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  1. I think its more blatant now when cars on the same platform have virtually everything already fitted. The lesser models simply have the good stuff electronically switched off.
  2. Apart from your warning light shennanigans, was the fuel pipe rotten as it descends from the tank and fixed, that's where it really lets loose, not the other, visible rot spot under the front passengers door.
  3. I( think I've made a contribution, but that seemed to take longer than it should with PP.
  4. colino

    Bus Shite

    There's a lot of coaches/buses at Sweeney Kincaid auction in Hillingdon (can't do linky). Is that someone else bit the dust?
  5. The reality is, no dealer in their right mind will retail a sub £2000 car.
  6. Due to covid and with WFH, my Jag s type ( 3 .0 petrol auto) has barely turned a wheel, but taking a turn out today showed an embarrassing 19.9 av mpg and comical ride from its flat spotted tyres.
  7. Great work, I suppose it's habit, but when I solidify anything remotely commercial, I use white or silver to show off my workings.
  8. Get your refund from Halfords and make up your own cardboard protractor. I do agree the parts are garbage, but all is not lost yet.
  9. colino

    Bus Shite

    cms206, was your previous employer DJI, the place where everything was painted the same maroon, from the buses to the limos? If so, do you know where the boy moved on to?
  10. I'm sure some parts of the country will be different, but there are only two part worn specialists left close to me. They are shit. They are not connected but use the same updated business model. They no longer bother stamping the tyres, they no longer buy in containers from Germany. What they now do is buy in tyres from real tyre places in the area, they pay £6 for a brand, £1.50 for the weird names. Do they care they are available because the honest tyre bay has condemned them and they are unfit for repair? Of course not. Incidentally, the tyre bay s selling them pretending they are just disposing of them are just as complicit with these criminals.
  11. Look at Stellantis to see where companies that stand still end up. If any of them don't pick up and run with innovative and interesting electric cars they are finished.
  12. Disappointingly, I can't find my copy of, "Four Wheels to a Fortune", -for it spake truth- but I did find a stash of old CAPs that I thought I'd always sold on. Strangely a lot of traders would never subscribe to CAP or Glass's themselves, but were quite happy to pay over the odds for last months issue. I might suggest they only dealt in cash all of their lives and believed it was a cloak of invisibility when it came to HMRC.
  13. Defensive driving means you always know what is around you plus you expect everyone of them to do something stupid. Don't really have any issues with the rules clarification, if a bag of bones gets injured because they do something catastrophic, hopefully the best result for them will be they will have their day in court. Incidentally, might is right was always the actual practice at sea. Don't remember doing many emergency reverses on a 600,000DWT tanker to avoid paddle boarders.
  14. The Americans were trying too hard, here is the Scottish original. Rothesay Serpentine photo - Zak photos at pbase.com
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