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  1. Was always the black ones....
  2. I have heard you can get 120 month finance on used cars though... 😕
  3. Going on breakdown experience, I'd say Yuasa were the worst, surprisingly. GM or AC Delco batteries always surprised me, and were surprisingly cheap from dealers.. this was some time ago though. I always suggested Halfords or Kwik Fit, as they are open 7 days and if your battery dies, they will replace it there and then under warranty anywhere... sounds daft but probably 4 years minimum of no hassle.
  4. Can someone in the know enlighten me? Been a long time since I was in the bodyshop trade.. in water based paint, the water is just the carrier, which evaporates off anyway, just like the solvent. And as water based paint is a base coat and clear, isn't the lacquer still solvent based?
  5. I do like an estate.. Current Focus 2.0TDCi 163 TiT X Doblo 1.4 petrol, fab wee thing, cost me £550 1st 9-5 Estate. 2.3 t auto. 2nd 9-5 Estate. Aero HoT auto. 1st 850. T5 ex armed response. 2nd 850. 2.0 10v. Bought from auction for £90.. (ninety) quid. E34 518i Touring. Hateful thing, my last BMW... # does this count? HPE 1600. always wanted one, hated it.. Yes, I fitted E34 headlights.... I have more, but on proper film pictures. had a few Passat GL5 estates and probably more ive forgotten..
  6. I think Sierraman has got the just of this.. I messed around with old "bangers' for most of my life. A weeks wages on something unwanted, but interesting, enjoy it,improve it, learn about it, then sell it to fund the next one. Mostly playing around with 4 or 500 quid. Plenty help yourself scrappies to get bits. These days are gone. I constantly search gumtree, ebay and marketplace, just in case something pops up.. even buying cars has gone to shit.. there used to be some sort of integrity , and a handshake over the phone meant you could confidently drive an hour or so to look at something. I stopped that after getting cash out, organising a mate to give me a lift, and driving 60 miles of a 70 mile journey to get a text.. " sorry, sold mate." Selling cheap stuff is even worse.. I don't do that anymore either.. it goes to scrap. So my hobby,pastime,weekend fun is gone. My W124 for £250, My Volvo 850T5 for £550, My Alfa GTVs for £600 the pair..Saab 900 T16s £200.. now just memories and photographs, thus was all over the space of 25 years or so..it was a constant. Sorry,but a T16s going from £200 to £15000 isn't inflation. I've had 17 Fiat X1/9s. Dearest one was £750.. one on Marketplace now not as good, Fifteen grand... come on.. All the people that have this sort of thing now just go on about how much they're worth, and make YouTube videos about how values can only go up.. buy one now.. sorry.. can't afford it anymore.
  7. Passat GL5 estate. Quick, great on fuel,huge boot, great seats, best noise this side of a V8.
  8. Renner Migraine. Dat ass ones always caused me cluster headaches..
  9. Where do these old campervan owners find Tipp-Ex in 5 litre Tins? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk2-transit-camper-/324989408271?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  10. Quite the collection 😆
  11. Not quite autoshite money, but WTF?
  12. I like a t2. I would like to have one. BUT. Having worked on campsites, the sound of a VW sliding door instantly boils my piss..
  13. Subaru Imprezas.. don't get it. Never been impressed by one yet. Subarus are vets cars.. Glanza things ..don't get it. Just don't. Alfa Giulietta. Too ordinary. An Alfa for people who don't get Alfas. See also Mito. Rx8. Love the design. Always owned by twats who don't understand. Land Rovers. Any of them,and all of them. Overcomplicated,over hyped and as reliable as Boris Johnsons hairdresser.
  14. Did you wake him up with the noise?
  15. Bored today so crunching some numbers about the Leaf road test yesterday.. if I charged at home, the Leaf was doing the equivalent of 106MPG.. Double what I get out the Focus.. my electric costs me 19p per KW/h.. the nearest public charger to me is 15p per KW/h.. Stuff the car, I'm off to plug my house In! 😯
  16. You could get one in a Trabant too, but I believe they could be a bit ,erm, temperamental...
  17. Great, in theory.. I put the heating off for a minute, and it got cold quick.
  18. Just hired a Nissan Leaf for a couple of hours, just out of curiosity.. well? Meh.. Started with 100% charge. Heater on as it was cold 142 miles.. dropped almost straight away to 124. Turned heating down but not off. Set at 21. Did 61 miles and used exactly 50% charge. Loved the regen 1 pedal driving ,and the adaptive cruise was nice, but otherwise...not for me. I like to be warm..I spend enough of my life in the cold to worry about not being able to be comfortable, this is a major deal breaker for me without anything else. It's actually noisier than my Focus at 60mph too. Jumped in my 8 year old Focus to drive home, and prefer it. I'll put off my future daily plans for a couple of years at least, especially as this is now the norm after changing the last nippy caliper.
  19. I've had 2 estates and a Santana 5, but never a hatch.. these now have scene tax tho, from the few I've seen for sale. One of the best cars I've ever owned..
  20. Unless it is the ring gear, then it'd be a pain .. starter notsomuch.. I do prefer the non VVC 1.8i version but can't be picky at that price...
  21. 🤩https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volkswagen-Passat-GL5-2-0-5-cylinder-manual-1984-/115170546157?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  22. Hnnnng. Need to get down the back of the sofa!!
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