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  1. I extend my sincere gratitude for posting this. This is a trigger for me to once again share this:
  2. Ah yes, a 'clown-mod'. Everything here is utterly tragic.
  3. Is that rust on the shifter shaft? Could have had some water ingress issues if so.
  4. Have we had this rather fetching Colt GTi yet? Address obscurification award: Colt GTi
  5. There’s some horror stories from owners waiting months for simple parts. The back up from RA themselves has got a shit reputation. Dealers are good and folk like the scooters but plenty are sick to death of waiting for spares. I went to have a look at one a couple of years back and they’re very smart things.
  6. face

    Vespa 50 Special

    Update, the wasp is now run-in so back to normal oil/petrol ratio. I don’t hammer it but managed an indicated 80+ kph this evening on a relatively flat road. I guess that equates to about 45mph but I need to GPS it to see. Anyhow it’s far better on the hills now, used to drop down to 15 mph before the rebuild, now more like 25 mph. I know that still fuck all but it makes a difference. Anyway, a couple of pics from my ride this evening.
  7. Looking through it has to be a MK1. Air scoop thing plus wing badge:
  8. I originally thought MK2 Accord, the wedgy single headlight one.
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