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  1. Don't these have a damper in the hydraulic line, a round metal can mounted up near the bulkhead, that always fail? By rusting out they let air in and you replace the slave, then the master, before finding it in plain sight. No need to find a replacement, just throw it away and replumb the line without it. You don't notice any difference afterwards.
  2. Sorry, not clued up enough to do this properly, but this relisting, too close to me and something I've never wanted has a strange attraction. eBay item number: 303604769581
  3. This has been an issue for a while, but you may see a slight increase in urgency when other countries spot the problem and have far, far better consumer legislation. https://www.recall.bmw.com.au/
  4. Since they were bought out, is everyones AutoAid premium jumping? Last year it was £41.94, my renewal is £59.99.
  5. I'm a big fan of the Professional/Advantage tools, recommend them to everyone and thought I'd buy another tool cabinet. Saw them in the flesh and I wasn't convinced and with the trade card it was £180, so losing interest. Total no when they wanted £99.99 to deliver a £180 box.
  6. colino

    Minicab shite

    Hi, cms206, back in the area (funnily enough, now where that Grahams Bus was going), but came from where Imps were glued together. If memory serves me right, Blanes was where the patch of wasteland now is beside the new GPs at the end of Renfrew Road, bounded by Weir Street and Brick Lane. The BL garage of many names in New Sneddon Street is long gone, but wasn't Blanes.
  7. colino

    Minicab shite

    cm206 that looks like the bridge at Gilmour Street and that Korean Kortina would have been turning in to the rank there long before the current, white hacks only rules took over. a) I don't recall Grahams buses having a route down there and that is within half a mile of the old established David Blane and Son; the garage that took on the Hyundai Dealership and by trying to give even private hires the (three years?) total warranty, led to every other private hire car in Renfrewshire being a Stellar and them going bust.
  8. Apparently £250 was too much. They have each realised just over £200 a piece from the scrappie and are on their way to becoming next months Fiestas.
  9. As I have been inundated with a request for pics, please find my best efforts. NB, It is raining and I'm no good at photography.
  10. As my online sourced "autobreaker" has failed to turn up and I can't rouse him at all, anyone want these? Black BMW523iSE Auto W449UDS. Needs a fan belt thrown on to see if it needs more than that and a new thermostat housing to make it better. (It will need a strut, handbrake and usual MOT attention parts in the coming months if you do strike lucky). Currently MOT'd and taxed, but wouldn't think of driving until the waterworks are sorted, so a trailer away jobby. Silver BMW 520i (although I thought it was an SE too) Auto. W358HSO. Needs a control arm, but MOT tester also thinks it needs brakes all round. No MOT or tax so shouldn't be driven anywhere. Red Jaguar S Type 3.0 Auto. SV53PYF. Came off the road about 4 years ago for minor fettling, genuinely, but as it has sat untouched for much of that time, even an Autoshiter would only use it as a spares car. Is £250 each, really too much for these?
  11. Probably more of a chance to vent than actually achieve a clear driveway, but here is a spectacular chance to acquire what were very fine cars. (But now, all needing attention and the skills of someone who is not me). Jaguar S-Type 3.0 Auto. 53 plate so it is the facelift with electronic parking brake, and a proper dashboard, even better still, it is red with a cream leather interior. I bought it many years ago, cheaply, because the dealer thought it had HGF. New expansion tank and top hose set from David Manners and all was well. The reason it has languished in my driveway for 4+ years was that first the wipers failed, fixed eventually, and then a rear door lock spontaneously broke and three shots of getting the wrong one from ebay suppliers, made it a back of the driveway lurker. I did start and wash it religiously, however eventually became an atheist and it now wont start at all, even knackering my good spare battery. I suspect the starter motor has just quietly surrendered. BMW 520iSE Auto. W reg and I really bought it as a spares car for the black one (more of later). However, with a black leather interior, with piano black trim and more comfy 16 inch alloys, it became the day car. Body may have been touched in by the previous owner with white emulsion, but being parked all day in not a great area, I loved it. It is in the drive because local MOT stations have become strangely combined to talk bollocks to increase their profits and condemned the brakes. Having had a lot of beemers, not only are the brakes great, even the handbrake is too. VW Golf TDI(?). The “boys” black, three-door, 03 car that needs brakes and suspension and the “upgrade” straight pipe in the exhaust replaced for its MOT. That needs replaced because the upgrade fell off and was lost. Obviously only needing a small bit of time and a bit of money, it has instead been abandoned and a replacement bought instead. BMW 523iSE Auto. Again a W reg., Black and once beautiful, but as it has been my wifes pride and joy for over 11 years, is now bashed and “used”. It was never going to leave us, despite the local authorities roads departments best efforts to destroy the 17 inch alloys and suspension, but a newer car took her fancy, so I started using it instead. Right up until last night when the battery light came on and the fan belt had shredded. Unfortunately that shredding appears to have taken some time and the stray strings of the belt appear to have caught up in the fan and the waterpump pulley, before letting me know there was an issue. I’ve half heartedly started to have a look, expect the head is roasted and I fear we must alas, clear the decks, forget about fixing any of these and get two reliable moderns. We don’t have space to do that and autobreakers.com seem to be offering around £250 each. Not ideal, but may be the quickest way to create space. If anyone is interested in quickly towing these away from me, has the cash to throw at a project and is close enough (I’m about 10 mins away from Glasgow Airport), get in touch. Oh, and why is my quiet contentment in having a pile of cars that I may or may not get around to improving been destroyed? My wifes, albeit 14 year old, “new” E Class, bought from a prestigious Scottish Motor dealer hasn’t lasted two weeks before having a complete meltdown with its fancy SBC brake system. Surprisingly, their Services don’t extend to fixing or when that didn’t happen, refunding formally rejected retail cars. It’s heading for court. Please form an orderly queue.
  12. Looked like a pitch, begging to be allowed back on to wider audience. Unfortunately tried to be too like every other mainstream car prog.and while I'm sure he's a nice guy, despite his strange fascination with waterless coolant and other snake oil hokeum, the prog. leaned too far to being an entertainment show instead of a car programme. Good thing that the guy had already planned everything, had the car, the gear, the tools and the space, but Edd was around to help fit the headlining, help drop the engine in and, "know" the local wheel guy. I'll be surprised if this gets picked up. Maybe try emulating the Youtubers like Big Clive, but doing it in Eric The Car Guys workshop.
  13. Not defending any dealerships of any hue, selling anything, but anyone not upselling or maximising the profit for their boss needs sacking. Your car is your second biggest expenditure and most dealerships are order takers not sellers, give the ones who ask questions of what you use your car for, credit for doing their job. A lot of cars get saddled with bad reputations because buyers took them on a whim and are surprised their lifestyles don't match the brochures and they pick imaginary faults on the car, not their bad choice.
  14. It really is a combination of things: 1. Ramp time is finite. Quick, repeatable jobs earn money. 2. Known bastard jobs throw the book time out of the window and both the mechanic and the proprietor are less than happy. 3. Many garages are tied to local retailers and only do the basics to sell on cars or get them an MOT. 4. The trade is being populated by "technicians" who repair cars by remote diagnostic machines, really only charge for the diagnostic, knowing the poor owner will never translate into a full book price repair. 5. Coupling all 4 above, the convergence of them mean a frightening fix price is generated to get you in to your next financed car.
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