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  1. Well, a long time shiter disappeared over the horizon (actually around the hedge at the end of the drive) in the Picanto this evening. I hope it serves them well (no messages yet to say it's broken down) . Off to view two more tomorrow, although the second isn't for me. And the first, if purchased, will overtake the Savvy as the newest vehicle I own. In the words of Duran Duran, her name is Rio....
  2. Thanks for the advice. Rear wheel bearing procedure as per Austin Allegro 😀 Good news is the boot is completely dry and the spare wheel unused and shiny. Better news is that the squeak is actually coming from the bodged exhaust; it has broken at the front of the centre section and had a crude sleeve put on it and supported with a piece of wire.
  3. Just in case anyone hasn't visited the for sale board and would like to win one of Kia's finest* small cars, the Picanto roffle can be found here: https://autoshite.com/topic/37997-2005-kia-picanto-11-full-mot-but-scruffy-£5-per-ticket-or-£295-west-norfolk/
  4. Thanks to Craig for coming on the Savvy hunt. By far the newest car I've owned (the previous was the 05 Picanto currently being roffled on the for sale/wanted board). Needs exhaust and suspension squeak sorting out then a new MOT (expires at the beginning of December). I've a couple of people in mind for it, but if neither want it exoect a for sale thread once the Picanto has gone. Unless I keep it and get rid of the 206.........
  5. BeEP

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Thanks for the photos; I love anything to do with closed lines, but the Volvo 164 is at Watlington in Norfolk, rather than the one in Oxfordshire! The Norfolk Watlington still very much has a station (I went through it last week), but sadly no longer is a junction for the line from Wisbech.
  6. Aw, here you go then (and yes, the Primrose 75 is pretty faded)
  7. Somehow three months have elapsed since I last updated this. It's been fairly quiet on the car front though, with the white 850 selling in August to a nice young couple from Essex who asked me whether I'd heard of a YouTube channel called HubNut! The VP1300 has gone to a friend in the village, although it is still residing here along with three others he owns including this... Then in September the Mk1 Punto failed its MOT quite comprehensively on rot in the rear arches (I really should have had a proper poke!). It's currently on the naughty step; I can't bring myself to scrap it but can't justify getting it fixed at the moment either. If anyone on here wants it for spears or reapers at about scrap value then please get in touch. So the hunt was on for a new winter hack. This was interrupted by a week away visiting relatives in Greater Manchester and Sheffield, which the Allegro estate stepped into the breach for and didn't miss a beat. On my return I grabbed this from 10 miles away so at least I had something in the bag; an apparently daunting MOT failure list which really broke down into fix brakes and fit new rear silencer. The brakes just needed freeing off (pads and sliders were pretty stuck), and a new MOT achieved on Monday. However, in the meantime I went and bought this as well, 1.1LX, so no ball of fire but actually a pretty good car for £205. Six weeks MOT so how much of a bargain will be determined shortly. As a result the Picanto is up for sale; I'm about to pop over to the for sale board and post an advert.
  8. So... possibility one: HGF pressurised the system and it failed at its weakest point (top hose) possibility two: top hose failed due to old age, and something done during the repair (such as bleeding, or lack of) is causing the system to pressurise. I'm not saying Ghosty's wrong, but I know which I'd investigate first!
  9. BeEP

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Obviously the correct response to needing a temporary everyday car whilst the Punto waits for welding repairs is to enquire about this City Rover with clutch issues and only one month's MOT. So that's exactly what I've done.
  10. Have a bump with a link back to the main thread in the for sale section,,, https://autoshite.com/topic/37325-51-plate-c180-estate-petrol-manual-107k-bin-£450-anyone/
  11. Did you take another photo after the water pished all over the oil slick? Safe to say less progress was made this afternoon than this morning!
  12. But is the light at the end of the tunnel daylight or ........................?? Tune back in later to find out. Or more likely tomorrow, as the battery is bound to be flat and it's boxed in by a keyless Volvo.
  13. BeEP

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Suspiciously cheap, given that the price in the window is £795. Still tempting though,,, https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201908131118181
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