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  1. Fscking tradesmen. Just been stood up by the fourth roofer who's failed to turn up when they said they would to look at our roof. I'm not inclined to accept the quote from the first guy because his business doesn't officially exist, and I seriously expect that the same is true of the public liability insurance etc. Also the quote didn't contain the promised photos of the trouble areas (which I've never seen myself), and in general looked like it had been penned by a three year old. Just inspired precisely zero confidence. It also seems about ten grand too cheap! Never would have expected it to be so bloody hard to give someone money. This is not a small job, probably £20-30K worth of work. You'd kind of think they might be at least vaguely interested.
  2. Like our old one. Engine (flat head Briggs, so obviously will run forever) was perfect, deck was perfect for the most part (if rather faded), just a shame that after 30 years that everything else started to fall to bits. Eventually got to the point that replacing all the broken bits was going to cost a substantial chunk of what a new mower would...and I'd still be missing the grass box (it was a kerbside find - fixed by replacing the primer bulb) which I had been trying to find a replacement for ever since I got it. I'd managed to wedge one from another machine on, but it was way too small. When the deck started to crack around the handle I decided enough was enough and retired it. Still in the back of the shed...throwing out a perfectly running engine just feels wrong! Current one is Honda engined and does get the garden cut in half the time the old one did. Do have to say that the old Briggs was always way easier to start from cold though! This always takes a few pulls first start of the day.
  3. Pretty much what I expected then. Probably a very competent setup, but would suck a lot of the fun out of it I think.
  4. Generally I've found most of the van bits on the camper to be very easy to service. Though I appear to have found the exception that proves the rule. Our mission today was to change the thermostat. I'm pretty sure the one fitted has been stuck open as long as I've had the van. Heater gets to furnace levels in the winter so it's not running cold, cold but the gauge never really moves more than 1/16" from the bottom other than on hills. Passenger seat out, dog house off and we have - just about buried under the fuel system - visual contact with the head. The casting the top hose goes into though doesn't look even close to big enough to hold the thermostat - which is a moderately sizeable one. A bit of head scratching and standing on my head appears to have located it, rather oddly kit seems to be at the engine end of the *bottom* radiator hose. Odd setup...and not exactly easy to get to. It's sandwiched between the exhaust manifold and offside engine mount, tucked behind the alternator which precludes any thoughts of access from the front. Near as dammit the lowest point in the system too so definitely be a coolant drain as step one... inevitably I'm going to end up with several litres of coolant in the face doing this job though! May end up being a case of "screw this, a garage can do it!" depending on how awkward access ends up really being when I try to get tools onto it. Need to clean the whole area up too as the timing cover gasket appears to be leaking to no small amount again. Will probably blast this area down with degreaser then hit it with the pressure washer first though as I'd like to confirm if this is coming from the timing cover or oil filler neck extension (bolted to the timing chain cover as in the van application the normal filler is inaccessible) before I go blowing £30 on another gasket for the timing cover. That combined with running several errands however has consumed my available energy reserves (and patience with being eaten alive by ants), so back hiding in the air conditioning for now.
  5. Things that being a northerner who has moved to the Midlands reveals a number of things which are really annoying. The one that's top of my list today: fscking ants! Been trying to get a couple of jobs done on the car and the little bastards are trying to eat me alive.
  6. Intrigued to hear you have a diesel C1, have never actually come across one that wasn't petrol. How does it compare? I bought a 107 new back in 2009 on the strength of my time spent in the C1 pool cars we had at work, so curious to know how the diesel version stacks up. Always just thought a rev happy petrol would be better matched to the car - the fact the dealer couldn't find a diesel one within 200 miles for me to test suggested they didn't sell many!
  7. It's been a while since this thread saw any activity. Basically because nothing car related has happened since the start of the month. That would be because I was thoroughly knocked on my ass by COVID. While I got rid of any specific symptoms like two weeks ago, it's only in the last few days I've started to recover anything even vaguely resembling stamina. By which I mean "I can actually climb the stairs without thinking I'm going to pass out now." I cannot ever remember feeling as ill as this. Only thing that came close was when I got a really bad chest infection back when I was about 12 - which is what triggered recurrence of the asthma which had previously been in remission since I was 3. I seriously was bed bound for the best part of a week. Anyway, I'm back into a state where I'm resembling a functioning person again so it's time to get stuck back into things. Even if to distract me from buying yet more old computers...eBay is sodding dangerous when you're stuck in bed sick! So...what's on the to do list? It's been long enough since I even walked into the garage that I had to think about that a bit! [] Caddy is booked back into a garage (had to cancel the original appointment due to the whole getting COVID thing) to have the steering and suspension thoroughly inspected and a wheel alignment done properly. Hopefully this will resolve the issue with it wearing the outer shoulder of the front tyres. Four new tyres will then follow. Really haven't been impressed with the ones on it anyway so a set of Uniroyals have always been on the shopping list. No sense in doing that until I know the alignment is sorted though. The oil consumption issue seems to have stopped as suddenly as it started... I've not done huge miles lately (for obvious reasons), but the level hasn't moved on the dipstick since I did the oil and filter change. I'm keeping an eye on it though in case it starts playing up again. I'll be making a run up north next month to collect a bunch of computer hardware, so that will be a good opportunity to track usage over a decent number of miles quite quickly. Would also like to have the wheel alignment properly sorted prior to that run too. [] Van. Finally rediscovered the new thermostat I bought for it about two and a half years ago to address the excessively cool running. Though I can't even see the thermostat housing from under the bonnet, I'll need to pull the dog house off and hopefully it won't be too hard to get to then. The coolant will be due a change before this winter anyway so it'll be a good opportunity to do that at the same time. Need to look up how much it takes...probably somewhere around 10 litres I expect. [] Invacar hasn't been out since ConFuzzled. Brakes still need adjusting, but just as there's a bit of excess travel rather than because they aren't working. [] Trevi. Haven't looked at it in about three weeks...I need to get back to looking for the distributor bits to hopefully get it running right again so it can go back home. [] BX. Has been confirmed that the gent who came to look at it does indeed want it, so that will soon be off to a new home. Once that is done, we can arrange delivery of the Cavalier. Which I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in to. The buyer of the BX is on here so the story of the car will continue on these pages. Quite how far I'll get with anything this week will remain to be seen as energy is still in quite short supply, but hopefully *something* can get ticked off the to do list!
