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  1. I concur with both options offered in the poll. I am avoiding the rears on the Freelander as the handrake remains effective* at present. The thought of springs, clips, rust, cables, tension, adjusters..........😱. I haven't buggered about with drums for 16 years or so.
  2. Anything less than 20 years old show up? Does look a good turnout.
  3. I resemble that remark!🤪 *may be biased
  4. 3 door smoll 4WD with petrol engine . . . . must be rubbish😉. Looks tidy enough and smells OK from my couch. How does it go/stop? I have a petrol 3d Freelander. Fronteras are proper 4WDs, aren't they?
  5. Am I falling in to some kind of Autoshite trap...... I quite like the Orochi - like a proper supercar but more shite.
  6. @Asimo's right. Refer to Page 1 of "Autoshite Lexicon" thread
  7. "Because Toyota" This is how I've found the experience of running the four Subarus we've had - they just work.
  8. SC430s aren't the sexiest, sportiest thing, but lose the vinyl and scoop on the bonnet, get the chrome painted to match the body and you've got a quirky, reliable little car with a V8 that's going to lose you very little over the summer. Maybe. At least it's a proper colour.
  9. Nice looking 405 diesel Not sure if it's a turbo D or not.
  10. I have happy memories of our young family being thoroughly entertained by four-abreast 2CV action at Pembrey in the mid-nineties. They were literally leaning on each other.
  11. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091642/ and before that in1986.
  12. FFS don't eat it - just rub Lada Cream in to the rash.
  13. This sounds familiar . . . . @Crackers . . . . 3500 . . .. . @Crackers . . . .. 3500 Nope - can't remember.
  14. Nice - my parents went through several small Triumphs when I was kid. I remember being disappointed with the appearance and quality of dashboards in 'inferior' cars. Anyone else prefer the look of these without the front bumper or is it just me?
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