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  1. Can't see them going for green and white eastern smt livery.
  2. thats big yeti's, he bought it as it was the motor that nicked him
  3. rare photo of cpt 70's in the 70's, never knew you were a toffee la ..... he is hard to miss
  4. wee update saab is away to roffle winner colin scooby has mot after replacing front pads and number plate volvo no longer has locking wheel nuts as we didnt want a repeat of the issues on the silver bullshit paddy has a working radio, actually did some work on my daily today, we bought a kenwood cd radio years ago from a shiter for the civic, i found a loom adaptor in paddy's box of parts, plugged in and i have a working radio.. happy days 3 of the fleet saw work in 1 day, thats unusual
  5. 97 proton persona, having had a mega reliable saga i thought i'd upgrade.... ha bloody ha.... door locks kept breaking thanks to a spring from a bic pen that broke, ate radiators, head gasket went, when cold it took power, at workin temp fine, that bit warrmin up itt would misfire like fuck, new leads, coil, plugs. no fault codes...... was fun on hill starts on 2 or 3 cylinders.... got shot after 5 years and bought the almera
  6. above all, its a rover the sd1 looked nice but build was shite, the shag with honda produced shite hondas, they developed nothing, new shells with shit mechanicals, dont mention build quality as bummies drank tea... the cars could have been good, probably should have been but were shit
  7. fair play mate, lot of graft but on the finish straight
  8. the flat 4 as per vw and subaru is great in theory but all the valve gear makes it, well wide... what about a flat 8 with 2 crankshafts geared together but 2 stroke..... or a smoller version of the napier deltic for automotive
  9. Just put a idiot proof post up of who has bought what. I am like the wife without satnav, ducking lost
  10. yoss, its a sec reliance witth alexander o falkirk bodywork, it never actually saw service as a service bus going new to the rittb (road industry transport training group) at livingston, it came into preservation in the late 80's and is part o the glasgow collection at bridgeton, had it up to aviemore back in 96 and it fair moves, hills are no issues for the aec engine...... glasoow website https://gvvt.org/
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