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  1. gordon says he wants to spend a bit of time at home, to be fair he has nothing to prove, keep it lit mally
  2. my only concern with sellotape is that it can yellow with age. i would use clear plastic film, not clingfilm but clear thin plastic,
  3. thats it mate, if the big end shells are shagged then the mains are probably too, plus these engines never did mega miles, 60k for a rebuild back then was average.... plus the days of getting bits are long gone at cheap prices
  4. would agree with that, it is a hobby and fine when it isnt costing a lot of cash but doing a quarter job on a engine wont get you far, new shells are a must... cut your losses or at least see if a friendly shiter (sorry cant help) has yard space that you can put it in and tarp it until you have cash... We still have a car that has been off the road for 7 years, getting bits done as and when but long term project
  5. what the actual fxxx, one way of telling you have pissed off the wife but dont know why..... she buys you as roffle for a bloody daewoo matiz
  6. My driveway used to be spotless before flat4 moved in, now shell are trying to plant a drilling rig on it every time we go out.... Get her telt and bring her to meet the lads at scotoshite
  7. bit of fannying about saw us today have both washer jets working, need some hose and doofers for the headlight scooshers... nice to fix something
  8. i havent seen any wires going in the area of the washer jets so perhaps they are gone, i am thinking more of using universal jets like this https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-equipment/fuses-electricals-fixings/ring-single-outlet-triangle-washer-jet-nut-rwj5 on a 20 year old car authenticity doesnt matter, if it works then it will do,
  9. aye that head looks like it needs expensive work compared to the original one
  10. so we took the beemer from home to scotoshite at armadale, a pre mot shakedown, she really is a good old barge, the handbrake is shite which makes hill starts fun and scary for the dude behind you but the job list for our semi-tame mechanic hasnt increased that much, new front pads are a must, new trackrod end, oil change (filter already there) make handbrake usable, fix screenwash jet and fit/balance the nearly new goodyears... not a massive list of work... she is driving nice, the 6cyl lump just wafts along, not revvy but just genteel, no engine noise in the cabin... aye i like it
  11. those ports dont look that bad, okay needs a right good going over with a dremel to remove all the crap, plus a bit of polishing improves airflow and the valves will need a proper clean then lapped in... seen worse
  12. when @Flat4 tells you that we can go but jurgen has been sitting on the street getting covered in crap, quick wash and polish and she is ready to meet fellow chodders, going via not so tame mechanic to get new booties fitted en route
  13. both need a good clean, de-carbon and the valves ground in... if either is unleaded then great, if not trip to bayron classic engineering for new guides and seats
  14. double bollocks, you not down ayr way mate, if you are and need another pair of hands give me a shout as i am near sunny saltcoats
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