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  1. I missed this pick up (life yada yadda). Glad you are enjoying it and sorted the choke issue, tho the early type curved/hook cables are unobtanium pretty much. They are wonderful to drive, as per Rover invented the souped up hot rod sports saloon market when they dropped the V8 in the P6. I'd check the fb page about eh judder tho I will hazard mounts being a possibility. Glad you are enjoying the wafting of it.
  2. Yes, I was accosted by one of them outside it 2 years ago. I think my laughing and walking away was enough of an answer
  3. An utter result! Use it and give it a few more cheap oil changes and enjoy. Oh and some centrecaps to finish the tidy it up. As for the temperature drop, I'd give it a few weeks of regular use to be sure. A long layup period of inactivity can make stuff reluctant to work as it should. It could be a sticking sta, iffy temp sender kr just the thermostat opening at operating temp and it dropping a bit. Overall tho a total win.
  4. Ouch. While it looks bad it could have been worse in that the structure under the skin seems reasonably sound rather than flimsy lacework of rust.
  5. Having just looked.....jesus tittyfucking christ, my eyes... my eyes, my eyes. The saying money doesnt buy taste never more apt.
  6. I made the mistake of mot checking a car like this today. Sadly bridged 4 years back and going by the mot fail/pass sheet was absolutely mullered bh the person it got sold too. 😢🤷‍♂️
  7. Negotiations open for the rare chance to get tetanus and gosh knows what else from this apparent once upon a time Pontiac. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/pontiac-parisienne-convertible-right-hand-drive-1967-v8-auto-restoration-spares/184690465250?hash=item2b0068d9e2:g:bzMAAOSwzypgPWQU
  8. There is about 20 "it needs saving" pontificators waxing lyrical that a bit of welding.. a week of work tops and itll be worth... "fhaaaasahnds" . Strangely each and everyone has a reason or excuse to buy it at the apparantly cheap price 🤔
  9. While it looks shiny in the ad (a bit of a polish and some scuzzy cheap wheeltrims to make it look good) the mot fail sheet tells another story. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202102269508197 It's worth saving but 600 is a bit rich.
  10. The oil came out proper black not brown emulsified runny poo coloured so I'd say the condensation is most likely rather OMGHGF. Easy enough to check the coolant for oil tho but jd say unkes the engine is self healing it's probably ok.
  11. The badges, the mirrors.. what a pile of tepid poo. Shame it was a nice MR2 before, just goes to prove just because you can doesn mean you should.
  12. Mentioning some potential awful car purchases and showing pictures to my close female friend (girlfriend.. whatever covid gone done the funny thing for the dating shizz) to the response of "oooh.... I get to drive them right?"
  13. This sounds very much like the gentle resistance to being decommissioned. The failure of things hanging on and working initially and finally succumbing after some use after 2 decades of inactivity. At least now ther is the knwlegd and desire and most of the parts to keep them going. 10 maybe even 5 years ago it would have gone across the bridge. It's all your own fault for not using it.. you are a very bad man!😁
  14. I'm awaiting the outcome of this. If you get no joy try Agila's note Wrapped around a brick maybe, just so you know they have "got the message" 🤞😁
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