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  1. So the question we all want answered is..have you been back and smashed her yet?? Okay it sounds like she has seen more helmets than a motorsport scruitineer but she sounds like a right hoor
  2. Cuntasawrus mate, that climb up beatock has claimed hundreds over the years
  3. So what engine is Duncan going to be fitting?? Ford banana?? Or go semi modern with a tdci out of a rotten mk7
  4. Then 5 minutes later a squall came in and it was pishing down
  5. Just remember, age is no barrier. How old is lundy
  6. What colour top will be be as iirc he was s/s when he retired so red or blue??
  7. had txt from flat4, she is at the gate and flight is on time
  8. Chodspeed snugglebum xx
  9. Ford's as a rule were and are shite out of the factory,slow, poorly built and unreliable. To make any Ford decent needs a rebuild with proper parts. The zetec and cvh engines were just crap, the cossie was underpowered and as for modern eco lumps... Just dont
  10. My recent haul from nae sae new in mauchline Lotus 78 Oxford diecast carlight only 2 quid . McLaren m23 . A1 service leyland, northern and and Clydeside national . Trio of a1 service . Glasgow corpy and Strathclyde pte . Western smt
  11. Duck me, sky diver each?? I bagged a load of mint but unboxed efe buses from my local bert for only 4 quid a piece the other day. Will put some pics up after work
  12. God there is some good people on here. My day job is support with disabilities and the rule book gets bent. What Nick and his tame mechanic are doing has brought tears in my eyes. Aye dez is a good bloke, aye he does mention invacars now and again. But duck me, what a top crew this forum is. Respect
  13. Admit it, both rev and your cobra are made by ac and there is going to be a drag race at crail, rev gets to start at the 1/5 of a mile board
  14. I'm confused, thought that belonged to lbf and he lives in that london, yet you have just driven from Aberdeen to pick it up. Got a mate to do the resto
  15. Can you not get a set of stainless pistons and new seals. Not a big job to scrub bores,hone and rebuild
  16. Never say never, the sea in in the blood. Even when my dad was dying he wished he was at sea. Apart from recovering from ops he rarely spent a month at home
  17. Irvine built Volvo f10 tractor unit with sleeper cab
  18. C'mon warren, you must have some tales about pissed female Scousers from the last week
  19. Tbh the structure of the car wouldn't have been that bad, parked on tarmac, air not that salty, not like it was dumped in a field. So yeah possibly bangered. Really sad story, but anyone who works in social care knows, you can offer all the support but the person has to want to accept it
  20. Could it be that the reg and vin are now on a imported shell from say South Africa, happens with escorts and is classed as a heavy overhaul
  21. That is just so sad, I know a person has to be willing to accept support and ultimately it's their choice. To me there is living rough and barely surviving. Shows how some people can go into autopilot and just exist
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