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  1. Having direct experience of how an older L320 behaves when trying to go around a corner a little* bit too quickly, this struck a chord with me.
  2. Now - I'd just get something quirky I liked the look of - something that made me smile - and look after it. If it broke - fix it and keep it going. Waxoyl every year.... even wash the bloody thing. No hybrid, no diesel. Estate body. Metallic goldy-beige Outback with lineartronic? Really like this 'Rebel Green' on Minis. Shame it looks bloody black most of the time. I reckon a Focus ST in this colour would make me smile every time I looked back at it. 1995...... did Rover ever make a 420 GSi Turbo in estate tourer flavour? I'd go for BRG, Tahiti blue or Nightfire red. Such a good looking car.
  3. I know that Jag - used to look like this
  4. See also Otyo the power-mad steering wheel from Wall-E
  5. Good to learn that you're at least getting some kind of pleasure from it, Eddy. If I knew then what I (think I) know now, I wouldn't have had any Subarus, but any money saved by buying older, 6 or 8 cylinder saloons and FFRRs, would have been spent on fuel, maintenance and repairs instead.🙃 Keep on enjoying Handsome👍
  6. This works well in a 1600kg Freelander and makes for relaxed wafting without feeling underpowered or slow. Can't imagine it's a simple transplant with all the electronic gubbins.
  7. Colleagues at work in the late 80s and early nineties found Ford's audio system (Escort, Orion and Sierra) a pain as the rotary knob for the volume could be turned up to max vol when the vehicle was off without the keys in, giving a surprise when they jumped in at the end of the shift. I, however, found it to be highly amusing when the old codgers jumped out of their skin before effing and blinding. Shouldn't have let their windows wound down.
  8. Son in law , who works for one of the national recovery services, when allocated a job to assist a Mercedes Vito van with DPD stickers was politley told to FRO by plod who were already on-scene. No tax, MOT, insurance and dodgy tyres. Prick was already in cuffs in the back of the plodmobile. Good.
  9. I thought this was a good, rally-based Colin McRae / Richard Burns / Peter Solberg / Impreza comment until........ 🙈
  10. My dumb brain didn't immediately think 'sliding door', just went straight for 'variable wheelbase'
  11. You are right, of course....... but look at the current MB lineup (granted a bit of duplication and a couple of vans) - beats eighties BL, hands down.
  12. Same registration number ..... same one!
  13. Looks like Batfink has resprayed the Batillac
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