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  1. I had a 1990 Lancer GTi a few years back. It was far superior in every way to most popular hot hatchbacks of the era. I suppose they just didn’t have the image against Ford, Vauxhall or Volkswagen to get the sales. Same can be said for the BX GTi, Mazda 323 GT etc. Love the Galant 👍🏻
  2. I had an LSD on my Golf GTi and kind of forgot about it, but when I (mistakenly) threw it too fast through a tight bend, it kicked in and tore me around like I had glue tyres. Incredible feature!
  3. This, is fucking incredible. Im still struggling to accept it actually happened.
  4. A four episode series too, pretty miserly. Is that because of COVID-19? Mind you, I’m already starting to tire of it. I also see little point in having a studio either now. Outdoor or not. I still feel it’s all horribly forced, or perhaps the dynamics between the three is fundamentally shit. I watch it as it is a car show and the production values are great, but it feels like it is slowly dying to me.
  5. As much as I enjoyed that Alfa, I’m growing weary of Paddy and to a lesser extent, Freddie. The fact they are not from a motoring journalistic background really dulls their impact. What Paddy thinks of a tremendously expensive Ferrari contains no context. Meaningless to me. His overt nature and confidence is at odds with his knowledge. I suppose Flintoff is at least a fairly humble chap in comparison. Im sure I’m wrong, but I also don’t fully believe those two are actually at the wheel at certain points of some of the sketches. Perhaps I’m just too sceptical.
  6. That resto-mod Alfa was fucking tremendous. I think it is my fantasy car now. I could have watched Harris drive that for hours.
  7. Driving loafers... 75 fucking quid. https://thelordsclub.com/collections/lords-driving-loafers?fbclid=PAAabbT673GxkmwuZBBlgb0hlqKsuhci7SzXlF8JqvoFwQljmxY12R6dQiBtA_aem_AQokBr5EG-xvQyIQUFkyR_omKhPRjb1i3FwS_2eLNEnT-woyztBHNuuB2-Pk5ueZ4izmKomBO-_4hmUmmPL74lhaLSLnzhk2o_cbf_HoRpCpRoV6nxxMM489XcGLfrNf12g
  8. It was mate, when I got it last June. Far too slow around the hilly lanes where I live - 15mph uphill. It was a battle just to ride it with any degree of normality. So I had fitted a DR 102cc cylinder kit, 90cc gearing, race exhaust, 12V electrics, bigger crank and a 16mm Dellorto carb. It is about 100 miles into a 250 mile running in period. Carb set to run rich at 30:1 rather than the usual 50:1, so it smokes like hell on tick over. It goes so much better now!
  9. I’ll certainly be keeping abreast of the auction.
  10. Thanks for the excuse 👍🏻
  11. That Tigra is great!
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