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  1. Injectors on these tend to dribble and spit fuel in ,rather than the fine mist they should have when old or have been left sitting. They dribble when shut down too, so gives poor cold starting, and running on a cylinder or 2 down rather than all 4. They will probably start and run rough untill the excess fuel is burned off, and run lumpy after that. Pull the injector out and check the spray pattern in a jam jar..if it's not a fine mist-Try some Seafoam-good stuff!
  2. All boggo. Never been messed with, apart from someone has removed the aircon compressor... :(. That'll bug me.
  3. 16 MPG so far.... driven home from sellers, up over the A93 Glenshee with a binding front brake. Hopefully it'll do better than this! Doblo is a 2007 1.4 16v, base no frills model but its a likeable thing! 140K, mot'D October and runs great.. clutch is high, as all of these seem to be, but doesn't slip, even up over the devils elbow. Back wiper groans like a bored teenager and the red is a bit faded in places. Did 200 odd miles in it today. a bit revvy on the motorway, but surprisingly fun on the backroads. SV57TDO if anyone wants history.
  4. Bought a Doblo to replace rotten Sorento.. Doblo's great and hasn't put a foot rong... so I did this. Needs tyres, a screen and an MOT. 2.5 petrol.. couldn't help myself. Anyone wanna Doblo?
  5. I've spent many years welding up rusty crap, but this was a BIG job.Basically needed a tube cut out completely, which is above the axle and just behind the fuel tank and is mega heavy gauge steel, new axle tie rod brackets fabricated, welded exactly in the right place to the tube, the tube welded back into the chassis and tank etc bolted back in to more mounts. That, on top of inner sills and some on the front crossmember means it it went. A few mm out and the axle would be skew whiff and the thing would crab up the road, probably killing the Auto 4wd system. This You Tube vid explains ...
  6. I personally oversaw the fitter diligently torquing the wheels to 86NM. Kwik Fit do take not torquing wheels correctly very seriously....... I used to work for them and air tools were a no-no.
  7. Here's the new wheelz! Back to being a 2 Fiat Family again. Had it a couple of days and it's full of dog hair, grass and 4" plumbing pipe already. Sorento was picked up with no fuss and £275 deposited in my bank account same day.. Doblo had a scarily worn front tyre so I went searching, and as we're moving to the coldest place in the UK I thought I'd better get some all weathers. Checked everywhere and the cheapest, by quite a bit were............ Kwik Fit Mobile... Mobile fitting is no extra, so a big blue and yellow van rolled in today and fitted me a pair of 195/65/15 Goodyear Vector 4 seasons gen2, for an all in price of £102, Cracking service and a brilliant price! First job I need to do is wire the horn in through the ignition rather than constant live, as that twat of a hound of mine thinks it's funny to hoot at me all day.
  8. The recall ended in April this year...... It is a common problem with the trailing arm brackets, usually the axle ones, but mine is the chassis tube on the other end, and a real shame because otherwise I really rate them, good to drive, great for towing and loads of room. I parked it up tonight ready for the scrappy to collect in the morning and its a handsome big beast too... still can't quite believe its getting fragged as it still looks and drives spot on. Bah... all modern cars are... Thanks for the offer of a ramp and MIG, but those days are gone for me I think. I had too many years of fizzers in the ears and doing dad dancing around the workshop with hot rocks down my overalls. And, Saabnut- look forward to it! Spotted 2 BX's when I was up your way too!
  9. Off to Braemar. Same thing but smaller, touring only site. No statics
  10. My Sorento, which I really really liked, and needed, failed it's MOT catastrophically the other day- chassis above rear axle is rotted out and pretty much unrepairable- at least without a ramp, a big mig and a week off.. Raging as it had been very carefully hidden and missed on previous MOT's. Common issue on these things seemingly. Anyway the rest of it is very nice, so I'm trying to sell it for spares as the engines and 4wd running gear seem to be in demand, scrap value is £275, but I thought I'd try my luck to see if I could ease the pain a little and get a few more quids. Bought a Doblo 1.4 today as I need wheels... This is the latest message I got on Facebook. No did yiu have qwit much cos5 fir back end no preversly rangrovet bavk end cheep 500 so if cheeper whuts lowsr take fir yiur jeep or wood swop fkr gokd car and casg Scrappers it is then. P.S. Handed my notice in at the holiday park, we're on the move again...
  11. Luggage racks and boxes fitted, extra sockets,sat nav bar,intercoms and scottoiler sorted out,. Ferry's booked for September and I'm excited already- been 6 years since "doing the continent" on two wheels. I bloody love this wee bike- it's totally given me my Mojo back and I'm throwing it around like a 'crosser, even in the streaming rain. I'm out at every opportunity,whatever the weather. Glen Lyon today.