  8. Is there a steering box on the other end of that steering wheel? If there is, even if the rest gets binned, please save that. RHD specific steering parts are made of unobtainium, especially steering boxes. So one that's either serviceable or in a rebuildable condition is something that is well worth saving.
  9. The straight six Detroits are always my favourite as they are just so smooth. The V6s though sound downright angry. Think hearing a late 80s/early 90s looking city bus screaming off away from a stop while making that noise probably caused one of the best moments of complete cognitive dissonance I've ever come across. https://youtu.be/V6doLFTAPBo For some reason that refuses to embed...
  10. A fair chunk of the interior has shown up too. If those doors aren't totally rotten someone would probably want them. Especially being white as it was a common colour.
  11. Do commercial vehicles count? (Skip to about 2:00 for the good bit).
  12. Migraines can get in the fscking sea.
  13. Van is the same. Fogs switch off if you select main beam. Pretty sure the BX does that too (or locks main beam out when the switch is clicked all the way down to the fog position).
  14. Just about back up to a usable amount of energy. Figure I might get a little catching up done later in the week. Nope... I'll be hiding in one of the rooms with air conditioning then. Blarg.
  15. Except for the front wheel bearings which were made of cheese.
  16. Fun fact - that exact part was also used on the Skoda 135RiC. I guess less surprising when you realise that model was originally destined for Canada before tightened emission regs resulted in them not being able to sell them there - cue a rapid (pun intended) right hand drive conversion and chucking them at the UK.
  17. You say the switch is working - but is it? I'd want to test to ensure that you do NOT have voltage across the pins involved in operating the relevant item when it should be powered. Wouldn't be the first time I've seen contacts in something work absolutely fine according to a test meter, but when asked to conduct a couple of amps of current they just can't handle it. If you probe the switch contacts when the accessory in question is turned on and you see there's anything more than a couple of hundred millivolts there there's most likely issues with the switch.
  18. One week on...still testing COVID positive. Joy. If this could fuck off now I'd be fine with that.
  19. Wasn't a light blue colour was it?
  20. Classic case of something breaking down and "Oh **** what's available?!?" I'd guess. Vast, vast, vast majority of school contracts these days have age limits on the vehicles allocated to them. When Aberdeenshire Council introduced a 10 year limit on theirs it must have wiped out the best part of a dozen of the smaller operators in the area overnight. The youngest coach we used to see on my run was around 20 years old, oldest knocking on 30. Company did no real stage work, it was all schools & private hires. No surprise that first time I drove by the school following the contract change 99% of the vehicles there were Stagecoach owned. Used to be probably 30 different operators only months before.
  21. Think I remember my folks having a photo of that from back in the 80s too. Looks like it must be utterly terrifying to drive!
  22. I've been lucky enough to drive an early turbo one, and absolutely would have one in a heartbeat if I could. The numbers don't look like much on paper but it felt absolutely insanely fast from the driver's seat. I still reckon that a lot of people say a Metro is a crap drive have never had a chance to drive a well sorted early one. Later ones yeah, are distinctly "meh" at best. My W plate MiniMetro HLE was one of the most fun cars I've owned to drive, especially on a good twisty road. I know a huge number of them out there are and were utterly clapped out though, like my first one. A 5-door City on a D plate. We've no idea what the actual mileage was as the odometer had stopped working at 70-something K about five years before I got it. Was an utter shed...and if I'd not then had my second one which was a very well cared for early car with few miles on, I'd definitely have come away with the "they're shit" belief. However then I had a good one...which I then sold three or four years later in a fit of common sense. Which I still berate myself for to this day. There aren't many cars I've had that I truly regret selling - but that one I really, really do.
  23. Nice. If I wind up ever having to change the one in the Caddy I know what it will be to then.
  24. Wow, not something I'd seen or heard of before. Does it have the facility to change the backlighting colours? Having something not jarring and modern would be a bit lost if it's the wrong colour...
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