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  1. As the Yugo started life as a poor copy of the Fiat and this one has some rust underneath and could also do with a mop on top, there will be very little actual mild steel left once you've tidied it up.
  2. Jag washer pumps, "fail" on a regular basis and ironically when they have been lavished with loads of screenwash additive. I snip the pipe near the bulkhead (to make it convenient) and using a dinky tyre compressor blow down the pipe until the air is spinning the motor. (I then blow the other way to clear the jets). Join the pipes with a joiner from Amazon or your friendly aquarium shop and that normally does the trick.
  3. Always Range Rovers and BMWs here. In fact when I bought the current Mrs colino the first of a line of BMWs many years ago, her commute took her through a leafy estate called Ferguslie Park. She was stopped by plod twice there before they updated their intel about that particular shiny black car.
  4. Looks more like the Bearsden Road next to the much missed Anniesland Trade Sales.
  5. colino

    Winter tyres

    Really depends where you live and the weather we're going to get this year. In central Scotland proper winters will transform your 3 series (or 5 or 7) in a good old fashioned freezing winter, especially with the weird BMW, lets reduce the power until we come to a complete halt, "Assist". Reality though is that the only sure fire guarantee for us to have a mild winter, is for me to go to the expense of putting winters on to the main two cars. In general, we get fairly mild winters now, the hazard to shipping are the people who can't drive at the best of times, then think it is a good idea to venture out for that necessary daily paper and abandon their Micra at 90 degrees to the pavement and shuffle home.
  6. Mitsubishi means three diamonds (actually three water chestnuts but that's marketing/translation for you) I think that logo is just a use of Sigma, the car name, with a nod to the parent brand.
  7. Forgetting freebies and trade ins, a Triumph Toledo cost me a £15 donation to the previous owners favourite charity.
  8. It's 11% Mondeo, but putting that aside, that's a mixed bag fail. Subframe needs work, but the sills don't? Failing the brake fluid, when they can't even take off the cap is always sus. Just because it needs tyres and time with 163000 under its belt would make it an uneconomic fix. Plus I wouldn't use that tester again.
  9. I'm glad that those bumpers with rust holes right through them only need buffed and the MOT history skips between Kms and Miles quite happily. The MOT testers shorthand for rotten as a pear but I'm not allowed to go any further "heavily undersealed" just kills it off.
  10. Most buyers don't do any checks other than reading on the ad how long the MOT is. To this day I sell cars and people ask if I'm leaving the tax on it. Ask someone from DVSA why there are conditional MOT certificates, they will say, "What?" and you remind them about the fabulous advisory system. Their response is simple, a vehicle passes or fails, everything else is for presenters information. I have an old pal who puts all his retail cars through Kwik Fit for his MOTS and advertises them as such. Everyone knows they fail to generate money so when he gets clean sheets punters think it is a pass plus. Sadly people still think an MOT is a dealer full service and are surprised they have been transporting nuns and kittens in illegal vehicles until the big bad MOT tester fails them.
  11. If you have a decent diagram, you have the starting point that something energised by fuse 14 is either grounding, a dead short, or shorting against another wire in a trapped or damaged part of a loom. A patient bit of tracing/sleuthing will save you a a big bill from a sparky starting from square one.
  12. Can't see the original ad. but has that blue metallic 3.2 Jag had £2000 of profit polished into it from further up the page?
  13. The cam wear looks like it has been unused for years and then recommissioned. I think the regular oil and filter changes are the only sane way ahead as you already know the engine is worn and anything going in new to pair with worn surfaces will mirror that wear pdq. Don't recall oil pressure at 1 bar being exceptional for these engines when older and hot. I'd enjoy it as is and save up for a rebuild/replacement. (And hope it soldiers on!)
  14. Maybe my memory is playing tricks, it was a long time ago and was trying to position it in a six car showroom, but my only recollection of one of these was its embarrassingly terrible turning circle. Was it unique (previous owner had fitted balloon off road tyres) or are they really not town friendly?
  15. I bet the car has been sitting since lockdown began and the wiper blades were stuck to the screen and got ripped the first time they were flicked on. Fingers crossed, the mechanism doused with your favourite snake oil and switched on, wipers off the screen, and manually worked by you will make them behave again.
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