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  1. TÜV would get it without any problems, replaced several wear parts......
  2. https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=297061575&cn=DE&damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&gn=Visselhövede%2C+Niedersachsen&isSearchRequest=true&ll=52.9858381%2C9.5871411&maxPrice=1000&pageNumber=3&rd=200&scopeId=C&sfmr=false&searchId=c5311e38-63df-f6b6-2e66-ccf62feb81eb AS Wedding car?
  3. https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=284929137&cn=DE&damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&gn=Visselhövede%2C+Niedersachsen&isSearchRequest=true&ll=52.9858381%2C9.5871411&maxPrice=1000&pageNumber=2&rd=200&scopeId=C&sfmr=false&searchId=601e949f-76e5-b925-a734-5cd9e7dd516e
  4. Sat Nav- I use an old Nokia phone, with Sygic, has been brilliant- offline mapping worldwide, voice instructions bluetoothed through to my headset, can also be a dashcam for a few quid extra. Cleared out the rest of the phone and filled it with tunes. Music cuts off when sat nav needs to speak.. total cost, less than a fiver.
  5. Totally agree, that's why I love em so much. So well packaged, and ahead of their time. Nothing affordable could come close in '72 up until probably 84/85 with the MR2 and Fiero. Spurious... There is a big difference between handling and grip... An X1/9 has amazing handling, but not really that much grip, especially on the early cars 145/13 tyres... They do let you know everything that's going on between them and the road, and you can really throw them around, up to a point. Go past that and you are getting dizzy. You need to learn, practice and respect. Nowadays you have esp/abs.
  6. Mish mash of parts bin.... Engine and gearbox from the 128/Strada, but other cars are a mishmash of the X1/9... Stratos, Countach, Esprit,...😁
  7. Funny, I just re found this whilst cleaning out my laptop. The greatest bit of X1/9 footage ever. They do like to "move around" That's how they like to be driven, the harder you drive them the less troublesome they are, but remember to do your hair. Enjoy! D.S.%20Fiat%20X1_9%20mod%201977%20spinout-SD.mp4
  8. Just remember the rear suspension towers are triple skinned... not an easy repair to do properly, TR7.. Bought one once, drove it home and never sat in it again.. Hateful thing. “Italian... mid engined.. thoroughbred.... lampredi..” I miss X1/9's. Sometimes.
  9. I seem to be the only one who isn't a vfr fan. I found my '96 a bit "meh" . Didn't particularly do anything well, didn't make me want to go for a ride, or want to clean and polish it. Never had a Honda yet that I've liked. Just me?
  10. Ooft, I missed a trick.. The one I was looking at and umming over was mint, and £1400. Had luggage too. I remember seeing a few for a grand.
  11. I just hope things carry on where they left off, I get my job back, and finally get my licence so I can get a shot of this...
  12. I looked into these a while back as I really fancied one- other guy on my Bikesafe course was on one so I had a good look over it and a long chat about it. Still want one! They have a few well documented issues which seem to have all been sorted by now, and I've read so many times about how comfy they are. Looks are a bit take it or leave it depending on your view. Engines are brilliant, electrics can be a bit iffy but I'd take a chance on one anyday. Seriously hunted down a Caponord for a long time too- still on my list.
  13. Is everyone going out on their bikes as normal? I'm having withdrawals but can't be arsed with getting the 3rd degree from anyone.. Last time I was out it was rather chilly.
  14. I think I've just realised who you are Saabnut? I think you bought a 95 estate.. (95 and not a 9-5) off me many years ago. It was white and pretty rough. I think you had a Pontiac sunbird for sale at the same time?
