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SHTE van - XUD Expert camper thread

Lacquer Peel

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3 minutes ago, tom13 said:

What a day for it!

If only the Aircon worked... Hairy Scotsmen are not suitable for these conditions.


The country looks very pretty though, lovely views.


Passing through Lincolnshire now..74 miles to go .


I would put up a picture but it's flatter than my bank balance out there!

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8 minutes ago, loserone said:

It'll be sipping the veg away with the sunroof open eh?

Using my aircon and keeping the sunroof closed is probably worth 0.1MPG on the motorway. So I get an average of 21 combined rather than 20.9. Got to tighten your belt with the cost of petrol right now, innit.

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25 minutes ago, 320touring said:

A man who has just done 356 miles then discovered his front wheel was loose..


We think it has loosened itself after the brakes were done.

All tight now


28 minutes ago, 320touring said:

Decided to do a preventative filter swap about 10mins away from the collection location. Didn't think the vendor would appreciate it on their drive.


We'd had some telltale stuttering, so thought it was a plan.



At least that big bonnet provides a bit of shade to toil under. Good old Volvo. Thinking about the workers. 

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