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  1. Rules when I was up there were that under absolutely no circumstances were they to be sent out if there was snow on the ground. Though apparently First Aberdeen have major problems keeping up with maintenance at the moment and are hiring vehicles in from Glasgow to try to make ends meet - so that's likely why.
  2. I thought they were bolt on trims originally, but they're not. Suffice to say some zip ties will be getting applied post haste so they remain with the car. I've only seen three Monacos in person and they've all had the same trims. I think the only ones that got discs on the back were the V6 models.
  3. Further to the photo of the engine management light earlier, I think we actually had a full compliment of everything we should see on startup earlier this evening (of course plus the sodding washer fluid light, we'll get to that soon as it's bugging the hell out of me). We *may* still be missing a coolant temperature warning light, I'm not 100% sure if that should come on with the ignition. Odds on all but one of them having gone back into hiding tomorrow? I've had a bit more of a play with the stereo and I think we're at a decent starting point. We definitely have life from all six speakers and they all seem healthy. Which given they're the originals is quite impressive. What's even more surprising is that despite their very normal looking construction, even at ear bleedingly and floor shaking high volume levels there's still no breakup or apparent distortion. I dread to think what the unit price of these speakers must have been. I really should look to see if they're built into any sort of chamber in the doors etc to help tune things, as this really does blow any other factory system from the era I've come across clear out the water. Not to say we don't have issues, we do. Most obviously (aside from the non functional external controls already mentioned) is that there is quite a lot of whine on the tape input. Which I'm guessing from the sound of it is coming from the cassette deck motor, so it's suppression components aren't up to scratch after this many years. That may be as simple as replacing a capacitor or two, though if it doesn't break anything else (like confusing the auto reverse system) just disconnecting the motor may actually be a simple solution there, doing away with the inevitable mechanical noise as well, as I'll only be using this as an input from a modern source. The actual mechanism doesn't need to physically run. Will have a think about that one a little further down the line. I think the output level may be a little low, but the tape heads look absolutely filthy so I'm going to get those cleaned before I make a judgement there. This may even kill two birds with one stone, as I may just have the volume cranked up way higher than normal so I'm just picking up on what would be normal background noise levels otherwise. Not sure when I'll have time to do much more with that than to clean the heads as I suspect the unit as a whole isn't exactly service friendly. Plus I really don't want to break it! A replacement for the cracked tail light is now on the way courtesy of eBay, likewise a new power window switch to replace the one in the driver's door which the top keeps falling off of. Little details but ones it will be nice to get ticked off.
  4. All good progress! In case you're wondering (and I know the audio isn't great) here's how much difference that another 20 years of progress made to the refinement levels. https://youtu.be/vv8f-PxNSGE
  5. Before: During: After: Much better. Ride definitely feels a bit more compliant. No particular horrors under here. Drop links are definitely baggy based on how much I could wiggle them by hand. So hopefully changing those will get rid of the rattle. Looks like exhaust work will be in our near future. Given how precise the routing of this system needs to be to make sure it doesn't foul on things and make a racket I rather doubt I'll be looking at eBay cheap specials for this. To give an idea of this, note the routing in this area. It runs about 2/3rds the length of the car in a channel along the nearside sill with about an inch of room to play with, then does that nonsense to wind itself around the rear suspension and chassis. I can just imagine the amount of swearing involved in trying to fit that even with a perfectly accurately shaped system. We did spot one bit of grot on the underside that I missed when looking at the car, though in fairness I'm not massively surprised. I was concentrating mainly on the sills, areas around suspension and subframe mounts and the like. The rest got a pretty quick glance over while I was trying not to get run over by passing traffic. Really not too bothered to be honest. Won't be too bad to sort that. Most likely because someone has jacked the car there in the past I think, especially as the other side is spotless there. Edit: Hey look, the list of warning lights which are coming back to life is increasing. First time I've seen that one show up for it's self test routine. Does go out properly though and stays off while driving. For those not familiar with the symbology Renault used, this is their answer to what became the check engine light. Which on my previous 25 had a bit of black electrical tape over it.
  6. We had this a month or so back. Got a voicemail left saying "You've got an appointment on day X at Milton Keynes Hospital." No mention of things like...where in the hospital or a time... Took the best part of two hours chasing that around before we eventually found out where the heck we were going. The appointment letter arrived three days after the actual appointment.
