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  1. With regards to the roadmaster, i'm struggling to gel with it. It's a nice ride and powerful but something is missing in comparison with the Mercury but I just can't pinpoint what.
  2. All thats left to do after the throttle body is spaff £450 on new tyres as its currently sporting a relatively new set of budget Chinese death rings on the back and a continental and a dunlop str at the front which are both on the wear markers This mismatch creates a lot of diff ring gear lash as the rolling radius are all completely different. The tyres on these need to be oem star rated so either pirelli scorpion str or dunlop sp01. Evidence of non correct tyres on x-drive cars causing transfer case windup is rife.
  3. Yep I ordered the h pipe from Rock auto which I was assured was the correct one. It arrived and it transpires its for the later 92 onwards 4.6 Crown Vic. Didn't realise until it was too late. I'm taking it to infinity Exhausts to have a custom made lifetime guarantee h Pipe knocked up.
  4. It's been hibernating for a year. Needs a new exhaust brakes and a service. All will be done in the next few months
  5. After its overnight soak in Mr Muscle the egr and throttle body looked decidedly less shit Feeling very pleased with myself, I popped it back on the car expecting a restoration of performance and fuel economy to be within easy grasp. that'll be a no then! Cleaning it out hasn't changed it in the slightest. New throttle bodies are around £250-£300 so I'll travel the used part route first and see what happens.
  6. Much belated X3 related update. With the X3 being needed for the family trip to Disneyhell Paris, non-start roulette would be a surefire way to make the trip worse. Battery was ruled out as that was good so thoughts turned to the various earth points. I dropped it off at the local garage with instructions to "just fucking sort it" as I couldn't be bothered/didn't have time/etc. Got a phone call from them later that day to say earth straps are all good but your starter is fuckin fucked m9 as it was getting stuck when hot. With that replaced it now starting on the button hot or cold. Spirited on by good weather today I though it would be a good opportunity to have a look at the egr valve as I was pretty sure it would be gunked up. The top two bolts were easy but the bottom right had to be done by touch as it was impossible to see. Someone had obviously been here before as the bottom left bolt was missing! On the face of it didn't look too bad. I forgot to take a pics of the valve end but the inlet manifold should give you a fair indication. Of what it looked like REALLY NASTY. It was a good 4mm thick all round. spent a good 20mins gradually scraping out what I could reach being careful to not leave any loose debris inside. I've current got the valve soaking in Mr Muscle oven cleaner as brake cleaner didn't really make a dent. The valve was totally seized with carbon. In other news the Roadmaster is peforming daily duties without fault so I treated it to a bath
  7. Small update. The X3 has had almost 1k more miles under its belt and its not all rosy. Haven't had the tyres changed yet because I'm waiting to see if anything anything else is going to go wrong. so yeah not great. Block dpf made sense in that the temp gauge rarely gets anywhere near halfway which means the car won't initiate a regeneration unless the engine temp is above 75°C. I cleared all codes and did a throttle body recalibration which has restored some of the performance but air mass, egr and dpf codes have popped back up. To further my woes, after driving around town for an hour or so I parked up to go shopping and upon returning to the car is refused to engage the starter. No dimming of lights or anything just one small click everytime the key was turned. Wouldn't bump start and didn't have tools on hand so called the RAC. I explained the issue and the guy said battery issue. Connected jump leads up to the van and the x3 fires straight up. 14.2v on the multimeter confirms alternator is providing enough charge. He disconnects the leads and turns the car off. I try to restart and it just does the one click thing again. Jump leads back on and it fires up. I drive the 5mins back home and turn it off. Try to start it again and one click. Bear with me I left it a minute and tried again and it fired up first time 5 times on the trot with no hesitation. It has done this before where you'll get in and turn the key and nothing. Take key out and try again and it fires up. I'll look at the battery tomorrow but failing that I'm thinking dodgy ignition switch?
  8. Pics for your viewing pleasure It's been a while since I had a "modern" BMW and I've got mixed feeling about it. It's got a massive amount of space and in general drives really well plus it's got pretty much FSH. HOWEVER The seats (this being the sport model) are VERY firm and not a patch on either my focus or my 21plate transit custom for comfort. It's probably just me but I've got my doubts that my back will still be in one piece after a long journey. The ring gear lash from thr rear diff is very noticeable at parking speeds or when doing sharp turns. This is mostly to do with the fact it wearing budget tyres all round. The rears are newish but the fronts are right on the limit and perishing. With it being permant 4wd it really should have had them all changed at the same time. Which leads onto the next point. There are only really two brands of tyre that can be fitted to X3's becuase of the fine tolerances that the drivetrain was set up for. These being Dunlop SP01 or Pirelli STR's both having BMW's (*) rating which denotes OEM for their xdrive system. These are about £450 all in for a set of four. I'm happy to take advice and be proved wrong but there plenty of x3 owner on the net that have solved their driveline jerk by fitting a full set of these tyres. Other issues are that i'm pretty sure the MAF is fucked as the first two starts of the key when cold result in an immediate stall. 3rd turn with pedal to the floor will start it but only rev to 4k. It will only rev to around 4k for about 15mins until its warmed up enough and then its fine. Last issue is that yesterday it randomly decided not to start on the key. All lights were on but no-one was home. Turning off and on again a few time started the car. Again this looks to be a common issue across the bmw range at that time and can be solved by fitting a new ignition switch. With the focus going this weekend to a a fellow Shitter I need this to be reliable. I suppose I could always use the elantra when i get it as my reliable car! Isn't that the autoshite way 😂
  9. I'll do an update on this tomorrow. Needless to say that for the £1k oulay I've found plenty that needs doing.
  10. Mine too. I still say it to piss her off 😂
  11. I think bristolians call it dinner instead of lunch because that what it was referred to when we at school. School dinners, hence dinner.
  12. Made it home in one piece despite the m25's best efforts. Will update tomorrow morning as its dark. Didn't get back 5mins and I was despatched to collect dinner (or tea as we call in in brizzle)
  13. You were done 😂😂😂
  14. It's 1°C and mothersteve79 and her Smokey charade have been badgered into giving no1 son a lift to isambard kingdon brunels finest to catch a choo choo to the great smoke. God i miss social distancing! Essential supplies
  15. If any charade doesn't smoke that much then i wouldn't even bother getting the engine sorted. Mum's has been smoky to varying degrees for the last 5 years and 30k and has always passed the emissions. Hers uses about a litre of oil per 1500 miles so we just chuck in whatever is cheapest now. 20/50w should lessen the smoke a bit
  16. Having owned one of these for 12k miles and mum having had hers for over 15 years and over 100k, the build quality is actually very good (bar the seat fabrics) and she has never had any electrical issues in all that time. The problem is that these cars rarely get the chance to warm up properly as they're primarily owned by the older generation and rarely driven above town speed limits. With regard to a used engine. I'd want to see it running in the donor vehicle before buying. Just because it's got 50k on it doesn't mean it's not going to smoke.
  17. The focus continues to do sterling service requiring very little in the way of maintenance to keep it happy. It's been regularly depositing a small pool of oil on the road which was starting to get a little embarrassing. The exhaust had been also been kicking out grey smoke on full chat and whistling pointing towards knackered boost hoses. Although bodily its crap, it's been a decent car so treated it to a full service and a set of silicone hoses as the old one were totally shagged. Boost now full restored and also gained a few mpg's back.
  18. When I had the 2.5td sofim engine safrane with the ad8 box the problem i had with limp mode on the box is exactly the issue that you're having. The jpat filter was about £25 and was in stock.
  19. Like for the group4 trucks with the safe combo lock on the back
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