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  1. Lazy photos, but a stupid amount of car for £250, even if it won't currently start. Bound to be a simple* fix... https://www.gumtree.com/p/audi/audi-a8-saloon-1999-semi-auto-4172-cc-4-doors/1410786630
  2. Not too far from @wuvvum, MOTd to Sept and only £400... https://www.gumtree.com/p/toyota/toyota-paseo-saloon-1996-manual-1497-cc-2-doors/1410617085
  3. As others have said tax can take a few days to show up. MOT will show instantly on check-mot.service.gov.uk, and should* also do so on vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk but occasionally it will fail to copy across. I suspect if it isn't showing on the latter by now it never will unless you contact them (click on 'incorrect mot status' under where it gives the incorrect MOT details and follow the links). I had to do this with the Modus, and got an apologetic and well written response a couple of days later, along with them correcting it.
  4. Worth a photo I think...
  5. I tried first thing this morning. Said he could have already sold it 10 times over (unsurprisingly) and that someone was due to be collecting it this afternoon.
  6. Provided you are careful (and have ground enough metal off the manifold so it doesn't 'sit' on the exhaust manifold) you can locate it accurately enough by simply lining up the flanges with those of the exhaust manifold. I ran my 1300 estate (RIP) like this for years without a problem, and the white 1300 with GT engine I bought last year now has a similar set-up fitted, albeit it is still a few jobs away from being on the road. Obviously you could also go down the aftermarket water-heated manifold path; the 1100's heater pipe is ideally situated for routing through the manifold; I have this set up on the limeflower 1100.
  7. Curiosity may get the better of my bidding finger with this (it is in the same county as me after all): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/313595506395 There was no such thing as a 1.3 Montego estate (only saloons), yet this is advertised as such and recorded as such with DVLA. Last MOT (in 2010) showed 280,000 miles so maybe a tired 1.6 has been replaced...
  8. Diesel Horizon! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154518665927
  9. Now you're testing me! I do have one of those manifolds on the shelf, albeit modified at the top to match a MG Metro inlet (which is thicker) and missing the outer sheath at the bottom, so I'll have a look tomorrow and make a guestimate.
  10. There was never an extra engine steady on models with the 'remote' gearchange (as the Morris has). The gearchange extension itself provides the steadying effect. Later models with the 'rod' change box had steady bars from offside end of block to rear top of subframe and from nearside end of gearbox to the subframe behind it. The latter can be fitted to models with the earlier box by drilling one hole in the subframe. The former requires the corresponding bracket (which was built into the subframe) and switching to the later clutch slave cylinder with the bleed nipple on top, as the bar fouls the nipple at the rear of the cylinder. Aftermarket steady bars were made for the ado16; I used to have one made by Cosmic (better known for their wheels) but unfortunately sold it a few years ago. There should be a bracket from the bottom of the exhaust downpipe to the gearbox/diff. I can't remember exactly what I did on the Morris but I know I put something on!
  11. Glad to hear the mayo has disappeared, but a shame about the manifold! Be careful if you go down the mini lcb route; they are slightly too short to fit comfortably and also tend to foul the driveshaft couplings; if you look at the 1300GT manifold you will see BL put an extra curve in the offside pipe to give clearance. Given that you aren't doing this to get extra performance, I'd be tempted to separate the inlet part from the current (broken) manifold (half an hour's work producing many sparks with a grinder) and use in conjunction with an ado16 twin carb (non GT) exhaust manifold like this (not sure why the photo has distorted): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164931407773 I'm almost tempted to buy that one as a spare as it still has the outer sheath intact at the bottom! (and ignore what the seller says about not fitting 1300 models). You should be able to cut the existing exhaust to fit rather than buy a matching system; the exhaust on the (non GT) twin-carb models was exactly the same as the single carb system other than the shorter downpipe. Edited to add: by GT models I mean 1300GT plus MG1300 mk2 and Riley 1300 mk2 which used the GT engine.
  12. You forgot to quote from the ad... "It’s as good as it looks in the photos"
  13. 'Chip car' 'One issue' - helpfully they do not elaborate on said issue. Does have 8 months MOT though, and asking price of £250 is chip enough. https://www.gumtree.com/p/peugeot/chip-car/1408651561
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