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  1. As discussed prior to sale, the mayo thing on this is really weird. No oil in water or coolant loss, temp never changes and no real evidence of problems when I changed the head gasket (minor discolouration on part of one side of the copper gasket might have pointed to something, but equally might not). Apart from the trip to Milton Keynes last year it was only used for short runs by me, so it's interesting that there was nothing to see after your trip home but is again now after more short trips. I've not really had condensation problems with a-series engines before but maybe that really is
  2. Definitely Smoke Grey. I don't think BL ever did a Riviera blue - certainly not on ado16s!
  3. Many thanks to FG for being very patient as the promised full MOT ended up meaning a bit of this... ...followed by this... ... but we got there in the end and I'm glad it made it to London without incident (plus I love the Fenland photos - pretty sure two are in the Lamb & Flag carpark at Welney?)
  4. Not normally my cup of tea but this looks like a well cared for, top of the range example (with 2.1 XUD I think?)... https://www.gumtree.com/p/peugeot/peugeot-406-2.1td-executive-1997./1401560749
  5. Yep, pegs scattered on the dash in my BL offerings. Although I did recently fit a new cable to the 1800, so the pegs in that might get a six month holiday before they're used again. But yes, definitely start with adjusting the cable to remove any slack. I've always used pliers (shouldn't be too tight) as I don't have the patience to find the correct tiny spanner/socket!
  6. Probably teaching grandmother to suck eggs, but assuming as Talbot suggests it's a pull-n-twist cable, is it definitely twisted to the 'unlocked' position before you try pulling it? (obviously you only need to twist-to-lock when it's pulled out, but there's nothing to say it hasn't been twisted whilst in the fully in position)
  7. Winner of the worst wheels ever competition... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Herald-13-60-Estate/184727120156
  8. I'd always assumed Minis changed from HS to HIF carbs around 1980/81 along with the rest of the a-series range. Even Allegros from March 81 got HIF38 (998) or HIF44 (1275).
  9. I sold a solid, MOTd Allegro which drove well for £1500 last year. Yes, prices are on the up, but the £5k examples above are imo wildy optimistic asking prices - if they achieve anything near that I'll eat my only hat.
  10. This one's on my watchlist. If you don't mind the re-assembly and a bit of paintwork it could be a cheap (by mini standards) way of getting a half decent one. So long as the body is as good as claimed. And it's SPi, which doesn't have the appeal of a good old SU carb. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Classic-Mini-1275-Sprite-46k-Miles-Easy-Project-Metalwork-Engine-A1/133683028592
  11. All 1.1 Metros with carburettor I've driven have had a slight flatspot on acceleration. As long as it's only slight I'd suggest living with it, rather than spending ages trying to get rid of it to no avail as I did on the last one I owned!
  12. See also... https://autoshite.com/topic/44271-e10-checker-tool/ ...for another thread on the same topic!
  13. Same spec (55SX) as my old one, and must be one of the oldest remaining in this country. MOT failure list isn't too horrific; two patches of welding, an italian tune up and taking the rear light clusters off and cleaning the connectors will sort most of it. Shame it's completely the other side of the country to me.
  14. £200 sounds a bargain, even with only two weeks MOT, and it's pretty much in walking distance of @wuvvum!
  15. And now the Saxo's predecessor looking similarly tidy and in a good colour (to me). Think this is the same odd spec (TZX) as @Craig the Princess's. Only six days MOT left though, and a fail list of a number of odds & sods...
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