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  1. I'd ASSumed that a GS had 3-bolt pattern hubs.
  2. I feel compelled to link this video on any mention of a C15.
  3. How are you getting along with the Mitsubishi? Son in law liked his (but prefers the discovery 3 he now has)
  4. But you're all wrong ......
  5. Shamelessly lifted from @Dyslexic Viking's rather splendid thread
  6. Would a new, aftermarket one be any more palatable at that sort of price? https://www.powerfuluk.com/catalogsearch/result?q=cam233
  7. Any idea what this is? In a local wobbly brick garage that's been boarded up for years. The chair almost looks salvageable.
  8. Is Mrs. @triggerSusie Dent off Countdown's much younger sister?
  9. Courtesy of @Crackers Cheeky crop
  10. That looks good for 18 years old. They aren't a 'sports car' but still a very nice thing. My wife had a 3.2 mnaual as a daily a few years back. Dash-pod, ABS sensor, sticky flap in the HVAC and an issue with a 10mm drop on the driver's side window. Nothing else beyond fluids, filters, discs and pads. Still have the big offset spanner for the haldex filter...... somewhere. Driver's view was a bit like driving a letterbox.
  11. So - what could possibly be better than just one Range Rover?
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