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  1. If theres no difference, it's not the wheelz..
  2. Just swop the wheels front to back. Give the fronts a good pull and wiggle at 12/6 o clock, then 9/3.. I'm not convinced its wheel related...
  3. Any news, I've been on the edge of my seat for days!
  4. I've done that many a time.. but the stupidly heavy record vice that I inherited from my dad has survived for more than 60 years. All modern vices are ....
  5. Thank you, that made me laff! Not totally convinced about the name yet... I am older tonight, it was my birthday yesterday, so I'm older today.. that sounds daft! I had a letter about my pension today too.. I'm only 48 FFS!
  6. Just become a grandad again 🙂 grand daughter no2, born this afternoon a wee bit early. 5lb8. Ella Rose. Got another 2 on the way!
  7. I get a constant 42.6 from my 71 plate mwb low roof Transit.. slightly more than my 70 plate swb custom. Mwb high roof did 41.3..
  8. Neighbour and local car dealer/property dealer/coach company owner/Budweiser drinker just picked up a mint genuine 190e 2.6 Sportline for a grand. Properly dry stored for 15 years.. started with some fuel and a jump. Why do I never find these things.😣 In other news, the Focus passed its MOT today, no advisories. Thank ****as I'd forgotten all about it until yesterday that it was due today..
  9. All newer Transits have a suitable receptacle, its behind the flap just under the fuel filler neck. 😆
  10. Looks like this place has shut down.. 🙁
  11. This is getting stupid now. Dont come to Edinburgh on a bike. American tourist had his bike stolen the other day, and 2 German bikers had their GS's stolen last week. The scrotes dont wear helmets so the police wont chase them... they bait the cops popping wheelies past the patrol cars. Bikers are gonna start taking the law into their own hands. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/crime/edinburgh-crime-news-motorcycle-instructor-in-the-capital-set-upon-by-group-of-youths-in-balaclavas-as-they-try-to-kick-him-off-his-bike-3825688
  12. I reckon a big lunch in that top box and you could wheelie for miles! 50% saving in tyres..
  13. Same here, always wanted one, could never bring myself to get one. Had plenty boxers and liked them a lot, but something has always stopped me.. watching with interest!
  14. I was shocked how dry and crispy the whole of central France was. Sad and scary.. even late evening it was still over 30.
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