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  1. that monty is so bad its good, they used to be a popular towcar. but a 1.3 a-series???? at least drop in a turbo out a mg metro
  2. It sounded crazy yesterday with a lot of big names in the fence. Unlucky for Stephen, he needs to hire a f1 at odsal, mix it with the big boys once. Courtney sounds quite tough but it's in her dna. Best wishes for the future mally
  3. great work mate, would still give the bores a quick hone with one of these https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/draper-56244-25mm-57mm-cylinder-hone/
  4. so is the plan, hone bores, new forged rods and bearings, new rings, valves out and head cleaned up, clean everything up, lap in valves, replace water pump, new bbelts, gaskets and high tensile bolts
  5. i'm not a expert but that looks fuckig fukeed mate.....
  6. so you have met the gremlin??? my wee baby that her mummy took on a roadie in his volvo... i hope flat4 hasnt bought anything
  7. knowing how bini gearboxes can be i suspect it may be fukin fuked... perhaps lack of backwards motion was the reason for being laid up
  8. decent brakes are a must imo, couldnt imagine doing a drive with something tuning front drums probably has been a fair amount of humpin in it over the years, not in the luton bed of course, fuck knows how couples can even doss in a overcab bed, must be like a coffin
  9. a wee ka without rust running a duratech, bloody tempting. the original ka was the most real mini like car i ever drove, een with a crossflow it was a fukin hoot round knockhill, its bigger sister the puma 1.7 was outstanding but try finding one of them that isnt rotten
  10. if she is going to live in that workshop you are laughing, table saw, jigsaw, pillar drill and a good set of carpentry hand tools, it is all half butt joints, 2" by 1" treated timber for framing, 3mm ply for panelling. sounds easy, if your undercover with mains power and water it is
  11. if there is steel in the chassis, wood in the body and no soft bits you are on a winner
  12. aye good luck getting that through iva, or good luck doing a trackday and having meat and 2 veg after 5 laps
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