  7. Managed to post this in the wrong thread earlier because I'm an idiot. -- -- -- Sweet. Stereo works. Well, sort of. Tape does anyway - which was probably the most important bit. Radio appears to be dead. Neither the upper control panel or steering column controls do anything. So the radio *may* actually work, but this system as I recall has muting if off station, and the seek controls are on the upper control panel, not duplicated on the head unit itself so I can't currently try to tune into anything or switch bands. Could it really be as simple as a dodgy connection or someone not having plugged things back in (I have an invoice for the 12V outlet having been rewired, so this will have been out to access that)? Not holding my breath, but would be a nice surprise if so. Also, yes it still sounds bloody decent, even on the original speakers, must have been absolutely epic back in the late 80s. Had a phone call earlier saying that the tyres had arrived, so hopefully will get those fitted in the morning. I'll feel a lot more comfortable driving the car when the tyres are no longer old enough to have their own driving license plus change...
  8. ...That is not the thread I thought I had posted this in. Oops. You're correct though. Kinda an important bit of the whole look of the dash so I was very glad it was still there.
  9. Sweet. Stereo works. Well, sort of. Tape does anyway - which was probably the most important bit. Radio appears to be dead. Neither the upper control panel or steering column controls do anything. So the radio *may* actually work, but this system as I recall has muting if off station, and the seek controls are on the upper control panel, not duplicated on the head unit itself so I can't currently try to tune into anything or switch bands. Could it really be as simple as a dodgy connection or someone not having plugged things back in (I have an invoice for the 12V outlet having been rewired, so this will have been out to access that)? Not holding my breath, but would be a nice surprise if so. Also, yes it still sounds bloody decent, even on the original speakers, must have been absolutely epic back in the late 80s.
  10. It was the realisation it was so local was one of the things which really spurred me into figuring it had to be worth a look. The odds of one of such a rare care popping up so nearby were so small. Especially when you keep in mind last time I looked for one was in about 2010, and the link to this popped up in a Telegram chat that I don't check massively regularly, so the odds of me even seeing the post there weren't great to start with. By all rights I never should have found it. It's a car which was plainly really intended to be an auto given how far away from you the gearshift is! It's really not a huge chore though once you're used to it, especially as this engine is really torquey so it's not massively fussy about gear choice. Plus there is a nicely satisfying growl from the exhaust around 3k ish. The high velocity squidgy leather sofa school of motoring is something I'm a great fan of. I greatly enjoy many other types of vehicle, but don't think I've ever come across another car which is quite so perfectly matched to just what I *like* than the R25 - Which I was already pretty convinced of when I had my first one.
  11. Oh, I'd missed that bit...yes, in that case absolutely go for it!
  12. Be nice if that increases the number left by one! Was thinking of doing pretty much the same for the spoiler to tidy it up for now, it wouldn't look at all out of place being black. Just a couple of things done this morning before the heavens opened and stopped play (plus there are far more useful things I really should be doing). Full set of tyres has been ordered, should be here in the next day or two. The wipers fitted were utterly shot, and *slightly* too small. There was an 18" blade on the driver's side and 16" on the passenger side. They should be 22". The one on the rear was completely devoid of actual blade so that was swapped too. Also started chucking some leather conditioner at the seats as they've obviously not been cared for in forever. Yeah, haven't seen them slurp it down that quickly on the first application in a long while. Foreground done, background not. Then after the first full pass. Sadly the heavens opened just as I finished the first pass on the back seat. There will likely be three or four applications needed before it's back to how it should be I reckon. Going to just order a set of the usual suspects for front end suspension clocks. My money's on drop links, but the ball joints etc are all less than a tenner apiece for TRW/Delphi parts so I'm just getting them all in and will be chucking it at a garage with the simple instruction to return it free of knocks/clonks from the front end. When the parts are that cheap it just doesn't seem worth getting it into be diagnosed then have to order parts, get it booked back in to be sorted. Plus the roads around here are hard on things like that so they'll want changing at some point anyway! Edit: Got another dry five minutes so all leather surfaces have now had their first application of conditioner. Already looks miles better. Also means that the interior now smells exactly like my old one inside now. The speaker grill from the passenger door is present, just sitting on the back seat. There's no point in fixing that until I've got the stereo up and running and verified if the speaker needs replacing. The plastic locating tabs for the grill have broken so it will have to be glued in place - hence why I don't want to mess with it until I know I won't need to be opening this again for a while. The central locking is now working reliably on three doors and the boot. It's just the offside rear that needs manual assistance now - so simple lack of use seems to be the key issue there much as anything else. Also grabbed a couple of photos when I was out, slightly less horrible backdrop than our building site of a garden.
