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  1. Nothing to show this morning apart from a hard frost, but the indicated minus 10 on the XF dash is probably the reason I ripped my bastard door seal opening it up.
  2. For just a minor thread divert, I recall when one of my driving instructor friends got a new car, I think it was a 1.9 diesel Clio. The Driving Test Centre (Paisley) were furious as they believed it was unstallable and gave her clients an unfair advantage. Probably true but it was only quirky because it was so unusual with most driving schools having 1.1 Fiestas or Metros at the time.
  3. I seem to remember Clarkson saying in the early days that with TG you wouldn't see him lifting a bonnet because he didn't understand what the oily bits did and the audience didn't care. He was right and the trio evolved well into a light entertainment show involving three mates cocking about with cars as a common link. As can be seen by recent imitators, they pulled it off bloody well and nothing else on council telly comes close.
  4. It's been a while, but isn't there a relay below the aux battery and/or it's wiring that monkeys around with its charging so a lot of aux batteries get replaced but only temporarily relieve the problem?
  5. Not to hex you, but if the accelerator goes on old school stuff it's quick and easy to disconnect the choke cable and substitute for the accelerator and enjoy (limited) hand throttle fun. If you're even closer to home, just tweak up the idle speed and drive it like that.
  6. It's been a while since I used them, but try Star Radiators in Govan, they might even be able to fix your old one.
  7. colino

    Bus Shite

    The BBC are now reporting the 23 year old bus drivers death is being investigated as a murder.
  8. While I agree it may well just be a battery that is offering a mere 99% output that is upsetting it, just remember all cars are just big computers now and even mild fluctuations in temperatures, "confuse" them. Just disconnect the battery terminals for ten minutes, after touching the cables to wishfully discharge any residual power, and reconnect. Basically the first (and often only) thing I do now with any car with electrical gremlins.
  9. I don't know this set-up at all, but is there any chance the car has been fabri-cobbled before and the post where the air line goes has been inadvertently switched with the locating post? It would all fit, then go out of geometry when it actually operates.
  10. I got rid of my petrol 3 litre s type and moved over to the dark side and got a diesel 3 litre XF. Real man maths at work there, went from averaging 23mpg on petrol to 27mpg on diesel.
  11. Sellers in Europe strongly maintain their prices to preserve the brand and they know they will still achieve a decent volume of sales. Other economies won't tolerate such price maintenance so parts prices have to reflect the market. Shorthand - they screw us because they can.
  12. Took me ages to type that email address and pp then showed you as a contact!
  13. So he has a repair centre to call his own, a team to fix things when he breaks things and can't be bothered, generates income by selling a series, and just a reminder, you pay tax on profits, not turnover. What a terrible situation to be in.
  14. Other than a mk3 cavalier, when would the cost of the part influence you to waste your time on a second hand clutch?
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