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  1. I've never driven a Maxus but always had a soft spot. I've driven Pilots and Convoys. Nice to hear that there is some love for the Maxus!
  2. I had a W163 ML270 CDI. The body panels rotted like mad. Underneath it showed very little sign of rust and my MOT tester agreed. It pretty much just worked, although it looked like hell. I mention it because it had a lot in common with the W210 (mechanically). A couple of injector seals, a MAF sensor, a thermostat and that was about all it needed for years of use. I think that they probably survive a bit better than W210s because they have a separate chassis (which doesn't rust badly at all on them) so less of the rust is structural on a W163. One of the rear chassis mounts was starting to show surface rust but that was about all underneath mine at 160k and 17 years old. The wheel arches and doors were all going quite badly, despite my best efforts with periodical Kurust applications (admittedly, that did seem to add years to their lives)
  3. I posted this thread without believing that any of these cars probably got to 750k but interested to see what reasons everyone gave. The only one I had was mistakes by MOT testers. So that is pretty conclusive for the Maxus and the most common cars on the market that feature on the list. So the Defender. Does that have the same odo as @catsinthewelder's Freight Rover? I'd be willing to bet that many Defenders do! Or are there just loads of Trigger's Broom Defenders with original odos? I'm guessing it's just the same BL odo with sticky barrels
  4. That makes a lot of sense. I thought the Maxus was definitely the most unlikely one to get to that mileage. As with Bornite, I attribute most of them to MOT testers recording it wrongly. It probably isn't a coincidence that most on the list are the most common models on the road (so will have the most MOT mistakes recorded). That could also be evidence for more getting to high mileage as they're simply more common, but I doubt it as they're not typical cars to keep for that mileage. The Audi TT still interests me. Not a rare car, but not common enough to be likely to beat more common cars in that way. I suppose that's the one that proves the rule! As I doubt many Audi TTs are bought to do insane mileages like this. They're just not the kind of car that most million mile users would buy (relatively impractical compared to a Volvo V70 or Passat, or Vectra or Mondeo for example)
  5. I'd say you're probably right. I was once told about a Perodua with a genuine 900k on the clock. IIRC it had 90k and the selling trader had understood the 1/10 mile readout on the end as an extra digit
  6. Sorry if it is posted elsewhere, I have probably missed it. I just found this (badly-written) article interesting https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-10104051/Most-common-vehicles-road-750k-miles-clock-revealed.html
  7. They were quite popular, but for sure there were more hatchbacks around. A two door Nova or Chevette saloon is a good ambassador for our society here. Nearly as much as a two door mk 2 Cavalier saloon, but I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't any left
  8. I assume he means it won't need any to become roadworthy, but I did have to laugh at that! I guarantee it'll need some welding at some point
  9. First LHD car I ever drove was one of those, badged as a VW. I tell a lie, it was the second. It was the first manual LHD car I ever drove though
  10. To boot.... I see what you did there
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Morris-Ital-Cushion-/184623899637?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Morris Ital cushions
  12. I'd go for 2. At least you know what's wrong with yours and none of it is urgent. As you also recognise, you will struggle to get much money for it
  13. I had the same thoughts but then covid started and I haven't got round to it yet. My conclusion for a first bike for me was a Yamaha Fazer 600, after reading around. The advice and thoughts on this thread are gladly received
  14. My post is not relevant to the thread, but when I encounter someone like this, I always wonder how they function well enough to do things like bring up their children or earn enough money to buy a reasonably valuable car like that
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