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  1. Go there and leave a note under the wiper
  2. I'd just switch - renewals are generally more expensive that new quotes and they won't change that system
  3. Everyone always tells me this about the Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon, but I have one and wouldn't change it for an automatic
  4. I had wondered that as it would make sense, but someone who "knows E38s" was adamant that stopped at the 735. I too would love a manual 740i - that would be a dream car for me
  5. I thought the biggest E38 engine available in manual was the 735i?
  6. That one's a 2.5 rather than a 3.0, but yeah, it would be a direct swap
  7. Check the pressure, top it up if necessary and use it. It'll be fine As long as the pressure is fairly close to what it should be, it'll be fine
  8. That should be the case though - cars are tested to the standards applicable when they were new. No one expects a 1986 Escort to have the same emissions standards as a 2018 Focus, for example. My dad's car is from 1972 and he sends it for an MOT every March just because there's no harm in it I appreciate that you are probably capable of keeping a car roadworthy - I'm not commenting on that. I see no problem with you doing what you do, but in my experience the test is fine for old cars. Probably depends on the tester though
  9. I reckon that if these bodgers turned their bodging energy into fixing energy, they'd be surprised how well they can do. Some people seem to pathologically bodge when a fix would be easier and more obvious
  10. Aren't the Lucas ones just refurbished? I fitted a Lucas alternator from ECP and it was just a refurb Valeo I've also done well with Lucas bulbs, but I don't fit enough bulbs or alternators to make my data reliable. I also know that Lucas is not the Lucas that we all know and love. I just chose those parts because they were cheap
  11. I guess that compact engine is how they made that bonnet so short
  12. I'd say it must have been significantly overheated - as you say, a 3800 doesn't typically blow head gaskets. I wonder if any other damage has been done
  13. The fuck? If I told my boss that I was going to choose when (or even if) I was going to work and it all depended on my interest in exercise, I don't think I'd be welcome to stay at my job. That must be the most trivial excuse I've ever heard for not working
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