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  1. FINALLY! Its only been about 3mths
  2. Right, i'm going to make it clear from the offset that i'm absolutely not taking any responsibility for buying another car as its facebook marketplace's fault! I was quite happy, sat on my arse minding my own business looking at ebay, gumtree, facebooketc and it jumped out at me! FFS, and its 10mins from my house, double FFS, obviously i'm going to have to go and have a look at it! Spoke to the owner who up until recently was a mega shitter, with no less than 23 saabs in his possession and various Commer SpaceVans. Unfortunately he is emigrating to France and the whole lot has been sold apart from this one. I arranged to meet him on his lunch break and view it. Huzzah! Its a 1990 Saab 9000i 16v. Nothing too special right? Take a closer look! Its a 9000 BASE! Never had a radio fitted and keep fit windows all round. Also no rear wash wipe, not even a hole in the tailgate for one! I've never seen a base before and didn't know they even existed. According to my well used copy of Parkers PLUS+ Nov/Dec 1999 base 9000's were a thing and were just over Β£15k new which is Β£26681.12 in today's money. Its had two previous keepers and had a new clutch and crankshaft oil seal in late 2017 when it was last on the road and has only done around 500 miles since it was fitted. Another plus is the history book is fully stamped up to 81k in 2016 all at Saab main stealer or Saab specialist. Its not without its issues though. We started the car up to move it from the driveway up on the flat surface so i could have a poke around and it went a bit wrong! The PO did mention it had a slight fuel leak, which it did only drip from the hardline in the middle of the floorpan. However, under a bit more strain it turned from a drip to me screaming OMFGITSPOURINGFUCKINGEVERYWHERE TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF! Was actually hilarious as its pissing out from the front and middle now. The PO was mortified but i reassured him that many fucks were not given as i was going to replace them anyway. It just means that it'll need towing to @rwd now rather than being able to drive it. It also needs a bloody good clean and decontamination as its full of dust and mold Headlining needs attention Oh and the best bit No Dic here folks, just a good old N/A B202 with dizzy cap and leads
  3. I may have accidently* bought another car 😢
  4. You has been spotted https://m.facebook.com/groups/2146092578982441?view=permalink&id=2717437885181238
  5. @rwd is happily motoring this around as his daily, marvelling at almost never having to put fuel in it, unlike his vitara πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. Just saw these on the classic car scrapyard finds on facebook. FSO Caro anyone?
  7. Bloke on the relaxed retro group on facebook bought this last week. Under 31k on the clock
  8. Toyota Century it is then. Make sure its got the doilies in it πŸ˜‚
  9. Hoping its one of these.... probably not though!
  10. Update FINALLY! With the daily round town MPG on the 9-5 becoming tiresome and expensive and that i'm being made redundant within the next few weeks, i needed a MOAR mpg vehicle for the man about town. Bramz7 came up trumps yet again and dropped this fine steed to Bristol. Its appeared on here a few times before with other members but this is where we currently stand after being given a half hearted valet yesterday. Its scrubs up fairly well but its definitely a 20-footer. Paintwork is "well used" I'm going to grind all of this back, then vactan and paint it. The seats are very figure hugging, especially for the larger "post Covid" gentleman. Most of the interior is in quite good condition for a car with 200k on it, but there are a few issues. I'm not sure what happened with the head unit/fan control housing but its in about 4 pieces. i have managed to temporarily "repair" it. Its got the usual dash lcd fault where its displays fine in cooler weather but alost disappers completely in warmer weather. Its a bit sooty under the bonnet which i'm sure is a split in a boost pipe somewhere. It drives fantastically and i get the feeling that there has been a little bit of tampering done either to the ECU or the pump timing as its MUCH faster than any PD-130 engined vehicle i've ever driven. It pulls strongly from around 1300rpm right through to 4500rpm and the handling is very sharp, akin to a Metro Gti from back in the day. The ride is very hard which apparently is common to the Sport model as the suspension is stiffer and runs on 17" alloys. There may also be a broken spring as there is a twanging noise when coming off of full lock when parked. which i#ll need to get looked at. There wasn't a radio in there when i got it. There's an aftermarket harness in there so it'll work with a regular (non concert) headunit, but i can't get any radio reception on FM or AM. I know that Audi used aerial amplifiers but i'm not clear how this works with a normal headunit. Any advice would be appreciated. For reference, this is the harness that is currently fitted to it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-Head-0129-01-Radio-Wiring-for-Aftermarket-Stereo-Audi-A3-Half-Amplified-96-05/401819446704
  11. Just saw this clip on imgur of a guy driving along when the shockwave in Beirut hit. The guy was very lucky!!! in0nPlQ.mp4
  12. If you call the dvla tax vehicle by phone service on 0300 123 4321, it'll ask you to enter the v5c document number. If you keep entering it as all zero's, after three attempts it will transfer you to an operator who will be able to tax the car for 6mths over the phone. I had to do this with the 206 which i've been waiting for a logbook for over 2mths now!
