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  1. face

    Vespa 50 Special

    First proper ride of the year today. Fresh fuel, I altered the mixture from 33:1 to 40:1 on its way back to 50:1 as it’s pretty much run-in now. Head wind on the flat tops at an indicated 55 Kph and coming back the same way saw an indicated 70+ kph, so maybe pushing 45-50 mph. Lots of steep hills where I live and before the mods were done, it could drop to 15-20 kph, now it’s 25-30 and is far better climbing than it was. The switch block for engine cut out and lights is not working, so I have to stall it to shut off the engine. Need to look at that sometime. Ended up taking the mirror off as it won’t stay in position, I think the inner thread is shagged. Will put my fairing mirrors back on, they’re shit and make the scooter wider to edge around in the garage, but they look good.
  2. Judging by that picture, that's been for sale for quite some time.
  3. I have just trudged through the last few weeks of this thread and cannot believe this post has not (as far I could see) prompted such a reply as mine below:
  4. That will be a real shame. I got a new one last spring time and it is utterly joyous. It is the only affordable 'proper' sports car you can buy new in the UK. Honda are even pulling the S660 in March - I wish they had sold it here.
  5. Sun and moon shots (at the same time)
  6. face

    Youtube moments

    I’d love one of these, just listen to it.
  7. face

    Youtube moments

    Jeez ♥️ It almost feels disrespectful to call that a ‘car’. To be able weave such soul into a collection of metals and fabrics is incredible.
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