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  1. My sunglasses were in their case on the storage part of the dashboard. Somehow they came out of the case (I guess I didn't close it properly) and each lens has a nice scratched area at the peak of the convex part where it was resting on the hard plastic of the dashboard. Very annoying. I think I'll try some kind of polishing but expect to be buying new lenses
  2. The early Dusters were much worse than the rest. I can't imagine any of them being the most rustproof cars on the market, but the 2013 Dusters were markedly worse than the ones that followed.
  3. I just Googled Leyland EA to get to the bottom of this and found Leyland Eats, a takeaway ordering service in Leyland. What kind of world do we live in where that's a higher priority than the ~1984 Leyland EA?
  4. I would've loved to come along but I'm already tied up. I'll do my best for the next one though - it looks promising at the moment
  5. "No, I'm in Palestine, trying to book squash lessons, duh!"
  6. This is possible, it's also possible that the original had been broken and the cheapest/most expedient window available was a heated one
  7. I doubt it was stolen. The badges were prone to falling off them, particularly if they were regularly jetwashed/sent through car washes
  8. Black death on these is pretty easy. Carb cleaner dissolves and cleans the gunk easily and a bit of heat means the injector will pull straight out when the bolt is loosened. Make sure you clean out the threads (I found cotton buds do it really well) and also that you clean out the bore that the injector sits in or it won't want to go back. Try not to drop any chunks of carbon into the cylinder! Honestly, it's really not a bad job. Tedious but not terrible.
  9. The first year of right hand drive production was built in Dacia/Renault's factory in India and unfortunately it wasn't set up to do any decent rustproofing. After that, UK cars were built in a factory in Romania and are much better. The earliest RHD modern Dusters (Rusters) unfortunately rot horribly like this. I feel sorry for the people who ordered them early
  10. I preferred the Galaxie. If you want to burn a million quid, this is not the car for you
  11. I'm quite pleased with myself this evening. Walking across the supermarket car park, I heard the sound of a car with a flat battery failing to start. So I spoke to the old man in the driving seat and gave him a jump start. He was so grateful. I love it when I'm able to help someone
  12. I was overtaken by a Morris Ital
  13. 1. davidFowler - both nights trailer 2. Brownnova - both nights tent or car 3. Beko - both nights tent 4. Supernaut - both nights tent 5. Juular - both nights car 6. catsinthewelder +kids both nights tent 7. Fumbler- both nights car 8. chaseracer - both nights tent or car 9. EightMegs - Both nights, tent 10. batterypowered - Both nights, tent 11. Twosmoke300 plus 2 or 3 guests (awaiting confirmation) - both nights van and tent 12. cms206 - both nights, camper 13. ghosty - both nights, car 14. Captain_70s - (Maybe) both nights, car or tent. 15. Fatharris - both nights - tent 16. 3VOM - both nights - car, tent, something 17. 320touring - both nights tent or car (TBC) 18. horriblemercedes both nights, tent
  14. I agree with you, but MOTs don't really do that in my opinion. Scraping pass after pass is barely a deterrent and even (in my opinion) might encourage people just to find completely bent MOT testers to pass their shitbox Fiesta for £50. I would be happy to see it stay as a yearly test, but I don't think that it would make much difference were it to go to every other year. I'd welcome it for myself, but I'm confident that my cars are well-maintained so means that there's a bit less hassle for me organising and paying for tests. It's a long time since I had a car fail a test though.
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