  13. Sadly if my experience is anything to go by, by having made a point that you were unhappy about them being there you've just ensured that if they're in the area that they absolutely WILL park in the same spot next time just to piss you off, and because they know there's basically bugger all you can do about it.
  14. I know they're something that usually are more a cause for being grumpy than happy, but a nod to Hagerty Insurance again. Just swapped cover from the Cavalier to the R25 and it took us a grand total of 7 minutes on the phone. Absolute picture of efficiency and the guy on the phone was polite and cheerful enough. Complete contrast to trying to adjust the mileage on the Caddy which is with a mainstream provider which took me nearly half an hour of bashing my head against the nearest wall.
  15. You're right...I totally never even clocked it was a facelift car on the cover! Sure I still have the one from my first one around somewhere.
  16. Thankfully the lines on this are clear, the water in the expansion bottle moves when you squeeze a hose. Equally I also don't have carb adjustments to deal with, which kind of surprises me with yours being that much later. I wonder if the injection option was part of the Monaco package. I find it highly amusing that the handbook seems to have precisely as big an issue with clear coat peel as the car!
  17. Didn't have quite as productive a day today as I'd hoped. Apparently I didn't budget my energy yesterday quite as well as I thought I had, so got kicked in the behind this morning and it wasn't until the early afternoon that I was really mentally firing on all cylinders again. Which is particularly annoying as I'd really hoped to get along to the last MKCC breakfast meet of the year with the R25, moss and all. I always find it slightly surprising when people go and spend major amounts of money resurrecting a vehicle... Then don't change things like tyres. The newest tyre on this car dates from 2003. With two of them being from pre-2000, they're all budget brands too. So a full set of tyres is going to be number 1 on the list. A slightly worrying thing from the driver's seat is the fact that the temperature gauge sits roughly here under normal driving. Moving around pretty much exactly as you would expect on a car with a real gauge rather than the nonsense a lot of moderns are fitted with when traffic etc, but with no signs of distress that I'd tend to expect if we were near enough brushing the red. I got the IR thermometer out today and confirmed that it's sitting somewhere around 90C (the actual head even on the exhaust side is around 120C), which is about what I'd expect to see. Even when pulling off the road and immediately checking it, the hoses are uncomfortable to touch, but not burning so and there's no excess pressure in the system. We'll see if a new sender sorts that out. Though I'm sure I do vaguely remember this being a somewhat common issue. In an effort to extinguish the washer fluid level warning light I checked that - oh look, it's full. So that will be a problem with the level sensor then. Unfortunately it's not a simple matter of unplugging it as both the washer motor and level sensor use a combined connector - curse you Renault! I have a sneaking suspicion given how long this car sat around off the road (and that the tank appears to just be filled with water) that the reservoir will be somewhat full of slime and the float is probably just stuck to the bottom of the tank. I'll really need to get it out of the car to investigate though as it's pretty much impossible to even look down the neck of it in situ. I need to delve into the scuttle anyway to clean and lubricate the heater blower motor which is a little squeaky anyway so may as well hit both of these jobs at the same time. The engine bay is filthy. Though astonishingly free of bodges for a car of this age. The only obvious thing I've found is an aftermarket cooling fan having been fitted and the wiring for that being a little untidy (though perfectly serviceable) It always felt to me like that manifold should have a heat shield on it, though I've never actually seen one on any of these. Edit: Thought about the studs on the exhaust manifold - hot air riser for carb models? Though this does pretty much confirm my suspicion that while the car was serviced when it was put back on the road in 2017, it's not had one since. So that will be happening pretty much ASAP. The oil isn't horrible but it definitely isn't what I'd call clean. Speaking of clean, the coolant expansion tank is absolutely foul inside. The actual coolant I can see looks nice and clear, but the tank is grim. I think this was used on a whole bunch of models, so replacing it (so I can actually see the coolant level without having to remove the cap - you currently can't) might wind up being the easier option there. Under the bonnet contains the worst corrosion issues I've found so far. Plus a little hole down here. Which isn't anything which fills me with too much dread. The outer wings bolt on, and once they're off access to do a proper repair to these areas shouldn't be a problem. It's always nice on cars like this when you find a set of factory mats still present, as aftermarket ones never really fit as well. I don't think these are original to the car as I think they would have been a lighter colour - though I'm quite prepared to be proven wrong there. There are a few bits