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  1. Sterling is tight and it's nice and light above 10 or 15 mph. Despite American 70s soft suspension it seems to handle well and not overly rolly-poly. As soon as the carbs are in a better state of tune (I tried today but got interrupted by the GF and given a dirty look -ironic as it's her project) And also fit a new temp sender I will relax and enjoy the moment instead looking at the temp gauge like this and panicking! (Key on and it maxes out straight away)
  2. Well after so much success I decided to chance the school run this morning . We made it about a 1/4 mile from the house before it died and refused to proceed and we abandoned it out of the way and staggered back to the houss for the modern. Running thru the garage and grabbing my jumper cables and an empty fuel can to fill on the way back fro the school run. A gallon slung in and she fired up but wasnt happy, popping and generally nkt anying to go unless I gave it full beans. I was a bit mystified as to how it could ahev gone thru 2 gallons since Sunday. Well I did run out if something, tho it was electricity not petrol.. I presumed the battery was a bit meh when actualy the alternator connections were to blame
  3. And time of an update! (I've been I'll and its been raining.. I have my excuses ready!) The girlfriends dad came over yesterday and the brakes were bled decently - I think my mentioning to her that if her project didnt make the road by the end if the month I'd can it for another hopeless project. The brakes now work, tho they feel to me a bit pants compared to the Rover and Jag. They will stop you though and lock up the fronts so could just be me. I've ordered a master cylinder rebuild kit as it was only £12 and it's not a difficult job to remove it, though I've done mountain bike masters before never a car. There is an annoying brake judder, so I'll have to have the front wheels off and look at the pads and discs. With the brakes done it needed test driving, tho this mean dealing with the carbs. Previously it had been running pretty well -by that I mean for an amature like me who has messed with 4 sets of carbs in his life. So I'd continued to fix it till it was broke and would struggle to start, idle at 1500 rpm and not rev over 2k. I unfucked my handiwork and tho it's a bit rich and doesnt like going over 4.5k it sufficed for a test drive. Which highlighted the alarming amount of steering slop and vaugeness whewhich turned out to be a cotter pin fitted incorrectly. It wasn't going to fail or fall out but you had 1/4 turn of nothing. It took 2 minutes to get it out and a mere hour and half to have it fitted properly and tight snappy steering wa srestored! 2nd time out and though running a bit rough is a delight to drive, easily the sharpest steering and best dare I say it.. sporty! of my gaggle of shitters. Managing a manual was interesting, I only went 2nd to 1st twice when I wanted 3rd..😖 , all gears are smooth to change and the Overdrive works nicely in 3rd and 4th and I daresay performance will improve when I remove the 100kg or so of spare parts from the boot too.🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. Progress of sorts continues. Certainly more bits have been landing to bolt on or replace tired parts. More importantly.. a v5 which I didn't expect this quick. The front shock bushings were tired and at least one shock was pretty worn. Moot point as the shocks were about £55 a corner (the bushings were about 30 quid.. so no brainer) Chilli, protecting the new waterpump, fitting kit and passenger side mirror. Insert "mewstang" joke here... So comprehensively mechanically New carb and inlet manifold and bushings kit, various new vacuum and fuel lines to fit New waterpump, heater hoses and pcv valve Oil, filters and plugs, atf, and coolant Cosmetically: Wiper blades, RHD head lights, led rear lights/indicators, correct sized metal plates to fit. New front and rear screen seals - for a professional to fit. Hopefully then it'll just be new tyres and a new carpet set - need to prod for welding coaching.
  5. Fantastic work... 5 days I've been reading this to get here. Glad to see it coming together so nicely especially as said a base spec -they never get saved.
  6. Things have been slow, still waiting on thr DVLA and I've been bleurggh health wise. Sparkplugs have just been done. The ones in there... a might fouled and one was cracked. The plan was to fire it up and do the engine oil/ filter , gearbox and diff oil but alas the battery is a kite hosed and doesnt like holding charge for more than a day or two. Less of an issue as it's not quite the right one to fit. It's on charge so I can do tT later...or more likely tommorrow.
  7. The garage that came with my house also had a filled in pit. Filled in due to filling with water die to semi nearby spring, allegedly. The filled in hole tho means I can get 2 cars in side by side and my bone idle lazines made unfiilling it a zero chance prospect. (And the garage is only 19 feet long so a fair amount of slithering /rolling on the ground would be required to enter and exit
  8. An slightly less modern XC90. Aka "genus nigrum necatur SUV"
  9. Got rid of the modern Mazda and got a slightly less modern Volvo.
  10. Just the plugs. Tho the box is ten times to big for the 4 of them.. and 10 times to small for the oil. 🤷‍♂️
  11. I remember eons ago asking to work from home 2 maybe 3 days a week for childcare reasons. My wonderful* managers line was .."but if j let you work from home ther others will want to too" ... and? That's your issue not mine. To be fair she was so used to working for a huge American corporation in fredomland with their company friendly but worker not legislation. As per your line it wasnt that I or anyone needed to be in the offices all day everyday but that out manger wanted us there. Strangely that rule never applied to her - she WFH for 3 days once as she had a slight cold. Hope it goes they way you want it. Today's first world problem for me... this box contains 4 spark plugs and 2 gallons of 20w/50 allegedly..
  12. Finalising the modern/primary car insurance myself for the first time in 7 years... reasonable quote from comparison site. Go for the best (cheapest) one , fill in and check it's all correct... go to pay and get a 500 error and a suggestion to call them. Call them, recorded message saying high volume of calls and they are prioritising existing customers - please go to our website and then disconnects. Repeat... get fed up and frustrated and sob quietly before starting over at the comparison site again, and paying £9 a year more for the same cover witha courtesy car I'd never use 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  13. Superb buy. I was a hanger on at my local bike shop in my youth and the owners had one of there in "extra" flavour and a previous R4 with the gear stick sticking out if the dash. Their then 18 year old used to drive it within and inch of its poor life and wring every last cheval out of it. A set of pads lasted 3 months and tyres barely 6 and yet it never went that fast. Truly a slow low powered car at 10/10ths is more fun then a fast powerful car at 4/10ths. Re the rust: Bilt Hamber kept the worst of it at bay on my Rover for 2 years with scant other help. I've gone over it with Vactan and will thrown more of the same at it. That and as said Bar and chain oil (we know what you took channel you watch!) in cavities and the underside really seems to cling relentlessly.
  14. A magnificent pair. That Senator dash.. big dials, a full array of buttons and controls with a chunky feel and sold action, posh stereo and all the blue velour, just beautiful. Your Cortina is simply stunning tho.. far to stunning and non base spec for here, even in the shade that blue pops and shines.
  15. From reading the manual you should be able to extend it fully then it locks. Not your "locking every damn time my life is to short for this shit.. I've got rusty cars to weld and a wife to drive nuts.." scenario. Lack of use could be it, I've know cars that only see one person sitting in them have sticky doors, so seat belts would be the same. You could try some silicone spray on the belt to see if it will free it up.
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