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  1. looks spot on, dont forget allowing for the weight of passengers and messages in the boot
  2. does a certain eatery in central scotland only tolerate you an your mates cars depositing their calling cards on their monobloc carpark because the owners spend 200 quid between them on food once a month... (pre covid)
  3. breaker bar and scaffold pole will shift those wheel bolts
  4. have you ever had the nsr shock bolt break on a pothole leaving shock loose and instead of phoning breakdown you cable tied it to stop it rattling like fuck and drove 30 miles home from work have you ever regularly slept in your car at racetracks because you are too tight to pay for a hotel and you know your car is more comfortable than a tent even though its an almera, then discovered the passenger seat backrest winder is fooked so you had to doss in the drivers seat
  5. your aff yer heed mate but fucking outstanding
  6. 26mpg?? Thrash a twin turbo scoob and you can get it into single figures. Thats less than a modern scania fully loaded to 40 tonnes
  7. wee update, volvo has been away to trusty tame mechanic who has done a service, egr blank and got her mot'd, only advisories were for wishbone bushes and surface rust underneath.. Driving a lot better with just oxygen being drawn into the inlet, lot sharper on acceleration. treated he to a 3 quid jetwash and spray detailer, civic left with tame mechanic for service and mot. also picked up a new set of wheels from gerry of the parish....
  8. same body shape only the r has vtec on both cams, the s only has it on inlet
  9. you can do a job right and get your money back, okay perhaps not the level of rot that is in your triumphs cpt, i know that mk1 focus flat4 bought will probably be hiding some rot going by the scabbing on the outside, i would like to keep it as it is one of the oldest surviving mk1 ghia estates, it is in my eyes a classic already but we are not chucking stupid time and money on it.... the ep3 civic type s is a future classic because it isnt a type r and i would rather put the time and money into it
  10. Why are classics so expensive??? Some other bugger has spent 3 months welding and spannering the fucking things and wants some of their time back
  11. Mk 3/4 mondeo estate. Volvo v70 p2. Focus estate
  12. less rust than @captain_70s dollyshite prior to restoration
  13. falkirk isnt that wild, airth, south alloa, bonnybridge perhaps...
  14. getting good with the mig mate, what have you set on fire so far... keep a 1kg powder and bucket of water handy
  15. @Flat4 read the bit about changing auto box fluid and get gary to do the same
  16. waste of time unless you are using it in a very sheltered place or inside a workshop with a leaky roof. any wind at all they just rip
  17. At least you wont have to worry about siezed bolts or screws.. Just use a hammer and chisel around the metal (or rust) and the bits will come off... Dont know if you know cameron Gilmour, he is a a-series specialist might buy bits from you
  18. Seems you are either a car person or not, folk use cars as tools and they just dont care. You say to folk they have a bulb out and get met with a blank look. Yet car peeps know every inch of their machines and every misdemeanor, okay we all have big to to lists but they get done
  19. £20 roffle for a current btcc car bit different to the usual chod https://www.team-hard.com/store/competition/ngtc-btcc-volkswagen-cc/?fbclid=IwAR35srrhiQSZqPnfqS0XJyzfU5Ar-Xrif4IR8NyYOCz96JzOAzgbUyLqQ50
  20. brisca formula 2 stock cars have been using ford pinto and latterly zetec units, ditto saloon stock cars and national hot rods (they also used vauxhall redtops), formula ford single seaters have used the 1600 kent since the 60's then used zetec, duratech and now ecoboost engines, the trusty 1600 kent crossflow is still used at club level, great engines
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