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  1. Bending doors on Corsas and walking into Cavaliers (once the most stolen car in Europe) certainly made Vauxhall change their ways, but if they want it, they'll have it. Back in the day I had my first 944 and because I didn't have the proof a CAT 1 alarm was in it, had to fit another one to satisfy my insurers. I didn't have anything taken out so it had the Porsche alarm immobiliser activated by the key, one (working) alarm plus my newly installed one. When it went missing sitting in a residential street one night, I couldn't believe it, but the fact it had just been in a nearby garage to replace the transaxle was a hint and a certain breakers in Motherwell suddenly having lots of porky parts suggested to me they had just copied the keychain and stolen to order.
  2. My wife has suggested I better be at the front of the queue when you tire of that beemer!
  3. colino

    Bus Shite

    The Easdale brothers will have them all shortly in traditional blue and white.
  4. For an 800 that has allegedly been kept in the dark for 14 years that is some impressive dash lift: It's probably more to do with the need for a new windscreen so that one needs a good sniff test and the floor panels checked out. Not really credible the engine is torn apart and then, for the price of a waterpump, the jobs halted. Would love to believe it is kosher, but I think not.
  5. Sounds like they bought it in, lost the wheel nut key, removed them thinking, all it needs are discs and pads, but wait a minute, that tub rust looks ominous, let's see if blind Geoff is testing today before we even replace a bulb. Recoverable, but why bother, there's loads around.
  6. colino

    Rozzer Shite

    The flip side of this were the, "undercover" cars they used to use around Paisley. Maroon Peugeot 309s with the hubcaps taken off. They were about as distinctive as the full-blown panda cars.
  7. The Xs, XFs and S Types certainly know how to rust, even the door trim succumbs to dissimilar metal corrosion. Plenty of good ones around and they are worth the effort.
  8. Zastava Yugo 511, I think about 5 years old. Bought as Fiat 128s were very profitable sellers at the time. I soon realised they were mere imitations, made of fag paper and made Polski Fiats and Hillman Hunters look well made and of high quality. Good thing I could weld a bit then and knew how to take out the outrageously bright old pressure warning bulb.
  9. Plenty in the scrappies to swap to perfection, that's almost free in the current market. Your boot reminds me of the boot on my (black) S Type. My moronic neighbour painted his guttering white while I wasn't around, and then must have spotted all the little white dots over all of our cars. I suppose I was lucky that I caught him with his Halfords buffer before he started on any of the other panels.
  10. Volvo listed 54 minutes ago and now sold.
  11. Shows how insane the marketplace is when a cloth interior S Type with a manual box at that age is more than £500.
  12. Being kind, that reminds me of Ford Olympic Blue, less so, Parsons Sea Blue Repaint.
  13. I thought the C5 bit would be Chris showing that modern lithium batteries and compact, controlled motor, the thing could be useable. Would still be bloody terrifying in traffic though.
  14. I think its more blatant now when cars on the same platform have virtually everything already fitted. The lesser models simply have the good stuff electronically switched off.
  15. Apart from your warning light shennanigans, was the fuel pipe rotten as it descends from the tank and fixed, that's where it really lets loose, not the other, visible rot spot under the front passengers door.
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