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  1. I used to be a huge VAG fanboi.. 2 mk1 Jettas 2 Polo coupe S 1 Polo Mk1 GLS 1 Polo 1.3 Formel E 3 Mk2 Sciroccos 1 mk1 Golf 2 Passat GL5 estates 2 Passat 1.8 estates 1 Santana GL5 3 Audi 80 Sports 1 Audi 90CD 1 Audi 100 GL5E Then an Audi A4... never owned another Audi again.. then a Polo 1.0 6N2. Never owned a VW since.. Daughter would not drive anything but a VW when she got her licence.. got MK4 Golf 1.4 16v.. it died after 2 weeks. . That's on a personal level. Work wise... they've interrupted many an evening, or my tea too many times to consider them to be very far from the bottom of my league tables of "would buy again" Proper VWs...
  2. I've just re read the manual and I think I'm wrong here. Been a few years since I've tested.. I'm way behind. 😔 used to be a fail, before all this major/minor stuff...
  3. Mondeos always used to fail because one of the 3 taillight bulbs were out. Still winds me up when I see a mk3 like this..
  4. I remember having to change fuel pipes on them a few times. Maybe because Scotland..
  5. Nope, sorry! All must work...
  6. Same. We had a Maxxus beavertail and it could move! Gearbox was shite though.. 2nd was AWOL.. Its still going and last I heard was on 400k+
  7. This picture that was in the paper today gives me the willy's on so many levels...
  8. Me, mum and dad at the beach in our Viva HB. Seafield pit in the background.. long gone..
  9. Best selling bike in Italy seemingly. Looked hard at these before I bought my V Strom but got a good deal on it so I wimped out. 700cc engine in the pipeline I believe and the 500 seems to always get decent reviews. Almost the Alfa Arna of bikes 😆
  10. Ducati or Trump Scrambler..
  11. You can, but never after a puncture or when you need it NOW 😄
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