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  1. You're not allowed to say that anymore - they've got names too. 🤐
  2. I've referred to that accurate* source of facts*.......... wiki. Both comments above seemed reasonable and wanted to know how far out I was. There's nothing in it between Acclaim and Prelude 9mm in wheelbase, 1mm in length, 35mm in width. Acclaim being smaller . . . You are both right that the Prelude is bigger (unless you count height🙃 - the Prelude is shorter giving it a better 'stance'). The Accord isn't much bigger either - just 350mm longer and an extra 120mm in the wheelbase. Surprised how close these all are. Prelude is all Accord under the skin too, it seems. An Acclaim was my grandfather's last car - in gold. Only ever remember him buying a new car after he crashed the old one🤣
  3. Isn't a just a two door Acclaim in an appropriate colour?
  4. What's the chances it's got 176k miles not 17k?
  5. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202108256648751?atmobcid=soc3
  6. Smoothest riding 'car' is a MK6/7 Ford Transit, isn't it?🤪
  7. I didn't realise 35mpg was 'almost 60MPG'
  8. That Porsche needs body coloured / white steel wheels.
  9. Having changed the oil and filter weekend before last, the ungrateful bastard has now pissed all over the tarmac immediately after I parked up in the carpark at work yedterday morning. I knew it was likely to be brittle plastic coolant components in the V, asked for the day off, parked it in one of my employers outbuildings, back home for tools and set to work. Yep - something going on here Two out of two Elbow Thermostat housing You can see that I had replacement parts in stock (I still own an MG ZS 180 - changed cambelts twice on it and, while stripped down... may as well). Unfortunately, while the parts I already have suit a ZS or ZT, fitting to a V6 Freelander would involve messing about with pipe adaptors as the MGR items are just sleeve-pipe-jubilee clip type arrangements, Land Rover saw fit to make it a 'quick-fit' type connection requiring different plastic parts. Arse. Wait until Monday now
  10. The front of the small container is probably 20' and a bit back and has the twisting lugs from the deck locked in .
  11. The manifold does not have to be removed. A job of many cuts.
  12. Autotrader agrees with you👍
  13. I've had difficulty getting a dead battery to 'receive charge' - no juice going in. I have had success by using jump leads to connect a dead battery in parallel to a good one, and then connecting the charger to it.
  14. Agree. This is a free car. If anywhere near 'looked after' by its next owner will not be worth much less when it's sold on in a few years.
  15. I concur with both options offered in the poll. I am avoiding the rears on the Freelander as the handrake remains effective* at present. The thought of springs, clips, rust, cables, tension, adjusters..........😱. I haven't buggered about with drums for 16 years or so.
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