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  1. if its questionable rip engine out an change the chain, tensioner, guides and all the usual. that bini is rough but they are good motors and the bini scene is massive so loass of tuning and styling options
  2. Yes there is lots of hoonable roads, sorn to muirkirk is another. Pity most are badly potholed
  3. has thee wife stopped playing with that v8 lexus yet???? good job ineos is just along the road.... wonder where the pipeline to glasgow airport runs, long drill bit and free fuel
  4. chaps and chapesses, who is up for a show of our finest chod, never mind the polished, detailed to perfection stuff, lets show shite.... bumf from facey below Register your CAR CLUB for Kames Car Show 2021 Here at Kames Car Show, we have received over 20 entries from car clubs all over Scotland reserving their space at this years event on Sunday 8th August. If your CAR CLUB wants to attend our event, a representative from the club must get in touch by messaging us the following details . . . The Car Club Name Expected Car Numbers Represen
  5. i hope you didnt pay much more than scrap value for that seat, looks alright for a mule to go the messages in
  6. driving to a mate's funeral a few years back, on the m8 going through glasgow at 50 a transit dropside carting scrap overtook me, i thought that fucking ion bath doesnt look to well roped on... fucking thing fell off in front of me andd was spinning in the middle of 3 lanes, jump on brakes, swerve right, no left, no right... fortunately a merc artic saw the whole thing and dropped his anchors and put his beacons on... managed to avoid bath but needed a bog myself
  7. for 70's clobber advice the there is only 1 man for the job, the scotoshite's legend of triumph @captain_70s
  8. Aye the hardies are running it on a day to day basis
  9. i probably need to read the bb again, kinda let my knowledge slip a bit... havent marshalled in 22 months, hope i can still remember how to wave a flag and use a radio
  10. you wont get a ban. for me it is the safety aspect
  11. driftland/lochgelly is not motosport uk licensed for racing, you dont have the medical support you do at knockhill nor are the marshals msuk trained, plus knowing a few lads that have done these events they are a bit rough and ready.... the car might be cheap but any driver would still want decent safety gear like race suit, gloves, boots and helmet. allow about a grand for that
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