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  1. Get it plated and get it sold! Even a rough horse box with a decent ramp and through living is worth serious coin.
  2. Clocking has always been with us (made very much easier when they went electronic) but there were fewer pcp/leasers looking for a hand to make sense of their dirt cheap 4000 miles a year deals than Mot ability car drivers.
  3. I wonder if they go a few turns through Wilsons Dalry and if they don't get the reserve, ship them over.
  4. I'm glad to be well out of one of the most regulated businesses in the country, but the CPuTR and CRA, with regular, "helpful" updates and guides from local authorities and governments were my bibles for years. They do.
  5. Remember that with Consumer Protection from Unfair trading Regulations 2008 and Consumer Rights Act 2015, dealers have to proactively tell you if it was a taxi, learner car or whatever but also if it was on their hire/lease fleet, not wait for you to ask. The sales targets specials where dealers pretend it was a Managers car (ragged by everyone or a makeshift parts car or tow car) sometimes have delivery miles only, but might be run out models too. As I told everyone buying a nice second hand car from me, be grateful to those generous people who bought new and suffered that enormous de
  6. If both rears are wearing, probably time to replace the ball joints. Can't remember what they're called, but dial your chassis number into real oem for hours of fun.
  7. Do a quick Google for recalibrate 5 series accelerator. Two minute job and it generally sorts out a laggy pedal.
  8. If it's a good shell, I don't recall them needing much more than ball joints and front wheel bearings over the usual service items. Fingers crossed!
  9. The next culprit will be the expansion tank then.
  10. Did you get just a thermostat housing or the hose set? When the housing goes, disturbing the other clips seems to set up a chain reaction.
  11. Weren't the problems of Chrysler due to their, "couldn't care less" Dealer network? I'm pretty sure early Neons spat out their head gaskets prematurely, the dealer blamed the driver then wanted £200 for a new head gasket (bare). I want a Preston Tucker/Personal Transportation depending on which story you believe, but I think it would be a short romance.
  12. I knew a trader who bought a perfect QX at the auction and proceeded to tell everybody about its quality, how it was Nissans campaign for the urban executive and how he would have to beat buyers off with a shitty stick. He still had that boring, dull squib when he retired 3 years later.
  13. I'm sure the first complaint of passing off will see COHO cancel that newco.
  14. The first video was a classic from the era from manufacturers. Basically the factory produces a perfect product that everyone wants, so if you have to discount or do soft deals, we have to tell you the basics.
  15. Good sense would see you passing on the Yugo, buying the better Oltcit, using the crispy one as a spares car and then putting it out of its misery. Shitesense says, find a bigger shed, fill and repeat.
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