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  1. I know of 4 or 5 cars locally lying in fields, after the police changed their policy on recovery. At least 3 are "fast" Audi's.. the others are BMWs. The local farmers are getting pretty fed up, and are making life really difficult for insurers and recovery people. Recovery trucks rarely have enough cable on the winch, and farmers won't let you in the field.. police aren't interested as its not causing an obstruction.. stalemate.
  2. Barry Cade

    End of shite?

    The car wizard on you tube has just rebuilt a Northstar, seemingly there is a fix for everything now, but quite a big job.
  3. 😄 I remember Ron Dixons 2.8 capri, Max Farnham had a Volvo 480, also remember a mk1 1100s Fiesta , a Frontera and the obvious MK1 Cortina.. Bobby Grant had a Montego as well I think.. this might be fun!
  4. Barry Cade

    End of shite?

    Yep, me too, with plenty 10p's for the phone. You outbid me quite often in the early days of Ebay... I'll never forget your Ebay handle 😄 We must have similar tastes... or budgets...
  5. Barry Cade

    End of shite?

    Yeah, then appears a few hours later at a 100% markup Everybody is a poundshop Mike Brewer these days. Just watched a mk2 Cav SRi sell for £9300. FFS. Would somebody please tell my boss old stuff is worth a lot more?
  6. I just bought an LS2 firefly, to replace my LS2 metro. Reduced at M+P from £169.95 to 35 quid... pinlock, inner tinted visor, and ACE gold rated. Glows in the dark too 🙃 That'll do. Noticed as well it has red tabs on the sides in the lining- checked the website and its emergency tabs to take the lining out for the emergency services.. never seen that before.
  7. Front End Chatter is a podcast about motorbikes, just noticed your number plate.. people that listen are feccers.. If you like bikes, it's worth a listen!
  8. Are you a Front End Chatter listener..?
  9. Proper proper want. One of these is on my bucket list.
  10. You're getting Erich Honecker mixed up with Nicola Sturgeon again.. Oh.
  11. Eeek. I like those too, and considered one. My Triumph lives outside under a cover and has no signs of this at all at 11 years old. Is it pitted or just tarnish? Is your garage damp?
  12. VOSA went away in 2014... its really DVSA, who deal with everything now..
  13. I don't think the gubbermint would or should get involved in actual testing, would be better to have a TUV type body, or even the like of the AA or ADAC type thing. Standalone testing stations with fixed price and countrywide tester compliance testing. I'd go even further and test trailers and caravans. But, this would never make Brits think like Germans who seem to like rules and regulations.. but they can also do 160 on the Autobahn. I really do think the DVLA are skirting round the edges. That testing manual needs re written for a start, instead of appendix 1 ,section 3 ,revision 4 etc. Start again for this century at least.
  14. I think like the majority of classic car owners, you are an enthusiast and maintain your car properly. I did worry when the exemption was introduced that some unscrupulous folk would buy an old car just to save cash but that didn't really happen. I probably wouldn't get an exempt car motd either, but it would be kept to beyond mot standard.
  15. I filled in the DVLA survey, and that's pretty much what I said. I also said it should be taken out of private garages hands and a system like Germany or Spain put in place.
  16. We had a 55SX, picked up from Perth auctions for £200.. Had it 3 years and it never put a foot wrong. Much better car than a Mk2.
  17. My driveway many years ago... A driveway close by. They got scrapped before I could get to them.. My work. You can't just have one...
  18. Great wee cars, used to change a lot of rear arms on them, and saw some overheating issues but otherwise pretty bulletproof.
  19. Has nobody mentioned a Twingo yet?
  20. I'm usually not bothered about the latest and newest bikes, nothing nowadays really does it for me, until this came along.. really really like it. Never had a Guzzi yet!
  21. I'd say forget the make and just try on as many as you can and get one that's comfortable, and most importantly, fits properly. Too many people are either brand snobs, or worry about the looks. I do like AGV helmets though, good quality and they fit me well. I remember years ago, I decided to spend a bit on a helmet and always wanted a Roof Boxer. Bright red to match my BMW... ordered it online and got it a few days later. Stuck it on my head , flipped the front down and it squashed my nose. Gutted. I've got an LS2 now which is about 3 years old and I like it a lot, but its getting to the point it needs replaced so I'll be shopping myself soon. I also really liked a Caberg I had, but it was matt grey.. the bugs really made a mess of that. Think about the strap too, if you want D rings or a clip type. I use kevlar jeans and just carry waterproof trousers under the seat, have a long and short textile jacket and winter and summer gloves. Try and find a jacket with a zip in liner. Heat in summer can be just as bad as cold in winter.
  22. I always hear from folks with " interesting " cars that every time they fill up with fuel, or they park it outside , someone is desperate to give them twice what it's worth and it's the coolest thing they've ever seen .. My experiences. Fiat X1/9's.. rusty piles of shite, never liked them when they were new. 72 Dodge Challenger. Isn't it supposed to be orange? 6.6 litre Dodge D100. WHY IS IT SO LOUD? White Volvo 850T5. Did you fail cop school? Black Pontiac Fiero. Does it talk then? Loads of others, along the same lines. I just smiled and dropped a virtual piano on them. As for talking about what was my job, in the pub... no. Stopped doing anything to do with cars a long time ago..
  23. Up to a point. I've seen people get so far in the hole they will be stuck for years. The way fuel prices, ULEZ zones etc are going people need to do the maths. If you love the car and it's a keeper then fair enough, but if a car is just an appliance, you need to treat it like that.. not many people would spend £300 repairing a 5 year old washing machine.. It's taken me 30 years to think like this.
  24. Might just be the beginning.. 😆 mine was trouble free for 3 years, then......
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