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  1. The finishing peice for period correct.. but would you dare open it 🤔 https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/2212329811
  2. Those are pretty epic renders. I am on a FB group for BL/BMC/Austin Rover chod and somone is sigh* writing a fictional "what if" history if them in the 70s and 80s with their own new* models. There was a rover 5000 based on an XJ platform that looked like a very, very bad Granada, many new models were dreamed* up and gosh they were gopping and comical. I want an Allegro and a Princess anyway these just make me want them more - and wish I could find a 2nd to do over a la MG (and had the skilz and munneey to do so 🤔😢 always the small details)
  3. I've found most groups on fb helpful, but seen the odd toys out of pram for things such as "incorrect" number plate size or an owner ..shock horror modifying their own motor to suit personal need or budget. The autoshite way is much more enjoyable. YMMV.
  4. That went as well if not better than it could have. Soak the studs copiously in plusgas while you contemplate your next move. Waiting for the correct housing may take some time so an MGB one may have to do - owners pages on face ache or forums can be helpful (tho therein are a minefield of stitch/rivet counting ) Chodspeed with the dash, take your time, lots of cups of tea/coffee.
  5. Missed the seamless integration of the 3rd hi level brake light. Make BLs recycling of parts look slick. A thing of striking shytness but the want is strong. Interestingly it isn't taxed currently but has mot till April this year so that's a good sign.
  6. Same here, I went out for the first time in a week today for a quick bike ride and it was as busy as ever. Its dissapointing as I've followed the rules for 9 plus months and people still dont seem to get the message. Ouch, sorry to hear, my condolences.
  7. Enjoying the bASeness of this . On the leaky boot end , have you considered or checked the wiper mount or lock fitting for a failed seal/gasket?
  8. I was never keen on them when new out, but that was a long time ago now it seems. (Yes, yes it was) I like the look of them now, a far more interesting design and bonnet/light arrangemnt, good colour and neat usable size and more than decent performance. A very good buy
  9. Id just seen this thread and the hubnut video have popped into my suggestion list spooky ..or the algorithm has realised I like shitty French (and Italian... and British) cars. I can't remember the last time I saw one if real life, the vastness is quite epic to make a XJ6 look small.
  10. Indeed, it looks like 90% of it is the escort you know and love.., just one last 10 %of the front and rear got "improved" I guess to suit American lighting and 5 mph crash regulations and errr tastes (wot no cheese on it!) The result is something familiar but... wrong. Did they rust that badly? I'll get me coat....😂🤦‍♂️
  11. That's lovely. And doesnt look too bad* I'd be all over this at that price if I had somewhere to store it 😖😒
  12. Dream on , a detached, 3 bed with garage in Surrey (and no doubt a real garden worth having not "an postage stamp") , that's getting on for a million quid if not more. I lived in a less fashionable, east end (just!) suburb and an average 3 bed end of terrace is £450 -550k, af the posher end of town near the forest a semi detached was 650 -800k beyond the compreshension of my tiny vallies mind to me. Rent in London is also insane
  13. House sellers who answer every question you ask them except the one about vehicular access to the property and then go silent 😒 Having recently left I'll say yes.. in fact you can prery much discount being able to afford anything if you are a mere mortal without a heathy five figure income and a pile of cash for a deposit. Because "lhaaaandahhhaaaaan"
  14. I had the car out on Sunday again and tried to get a better video of it running and revving. Alas my young assistant took "rev it a bit" as floor it 🤦‍♂️
  15. Yay she runs. Yay* intermittent FTP, nothing like the will it/ wont it start now or at my destination to get home 😒 It may be worth checking your earths and electrical connections as ther has been previous electrical gremlins. Definitely use it and it gets better sadly we are all there currently.😢
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