  12. This Fred bring back some memories. Mostly of early AM, with the sun just coming up waiting on an AA relay truck to take over the broken paitient off the back of my truck. I always moaned about how bad UK services are, until stopping off in some Belgian ones, which were just slightly better than the bit where Renton went swimming in trainspotting. Stirling services always seemed to be my main collection point for long runs down South, one of which ended up as Pease Pudding services IIRC? I was a bit tired that day, and all for an old fucking Ford Galaxy.
  13. Always wanted a ZZR in the Purple and Bronze double decker colours like my ZX9, but I prefer the ZZR C model like this late C3 I had. Promised myself one in 1990 when I was 16. Only took 25 years ... ears.
  14. I've been called a Pussy. Had comparisions made with a Trek MTB, and Mrs Cade has given it a name. I've gone rouge and bought a (nearly) new bike. After many years of big 1000cc+ BMW's and Kawasaki's I've downsized to a 650, and I bloody love it! After doing the Dukes Pass on the ZX9, and having a few moments on gravel, potholes,tar strips and farmers mud trails I just wasn't enjoying being on a bike anymore. I love being on a bike, after getting off a boat from Dover so finally admitted I'd had enough of being in a constant state of fear and disappointment when on a (big)bike in this country, I decided to go for something big,friendly and able to tackle the pitted crappy tarmac they call A roads in Scotland now. I've already had the pegs down, in the wet, it shrugs off gravel,tar lines ect mid bend and just seems a lot more "fun"! Plans are forming already for a Euro tour later in the year with the Mrs where I may regret not going for the 1000, but for now I love it!
  15. I have just made a late night Ebay purchase, so the little Charade has to go. Mrs Cade bought a Fiat 500L, so I bought her wee red Daihatsu for running round the site. It's a little smoll for the dug, my tools and I really need a towbar so I'm moving it on. The 9-5 Aero is staying.... 2004- Reg is DV04YLC. Charade 5 door SL,- yep, the Luxury one. £30 a year road tax. Insurance was £200 FC with no- no claims, it does well over 50 MPG and even says "Hello HaPPy" when you start it up Being an SL, it has central locking, electric mirrors, JVC mechless stereo with USB, electric windows and freezing cold AIR CON. It's never asked anything since we've had it, apart from some new tyres. The original alloys were really tatty and the centre caps were missing, so I got 4 Kia Picanto wheels and trimz and put them on. You can have the alloys if you want too. It is really tiny, but surprisingly good on the motorway- 85 is easily possible as a cruise, and it sounds great being a triple. 2 keys, original handbook and wallet and some old reciepts and mot's. The cambelt kit was changed October 2017 and an exhaust in September 2017. MOT is 20th July. Bad points? The EML is on- code is for a Lambda sensor. It's been running around the campsite for a few months so needs a good blast, Lambda sensor is £20 off Ebay Front bumper has been touched up- paint was peeling off so it was sanded and brushed in. Washer bottle is cracked at the top. Holds some water and the washers work fine- rear one doesn't. That's about it- it's a mega cheap to run, fun wee car that surprised me how good it is at being an car. I gave £400 for it, and would like this back if poss. Don't have any pics at the mo, apart from this one parked behind the Saab. Will try and get some more tomorrow, but it needs a good hoover because Bassett.
  16. No colleckshun Fred, as we nipped down to darkest Paisley in the Charade to collect something I've been seeking for a while. Its HOT, very HOT.. Actually AERO HOT. I missed my old 9-5 of the Stelvio adventure very much, and thought if the 2.3 SE was my perfect car, then a 2.3 AERO HOT in the same shape and colour would be even better.3 full days of sitting in front of a screen looking at 9-5's all over the country, with trainline and the MOT checker up in tabs.. Well today I found one and bought it within seconds of it appearing.. Now home after the seller, who actually bought it for scrap money from the local Lexus dealer, as it was traded in by the 2nd owner for a brand new Lexus. I have the invoice when he bought it in 2006 for £14,995. I've also done a rough tally of the main dealer reciepts which amount to about the same . It's an auto too, and has paddles! That's a bit different, otherwise it's very familiar, but quite a bit more woosh... as was demonstrated to me on the test drive ....70 in a 30... glad I got it before they had a chance to really rag it... Anyway, more info and pics to follow once I get a proper look round it- it has a wound on the nsr arch which will have to be repaired, interior is MINT, outside, apart from the dent and a pretty stonechipped bonnet, is very good. but get this- the wheels were refurbished and powder coated at a cost of £280, A WEEK AGO. ??? Anyway, I'm in a happy place this evening, surrounded by many reciepts that are for more than I paid for the car, a lovely Saab embossed handbook pack and an SID in bits on the table, as some of the pixels have fallen out. Here's a pic from the ad, I'll get some of me own tomorrow.
