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  1. who is all up for a bit of a hoon once the corona is over, my suggestion is as follows meet at mcdonalds balloch for breakfast then a82 to arrochar before taking the rest and be thankful to lochgilphead, head north to oban before going east to tyndrum, down to crianlarich before going east via glen ogle to stirling where we can get dinner at that marstons eatery before going home. the hoon route is approx 190 miles alternative after lochgilphead head to tarbert then kennacraig before going cross country to cloanaig, ferry to lochranza, lap of arran then ferry from brodick to ardrossan but ferry costs will be higher
  2. Scotoshite hoon, meet up at McDonald's balloch then go to inverary, then up to oban then stirling via crianlarich and callander
  3. Aye she does appreciate my hard graft, the set that came off will get the same treatment before getting shod in new rubber.
  4. Need a good run up the side of loch lomond to arrochar then over the rest and be thankful to inverary. Ideally with no kojaks with kodaks
  5. Well we should have been enjoying scran in Armadale tonight, wee post to the usual crew to say myself and flat4 are thinking of you and hope we get back to munchies in the summer
  6. Think i have worked out car 7, frog from your mate wuvum
  7. 2.8 cologne v6 in a Sierra or the south african variant fitted with a 5l v8
  8. Ford puma with 1.7 engine, Renault 5 turbo, metro 6r4 Spaceframed minis with rover v8, fiesta with buick 5l v8 and road legal, fievo (fiesta fitted with evo engine and gear, beetles fitted with impreza turbo lump. Most of the sprint/hillclimb minis have nuts bike engines
  9. Was that you on the trackscotland day at knockhill yesterday??? White kangoo spotted on various fb pages
  10. big_al_granvia


    dont laugh but screwdrivers from aldi and aldi tools in general are pretty good for diy use
  11. thanks again for the manual mate, flat4 was in her element on the drive home, coming from cumbernauld where she was used to snow half an inch was a doddle, the scoob was welded to the road with its 4wd and good tyres... me coming from the coast where we never have snow was having kittens
  12. are we meeting for scran this coming wednesday, myself and flat4 will be in attendance, unsure as to what car as i want to bring my new volvo and she wants to bring her new scooby..... will probably we the scooby then lol
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