of glass floating around the interior as she's obviously had the passenger window smashed at some point. Given this is a Northampton registration number, I'm guessing these may actually still be the original dealer plates. This sticker in the rear window has fared slightly less well. One nice feature I was glad to see what still there was the original stereo - these were rather special by the standards of the time and were very much part of the look of the dash. Sadly I've not been able to get any audio out of this save for a soft thump when it's powered on - though that may well be tied in to the issues we have with the digital display as if there's a problem with the comms to that panel which might make it think a button is being permanently held down it could lock the system up. Failing that I'll need to do some further digging. This wasn't just a flashy looking bit of bling either, the stereo in these cars sounded really good, especially by the standards of the time. I remember being really impressed with it back when I had my previous one in 2003, and my home hi-fi wasn't exactly poor then either. There are quite a lot of nice touches on this car, one of which I'd forgotten about until noticing it this afternoon is the mini-sun visor in the middle. Which does away with the usual gap you get between the left and right ones around the mirror. There are (really rather large) door pockets hidden away under the arm rests, which you could be forgiven for missing entirely if you didn't know they were there. A nice way of reducing visual clutter, and keeping stuff out of the way of prying eyes. I am in the market for a couple of parts. Firstly, an offside tail light as this one has a crack in and has a small ecosystem merrily growing inside. I'll clean it out and seal the crack up, but it will want to be replaced long term. Additionally one of the prongs that holds the cap onto the driver's door driver's side electric window switch is broken so the cap falls off. There was a spare in the car but it turns out to be for the passenger window switch, and they have differently keyed connectors. I'm sure the switches are actually identical and it's purely to aid in assembly (as the switches are visually identical), so I could just hack away the extra bit of plastic if it came to it. Interestingly the boot was hiding a box full of a set of wheel trims...which while for a French car, not *this* French car. If anyone with a BX wants these, drop me a PM. Few scuffs around the edges of a couple but they could absolutely be cleaned up. I went to pick up to dispose of what I thought was an empty plastic bag sitting down by the handbrake only to discover there was actually something in it. Keys! Most importantly a spare door key as I was expecting getting hold of one of those to be a right war as they're such an odd type. Also present was a key blade for fitting to a remote fob...and two of said fobs...one in decent shape, one rather ratty (this key isn't for this car by the way which is why I've not bothered keeping the bitting of the actual key hidden at all). My theory was that the one that was falling apart was for this car, and the other one was from a scrapper intended to donate the case. The innards of both remotes worked with a fresh set of batteries, but sadly neither locks or unlocks the car. Shame, but it was being a bit optimistic. As I understand it these remotes are paired to the car at the factory and there's no way to sync a different one with the car after the fact. So unless I could get one coded to the car from Renault (which I really rather doubt at this point) I'm probably out of luck there. Does mean I've been able to assemble a remote style key for the car though, so I can use that instead of the "backup" style one shown to the left below. This is a good deal less fiddly to get into the ignition it has to be said. Ran out of daylight and energy by that point though, so that's where we draw to a close for today. Tomorrow I'll get the necessary items for a service in and a set of fresh tyres ordered up. If time permits I'll start cleaning it, but I suspect the three and a half minutes of usable daylight we have at this time of year will run out before I get that far.
  18. There was one a couple of friends were playing with a few days ago which took photos and then reimagined them. Which was kind of fascinating as what came out usually looked like some strange Japanese-80s American hybrid. I may have lost far too much time that evening when I should have been doing something useful to it. I do have most of the images saved but they're on the desktop so would need to wait until later for me to upload.
  19. First gripe discovered. The seatbelts are ridiculously short. If you're plus sized you're going to struggle. If I'm in the driver's seat with a reasonably bulky jacket on I've got about 8" of slack and while I'm not built like a rake I'm hardly huge. For such a big car I'm surprised they're so short. Though I do wonder if they're actually exactly the same belts as used on the lesser models just artificially made shorter by the bulk of the seats. Going to need to source an extension for the passenger belt for a couple of folks who are likely to be in here now and then.
  20. I'm not touching it in December...that just sounds like tempting fate. The roof doesn't have any issues with clear coat peel, so I'd rather not have to go sticking duct tape all over it!
