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  1. I've done this on an old Hotpoint and didn't need special tools to remove but did damage to the seal coming off. Was a long time ago though - no doubt things are more fragile and specially designed to self-destruct when you open them up nowadays.
  2. Kettle issues aside, it wasn't really a good idea to put a not-that-small 1800 petrol engine in to a Freelander - a 1700kg 4WD mini-truck. A 6 cylinder turbo diesel would be brilliant in one of these.
  3. Imagine a bright yellow one without the added 'Ghia'. Happy memories of burning my legs on the black vinyl seats before my grandmother drove us to the seaside, sliding, sans seatbelt, from one side to the other. I seem to remember it was huge - haven't seen a MK III Cortina for ages.
  4. Aling similar lines . . . Triumph rocket , 2 wheels, 3 cylinders and 2300cc Honda goldwing, 6 cylinder, 1800cc
  5. MGBGTV8 or MGRV8. Both quite compact with 3.5 and 3.9 engines.
  6. LabRat describing his dog George It's amazing how quickly they can go from flat out and sulking to full on dickhead
  7. My daily drive V6 Freelander returning empeegees varying between 19 and 21*, is a comparative tree-hugger in this company. *I'm sure it will do much less if I make an effort.
  8. Not sexy but could it fit the bill? (or in the garage) http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202001246537106?atmobcid=soc3
  9. Two happy customers in Wet Wales. Thanks @brownnova 👍
  10. I know you end up using the same amount of fuel no matter what size of tank it is . . . . . but £123 in one go😂.
  11. You don't hang about. (I thought all MKII Mondeo rear bumpers were held together with Gaffa Tape)
  12. I'd be more concerned that he's going to claim he was rear ended while he was stationary.
  13. Brownnova x1 Fumbled x1 (maybe) Craig the Princess x1 Garythesnail x 2
  14. Tesla bloke pays £4.50 for one-fifth of a full 'tank', so £22.50 for a full charge. I thought these Model S Teslas did 300 miles to a full charge? If* that's right, it's still the equivalent of over 70mpg as well as having the other tax breaks and, battery replacement aside, lower maintenance costs. I don't see a problem.
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