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  1. Why do I do this to myself? Just poking idly round on Autotrader. Managed to find what's 99.9% the Model S I'll be after at some point down the road. Only box it doesn't have ticked is the correct trim on the dash (I'd prefer the wood as a nice contrast to the modernist style of the interior), but I'd deal with the matt finish carbon fibre to be honest - it's the piano black or silver I really don't like. If I *really* wanted I'm sure I could swap the inlays out. Wood seems to be a really rare option in the UK from what I've seen sadly. [] Good colour, deep metallic blue. []
  2. These buggers. Bottom is on/off and temperature, one above it is on/off control for the side jets/rainfall head - and there's a two way diverter above which picks between the two. All seized up. Temptation is to see if the guts do indeed just unscrew from the front, take it out and then find a plumbing specialist and walk in with these parts and say "I need a new one of each of these..." And see what happens.
  3. Finally got a plumber in today to look at the shower. Their view is that without knowing exactly what make and model the valves are there's no way to get the parts in so they want to replace the lot. Reckon it's the best part of a full day's job. At £85/hour plus VAT plus parts. Now I know it's not the 90s any more so I wasn't expecting £20 an hour any more - but was budgeting more £50-60... what's essentially a hundred quid an hour seems steep. However out of the dozen and a half we've contacted they're the only one who has so much as returned our call...so we've not a huge choic
  4. Usually easiest because of the spring clips to remove the few screws that hold the panel onto the dash and pull it out as a unit... assuming this is the same as the last one I touched about twenty years ago anyway! Thanks for checking whether they're intact or not. The switch mechanism condition isn't too important as it's the plastic rockers that are knackered in John's one, so the caps could be switched over if need be. His switches work fine, they just look a mess (well, it's got ones from a later 240 fitted currently but they look wrong).
  5. That's in quite the state! Anything left of the interior? Switchgear in particular as a friend has been after the switches for a while - his have been chewed by mice.
  6. The one I got was TRW GMC226. Intended for a 1978-80 Triumph Spitfire 1500. Note that fitting that WILL require you to modify either the brake yoke or the pushrod as the rest position of the piston is slightly different. Ideally it wants the reservoir swapping for a remote one so it's not sitting at an angle - doesn't affect functionality but looks a bit messy. It works well though!
  7. Over the top of it, yes. Though it still does make a heck of a mess if you ever go out when the roads are wet.
  8. I still have a huge want for that Merc...oh for more space!
  9. That was pretty painless. Spot the difference? Cue CSI style "Zoom, enhance..." sequence. Yes, I fouled up the first time round and fitted it way to high up. Then how it looks from average sort of driver head height when lit. The photo doesn't do justice to how much brighter it is than the factory brake lights. Will need to epoxy on a couple of lugs to the underside of the engine cover to hold the wiring in place to tidy things up but that's not massively urgent. I don't *like* it, but just feel that it's kind of necessary with t
  10. I do where possible, there are a couple of car parks I use regularly though which have the spaces angled such and a one way system which means that that isn't an option. Otherwise yes, reverse parking is generally my preferred option.
  11. Had a few errands to run today and decided it was a good excuse to take out my nice sensible, compact city runaround. I never signed up for normal. Also picked up something for the Invacar which had been at the back of my mind for a while. Someone mentioned it a couple of days ago elsewhere and reminded me of it. Not what you think. I'm not just bolting a fog light to the bumper. I'm going to be fitting a hidden auxiliary brake light as I've nearly been rear ended in the car twice so far and I know that the original brake lights weren't great in 1973, never mind c
  12. Ah, we've all been there! To say that learning how to assemble the brakes on the Invacar was an "iterative process" would be something of an understatement. There are at least two retaining clips still hidden somewhere in my garage where the landed after pinging off my forehead. Just make sure that you don't forget before you need to do it next time...Worth writing it down both for you and for other folks to refer to in the future.
  13. I know someone who's been after the rocker switches from the dash for the foglights, hazards, window demister etc for ages if they're any good.
  14. Okay, just spent the best part of an hour driving around in circles trying to get to the Grafton Gate Argos. Due to the road closures surrounding that retail park at the moment I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get to it. Google is as much use as a chocolate teapot as it doesn't seem to realise two of the closures are there. There must *be* a way in as there are cars in the car park, I'll be damned if I can find it though. Then had it suggested to me when I got back home "Why didn't you just park in Morrison's and walk?" Simple, because the signage says you're
  15. Slightly kinda vaguely related I guess... Back when I was in secondary school I was the least sport-type orientated person in existence...So nobody ever wanted me on their team. The one thing they didn't realise though is that I'd been playing pool since the day I could see over the edge of the table - not least because we used to live literally next door to the pub in our tiny rural village so we basically lived in there as much as in the house. Especially as I was friends with the kids of the landlords. Roll round the school sports events when I was in year two (so I'd have been
  16. Oh, the thought has occurred to me...and you can absolutely guarantee that if the roof is removed to get some work done to it that she will absolutely go out in "convertible" mode. Biggest headache is the control binnacle which is attached to the top of the door closure. Sure we could figure out something there though. If there was a way to make the roof easily removable I would absolutely use the car topless in the summer. However it's a bit of a headache as AC used more bolts to hold the roof on than used to bolt bull sections together on your average submarine. Guess I sh
  17. Had TPA out for a run today. Was curious to see if warmer weather affected running it all, doesn't seem to. Not that I really expected to see a visible difference on the temperature gauge...a swing of 20C in the ambient temperature doesn't make much odds when the normal running range is 120-175C. Highest seen on a long uphill stretch today was 165C. You do notice a difference in both drag and straight line stability with both the windows open though!
  18. Ugh, I need a car with working air con. This is the time of year where I do really wish I had a modern car I can just use day to day. My mojo for anything but the most basic of jobs rapidly diminishes to zero once it gets warm. Jag: Compressor is shot - someone obviously didn't have the correct puller and had previously had a shot at changing the clutch and had bent the shaft. I am half tempted to try to belt it with a hammer to see if I can straighten it... nothing to lose by trying! There are also two stinking great leaks on the hot gas line to the condenser. I've attempted to
  19. Good luck. My local fire station would take it off my hands - for £50. Sod that then. Basically I could get rid of it through several channels...all of which involved spending a not insignificant amount of money.
  20. Sorry, totally forgot that! Yes, it would definitely be useful. Let me know if you need a note of my address. I lose track of who's sent stuff to who over the years.
  21. Noted for future reference. Only £2 cheaper than eBay though given they want £8.45 for shipping.
  22. I've found their website to be temperamental at times so it's probably not you.
  23. Don't really think that's too bad. Yes it stings a bit compared to the £3 odd the one for the Jag was because it's used in five billion other BMC models as well, but it's hardly the end of the world. Not like it's the madness that seems to afflict some modern car parts prices. Based on that Bosch part number I've got another one ordered, hopefully as it's not coming from Austria this time it this won't take snother two months to arrive!
  24. I can't recall seeing a direct match for the front, but it's a simple enough hose that any hydraulics specialist should be able to knock one up for £not too much if they've got an original to use as a template. To be honest so long as the fittings are correct and it's long enough there's probably a plethora of off-the-shelf ones which would work fine.
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