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  1. Someone parked this round the corner about 3 months ago, and it's never moved since. Very tidy too..
  2. No, was in the breakdown truck..
  3. I passed the Corolla earlier.. I did wave!
  4. Poor wee fella,awaiting its end πŸ™
  5. I swopped it for a Polo coupe IIRC.. and not even an S...😬 Aren't there a few Caterham parts for a Duratec that may help you? I seem to remember remote oil filters and stuff.. Or a dry sump for the Knockhill hairpinπŸ˜„
  6. Just found a real pic of one of my old Mantas.. I'll just leave it here. Sigh.
  7. I'd love to put a BMW R1200 engine in one of these! Had a Bis many years ago, and it was a bit of a disaster. Never really got it running nicely and kinda gave up on it as it didn't have the charm of the 126. Wish I'd tried harder now..
  8. This. I'm going to be replacing the MIL's clutch next week, as no garage in the area will do it, and the ones that would even give a price were in the region of 6-700 quid. This example of an exotic,rare and difficult to work on car to justify this lack of enthusiasm and big price? A 2010 Focus.. 1.6 petrol Had a car on the back of the truck on Saturday, puncture no spare.. rip in sidewall, so transported the old guy and car round the local tyre fitting chains. He was distraught as he was going to hospital to visit his very ill wife. Not one place had a tyre of any brand on the shelf. This rare exotic car which required a tyre to be specially ordered? A 2013 Ford Fiesta Titanium.. I Despair.. I really do.
  9. No, it's 1 bolt that doesn't keep the trim on πŸ™ƒ
  10. Love these.. Challenger Rallye wheels with shiny chrome rings that make the wheel look like it has complete circles in the reflection.9
  11. Fiats always have 1 hole in the trimz which will go over the bolt head, so you can put the wheel on before the trim, or take it off without removing the wheel . Just make sure you line the valve up !
  12. Anybody got a Montenogo? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1073677273035928/?ref=facebook_story_share
  13. Do you know how bad it is in the wrong places?
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