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  1. You don't hang about. (I thought all MKII Mondeo rear bumpers were held together with Gaffa Tape)
  2. I'd be more concerned that he's going to claim he was rear ended while he was stationary.
  3. Brownnova x1 Fumbled x1 (maybe) Craig the Princess x1 Garythesnail x 2
  4. Tesla bloke pays £4.50 for one-fifth of a full 'tank', so £22.50 for a full charge. I thought these Model S Teslas did 300 miles to a full charge? If* that's right, it's still the equivalent of over 70mpg as well as having the other tax breaks and, battery replacement aside, lower maintenance costs. I don't see a problem.
  5. I had to search to find out when they stopped making them . . . . . . . and came across this LINK I didn't now "sco.wikipedia" was a thing - I was reading to myself in a convincing* Scottish accent - which made me giggle.
  6. Another bit of 80's exotica - all the fuss is about the DC2, but the first generation 4 door is still the best looking Integra. The whole Honda range mid to late eighties looked bloody good. (image pinched from elsewhere on AS) I may* have a thing for Hondas with pop-up headlights.
  7. I learned to drive in one of these. It was ace. Death by rust - mechanicals were solid. Did these fit in to the eighties?
  8. You might want to check out his tailgate chains as well then.
  9. That'll be the reliable* Honda engine in a 1600 automatic. Daughter had one for a couple of years (1800 VVC in green with ash interior and leather with the facelift dash something like R86 OPR . . . or not) and was a good car. She sold it at the bottom of the price curve😱 for a much more* practical Mitsubishi FTO. Arches and sills and no more than the usual stuff o cars this age. Not worth my 2 grand.
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