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  1. This looks a lot like the Leyland Leopards used in NZ as Car Transporters- I'll try to find pictures... 😎 And it indeed is a Leyland Leopard. The ones I'm talking about are here:
  2. I remember moving a new Mk5 Golf. After all the fuss about flock lined glove boxes; damped grab handles and soft feel dashboard mouldings of the Mk4 Golf, I expected brilliant things. Was disappointing. Hard plastics, plastic inner door pull thingies and shit like that. Nasty. 😎
  3. Aluminium Bertone X1. https://driventowrite.com/2022/12/02/atomic-element-13/comment-page-1/#comments
  4. This may* have been the case with Peugeot 309 cars in the Garden of England. The infamous UKO batch...
  5. I spoke to someone who knew about these and they are all scrapped. A relatively recent Autocar article about buying used Police cars appears to back that up. Wouldn't be surprised if some* slip through the net* though.
  6. To paraphrase a film I don't remember the title of: "...putting the pain into Propane..."
  7. https://driventowrite.com/2022/10/05/wrong-number-porsche-911-marvia-graha/#more-87777 Never heard of it. I reckon pure AS 'Porsche' material...
  8. I agree; the Doblo owes much to this rather wonderful concept car- which would look fresh if launched now! 😎
  9. Yebbut the BMW I7 uses a similar headlamp arrangement:
  10. I saw a similar vehicle from the MKO***F batch getting towed through Southborough a couple of months back...
  11. I reckon it is, actually. The owner seems friendly enough to talk to. 😎
  12. I fancy a newer model:
  13. Near a railway station, isn't it... Was wondering if they were still there!
  14. DTW article on the Leyland National! https://driventowrite.com/2022/08/02/reluctant-to-fall-the-national/ 🙌🙌🙌😎😎😎
  15. I asked someone in a cold European country. The answer was that when the boot was being loaded, no interior heat was lost. Makes sense really. 😎
  16. I like this generation of Volkswagen and Audi cars. No-nonsense and easy to read.
  17. Aha! Black and White 359! The second coach I ever drove on the road! Had a couple of really cool enthusiasts trips out on it. Glad to see it is still around! Recognise a couple of passengers on it too! 😎😎😎
  18. Posh bus spotted earlier:
  19. Looks like a Foden NC to me... 🤓
  20. I think it was Neptune and was available on the Personal Line options list. Bloody lovely, isn't it! 😍😍😍
  21. Hell to pay if they don't! https://www.kentonline.co.uk/weald/news/garish-yellow-lines-ruining-our-prettiest-streets-251929/
  22. I'll buy a Lottery Ticket tomorrow and see what happens... 🤩🤩🤩
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