  21. Okay, have had a chance to sit down for more than two consecutive minutes now, so let's get a proper post written up. Back in 2003 I had a Saturday job at a little independent used car dealer out in the middle of nowhere in Aberdeenshire. I quite often found myself pursuing their trade ins which they deemed to old to be worth cleaning up to sell themselves. Which I used to be welcome to basically for scrap value - which in 2003 meant about 30p. I got a few pretty good bargains I reckoned. This Renault 11TC was £125 I think. Sailed though the MOT and I got a decent year's motoring out of it. I only really sold it on because it turned out that this straddled the line between the pre and post facelift car and had been assembled from whatever they found laying around the factory floor. A lot of things didn't even vaguely match what either the phase 1 or 2 cars should have had. Plus by then it had done the main thing I wanted it to, which was keep the Metro out of the worst of the winter. This Saab was £60. This was the good side, the other one had a huge poor accident repair on which had been painted with what appeared to be red telephone box paint. It was also absolutely rotten around the driveshaft tunnels and boot floor. The gearbox had serious issues and the engine hadn't had an oil change in about ten years and made some truly interesting noises. This was bought as a "run it on nothing unnecessary till the MOT runs out" basis. It did then yeild a good number of useful spares. The front wheel looks odd in that photo because I was in the middle of replacing the wheel bearing so things are just sitting there - which I think was about the only thing beyond a service I really did to it. Think I maybe changed the thermostat. It basically expired about a week before the MOT ran out when a missing manhole cover in Aberdeen ripped out the lower nearside ball joint. There was a free Astra 1.3 Merit (in beige) which I don't think I have a photo of, and a £20 Proton 1.5GL which I basically did my last learning how to do driving test relevant things like reversing around a corner on a local private road (we literally had a mostly paved mile plus long farm road 100 yards from the house which I was allowed to use with permission from the land owner). However probably my favourite of all the random stuff that followed me home was this. Which cost me either £20 or £60, I can't remember. It had a couple of days MOT left, so shortly after I got it home my father took it down to the local car guy in the nearest village to see what it might need for a test. Sadly it was condemned as the rear suspension arms were rotten. Bearing in mind the car was worth...well...I'd just paid that for it it wasn't worth repairing. Now I'd have kept it around just as a lounge to listen to my music on the epic sound system in - but as my father was the one making the calls because I was at college, it turned out that I never saw the car again. I drove it about 3 miles in total I think. Which also means that the above is the only photo I have of it save for a horribly grainy underexposed one of the interior. We were always a family who tended to forgive and forget, but that was one thing which I really did hold a grudge about for many years, just saying to bin it without even consulting me. I always vowed that one day I'd properly own another one. Fast forward to ~2010 when I was more a master of my own fate and had some usable disposable income, they'd basically gone extinct. So I stopped looking. Until someone in a Telegram chat posted a link to the C&C classified as for this a couple of days ago. Is was clearly somewhat scruffy, the photos weren't great but the ad sounded like it was written by someone who was into cars. Plus it was actually written in real English which in 2022 feels like a real rarity. Initially I sat firmly on the "I absolutely do not need another project" idea. However having then looked up how many were left and realising it was pretty local I decided it had to be worth a look. If I didn't I'd forever question if I'd made the right call, and am not expecting to find another pop up. This is despite the fact that the car I'd already got on my driveway for the spring 2023 project was parked on what used to be my front lawn because I'm already out of space. So if I bought it something would absolutely need to move on - one in, one out and it isn't optional. So I sent a message to the seller. What followed was an entirely pleasant E-mail conversation back and forth completely out of character with any experience buying or selling a car to the general public that I've had in the last ten years. It was arranged that I'd pop over this weekend to have a look at it. I was going into this with the expectation of finding it to be quite rotten on account of a somewhat colourful MOT history, and knowing there were a bunch of little other things off the bat in need of sorting. So my expectation was to view it and probably walk away. I'm greatly appreciative of @Six-cylinder and @AnthonyG (I think - correct me if I've tagged the wrong person) for ferrying me over there today and to assist in sorting out some further logistics I'd fouled up. I got there and found the car...pretty much exactly as described. I didn't obviously have it up on a ramp and there's only so much you can do trying to lay on the ground on an active public road, but while there have been some patches here and there, it looks by and large pretty clean. I think the suspension arms (which wrote my original one off) have been replaced as they look far newer than the rest of the car. The only rust I immediately found which will want attention sooner than later is some on the inner wings where some seam sealant has blown out. The outer wings bolt on and I