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  1. Sell it and buy this one! https://carsandbids.com/auctions/KV06NxPl/1986-hyundai-stellar-executive
  2. Thanks again,that explains a lot! 👍
  3. Brilliant! Thats the sort of info that helps me out. Thank you! Now can you explain titles, and why not having a title is a huge deal in some states? And why Americans donate their cars when they're at the end of their lives for tax purposes?
  4. I'd agree with you.. don't remember swearing on Tracey Beaker though! 😯
  5. Another thing I've been made aware of listening to American car stuff is that some parts of the States is a mile above sea level, which drops power by quite lot, especially with the crappy low octane fuel. I've become quite addicted to the "Under the hood show" phone in .
  6. That thing got a Hemi? No, it a Stellantis Hdi. 😭
  7. I am much more careful with bike oil changes, but they rev a lot higher, the oil also lubricates the gearbox and mine can sit for a few weeks between use. Also bikes are assumed to be at the end of their lives by 50 to 75k. Or are they.. Valve clearances are another bike thing.. bikers will know... 300,000 miles seems pretty common in America, interesting to know if that's because of oil changes, climate in some states ar just the longer distances they do? Cars here don't tend to get scrapped because of engine wear, unless its a VW or certain Toyotas.. 😬
  8. Doing lots of miles would mean oil would not need changed at such low mileages, and surely the air filter keeps dust and sand out of the engine? crap fuel, yes, but high ethanol content would burn cleaner I think? I know some parts have extreme temp differences, but that would just mean winter and summer weight oil, but that's pretty old hat now.
  9. Just had a barrage of abuse on a forum, as I dared to ask why Americans seem to change their oil at 3-5000 miles..I listen to a few US podcasts, and it really seems the norm. I mentioned our cars are recommended 10-20000 miles by the manufacturers and it was like i was setting the stars and stripes alight. I was told in no uncertain terms that the engine will implode and I am an absolute nutter. Any ' mericans on here care to comment?
  10. I remember that car, and speaking to the owner.. it was Wormit at that time, then it moved. I'll have a nose the next time I'm passing. There's a guy in Fife with loads of odd Jap stuff, and I reckon he's got a load of Datsuns tucked away. He's not very approachable though, but has a long line of strange jap stuff parked in a public car park, and other stuff dotted around.
  11. Just read the Timmelsjoch motorcycle museum has burned down. Visited a few years ago and it was brilliant. ☹ https://www.rideapart.com/news/466925/top-motorcycle-museum-austria-fire/
  12. Wee bawbag Swift passed its Mot today with not even an advisory. 135 thousand miles and abused most of its life i think. I've never even washed it. It just starts and goes. Maybe care and servicing are overrated...
  13. oreword* It was 2007, my camera was shit and I was skint. As some of you may know,I was away for 2 weeks last month to Europe on my(Italian)bike on my own,thought some of you may be interested,so here's the story I wrote for my local bike club... didn't go smoothly at all! Here goes. Due to catch the ferry from Rosyth on the Tuesday at 3pm,had the bike all loaded and was happy with the way everything was strapped on,messed around for a bit in the morning and had a shower and stuff getting myself prepared for the off.about 2pm I went out to the garage and go
  14. Foreword.. I'll adjust accordingly to suit this place, was all a bit polite as it was a club posting and the car was bought from a "fellow" club member..... What I didn't say at the time was I had another blue X1/9 at the time, which was all legal. This one had been lying in a dusty garage for 7 years. I put the plates, chassis plate and paperwork for my other blue one in a rucksack, and cloned the new purchase. Chapter 1. Arranged with Jim to collect his X1/9 VS on Saturday,so I booked a train ticket to go down to London to collect it and drive it home.He
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