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  1. Right, I've finally had the sill covers off the S-Type and the results are surprisingly good. Some surface rust but no holes I could find. Naturally I want to keep it this way. Any thoughts on the best way to go about this? It would be nice to do something better than just putting rust converter on the surface bits. It doesn't have to be pretty as the sills are totally hidden by plastic covers. In other news, an ABS and DSC fault popped up today and the battery is only registering 12.2 volts, so I think I'll try a new one of those to see if that sorts things, since I'll
  2. So few people (relatively) want to transport bikes though, so I can see why they don't
  3. My Jaguar came with a set of Mohawk tyres. Presumably a lot of tread in the centre but none at the sides
  4. Incoming slice of prime gammon. I've always fancied a manual Jaguar and a friend was getting rid. I really like it. Air conditioning is broken but I'm fairly confident it's just the condenser so I'll have a look next week. I hate the styling but love the drive. It's a 3.0 manual It has already proven that I am the greatest mechanic. It developed a misfire so I ordered a set of plugs. Due to my skills, merely ordering the plugs fixed the misfire
  5. I feel like they were actively aiming for more shite points when they chose a rip off of Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror as background music
  6. I went to school with a Nicholas Forman. No idea what they called him in Czechoslovakia
  7. It has been driven for over an hour with the roof down but only covered 3km? Who was driving it?
  8. I went to see a car the other day with Powertrac CityRacing tyres on it. It was a diesel Volvo V70
  9. I think it's more a sign that they recognise that Vauxhall customers mainly don't care about 'heritage'
  10. I don't think the Vauxhall name will disappear unless both Opel and Vauxhall disappear. Why kill a brand name when the cost of different badges is less than the sales that would probably disappear as a result? Just think of Vauxhall as the name for Opel UK, in the same way there is a Volkswagen UK and a Toyota UK. Not worth getting rid of it
  11. I think people think that you can just sue and get money for anything. For small claims, you'll need to demonstrate a financial disadvantage from the comments. For any kind of legal recourse you'll need to demonstrate negligence. I can't see it working in this case but I'm no expert
  12. Fly by wire throttle on those. I think that the symptom you're describing is an early indication the unit is failing or at least the electrical track is worn
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