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  1. use this for fitting rings https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/11642-vs1642-piston-ring-installation-pli/ not https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cht260-piston-ring-pliers/
  2. If you can live with the shit fuel consumption you can't do better than a Subaru forester xt. Take an impreza chassis with its single turbo flat 4 engine and awd. Put it onto a body that is big enough to fit a fridge freezer in. Handles in all conditions like it's on rails, ground clearance of a 4x4. Yes the std brakes need upgrading but the impreza is one of the most modified and tuned there is. Avoid diesels
  3. should i start looking for another snotter so you can have paddy back, i know i am just the custodian
  4. paddy is still purring away like a fucked off lion, gawd i love that car around town, still drives like a go kart and terrorizes the weans, okay you need ear plugs on long runs... the steering does wander towards large puddles if there is chavs nearby (neds in scotland), found a stuffed lion in the wife's caravan, it lives on the parcel shelf.... wrc wrap planned for spring
  5. they are stopping making cars, ordinary cars only building stupid electrric or hybrid things, the fezza did a job, okay it grew over the years, it just shows the modern industry orr what it is, vehicles that dont know what they are. its put them out of rallying and touring cars too
  6. way too narrow beam of light, raid the piggy bank and have a look at tweeks. shite legal halogens for the ministry man and rally lights for driving
  7. in the company o 2 good scots hauliers, tam french and andy malcolm
  8. proton managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, arrived in 88 with the saga which was a mitsi parts bin, had a good dealer network by tagging onto lada dealers, sold well to the lada buyers then lost the plot, the persona was worse, tried 2 attempts at btcc with the impian in 03/04 and through welch motorsport usin a shell to build to ngtc regs. dealer network collapsed. are they still in the uk... had they stayed at the budgget end they would have done alright like dacia bbut they tried to compete with the bbig boys with a shite product
  9. @AnnoyingPentium For Andy, if the Fabia falls through?
  10. a parafin budgie is usually a description of a aircraft operated by loganair
  11. Can't see them going for green and white eastern smt livery.
  12. thats big yeti's, he bought it as it was the motor that nicked him
  13. rare photo of cpt 70's in the 70's, never knew you were a toffee la ..... he is hard to miss
  14. wee update saab is away to roffle winner colin scooby has mot after replacing front pads and number plate volvo no longer has locking wheel nuts as we didnt want a repeat of the issues on the silver bullshit paddy has a working radio, actually did some work on my daily today, we bought a kenwood cd radio years ago from a shiter for the civic, i found a loom adaptor in paddy's box of parts, plugged in and i have a working radio.. happy days 3 of the fleet saw work in 1 day, thats unusual
  15. 97 proton persona, having had a mega reliable saga i thought i'd upgrade.... ha bloody ha.... door locks kept breaking thanks to a spring from a bic pen that broke, ate radiators, head gasket went, when cold it took power, at workin temp fine, that bit warrmin up itt would misfire like fuck, new leads, coil, plugs. no fault codes...... was fun on hill starts on 2 or 3 cylinders.... got shot after 5 years and bought the almera
  16. above all, its a rover the sd1 looked nice but build was shite, the shag with honda produced shite hondas, they developed nothing, new shells with shit mechanicals, dont mention build quality as bummies drank tea... the cars could have been good, probably should have been but were shit
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