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  1. the d5 common rail unit is a cracking lump, 50mpg on the motorway for a big bus...very waftable
  2. The autoaid but has never worked on a truck or bus, in the pit, wagon on jacks, clout wheel with sledgehammer. It will move.
  3. Found a Halfords advanced 10mms spanner in paddy, happy to post it back to you if you want
  4. for once she bought a car that isnt a project, only needs towball swapping or a alko (ugga dugga) swap 2 wheels and give a good decontamination, wash and polish... well bought
  5. think it has a name now, the bbb... tits of steel hon, keeping going when faced with a night out. at least a volvo is comfy to doss in... love you loads xx think we will both be on intravenous caffeine today
  6. That is what makes this forum special, a guy I met once got us out the shite bigtime, and aye we would do the same.
  7. The bastard has started again and Netti is heading home, Gerry I can't thank you enough mate, you will get paid back and a bottle of your favourite malt. You are a ducking gent
  8. i only found out last night when i asked when did she want picking up from gla... oor netti has previous tho, granvia turned up on a trailer, northerrn monkey arrived with the bmw, the focus just appeared, a boy delivering dog food delivered a ferret and once she went out for milk and came back with 2 rats.... aff her efffin heid
  9. you mean madam ha ha, i love it when shiters dont realise flat4 is my wife
  10. she is headin from milton keynes to scotland, told her to use m6 toll to avoid brum
  11. a class 321 leccy unit, built about 1990 so pre privitisation. suppose it is old
  12. it might be incoming but its oppo is definitely outgoing, its pretty much a swapsie but this one has more pedals and if any shiter cant guess then why are you here
  13. bollocks to that, put the money into the puma, that engine can be modified and there is plenty of rally bits to bolt on
  14. long overdue fleet update, so in no particular order fozzy, running well but mot due, needs coil packs, front brakes saab, drinking fuel but good to drive, still scabby as fuck volvo, has mot but no 2nd gear, have to use geartronic and put into 3rd newbie paddy the corolla, fuck we bought a car that works, needs a stereo and good polish bus, in storage, have all bits to rebuild suspension and a new rad, almera, full of caravan bits, think a young shiter wants it, will get running and see whatswhat focus, full of bits, if immobiliser is fucked then its razor blades or if any shiter wants it then take it away leggy, tame mechanic has removed shagged engine, might be progressing merc, sold to yesoui of the parish civic, sold to local dealer, has been mot'd
  15. totally, i really dont think there is much to do spanner wise. you had a vision and a plan for paddy, it is now our job to carry that vision on. for once the wife and i are on the same track, see where it takes us
  16. Is the motor you left at Killie still okay
  17. fuck aye, that is fun, proper sorted wee rally car, welded to the road, not lacking in power, handles really firm and tight, can push it hard and it is pretty neutral.... aye that'll dae me
  18. caravan kitchen removed (cheers @Floatylight ) so i could get the seat back, it seems to have shrunk over the last 25 years lol, mum had the earlier style and it was a hoot, or perhaps i am older and fatter.... sounds great, car is just me, simple controls as that was what i hated in the merc... my plan of action, good polish, fit a radio, the thinking rally giant style spots and possibly a rev counter... but aye she is nice
  19. wasnt the 206 a wrc car, must be a weekend for it, looks braw. chodspeed back to alba
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