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  1. Not my grump..... less than 5 years and 50k miles, child seat in the back unfuckingbelievable
  2. We've had Subaru turbos in the family since 2002. In 2014, Mrs. had a 2007 black hawkeye saloon and I had a 2010 light blue hatch..... and we both went diesel. She still has her XF 3.0s. I bought an excellent Seat Exeo estate. 11 months later I'd traded it for a 2012 WRX STi. I've had this car for 6 years. It is (they are) bloody good cars. This was going to be the 'forever' car. 20k miles in six years just wasn't enough use - as if I was 'keeping it for best'. I just liked 'having it' more than 'using it'. I've just traded it in.
  3. I've had a pair of sennheiser momentum for 8 years or so. Mine are 'on ear' and I find comfy but do occasionally check ebay for over the ear versions with bigger cups and are available used / refurbished for £nottoomuch. These (and I'm sure there are others) have removable/replacable cable - available cheap on ebay.
  4. When one old Jag isn't enough....
  5. Like tha back door of that one?
  6. Freelander 2.5 auto petrol 20 - 22mpg 2012 WRXSTi 23 - 25 mpg. Yep - if I want to use less fuel, I have to take the 300hp 4WD car.
  7. Mine at 120k miles, cat C write off a few years ago. One owner. Needs attacking with a sparkly stick. Perhaps a mistake to not re-fit the big spoiler (silly as it is).
  8. Gremlins - where a young fella buys an American car, makes the mistake of refuelling on the way home from a nightshift when it starts raining.
  9. Wonder why it was called Menlove Avenue?
  10. What is that yellow one? Suzuki, Daihatsu, Honda?
  11. And they haven't bothered buying some wheeltrims from poundland either
  12. Have we had this yet? £2k, cloth, Millsmatic, 18k miles, saloon. It's got bumpers......without duct tape!
  13. That's a young looking Colin Turkington, although he seems very happy between Jenny and Natasha.
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