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  1. coming into winter the markets are slowing down, forecast for tomorrow is shit so my local market will have less than usual, i did say that the week i landed on those mint ixo rally cars at 4 quid a pop so will have a grice on the way to aldi for the food shop
  2. Couple of those primera's survive and are still racing... Epic machines
  3. get it bought, every shiter has to have a ovlov in their life
  4. if the sills are rusty factor in welding costs, unless you can do it yourself.. pitch the auldyin at a bag of sand
  5. Nothing to stop you having repeater lights on the roll hoop
  6. pretty sure my volvo was a blind buy on here, looked at photos, checked history, @Flat4 checked with seller, cant mind who that was... then alex brought it north along with the scoob. been using it as my daily for 6 months now after putting new brakes on.. been behaving so far
  7. cant remember, the front driveshaft nut was a awkward size, 3/4 whitworth was the best fit
  8. probably in a lot better condition too
  9. that wee rover 100 is cute, 1st car i spannered as an apprentice was a metro, did brakes and oil change
  10. what are early 70's corgi superking f1 cars worth, market bloke near me was wanting 3 quid a piece, unboxed and pretty rough, only wanted them because they had baccy ads from the era that we sold toys advertising cigs to kids... i offered 2 quid tops and got told to eff off
  11. nice one on the new ticket but double bollocks on it pissing itself. 2 steps forward 1 back
  12. basically they have been thrashed into the ground and are goosed
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