Maps has pointed me to the general vicinity of the place but fucked if I can find the entrance. I did see an Inshite earlier so that would suggest I'm close .. But where is this bloody farm? There are a lot of angry looking flies buzzing about my car now, they must know I'm not from around here.
  11. Wait, are we supposed to be washing our cars for this? I've never so much as chucked a bucket of water over the Volvo. I'm aiming to be there by 11 but that really does depend on my not getting lost. If it gets to 1 and I'm still not there send for mountain rescue.
  12. Wait... What do you mean by the "other place"? If RR then I think you've got me mixed up with someone else... I'm *shite* at bangernomics, if I was any good at it I wouldn't have just forked over £420 to get the Volvo's water pump replaced!
  13. I used mine when I ran for parliament and was doing mega miles every day all over the countryside - it was brilliant!
  14. Nice. Loved my (modded) one of these in the same colour, even if it had the stiffest gear change ever.
  15. I'll go with a base Sierra 1.6. in red.
  16. If anyone's bringing a warm one I'd bloody love a go in it!
  17. I'll be there and I'll be bringing the shitest 850 T5 estate in the region.
  18. I saw the thread title and immediately got excited that some lunatic on here had actually gone and bought one of these things. Does anyone on here own one..?
  19. Probably should have checked this *before* I put E10 in the ol' Volvo yesterday... Ah well. Website says it'll be grand so that's good enough for me.
  20. It's a Brazilian engine iirc. Probably stuck it in rather than the Zetec for cost reasons.
  21. These have aged very well to my eye, still look current. Must be the high window line.
  22. Well bought! Same engine, gearbox and suspension as the SportKa iirc. I had one of those and it felt really rapid through the gears. Rough engine let it down a touch but that gearbox is the best I've ever had - even better than the two Pumas I've owned.
  23. Yes please, all of that. Date should be good for me and the ol' 850, you can all enjoy the excellent* improvements** I've added to it in my ownership such as tyres that are slightly too big and a massive fucking dent in the front wing.
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