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  1. Yes, 4" PCD. See also Midget/Sprite and A-series Metro for more wheel options.
  2. Nothing wrong with Pacers (or well maintained high mileage taxis). The problem is the world being increasingly populated with sheeple (in my opinion).
  3. 59 plate Mondeo diesel which allegedly drives well and has MOT to May for £250. 221k, battered outside and has residue of dog inside but still seems cheap... https://www.gumtree.com/p/ford/ford-mondeo-hatchback-2009-manual-1753-cc-5-doors/1388093046
  4. I don't; although I've been to/through Cheddar many times my Somerset knowledge doesn't really stretch that far. A good friend was born just down the road from there though, so I've sent him the question.
  5. BeEP

    Morris 1300

    Not sure what differences the kits will have, but the 1300 uses a HS4 carb rather than the HS2 of the 1100.
  6. I know Alex and she's not a 'diva'. In my opinion the snide Halfords comment undoes any good in their last reply, and if I had paid £70 for plates which came with a crease as shown in the photo I wouldn't be best pleased, whatever the method of manufacture. But then I'd never pay £70 for number plates.....
  7. I don't recognise the alloys either. Hope they aren't 4x100 that have been forced on! Cat C on a car this age and value wouldn't bother me, but here's another one (just without the alloys)! https://www.gumtree.com/p/fiat/fiat-panda-1.2petrol-2005-manual-97k/1387585313
  8. As Pandas seem to be flavour of the month on here, have a tidy looking Dynamic with Skydome, roof-rails, front fogs and (non-standard) alloys. 84k and £695. Not sure if it's got air-con for the @Aston Martin full house... https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202010165086317
  9. I'd just check the rear suspension arms (advisories on the last two MOTs) and provided they haven't dissolved too much then buy it!
  10. As you say, it's the black cross section shaft bit that breaks where it goes through the side of the heater box. The blend doors seem to be weighted (at least on Mrs Craig the Princess's) so they drop to the cold position when it breaks. Hers is now fixed* to be permanently hot, but if your last comment regards this issue then I would be interested in pics of what you did.
  11. BeEP

    Dan302's new car

    Austin Allegro with round steering wheel?
  12. Mrs @Craig the Princess has a 54 reg Eleganza without front fogs (made taking the bumper off to change the radiator easier!) or steering wheel controls.
  13. No, not on FB. Neither the owner or myself go anywhere near there!
  14. He works at the local garage, but that's just mechanical work and MOTs. His paintwork is very good though; he did a lot of work to, and painted most of, my Allegro estate five years ago and that's holding up well despite my use and abuse of it.
  15. No, perhaps unsurprisingly! I'll send you a quick PM.
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