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  1. How old is ste, can't be that old. Race classics on circuits next, know drivers in their 70's doing that
  2. that blue estate still has mot, got a set of 17" ovlov wheels with legal ditchfinders if anyone needs to perform a rescue mission
  3. get it wrapped http://www.creative-vinyl.com/en/578-volvo-850-1994-btcc-rydell-full-rally-graphics-kit.html
  4. aye lads but that means going to borrheid, i woul just chuck in a early 90's cd radio, make it look like a period upgrade.... if you can find 1 that works
  5. well the mx5 was meant to be an interpretation of the classic british sports car, triumph spitfire, mg-b etc, seems they interpreted the rustproofing bit too literally, thats well crusty
  6. as for the ma5da, it goes to andy lamont motorsport for eventual build into a trackday/drift car, or possibly ma5da supercup as run by the brscc
  7. i am guessing cunning plan involves thee backplate of the engine being removed then bolted to the back of a (now) former fwd duratech or possibly a t5 lump from a focus st, the same t5 that powers so many ovlovs and dome tries to claim associate membership of the svm
  8. the exhaust noisy irritates me as there is no noise limit in the mot test nor do they accurately measure it, the motorsport uk limit for circuits is 105db and 98 for closed road rallying, it is measured at 2/3 revs or 3/3 the way to the red line and 0.5m from the exhaust tailpipe. now for road cars i would say a max limit should be around 95db with a exhaust in sound condition. i have measured a car with the exhaust snapped before the back box using a phone app, 5k revs on the civic, it was 60db, to the ear it was fukin loud but technically legal for a circuit by 40db... at least if garages us
  9. bonus bravery points for doing a roadtrip on the burd's birthday, she could have come with you and you could have had a romantic meal at carnforth services, sure she would have loved that...... volvo looks braw, fresh ticket means plenty of solid steel, paint is err iffy but you oont buy a volvo for looks. top chod and a good daily
  10. back to odsal, been following it coming back, pity its shale (know you will disagree) but good for speedway. massive natural bowl, hope the stock cars can make it money
  11. splendid, welcome back to the svm family cpt
  12. is that mr fowler in the chair of the ovlov
  13. Chodspeed sir, good breakfast, mug of tea and happy pills
  14. chipping hammer to remove lumps, scrape off rest if flaky, then cup brush on grinder (wear good ppe) to clean up rest. vatcan or rust treatment and underseal, use a longg handled brush... fukin horrible job
  15. thinking for weekend, clear crap out almera, give it a wash, spray wax and hoover interior, get stevie wonder to mot it, take money and run
  16. That is interesting, assume car must have a current mot
  17. so access not great then, nae crane access... better go and borrow some widden pallets for packing
  18. get a forky truck/telehandler to lift car off subframe, otherwise jacks, axle stands, wooden packing and repeat several times
  19. cheap washing up liquid and cheap bleach, pour on, agitate with a broom and hose off
  20. mind my gaffer at college had a e plate gte, 2l 8 vale running k=jet, as a 16 year old it was fast considering mum only had 1.3's... suppose a 8v o k-jet wasnt really fast compared to today's stuff..... as for the saab turbo lump, naw. decent 16v 2l wwith some old fashioned tuning like porting and polishing the head, forged pistons and rods. just go rally spec but with throttle bodies
  21. it isnt that bad, was on the road until this year or was mot'd, fail sheet isnt that scary (compared to lots) get it welded to mot standard then treat as rolling resto. engine wise you must be looking at redtop on throttle bodies... the manta is still a popular rally car so parts are there. try talking nice to @DodgyBastard he is in your area plus he has just welded up a shovette of similar vintage
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