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  1. Do not fit polybushes. They will firm the handling but will also creak and squeek like a mother Hubbard. They tend to make the ride a bit crap too due to the lack of give that was engineered into the originals. ( the lack of give can also put extra stress on the rest of the suspension set up, some people have experienced suspension mounting braket failures after fitting polybushes) OE spec new manucfactured ones are the best (wins, mgbd parts or, winstanleys should have them) I had a set I intended to fit and got as far as putting them on the front, for all of a week before I fitted OE rubbers.
  2. The alternator sounds like the prime suspect, though I'd hazard a failed/failing coil as well. My 3500 exhibited similar hot/warm running issues after about 10-20 minutes of driving - as in cutting out at low speed, approaching or sitting at traffic lights and then refusing to start till it had had a rest for 5 to 15 minutes and the engine bay temperature cooled down. Same for the alternator, the extra load of putting it in drive could be (along I suspect expired or intermittently failing ignition electrical) is enough to overload it if it's barely outputting enough to charge the battery.
  3. More house and garden dickery.. house retail like like it's been carpet bombed by Allied Pickfords doing a car jumble. Internet now on... priorities and it was only somewhat of a faff.  You learn something new everyday.
  4. Collected the XJ from my siters and a gentle 140 mile run home and it fits the garage with barely any swearing either.
  5. The trimmer who has My Rover passenger seat failing again to keep a deadline again I am surprised. Ouch, been there and done that in a same but not same sitaution. It's a awkward , difficult and draining place to be.
  6. Continued garden and house wrangling.. tho made space in the garage ready to try and Jam the XJ in tommorrow (🤞it should fit🤞)
  7. So you want the 6 wheel camper conversion but cant stretch to the rangie...
  8. Continued garden wrangling, fence building/mending and painting, body.. broken (whatever was left of it) however on Sunday I go and pick my Jag up from my sisters (assuming I can get my broken body out of bed.. play those nano violins harder)
  9. Extra features include. Several hundred pounds worth (and weight of) filler "Hand crafted" sewage swage lines "Uprated" rear springs Custom decal pack
  10. Corr with the starfish alloys.. mmm XJ-S's are lovely but the inboard rear brakes, general rustiness and will they wont they electrics and abs and that V12, god the pipework on it! (Counter that with.. it's a V12 for effectively buttons ) Tho it's no different in those general faults from the Etype really and if we are honest a nicer, easier and more refined drive. I'm surprised they have stayed relatively affordable.
  11. Tho by accident and granted they are not all yours.. that's a bloody great 3 car garage there!
  12. I was sorely tempted by this, fond memories of my white FB RX7 lingering. Looks to have been well cared for as you say, sort the rust and reap the benefits somone else paid for.
  13. Awesome car, my second (first real daily driver) same model and spec on a G plate and a dark crimson red.
  14. Measure... many times cut/weld 2 maybe 3 times. 🤷‍♂️ . A pain but easily rectified, the thing is you are still making progress.
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