  13. A Vectra!!!! Thats beige motoring at its finest! Top shite πŸ‘
  14. FIL is interested. You can then use the money to buy that Saab 9-5 you always never promised yourself πŸ˜‚
  15. Didn't bother with that 9-5 in the end as the dealer wouldn't budge on price. In other news, this happened today. More updates tomorrow
  16. Myself and @rwd are very familiar with the guy in the link below having rented storage yards and units from him in the past. https://thebristolcable.org/2020/02/alan-dykes-violent-assault-ex-landlord-the-office-in-speedwell/ It not unusual to see him walking around with string holding his trousers up instead of a belt. Always drive round in a fucked mid 80's Suzuki Alto. Guy who rented a unit next to me used to own a 2nd hand shop and had one of those commercial flip top bins out the back which all the unsellable stuff got chucked in. The shop proximity alarm went off one Xmas eve, so he goes rushing down there expecting the worst only to find Alan upside down in the bin with his feet poking out looking for a cutlery set πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The old Strachan & Henshaw site he used to own which burnt down was VERY sketchy. The whole upper car park level was one giant breakers yard and an absolute death trap. You could barely navigate around the site there were that many cars. Main breaker owner there was a beast of a guy known as "Fatty" Farthing who used to collect Dykes rent. I always remember going into his office to buy parts and he'd have a massive mirror on the wall which his desk faced. He was so immobile that he couldn't be bothered to move and would chat to you in the mirror! He definitely was not the best landlord and his properties were cheap for a reason but you knew what you were getting so you couldn't really grumble too much. Some did though! http://theweekin.co.uk/news/landlord-is-jailed-for-health-and-safety-offences-at-premises-in-speedwell/ Even a spell in clink didn't change him. Nice enough to talk to, total tight ass and VERY VERY dodgy.
  17. As found on the Denso website https://www.denso-am.co.uk/news/latest-news/2019/deneur19_28_glow_plugs_and_emissions/ "Glow plugs also play another important role in reducing emissions – they provide heat for the diesel particulate filter (DPF) at regular intervals, as determined by the engine management system (EMS). All new diesel cars are fitted with a DPF, which prevents toxic soot particles being emitted from a car’s exhaust by collecting them and periodically exposing the particles to high temperatures in order to burn them, turning them into harmless ash. This is known as DPF regeneration. If a car is driven at high speeds for a long distance, for example on the motorway, the continuous and stable heat flow from the exhaust is sufficient to clean up the DPF. The heat will burn any unburnt remains of the soot particles. But if the car is driven at low speeds, frequently stopping and starting, for example in cities, there is not enough heat for DPF regeneration. In this case, the ECU activates the glow plugs and injects additional fuel into the engine, which ignites and heats up the DPF, so regeneration can take place"
  18. @SiC, i picked this up a few weeks ago with a stack of other motoring books. It's no good to me and was wondering if you could make use of it? It's a 1968 edition Pearsons Illustrated car servicing guide for morris/austin/mg1100. Don't want anything for it. Can chuck it in the post or drop off to you.
  19. Yep congrats Sam. Might want to start thinking about buying a limo πŸ˜„ May i suggest Coleman Milne at its finest https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114297230045
  20. Does that include the usual @bramz7 delivery service? 😁
  21. Maybe. I'm in the market for pissing off the wife some more πŸ˜‚ Price please?
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