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  1. what a wank that tester was, clearly not had his nat king... he had better pass it tomorrow
  2. Deepest condolences mate My dad passed away over 25years ago, he was a marine engineer so didn't rate small engines like under 50 litres, his smallest spanner was a 3/4 af. He did acquire me tools when I was on my yts. He could drive but didn't so the cars were mum's, I got my petrolhead from her and my grandad who was a biker. Mind as a kid going down the harbour when dad was in leave and being in various engine rooms, came home once covered in oil and mum went apeshit, dad got me ovies and boots after that, remember dad getting me to climb on a sulzer engine that had a sticky rocker and persuading it with a lump hammer. That engine room smell, hot oil, diesel, fresh paint and rolling baccy. Aye, miss him, still have his wee bahco shifter and his lump hammer
  3. splendid splendid work, agree with working in summer, prefer spring and autumn myself
  4. at one time the ph game in glasgow and west of scotland was run by gangsters, the type that wore expensive suits, some o the motors were dodgy but as they also owned mot stations in a clean person's name they appeared totally legit. very few normals ran octavias, mondeos or audi a4's as they walked in the night or day, some rann scrap yards and had crushers so cars literally vanished. was a dirty game for these legitimate men and women.
  5. try rodding the volvo drain with high tensile wire, or pop into a garage with a decent compressor and blast them out, w had the same issue on a scoob, 2 minutes with high pressure air sorted it
  6. So called smart chargers are a pain, one thing I have done is to connect a battery with jump leads to a running vehicle and give it 5 minutes from the alternator
  7. Ratchet straps by the ton, there must be a market for used webbing
  8. illuminating answer from as's master of lumens here is a question, recently had to replace a hid on the ovlov, new bulb is a lot brighter than the old one, both are same wattage, do hid's lose brightness with age or becausee its a new bulb it is just brighter
  9. The 680 can't be that shite look at the number of preserved buses and railcars that still have them and they still run. They are still being overhauled and new parts made. In preservation many have been modified 're cooling, fitting a electric kenlowe can opposed to the mechanical improves cooling bigtime
  10. the 680 was a very popular fitment in diesel railcars, not a bad lump but the aec was better when it behaved
  11. boring daily volvo xc60 or xc90 wild lotto win the new ginetta g56 https://www.ginetta.com/news/ginetta-gt4-supercup-welcomes-ginetta-g56-for-2022 buy when pissed/stoned smart roadster
  12. had a set of michelin cross climates on the volvo for almost a year now, great in thee wet and cold, good in dry
  13. not known of anyone using it for metallic as that was not common 40 years ago
  14. okay i had a drive in it yesterday, is it just me or is the clutch pedal a couple of inches forward of the rest, now i am tall but with the very low bite it isn't comfortable, as half of scotoshite have owned it your views are welcome, have found 2 pairs of tyres in good nick to go on and keep the mot man happy, avon summer for thee front and falken winter o the back, thinking the harder compound will cope with the power better. it is a nae bad auld bus
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