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  1. bmw turned mini into a brand, the 2003 car was a 20th century mini but then it became all about the brand... fiat did the same with thee 500
  2. took merc to jetwash yesterday, the paint is nae bad, few dings and bits needing repaint but it should polish okay. i do like it to drive but if the box flush makes the v70 usable then i will have a problem
  3. a v8, the engine type we dont have
  4. dacia, raid the renault parts bin and make a car for those that hate driving and cars, must be a cockwombing twunt when driving one
  5. couldnt star radiators near castle greyskull in govan overhaul the rad
  6. they were still in use as sleeping vans until recently they are knackered
  7. at a backstreet dealer looking at a manual v70, right interior tidy, quick look service book alright, dealeer saying its a trade in and they havent done anything, asks bert to pop bonnet, replies why?? dont be poking around, just fukin pop it.... (guy was getting on my tits) so click and i lifted it, both strut tops totally rotted out, like a 70's ford, i starts laughing, whit is so funny, i dont like your attitude (this was bert), aye you are fukin funny bawbag, as funny as a dose of the shits in a wetsuit, (i was beyond going to punch him out), so you no wantin it then???? err naw i'd rather walk, gets into my car and drove away should have slapped him but emailed trading standards instead
  8. can i just add thanks to @DirtyDaily for being a total gent, when the girl you love goes off on crazy roadies i do worry, is the geezer sound, is the motor okay, will she get home.... job done on all 3, with us having dogs and ferrets and my health doing a roadie as a couple cant happen. cheers to all the prev owners for keeping this old barge alive
  9. has anyone given it a engine service??? thinking filters a fresh lube oil
  10. pedal to the metal snugglebum, look out for those brown bears on the m6... or say fuck work and have a brew at gretna... it was going to be tight but plus 90 on bus made it a man of steel move
  11. bee ems have always had big engines, for a v8 you want a rover unit, but things like mgb's rot, so take your v8, box and back axle and bolt it to a non rotten mx5
  12. okay end of year fleet update fozzie still behaving, been using it as a daily, fukin great in the wet, drinks fuel faster than a rugby team can drink ale civic, been too cold and wet to strip nsf corner to investigate properly, tried putting back tyres on front, did hee haw saab, still at tame mechanic, spotted on ramp getting worked on volvo, once saab has mot its going to tame mechanic, still almera and focus still stored on drive, almera did get a wash this year bus, in storage scoob leggy twin turbo, still in undercover storage so not rusting merc s class, flat4 organizing megabus to pick up, will hopefully go straight into traffic as it has mot and should do more than 30mpg any comments wifey @Flat4
  13. what a wank that tester was, clearly not had his nat king... he had better pass it tomorrow
  14. Deepest condolences mate My dad passed away over 25years ago, he was a marine engineer so didn't rate small engines like under 50 litres, his smallest spanner was a 3/4 af. He did acquire me tools when I was on my yts. He could drive but didn't so the cars were mum's, I got my petrolhead from her and my grandad who was a biker. Mind as a kid going down the harbour when dad was in leave and being in various engine rooms, came home once covered in oil and mum went apeshit, dad got me ovies and boots after that, remember dad getting me to climb on a sulzer engine that had a sticky rocker and persuading it with a lump hammer. That engine room smell, hot oil, diesel, fresh paint and rolling baccy. Aye, miss him, still have his wee bahco shifter and his lump hammer
  15. splendid splendid work, agree with working in summer, prefer spring and autumn myself
  16. at one time the ph game in glasgow and west of scotland was run by gangsters, the type that wore expensive suits, some o the motors were dodgy but as they also owned mot stations in a clean person's name they appeared totally legit. very few normals ran octavias, mondeos or audi a4's as they walked in the night or day, some rann scrap yards and had crushers so cars literally vanished. was a dirty game for these legitimate men and women.
  17. try rodding the volvo drain with high tensile wire, or pop into a garage with a decent compressor and blast them out, w had the same issue on a scoob, 2 minutes with high pressure air sorted it
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