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  1. It is possible to mix and match A+/pre A+ engines and boxes, just more of a faff. You need the correct end plate, idler gear and primary gear to match the choice of gearbox (primary gear also differs between 1275 and the smaller engine sizes). My Austin 1100 has a 1300 A+ engine on top of its original gearbox (albeit with higher diff fitted).
  2. Yes, an Allegro box in a mini would be pretty awful. Final drive on Allegros: 1100 : 4.11 1300 : 3.94 1000 A+ : 4.33 1300 A+ : 3.76
  3. BeEP

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Yep, plus Mk1 rear bumper and tailgate (there is a slight difference). Guess they really wanted a Mk1!
  4. BeEP

    eBay tat volume 3.

    It's an odd one, which has been for sale for ages. Mk1 exterior, but on a D plate and with Mk2 interior - see photo on Gumtree ad: https://www.gumtree.com/p/austin/mini-metro/1370232099
  5. BeEP

    eBay tat volume 3.

    In a money-no-object dreamworld (which I suspect many of us are visiting more frequently at the moment), I'd love to rescue this, ditch the atrocious alloys, repaint in a period correct colour (maybe Wild Moss) and get rid of the electric power steering.
  6. Liking the Chevette love. My first two cars were Shove-its, red W reg hatch followed by yellow X reg saloon. The former died when a tree rudely jumped out in front of it. The second was bought in haste (see: tree incident), and had a noisy diff from the start. One day when pulling away from a crossroads there was a bang and the diff wasn't noisy any more. But neither was it transmitting propshaft rotation into half-shaft rotation. I was quite unpopular as I pushed it sadly off the busy junction. Next car was a Mk1 Fiesta 950 base, which I have to admit was quite a revelation after the Chevettes.
  7. BeEP

    Quotes in Threads

    Ditto, just realised that someone clever had done something good!
  8. I'm certainly not expecting to sell it at the moment, and hopefully in post-apocolyptic times shows will also be allowed again. I had hoped to run it through April to prove it and then take to the Drive It day gathering at Cowley on 26th prior to selling. Thanks for the expressions of interest from all above though. It would be good to sell it on here when circumstances allow.
  9. Not much has happened with the Allegro, as I planned to move the Maestro on before swapping it onto my classic policy and putting some miles on it (and MOTing it even though exempt), The 1800 has now had the necessary welding done and a balljoint should be on its way to me but I guess everything's a bit of a lottery at the moment. I need to put the bumper back on and radiator back in (had to come out to get clearance to remove the bolts for the bumper mounts!). Here it is looking heavenward...
  10. With wonderful timing the Maestro is finished (well, as finished as it will be in my ownership) and ready for sale! It ended up having a new nearside rear arch welded in as the original predictably fell apart when I took the underseal off the visible bits. The interior has cleaned up really well, although the outside of the driver's seat bolster is a bit squashed, presumably from the 96 year old former owner levering himself in and out. I got hold of a second hand carburettor from a friend and it now seems to run well, although the plan was to tax for April to do some on road testing before passing it on. Suspect I'll end up having to re MOT in August now, so I just hope that doesn't throw up any nasty surprises. The photos flatter a bit as usual (the paint on all arches is imperfect), but here it is now: If anyone is actually interested in buying it (I'm looking at @aldo135 in particular) then please get in touch and we'll see what can be arranged for when circumstances change.
  11. Some aspects similar to an Elva, but not others...
  12. It looks lovely, but be wary of claims that any ado16 is concours! Interesting that the seats are different to any UK variant, presumably specific to the Aus/NZ market.
  13. That was quick Chris! It seems to be a particularly thick Haynes manual so will be small parcel at £3 rather than large letter. I'll PM you my PayPal details.
  14. Peugeot 306 Haynes manual. Postage at cost.
  15. BeEP

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Fiat oddball. I've no idea if this is cheap or not... https://www.gumtree.com/p/fiat/fiat-sedici-1.9-jtd-diesel-manual/1366359397
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