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  1. Uno with 11 months MOT at (what seems to me) a not unreasonable price... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1816728905443932
  2. Unless I'm reading this wrong, they'll make almost as much as any other MOT garage/centre. I take my cars to my local garage, pay my fee and barring a few exceptions (car fails badly and gets scrapped, my tame welder isn't available to fix rot I missed before the test) if it fails I'll take it back within the free re-test period. One fee paid. With the above model if it failed I'd still take it away, fix it and return for a pass, at which time they'd be paid their fee. One fee paid. They will only lose in the case of a bad fail where the car is taken away and scrapped, or if the car keeps getting presented without all the fails being fixed, and as mentioned above they probably have a piss take limit!
  3. Same for me using Firefox. mutter, mutter, ain't broke don't fix it, mutter, mutter.....
  4. only ten months or so after the test drive!
  5. Yes, it was and still is mine! Two potential sales in the offing from the ebay ad already though, so fingers crossed....
  6. Correct; seats and door cards are from a mk3 (71 onwards). Plus, mk1 front panel but mk2/3 rear wings, mk2 Morris dash and mk3 rear bumper. Safe to say it's had an interesting life, but even as an ado16 apologist I'd say it may be time to put it out of its misery now!
  7. Yes, it surprised me, especially as it's a Birmingham registration and I've had thought that they would have moved onto suffix registrations in 1963 (I know some more rural areas didn't move to suffixes until 64/65). It has the reg etched on every bit of glass (plus the rear light lenses!), but I guess that's no guarantee it's the original reg. Perhaps @LightBulbFun can suggest an explanation?
  8. No, not from the 1100 website (I assume you mean the one in Cumbria?). This one was in South Wales (hence much closer to you!); initially on facebook a couple of months ago when I had a chat with the owner, then apparently 'sold' before turning up at a breakers yard and advertised on ebay.
  9. For the second Friday morning in a row @worldofceribrought me a present... Off road since 1989, it's totally unmolested and although it does need some welding it's not a lot by ado16 standards. And the engine isn't seized which is a bonus!
  10. Y prefix is March-Sept 2001. X prefix Sept 2000 - March 2001. It went from yearly to half-yearly in 1999 (S prefix Aug 98 - Mar 99)
  11. If the condenser looks brand new it's even more likely to be the culprit! It would still be my first suspiscion, followed by the coil. Although checking/adjusting the points gap is a good idea either way.
  12. I'm guessing you meant Foakes, but I agree that Woakes couldn't do any worse (although we may miss his bowling!).
  13. That does look nice, but a shame it's had a mk2 front panel fitted (just like the one I sold to @Fabergé Greggs)
  14. I've PM'd you a few photos of work to the white 1300 rather than clutter your thread up further.
  15. That's the car I owned for three years until April. Anthony (the seller) is a good friend and bought it to re-visit ado16 ownership after 15 years without one. He's gone soft (although the fan belt breaking on his way home from Norfolk probably didn't endear it to him)! The engine wasn't smoky when I had it other than on choke when it is definitely running too rich, so I suspect the same is true now. The carburettor settings are a compromise as it's got a GT engine, 3 into 1 manifold (as per the lower spec twin carb variants, not GT) with a single HS4 carb. It would benefit from a rolling road set-up, either as is or after fitting a free-er flowing exhaust, but even as is it's a fair bit quicker than standard. We took this, the limeflower one I recently sold and a friends mk2 to collect Anthony when he came to pick it up... I'm sure he'd come down a bit on price; at £2500 it would be a better bet than the limeflower one. Feel free to PM if you want to know any more about it.
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