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  1. That is the Cults Road. Know it well. Excellent for yumping Mantas 😁
  2. Had a couple of days away round the north west tip of Scotland.. weather was shite so I high tailed it home before it got worse..the wind was Relentless and motorhomes everywhere..I was going the wrong way so stopping in every passing place. Would be amazing if the weather was good and everyone else went away?
  3. TÜV would get it without any problems, replaced several wear parts......
  4. https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=297061575&cn=DE&damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&gn=Visselhövede%2C+Niedersachsen&isSearchRequest=true&ll=52.9858381%2C9.5871411&maxPrice=1000&pageNumber=3&rd=200&scopeId=C&sfmr=false&searchId=c5311e38-63df-f6b6-2e66-ccf62feb81eb AS Wedding car?
  5. https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=284929137&cn=DE&damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&gn=Visselhövede%2C+Niedersachsen&isSearchRequest=true&ll=52.9858381%2C9.5871411&maxPrice=1000&pageNumber=2&rd=200&scopeId=C&sfmr=false&searchId=601e949f-76e5-b925-a734-5cd9e7dd516e
  6. Sat Nav- I use an old Nokia phone, with Sygic, has been brilliant- offline mapping worldwide, voice instructions bluetoothed through to my headset, can also be a dashcam for a few quid extra. Cleared out the rest of the phone and filled it with tunes. Music cuts off when sat nav needs to speak.. total cost, less than a fiver.
  7. Totally agree, that's why I love em so much. So well packaged, and ahead of their time. Nothing affordable could come close in '72 up until probably 84/85 with the MR2 and Fiero. Spurious... There is a big difference between handling and grip... An X1/9 has amazing handling, but not really that much grip, especially on the early cars 145/13 tyres... They do let you know everything that's going on between them and the road, and you can really throw them around, up to a point. Go past that and you are getting dizzy. You need to learn, practice and respect. Nowadays you have esp/abs.
  8. Mish mash of parts bin.... Engine and gearbox from the 128/Strada, but other cars are a mishmash of the X1/9... Stratos, Countach, Esprit,...?
  9. Funny, I just re found this whilst cleaning out my laptop. The greatest bit of X1/9 footage ever. They do like to "move around" That's how they like to be driven, the harder you drive them the less troublesome they are, but remember to do your hair. Enjoy! D.S.%20Fiat%20X1_9%20mod%201977%20spinout-SD.mp4
  10. Just remember the rear suspension towers are triple skinned... not an easy repair to do properly, TR7.. Bought one once, drove it home and never sat in it again.. Hateful thing. “Italian... mid engined.. thoroughbred.... lampredi..” I miss X1/9's. Sometimes.
  11. I seem to be the only one who isn't a vfr fan. I found my '96 a bit "meh" . Didn't particularly do anything well, didn't make me want to go for a ride, or want to clean and polish it. Never had a Honda yet that I've liked. Just me?
  12. Ooft, I missed a trick.. The one I was looking at and umming over was mint, and ÂŁ1400. Had luggage too. I remember seeing a few for a grand.
  13. I just hope things carry on where they left off, I get my job back, and finally get my licence so I can get a shot of this...
  14. I looked into these a while back as I really fancied one- other guy on my Bikesafe course was on one so I had a good look over it and a long chat about it. Still want one! They have a few well documented issues which seem to have all been sorted by now, and I've read so many times about how comfy they are. Looks are a bit take it or leave it depending on your view. Engines are brilliant, electrics can be a bit iffy but I'd take a chance on one anyday. Seriously hunted down a Caponord for a long time too- still on my list.
  15. Is everyone going out on their bikes as normal? I'm having withdrawals but can't be arsed with getting the 3rd degree from anyone.. Last time I was out it was rather chilly.
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