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  1. This. If you don't want someone, it makes sense to lie and give them some kind of bullshit excuse. I don't get why you'd say something that's so blatantly illegal. I can only think that whoever wrote it thinks that it's fine
  2. This should explain it - must be the weight of that engine in the rear that makes it look low: Car has rear 8 valve engine needs a trailor to take away
  3. I seem to recall that Jeremy Bamber stood to inherit a lot of money if his adoptive parents died. I don't think he was wealthy in his own right. I have no idea what kind of car he drove, but I thought he was working as a farm hand on the family farm and his house and car were provided by the parents. I think that money was exactly the motive.
  4. I guess there's still the risk of them being cut off by someone who doesn't know that this is the case? Might not cost that much to replace like-for-like, but it's still a pain. Putting the keys in the bags doesn't make one iota difference to this, however
  5. An interesting car to steal. Are Senators in big demand? I know they're rare now, but are they valuable? I can't imagine there's a big, lucrative market for one to be stolen to order. Obviously there's some value in the parts, but how much? Maybe they're very nostalgic thieves or have been living under a rock for 25 years and don't know how to defeat modern security systems, so they just go around looking for Senators, Sierras and Montegos to steal
  6. Even so, I've never met a nice one
  7. I bid on a 4x4 motorhome one on ebay a few years ago. It went for quite a premium over a normal one at the time. I wasn't prepared to go that high since it needed welding
  8. Or is it equally likely they'd be successful in pulling money out of the account if the details you give out turn out not to be fake? The chances that any made up account details would link to an account are extraordinarily small. I don't know the exact odds but think lottery chances
  9. You are correct - Engine malfunction indicator lamp (engine management light or ‘EML’) Turn on the ignition and check that the engine malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) illuminates and then goes off. On some vehicles it will be necessary to start the engine before the MIL goes off. You need to inspect MIL fitted to: petrol vehicles including hybrids with 4 or more wheels, not more than 8 passenger seats in addition to the driver’s seat and first used on or after 1 July 2003
  10. I thought more likely a comment about the tastes of the sort of person who'd think that was a cool van rather than thinking that tradesman shouldn't be allowed it
  11. It is not obvious that it is difficult for you. Your English is good, your writing and detail are good and the content is good. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort!
  12. Looks like it has been around the clock twice on the MOT history. 2007-2008 and 2017-2018. So we can assume the current mileage of 40,000 (or so) is actually 240,000
  13. I really like the Cadillac. I've always kind of fancied one of those
  14. Huh? How do they make sure that you get different electricity to other customers?
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