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  1. Shh. Don't tell everyone. Fiat's are ace.
  2. Watched a you tube video earlier about some car auction down south. There was a red hatch GT. Guide price 16-18 grand. FFS. Nobody wanted 1.8s, or hatches when I had my Mantas.. I was a Manta snob and would only be seen in white GTE Coupes.. and even they were a months wages... as an apprentice 😭 80s cars are the new property market and everyone involved with inflating the stupid values on them can fuck off.
  3. Spotted this today.. had to stop for a pic. Didnt ask the price though!..
  4. Wondered if anyone else knew, seemed to be folklore in Opel circles. Many years back, someone was restoring a Manta "A". 1973ish. Needed a front valance, so went to his local Vauxhall/Opel dealer. Dealer did a part search and found 3 left in Europe, as they had been out of production for many years.. chap says, get me all 3. I'll keep a spare, and someone in the club will surely appreciate one. Dealer puts an order in to Europe parts network, Europe parts network computer sees it as a fast moving part, and sends a message to panel manufacturer to keep up with demand and they press
  5. Any truth to the tale about Manta "A" front valances?
  6. If I'd kept what I've had ... πŸ˜–
  7. I know where there is a BMW 750i camera car, completely bespoke back end,seemingly used in many films. Painted matt black so no reflections on camera.
  8. I believe it was the 17" serpents. Suspension was gone over. Just didn't feel anywhere near Jaguar enough. Not that quiet either. Would like to drive pre and post project drive back to back in identical spec..
  9. This was mine. 2.5 V6 Connie SE Monogram. Beautiful car.. to look at. I was very disappointed it was nowhere near as wafty as I expected, ride wasn't that good either. Sold it to a guy in the South of France and get updates now and again. Will kick myself in years to come..
  10. 1962 singer gazelle 111C. 8265SP bought by my mum in '64. I was born '74 and we had it until 1983. 1970 Viva HB. UTJ745H. Aqua Starmist. Bought 1983, sold 1988. 1978 Cherry F11. CSX730S. used to pinch it as a teenager and drive around. Never got caught but he always moaned about the fuel economy πŸ˜† He was a proper shiter. Always did his own spannering, even doing the rings on the Gazelle. He was a cabinet maker but would turn his hand to anything.
  11. Well, I didn't die. Did about 80 miles on the new 14 year old tyres, and they are exactly the same as the other 4 sets of Tourances I've had on bikes. If they are OK in the wet, then they're staying on. Was pushing them quite hard at the end of the run and noting untoward at all.
  12. Avon then. We're all doomed.
  13. Barum tish.. Just read this in MCN.. buy your tyres soon! "Aluminium has ballooned from Β£1075 a tonne to Β£1433, iron ore has nearly doubled and rubber prices are up by over 100%. It’s all thanks to high demand for the materials, particularly in China, allied to reductions in supply due to the pandemic"
  14. I put the 14 year old Tourances on my spoked wheels on the Vstrom on Monday. Had a proper sweat on, its hard work! Had to break the beads with the focus towbar and jack. Never balanced bike tyres and never noticed any difference. The old tourances were as soft and supple as the 2 year old ones that came off. Will report back if I don't crash at the first corner.
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