don't think it will be the end of the world to sort once they're off. Might actually be far enough away from the strut tops because of how far back they're set not to be an MOT issue - but it wants sorting either way. Interior was in decent shape, leather desperately want drowning in leather feed, but everything's there and looks in decent shape. Bit of obvious wear here and there not no splits I've noticed yet. Especially glad the Monaco specific door cappings are okay as they'd be an absolute nightmare to find replacements for I imagine. We had a quick trundle around the estate and the car seemed to drive fine enough. There's a drop-linky sort of rattle from the offside front and it's got the usual horribly baggy 80s Renault gear change that needs it's bushings replaced, but from the driver's seat that was about it. Temperature gauge sits higher than I'd like, but I'm positive I've seen that on these before, and the highly technical "how long can I hold onto the hoses for?" Test and "Can I smell coolant?" Tests say it's running at a perfectly sane temperature. Most importantly though the gauge got to that spot then stayed steadily there rather than jumping around all over the shop. I was prepared for the brakes to be in a bit of a sorry state given she's only done a few hundred miles in the last five years, but they actually seem absolutely fine. Despite having basically told myself it was going to be too much of a project before we got there, I had to admit it was actually a pretty good candidate for a rolling project to tinker with and fettle. To be absolutely honest with myself, much more in line with my abilities than some of the stuff on the Cavalier. Particularly that one bit of welding on the offside inner sill which I would almost definitely wind up needing to get someone in to do. Chassis leg I reckon I can manage, but the sill is a bit more complicated. So a deal was done and we headed for home. I'd originally expected to take Six-Cylinder along to drive it back as I'd generally found short term insurance (I'll get it transferred to mine on Monday) to be really steep lately. So when it came back at £19 I was surprised - and just set that up there and then and off we went. No petrol station shot as the seller had already filled it up for us! So have one in a random Waitrose car park instead. It's always a little unnerving driving a car back when you've bought it - especially a 34 year old French barge which even when it was new had something of a reputation for flaky electronics. Double that when it's barely turned a wheel in the last five years. However she wafted the 40 miles or so home without missing a beat and in utter comfort. Did I mention, comfort? I kind of expected that my 19 year old memory of the levels of comfort were very rose tinted. Nope, I was spot on. So...issues. Initially I thought someone had stuck a silly rear exhaust section on. I recall these being annoyingly expensive even back in the early 00s, so that wouldn't have surprised me. However a bit of quick investigation... Figured out it was just a trim...so that's now gone. Much better. She needs a clean. Like really, really needs a good deep clean. Exactly as per the advert, the paint does indeed need help in several areas. There's some pretty epic clear coat peel. The radiator grill is peeling particularly badly too. Plus a nasty scrape running a good portion of the way along the driver's side. The passenger's door catch clearly needs adjustment as it requires an unreasonably heavy slam to latch fully. The LCD display for the clock/stereo/outside temperature display clearly needs either a cleaned zebra strip or replacement ribbon cable. The warning light for the washer fluid level is lit... That may be as simple as it actually just needing to be filled, haven't even had a chance to look yet. Heater blower is a bit squeaky. Nearside front door speaker grill likes to eject itself from the door when you close it. Few lamps out in the dash/switches, but nowhere near as many as I expected. Does look good at night. I do remember thinking that the style of lights they used on the central cluster in the dash with the brightly lit symbol on a dimmer field looked really smart. Still do. Though speaking of the dash, it's hard not to mention this strangeness which wouldn't have been out of place in a Citroen to be honest. I haven't tried the windows yet, nor the sunroof - which I didn't really notice until we were underway - that will definitely not be getting touched until spring! Central locking does try to work, though it doesn't quite manage to actually get all the doors locked. Sure a clean and grease of things will sort that. I do only have one set of keys (and no remote sadly), which I'll need to resolve sooner than later - though it remains to be seen how much of a pain that weird door key is to get cut. Overall, seems a reasonably solid base to work from. Hopefully will get a bit more of a chance to look at it further in the daylight tomorrow. Did it make *sense* to buy? Probably not. However I have literally been after one for the last 19 years - so logic be damned.
  22. Few lamps out, but nowhere near as many as I'd expected. Will need to retake this once I've silenced the angry orange light of doom - haven't yet ascertained if that means adding washer fluid or disabling the level sensor. 34 year old French electronics...place your bets.
  23. Bronze thank you very much. I actually like the colour - especially when it's actually clean and we're not looking at it on a grey December day so you can actually see it's metallic! Yeah, I did have that moment of "Oh yeah, these are not small cars..." moment when I went to reverse into a parking space for the first time!
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