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  1. Would something like this work do you think? https://activewindowfilms.co.uk/16-transparent?p=2
  2. Incredible project and a great update as always! Best thread on AS!
  3. I'm sure you know this but that colour was apparently called Blackeye originally and I can see why. Your Fury would look amazing in this! `
  4. That colour is incredible, I thought you were joking with the name at first.
  5. Oh and I got a honeycomb grille off a diesel - clips right in and transforms the look of the car IMO.
  6. they are thirsty but so good. This was mine, if it had LPG I'd probably still have it as it was so capable but I wasn't using it enough to justify the expense. Mine had the full flappy paddle auto setup and 25mpg was about right though it would nudge 30 on a run. if you can keep one I say do it. From what I read the facelift had much better corrosion protection after there were a bunch of problems with the rear subframe on the pre-facelift model so maybe see if you can swap the conversion. I don't think the H6 changed very much between versions.
  7. Here is what my old mexibug looked like under my ownership. A few tasteful mods (I particularly liked the front spoiler) but pretty low key. And here is what it looked like a couple of years after I sold it. To be fair it is a beetle so totally to be expected really, i'm surprised it doesn't have a roof rack covered in tricycles. Actually when I saw the pics a couple of years ago (I sold it 8 or so years ago I think) i thought they had ruined it but looking now the changes are not that different to mine. each to their own I suppose.
  8. Love this! Slightly cheaper blanking plate from Belgium here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Escort-MK2-console-radio-blanking-plate/254797181176?hash=item3b531870f8:g:fOEAAOSwx8pfyL9M Still £35 inc postage though. Part numbers: Blank - 75AB-T04587-AAW Fancy one with a logo - 75AB-T04587-AAFA
  9. No snow down here in E Sussex either sadly so have a pic of my beetle in Brighton from the Dec 2010 SNOKAOS. Edit to add, I still miss that car but it was cold as balls in the winter, I used to drive in motorcycle gloves.
  10. I like to think that you power-slid the car into place in those site gates😁
  11. This any help: Part number 61414 on the diagram. (from here: https://partsouq.com/en/catalog/genuine/unit?c=Mitsubishi&ssd=%24*KwGRpbSnlpLu3uvL8MK_n8nd_frklZqXloSXqNiA0YaZgP-F1taLgZiW2d3X5dzYgMqZgP-Gj4DGydjOyuCUlZLgkpWUvtbEgcHMhpmRiYWP1tKBlpeJkpCVhdbWgYGYh5WXkIqWzsa3kpCVl-KQ4ubKoMre3NPBy-LehZnW0oOA5pKTlOaXysesgY6Fhs6An4fYsKmS44eIg4DGy9jOyIHx6-7m8JOFhwAAAABe9wyH%24&vid=0&cid=3&uid=132387&q= ) There are 3 different part numbers on the site but googling Mitsubishi+61414 makes me think it might be shared with the Colt (not sure which one) Lancer up to 2000, and Pajero. Of course I've had a drink and I'm also an idiot who doesn't understand parts numbers so YMMV but hopefully of some use?
  12. You could give https://partsouq.com a try, I've had luck with them finding obscure subaru parts before and it often helps with part numbers even if they don't have what you want.
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