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  1. What was that kid's surname, just a former mate had a sprog called luca and he must be about 15 now...
  2. i really hope your street name is not arcadia avenue or the burd will not be happy with you.... any iron maiden fans will get it.....
  3. i ran rain experts for years, like 3 sets on the almera but the reviews they are getting is crap
  4. uniroyal rain experts are nowhere as goo as they were 8 years ago, i would suggest michelin crossclimates
  5. 97 proton persona bought in 2000 as replacement for the 89 saga, wee spring in door locks snapped regularly so you couldnt ope the door, kept it 6 years and must have done that repair a dozen times, 2 rads as they just rusted, several exhausts and towards the end after a rad failure took out the head gasket the thing when cold under load would rarely work on 4 cylinders. fucking great doing a hill start at the train station. use to get mega condensation which froze meaning you had to scrape the inside of the glass.... normal process after getting off train was to start car to get some heat in
  6. splendid work gents, who is doing the mot, that place i suggested in possil whee you give the tester's labrador a bone
  7. https://www.gumtree.com/p/volvo/automatic-volvo-s60-2004-petrol-5dr-full-year-mot-excellent-condition/1395079192 in denny https://www.gumtree.com/p/volvo/volvo-s60-diesel-d5-auto/1394819691
  8. just buy a volvo mate, the majority of the scotoshite crew cant be wrong
  9. that interior is so 70's, ashtrays o the back doors as smoking was mandatory back then, shades of black vinyl, fake wood. guessing you will be dressing like a bay city roller when your driving it gerry
  10. Was in home bargains, 2nd car i landed on was the ovlov but only 1 there. Took the formula e as i marshalled battersea in 2015. £1.49 each aye
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