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  1. Don’t happen that often a Lambretta 50 comes up for sale. This is a lovely little thing and I am slightly tempted to get it as a garage mate for my 50 Special. J50
  2. Yes Sir, I can boogie Even though the seat is wrong I can boogie, boogie-woogie This isn't going for a song CRX SIR
  3. I just caught up and watched the latest episode. Managed five minutes of the first section with the ice cream van before forwarding. Electric car bit was OKish, but not great. Skipped the entire second section of the ice cream van. I will still watch it, but I find much of the 'humour' forced and simply not funny. I don't think the presenters characters work together at all. For controversy purposes, I think Tim and Fuzz would work with better with Harris - a quiet motorsport type, an enthusiastic (oddly likeable) twat and a humble no-nonsense straight man.
  4. eBay ad for a car being sold on another auction site? Linkage
  5. face

    Vespa 50 Special

    I need to run it at fuel/oil ratio of 33:1 for the first 150 miles. I have a can of fuel left from July. I’m fairly sure I premixed the standard 50:1 back then but cannot be sure. HTF do I tell if the petrol has any oil in it? Anybody have an idea how I can tell? The oil I use is reddish, but not enough to the fuel.
  6. face

    Vespa 50 Special

    It’s back! Chucking down with rain, so no ride today. Fires up ok and sounds considerably more purposeful. Plenty of smoke as it has been set rich while I run it in. Will clean it up and take some pictures over the weekend. IMG_0961.MOV
  7. I don’t know about that. Possibly, but the survival rate of AML vehicles is well over 90% - which is staggering. I would wager that ends up getting fully restored.
  8. Do you come with the car?
  9. face

    Vespa 50 Special

    Scoot should be coming home next week. It’s had the 102 kit, 16/16 carb, 90 gearing, 12V electronics, new crank and cables. I had a quick spin last week and it’s hugely improved. Sounds great too.
  10. Twenty six fuck'n big ones FFS. 1275 GT
  11. A mate of mine also had a new one on an F plate. It was exactly as you said - all over the place even on straight and even roads. I had a go once and it demanded total concentration and constant corrections just to maintain a straight line on tarmac. I love them though. I had a Jimny soft top on hire in Greece early 2000s and it was great fun.
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