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  1. All the jags I've had the interiors have been great. I think the heat in parts of America have an effect. They definitely have an effect on the air struts as they fail constantly in America but in the UK they're pretty strong.
  2. Should add I have ordered the following: New air filter New cabin filter Wiper linkage New window regulator Edited as I have now purchased the window regulator
  3. Bigger update: So been spannering on it with kind of no success but found bits to do! 1st, went to replace the thermostat but the one supplied was incorrect so the old one has had to go back in. Can confirm the thermostat is at fault as it's stuck open. (See pic) 2nd, checked air filter. Filth. (See pic) 3rd, cabin filter. Filth. (Soz no pic but it's really bad) 4th, oil cooler is really cruded up so I've hit it with brake clean but it's gonna need a bit more of a deep clean or soaking. 5th, now I had an issue with the drivers window wiper not really wiping so I just got new wipers as it was pretty old. I put the new one on and realised it's just not touching the screen... odd. Realised that the point where the arm attached to the linkage has way too much play and is causing the arm to not press against the screen. I stripped it down to try and bodge it but no joy. Ive ordered a new (used) part from auto reserve to replace the whole mechanism for £40 but it'll be a bit of a job to do it. Brake servo has to come off and scuttle has to come off again. Annoying but whatever. The car just seems like it's been neglected in general hence the old filters and not addressing leaks for a long time etc. Thankfully their solid cars but does make you wonder who buys an XJR and doesn't do any maintenance. I'm going to visit a bloke in Chester next Friday too who has the SDD software to raise the suspension up to standard ride height as the past owner just had it too low. We are getting there.
  4. I think just giving money probably wouldn't sit well with OP. Perhaps a roffle on something that's hanging around the house?
  5. 100% but don't think you aren't allowed to feel like shit when stuff isn't going your way. Cars are testing and they beat you up at times but the moment you get back in and it's all sorted makes it all worth while.
  6. Sounds like you're being harsh on yourself. I know that feeling though and empathise. Just remember it'll get done but might just not be as soon as you'd of liked. Hope it all gets sorted soon and you're out and about in it again.
  7. Update. Driven say 100 miles in this now. Few times to and back from work and generally around. Driving very well and nothing has cropped up yet other than the temperature not getting to the centre for quite a while. My commute to work is 25mins approx and it was just shy of the centre so I think the thermostat is letting coolant past. Ordered a new one for £17 and looking online it is a VERY easy job. Intake off and there it is. I'll get that done as I don't want it over fueling everyday to work and back. Makes a good excuse to do a quick coolant flush too.
  8. Some rubbish pictures of the interior. I think a deep clean will make it come up like new.
  9. Thankfully there's no service records! Is that a win?
  10. Could well be slipping though it doesn't sound like a continuous slip. I'll have a look in to that and see. Try the old wet the belt and see if the noise goes away.
  11. Perhaps a "click bait" title but the chances of ruinous disaster is always there on a supercharged jaguar, especially on one that cost a mere £2,700. I thought I'll make a thread for this as this is a bit of an attainable dream car for myself. I have always had an affinity for Jaguars and a supercharged XJ is just about peak daily motoring in my mind. This one is a weathered example but my experience of the X350s is quite untroubled. I also thought that the wealth of knowledge that Autoshite has to offer may come in handy. Bit of a synopsis on the condition is as follows: Recently serviced New MOT Perishables look to be in good shape Suspension has been lowered via the SDD software (anyone with this software that can help me up the suspension to stock ride height would be very much appreciated!) Kind of following on from above the central locking is not working, almost certainly a drivers door module issue and was wondering if anyone knew where I may be able to get this one refurbed? People tend to just get another module and have it programmed to the car using the SDD but I fancy getting it refurbed since it's a very common issue Drivers window is broken, needs a new regulator Pulley squeaking when cold, I will have to investigate what this is. No Aircon which I strongly suspect is air condenser seals which are a fault with every x350 I've owned. Oil cooler leak which I suspect will just be a rubber seal which shouldn't be an issue. Bodywork let's it down, alloy corrosion is in abundance and on most panels which is a shame, alloys need refurbing but that's not a big issue. Interior is tidy as I have found on most X350s Makes a truly wonderful supercharger whine when you boot it and all of a sudden the cars foibles melt away. Power is immense and unrelenting with a superb soundtrack to boot and a planted road feel. Once I've ironed out some of the issues it should be a good example. Good bones you might say. Come along for the ride and we will see if a "got ya" comes up! More pictures will become available once I've given it a good clean.
  12. If one corner is down more than usual then it probably has a leak but they can eject air randomly from time to time. I found driving the car up to 30mph reset this and always pumped up the car to normal ride height. Remember if you find yourself in or around Stockport I have some diag software I can plug in to see if it's throwing codes.
  13. The ungrateful little toe rag has passed its MOT today with just 1 advisory for the nearside rear tyre being worn on the inner edge. It's tenure with me is nearly over. If anyone does want a Z4 and thinks I'm just a rubbish mechanic feel free to make me an offer for it. It will be a well sorted low mileage one so probably a good one to buy as it's been gone through. I'll be getting a new roof motor and the front bumper resprayed and it'll look the business then. I have £2,700 in to it which is pretty galling as I only paid £1,500 and ALL labour has been done by myself so I dread to think what a garage would have cost. £3,000 will buy it on here otherwise it'll be up to the plebs of eBay for £4k
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