  17. Anyone clued up on PATS on Fords? Works 06 tddi Transit Connect had a flat battery, took the battery out and charged it overnight, popped it back in and now it doesn't recognise the keys.Haven't had much time on it so far as it's 20 miles away, but checked and cleaned up a few earths as this can cause these issues, clocks were playing up a bit for a few weeks before- randomly dropping to zero and resetting the clock. Just wondered if anyone has fixed this as I have limited time to spend on it just now..
  18. In the Eiffel bit of Deutschland for a wee hol, visited the nurbirgring again and found it was the truck grand Prix. Loads of American trucks and cowboy hats. Brown car is doing well, oil use seems to have got much better and it's averaging 47.5 mpg at autobahn speeds with Aircon at full pelt.Will be for sale on return to fund a 4x4.
  19. You guys are about the only ones who'd think I was in the least bit sane holding on to this stuff, but MAJOR downsizing means I've gotta let a lot of crap- sorry interesting car stuff- go. And, as Tesco says, every little helps in ££ Below is some pics of some stuff I've dug out already. Don't have massive amounts of time now to post stuff etc,so as large chunks as poss! Haynes manuals Mk2 '82 Cavalier, '80 Chevette and Onion handbooks Early 850 handbook and Opel special editions leaflet in German- very fragile. Alfa 145 and Volvo 264/265 GLE handbook Seicento brochure, Fiat accessory brochure, and MG ZT/ZTT brochure Tercel 4wd accessory brochure in German 1981 Vauxhall range, and some Audi brochures- German
  20. The festive period has been spent scrolling. and scrolling.and scrolling. Occaisionally checking train timetables, Google maps, then back to scrolling. I've been down a few garden paths, then some dead ends, then happened across a few wankers. The conclusion may come this afternoon before I forget the reason for this mission and purchase that SLK that has been shouting at me in the smoke filled,slightly drunken haze of the wee sma hours. I have fought against it and actually agreed to purchase something that ticks most of the boxes I started out with with on my virtual notepad. AND IT'S FECKIN' BROWN
  21. Rearranging stuff a little bit, and need an Estate for the Basset who comes to work with me now, so 2 wee motors up for sale. 1st- 2004 Panda Eleganza. Will be sad to see this wee thing go, as it's been trouble free and great on fuel. MOT'd till Oct 2018, alloys, roof rails,climate control with working Aircon, trip computer etc. New battery a couple of weeks ago,along with a thermostat as it was running a bit cool, and had rear brakes for its MOT.. Few wee marks on the body but polishes up really nicely and it's a bright blue which I like. Remote locking has been a bit haphazard recently, so might need a new key case but all works perfectly with the key. About 83,000 miles. All handbooks 3 keys .SV54NXY to check stuff. £625? 2. Vw Polo 6N2 1.0. As basic a Polo as you could get, but still has ABS,Airbags and power steering. No central locking,no electric windows..MOT'd November 2018. Engine is sweet with none of the usual VW tappet rattle, gearbox is also good and quiet,but 1st gear is a bit tight until you get used to it- been meaning to adjust the linkage for ages.. Has had new discs and pads, wheel bearing and ABS sensor not long ago, and it had a tap on the wing which was replaced with another used one the same colour. Sorted all the locks out too, and replaced the passengers window regulator. EML is on- comes up EGR flow... can't tell the difference in the running of it, but switch it off, and it comes back a week or 2 later and it flew it's emissions test at the MOT. About 70,000 miles. Y114XGA to check stuff. All handbooks,2 keys and even the VW plastic key is there. £400?
  22. Just had lunch and a good blether with a local "legend", Bill Peatman. Motorcycle racer and garage owner. He and his brother Alf had petrol stations and a motorcycle dealership here and competed in races all over the country including the TT. More interesting here is that Alf, who sadly died a few years ago, was also a car nut and had a good few classy motors. His daily driver was an old Alfa, but he kept is Aston DBS and Ferrari Dino tucked away.. The Dino was sold at auction after he died and I was told today it's now in South Africa. He used it regularly for a while, then got chased by the police and parked it up...for 39 years!! Here is a pic of the Dino.... Seemingly made well over 100 grand.. Any local heroes where you are?
  23. Can you guess what it is? Surprised me! 500161km....... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Smart-fortwo-city-passion-coupe-2002/332438884818?hash=item4d66e6d1d2:g:9W8AAOSwhpZZ~3Eq
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