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  1. Those Eletres look gopping in black. £117K, this one is.
  2. Sounds like one of General Melchett's Cambridge mates.
  3. I thank the right-honourable shiter for posting the message pertaining to this automobile, as it once again gives me the excuse to reply with this:
  4. God I would love that. It is absolutely terrible. But, think of the clunge. Likely also absolutely terrible,
  5. Found this oddly familiar in the ad:
  6. If I use a wheel cleaner, I do them one at a time and after a good jet-wash. Spray and then clean immediately before thoroughly jetting off all the shite.
  7. Close enough to enable me to once again unfurl this:
  8. Ah, the 323 'Godfreys' edition. A limited dealer special only available to Godfreys IIRC.
  9. Always a good start: Clear. Thank you for the heads up, I will not react.
  10. 'Speares' fucking twice, separately.
  11. I extend my sincere gratitude for posting this. This is a trigger for me to once again share this:
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