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  1. nice work, you could have bought tickman's saab for that, go on, you know you want 275 horses under the right foot
  2. pick it clean mate, you wont need to bother about rusty bolts onto the shell, just chisel the shell to release the part, a grinder will be handy... some sheets of reclaimed scrap ply or old doors will be handy for the cran
  3. there is chod and then there is this. proper 7.5 carat chod
  4. take anything of use off the breaker, the rotten shell will move with tow strops and pinch bars, once there is no weight in a shell they do move easily
  5. 97 proton persona bought in 2000, fukin door locks, there was a shiteey wee spring that rusted and broke meaning the front door concerned would not open, we tried thicker springs, galvanised springs but fuk all worked, then it shat a rad and took the head gasket, despite a skin it ran like shit, new coil, plugs etc but when cold it was 3 cylinders or 2, ran fine on the rollers cold but not on the road.... traded it in for a 9 moth old almera in 2006
  6. you came to ardrossan and didnt say hello, you probably drove past our fleet
  7. sure there is a volvo f series from the 70's in secker's yard if you fancy a big challenge, might be a scammel tho
  8. impressive........fail sheet, get the mig oot
  9. paint it the old fashioned way, 75% liquid gloss 25% liquid varnish, thin it 50/50 with petrol, use a hvlp spray gun (high volume low pressure) it used to be called tinkers paint as the travelers and showmen used to use it. hard as nails mix,,,, will last 20 years.... for longer lasting spray a oat of clear varnish.... we did a train that way at bo'ness in 2000 and its still looking great
  10. Ford scene tax, will be rotten as fuk but if your daft or brave enough to weld it then there is coin in a restored one
  11. Yes they do seen to interpret the btcc as rubbing is racing
  12. thought the c1 enduro series had virtually take over from the 2cv
  13. That light is useless anyway, but a 12v led from a caravan shop. aye undersealing was great fun. Hope your missus knows how the kettle works, flat4 doesn't even when I am sweating my baws off
  14. that bini looks braw, know the feeling about itchy feet
  15. unless crap wob and foam has a massive scrap value there wont be many pennies from the scappy....
  16. classic leyland rot, almost as good as ford rot
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