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  1. XJ6 back after too long. On the upside it's as smooth as silk engine wise and the electrics and stereo all work so it's an functional car now.
  2. A part for a 56 year old car never sold in this country in my hands in less than 24 hours.
  3. Car continues to car. Though in the last 2 weeks it has felt somewhat hesitant at times slightly rough running but only momentarily. The usual visual inspection of opening the bonnet and sucking teeth while vaguely poking like I knew what I was doing yielded little obvious culprits. Till yesterday when I opened the bonnet to show a friend and petrol was liberally dripping out of the carb from the accelerator diaphragm. Opening it up and the rubber had given up where it meets the metal disc. 9 quid and one was on it's way and arrived today. Not quite the right fit - my screw holes are slightly closer, but making it fit was about 5 minutes work with a punch and the leak is gone, performance restored and improved and no puddles of petrol.
  4. Did the morning school run in the Mustang. The sun came out in the way home and I turned the soundtrack up to 15 mpg
  5. A shame -the plastic sill covers hide the rot. Good save with the Eclass tho.
  6. The modern Volvo has an rumbly wheel bearing and the stereo will no longer go loud enough to drown it out. I've not actually been able to have a close inspection as the locking wheel nuts have all been gunned up good-n-proper and the locking wheel chuck/socket no longer fits.....
  7. Some sellers are unscrupulous and wild bodge with filler and paint over it. A pro tip is to use a magnet to find any less than brilliant repairs... you dont need to take your own if the car is decent it will have a stereo - if it doesnt have a stereo just walkaway. Take one if the speakers out door/dash/parcel shelf and slide it over all the panels - no point picking it up and plonking it down here and there you will never find all the filler that way. Be careful the speaker magnets are a bit heavy and you may drop it on the ground a few times- dont worry if it picks up some road crap this just shows the magnet is working.
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