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  1. No snow down here in E Sussex either sadly so have a pic of my beetle in Brighton from the Dec 2010 SNOKAOS. Edit to add, I still miss that car but it was cold as balls in the winter, I used to drive in motorcycle gloves.
  2. I like to think that you power-slid the car into place in those site gates😁
  3. This any help: Part number 61414 on the diagram. (from here: https://partsouq.com/en/catalog/genuine/unit?c=Mitsubishi&ssd=%24*KwGRpbSnlpLu3uvL8MK_n8nd_frklZqXloSXqNiA0YaZgP-F1taLgZiW2d3X5dzYgMqZgP-Gj4DGydjOyuCUlZLgkpWUvtbEgcHMhpmRiYWP1tKBlpeJkpCVhdbWgYGYh5WXkIqWzsa3kpCVl-KQ4ubKoMre3NPBy-LehZnW0oOA5pKTlOaXysesgY6Fhs6An4fYsKmS44eIg4DGy9jOyIHx6-7m8JOFhwAAAABe9wyH%24&vid=0&cid=3&uid=132387&q= ) There are 3 different part numbers on the site but googling Mitsubishi+61414 makes me think it might be shared with the Colt (not sure which one) Lancer up
  4. You could give https://partsouq.com a try, I've had luck with them finding obscure subaru parts before and it often helps with part numbers even if they don't have what you want.
  5. Just look at this beauty, there is a lot going on here. French - Check Obscure - Check Parts availability - nil Unnecessarily weird and possibly dangerous coupling mechanism giving 2 vehicles for the price of one - Check Also "Majority of bodywork as good as new" but of course "Restoration needs completion" - Hmmmmm https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Citroen-camper-van/114459327437
  6. My old Audi said replace after 10 years in the service manual, it was 18 years old at the time and had been dealer serviced when due but it wasn't done. Might be worth considering that if you do get them replaced on an older car the replacements may have been sitting on a shelf for a decade+ as well
  7. Nice Mexican Beetle, I've not seen one in cream before, doesn't look too pineappled up.
  8. Same. 1.6 litres of noisy aircooled misery without the power to face down a moderate headwind. It was probably merely slow in its original guise as a Belgian army minibus or whatever but loaded up with a full camper conversion and with a massive fibreglass roof that made it half as tall again, it was punitively slow to get anywhere. Drove from Kent to Manchester one time and I thought the journey would never end. I checked the MOT status and weirdly after being SORN for years (and I assumed rotten and forgotten somewhere) it appears to have a current MOT and a replacement 2 li
  9. Not quite as smol but Volvo 460 too, I had one in 'Si 2.0i' trim and it went very well. Came with a spoiler and sports* suspension and everything. (looks like a full size Volvo in this pic but only the size of a jetta in real life)
  10. I did the drop links on my Outback a couple of weeks ago and had the same problems with both the far-too-small-IMO allen key socket rounding out on 1 and the rusted to shit nut rounding off the corners on the other. I don't own either a nut splitter or a grinder so ended up hacking them off with a hacksaw and junior hacksaw. took about an hour each side with about 3" of saw movement each way. Not the most fun I've ever had, and it didn't sort the front end rattle either. next time I'll cough up for a grinder for sure.
  11. Prob no help at all so sorry if teaching to suck eggs etc. On my 07 Outback and all UK Outback/ legacies of the same era (so seems likely foresters too) the immobilisers are all aftermarket sigma M30 units fitted by the dealer on import to meet uk insurance requirements. You get 30 seconds to start after unlock before the immobiliser kicks in again. If unlocked but immobilised turn ignition on all way (e.g. fully powered on but not turning starter) then press the button on the key while still in ignition. if key not working, immobiliser can be turned off using the alarm key pad if
  12. Regarding people not slowing down, had something sort of similar happen to me yesterday. I saw a car with hazards on ahead on the A22 so slowed down and as i approached saw there was an Alsatian-looking dog in the road looking lost - the chap had stopped to check and get it off the road. I put my hazards on - this is about 3pm so not dark but I had lights on too - and as it is quite a fast road I pulled up 50 ft off but 2-3 feet from the kerb to give the guy some protection. The dog was not certain about the other guy so comes towards me and I get out and call it gently and it comes over and I
  13. Thanks Man, makes sense, I'll give that a go.
  14. @loserone sorry for the slight thread hijack but when you had your legacy you said you had a few wheel bearings replaced. When they went bad how did you know which one to do? My Subi Outback has a drone related to road speed that I suspect is a bearing but jacking it up and spinning / flexing the wheels doesn't help me diagnose as there is so much drivetrain that moves with the wheels, even in neutral, I can't tell if they are turning smoothly or not. if one is bad will it be super obvious?
  15. Personally I think it looks mean AF and I love it.
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