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  1. Front wheel drive Mondeo? moar cylinders even moar cylinders
  2. It's pretty shit when you get just one of the 'events' above, never mind the series you've experienced - do your best.👍 Now you've gone and bought a perfectly good Disco and ruined it. 😉 Excellent. got it how you want it or more to do?
  3. £2k in a year - a £170 a month, still 'winning', just need to find the right sub-£1k shed that isn't a shed. Must be stressful if you haven't got a dependable, go-to car though.
  4. Deaf ears, Crackers - I own a MKII MGZS . . . you've seen the fat arse on one of those, haven't you?
  5. That's a lot closer to 'Scania' than 'Range Rover'😮
  6. This. Smallish saloons always appear better proportioned to my eyes and it's a shame that there are so few of them in the UK. I'm sure most would find something like the A3 'too small for a family' or 'not practical because it doesn't have a hatchback'. Here's another - modern Mercs don't really float my boat but have been quite taken by a red CLA parked up close to my place of work. Mercedes have now confused the matter further by introducing an A class saloon - don't know if this is 'instead of' or 'in addition to' this apparently new saloon Edited to add an old photo of an old, smallish, well-proportioned saloon. I may* have a similar one at my disposal.
  7. He does appear to have impeccable taste in motor vehicles though.
  8. Not very tall for fifteen, is he?
  9. All three of mine learned in either a Rover 214i or a 200BRM. Eldest went from his own BRM to a 3 door Astra (with the heaviest doors on the planet) for 'economy' reasons before chopping the Astra for a Nissan 350Z and now has a 120k miles spaceship Civic Type R in multiple shades of red - for more 'economy' reasons. No.2 has gone from borrowed BRM to Rover VVC coupe to Mitsubishi FTO and, now with her own offspring, is driving an 07 plate Accord diesel estate, which is an excellent, if leggy, family wagon. (her OH has a 95 plate, base-spec, Electrolux white 316 compact - which used to be pretty much immaculate until he improved* it for road-rally purposes) No. 3 went straight from borrowed BRM to an '05 Mini Cooper S - she still has it, been about 7 years now. My daily driver rotates between the ZS (14yo), the V6 Freelander (16yo) and the TF of many colours (17yo) I may* have adversely* influenced their car buying decisions. Nothing under 10 years old there - the only one letting the side down (or being sensible) is my son's OH who wants worry-free motoring and has PCP'd her second cute Fiat - and it works for her.
  10. We're getting on for 700 miles together now. Empeegees is at 22.6 over two tankfuls and we're about ready to fill up again. It's not fantastic, but it's mostly 30mph work through villages and is weirdly close to the manufacturer's 'combined' figure of 22.7. It may be a keeper.
  11. Sorry - thought I'd done that. LINKY Found the 'snag' - rust. Although seems to have been sorted prior to latest MOT (after initial fail). Still looks good.
  12. Have we had this yet? There's got to be a snag - correct fuel type, cylinder number and transmission. 36K miles, 3 figure asking price.
  13. I like the bump-strips on the side but the add-on with the fog lamps to the bumper is fugly. The metallic red looks great on a Tonka toy. I've had an L series in a Rover 400 - last seen at 186k miles. Good Donkey. Let us all know if your friend* goes for it. It's a 21 year old car now and need to go in with eyes wide open.
  14. Shagged viscous coupling will end up causing other shagged components - bearings, IRD etc. Removed viscous coupling+removed propshaft+blank plate on IRD = 2WD car. I think* L-series diesels were all manual. I hope your friend* finds this useful.
  15. I don't - Fuck that for a game of soldiers. I have an excellent one and, frankly, one of those buggers is too much for me.
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