  15. Wd40. Duck oil. Baby oil , all will get rid of tar.
  16. Is it a 108,110 or 112? I had a receipt with mine for a clutch and dmf for 1200 quid 😳
  17. Check the shaft hasn't come loose first, otherwise it'll be walloping around when you tow it..
  18. Not all are. Mine were normal Allen bolts. Was a late 2003, one of the last.
  19. Update on Non Shite ownership. 4 I've really warmed to this thing, so thought I'd give a wee update after about 1500 miles. Still getting my head around a few things, it's a Titanium X will pretty much all the options so a lot to learn! I like the engine- its the 163 BHP 2 litre Peugeot lump so has plenty of pull and far smoother on takeoff than Mondeo's I remember with the 2.0. I was forever stalling them things in the workshop, but the clutch is very forgiving on this, averaging 50MPG , but I'm finding 6th isn't getting a lot of use in the mountains. Fine on the motorway though and it's a cracking cruiser with the cruise set at 70... The park itself thing does indeed park itself. Had a bit of fun with it, but still freaks me out when the steering wheel moves itself. The auto main beam is great, apart from coming over Glenshee.. It thinks the snow poles are another car so dips the lights just when you need them most. Blind spot indicators are OK on the motorway but give loads of false alarms everywhere else. Keyless is great, no messing about -keys just stay in my pocket all the time. Updated to 2019 maps for the sat nav and it's been brilliant so far. Handling is brilliant, you can have loads of fun on the roads round here and can really feel the torque vectoring working. Roscoe's not so keen though- have one of those moulded boot mats and he struggles for traction when I'm pushing on, think he preferred the Jeep... Heated seats,windscreen ,grille shutter and auxilliary electric heating in the heater box make -10 up here a lot more pleasant, and Xenons with washers help after the gritters have been through. No regrets so far and I still go out in it, just for a drive. Towbar and electrics kit on the way to me, so we'll see how it tows after I fit it all.
  20. The bolts fall out of the inner CV joint on these Vito's, unless they've been loctitited in. Caught mine before they unwound completely. I checked mine every month or so after that. Failing that the CV joint has gone. New complete shaft from J+R for under 40 quid delivered. Easy to fit, even roadside.... https://www.jandrcvjoints.co.uk/mercedes_benz-vito-2.2-diesel-2001/product/drive-shafts-509/drive-shaft/DS50
  21. I just got rid of my cherokee. Was glad to see the back of it.. I never did get to the bottom of the mad jerking/shunting but had narrowed it down to sticky valves. Wasn't that nice to drive and gulped down fuel, and was really small inside. Loved my grand cherokee though.. ah well.. another itch scratched. It did make me want to spark up a Marlboro and Woolard in cowboy boots staring into the wide blue yonder. Maybe I should have kept it
  22. Garage has sorted it at their cost- New Osram Ballast boxes are about 50 quid if I ever need another.
  23. Well. A car has been bought. I had it for a day, then the garage has it for another week... It's a Focus. 2014 Focus 2.0 Titanium X manual Diesel estate. I picked it up all shiny and smelling lovely, then noticed a dent in the wing that wasn't there before and dipped beam wasn't working on the passengers side. We were away for the weekend ,collecting the car as part of that ( It was our silver anniversary) The workshop was closed for the weekend so I dropped the car back to them Monday morning to fix it so I had it for a day... I really really like it. Had a wee play with all the buttons, let it park itself for me and messed around with the lane departure shizz. It drives ace and the clutch and gearbox are really smooth- a surprise as I always remember 2 litre denzil Fords having a really sharp clutch. Handles very nicely and was giving over 50MPG on the dash. Anyway, I wasn't happy with driving around with 1 headlight so I whipped out the Halfords Trade card and got a bulb- a fancy Xenon one at over 50 quid. Still no light.. Checked a bit further and it was the Ballast box that had gone- garage can sort that out. A new headlamp from Euro is over 900 quid... Holy ***** A ballast can be had cheaper than a bulb. It had just been through the workshop- I checked and it had been serviced,new rear discs and pads put on and a few other things so maybe lucky the Ballast box went when it did. Anyway it's all sorted now seemingly but it's 150 miles away and I'm working until Monday. Bugger.
  24. I saw enough of those, welding the sills up for MOT's and they are a proper pain in the arse to fit towbars to. Love an XF though!
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