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  1. the eml comes on these bloody things for nothing, goes off after 300 miles... slight misfire.. eml on, had a jump start, eml, gave someone a jump start.. eml... another car in the town had a leccy issue...eml on... it doesnt affect how it drives or behaves just fucking annoying
  2. in the 70's and 80's before mot testers actually gave a shit the way of repairing bodywork was to use chicken wire, fiberglass and underseal, the chicken wire gave the fiberglass something to hold onto, bit of filler made it smooth and underseal made it look like freshly painted metal. for sills fold used to tack weld another sill roughly on top, saw a astra with 4 layers of sill. newspapers covered in filler on arches, old road signs bashed to shape and tacked for chassis legs... no wonder cars crumpled and folk died
  3. looks braw, least it isnt going to be bangered....
  4. is today not tat friday from norn iron
  5. mum went from a vauxhall viva hc to a datsun cherry on a P plate, then a datsun sunny on a S plate, toyota starlet on a V then toyota carina on a Y... what i do remember of the early ones was that they were rusty within 2 years (okay we live right on the west coast of scotland), her 80's jap collection was rounded off by a 89 proton, in the 90's she had a 96 toyota corolla 3door sport (midlife crisis at 60 lol) and a 55 plate micra which she hated... aye jap family
  6. 'ow bloody much, we got a pair from ecp for 3 quid for the bus
  7. get in touch with a mate of mine ali mcmillan, he builds, fixes and breaks all things jaguar... this is his motorsport page https://www.facebook.com/MJracing.bhp/?eid=ARAPFyb-X5vKyQ9BtKOZHx7dYRBJXmSEr7XB0fZ7gKFEMYEtSzG7BSXoVtD4jSsLnbgNfpQo77FjUa4S&fref=tag
  8. thats a proper jag, not a tarted up mondeo... top chod sir
  9. that is just so sad, you could keep so many old skodas on the road for years to come with the spares there, you would need an artic to clear the place out and weeks to catalogue whats there
  10. flat4 says pop down to jim dickson's in cumbernauld village, might be able to bend a bit of pipe for you to slide over the ends with some gunk... i know raceworkx in livingston can bend and fabricate anything and their master tech george is a mate... or see steve mccall at burnett motorsport in mollinsburn... piss easy with a pipe bender to fabricate
  11. the amount of stuff that is just lying there, the amount of parts that are brand new and could be reused, eventually a developer will come along and the lot will get sold at auctions for peanuts or weighed in as scrap, there is probably enough bits to rebuild the skodas lying outside... really sad to see
  12. So these 3 fell into flat4's basket in tescos yesterday. Will probably be used on the layout
  13. in the dry during a race total madness, 10 years ahead of its time and both andy and charlie are top blokes
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