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  1. This is a good way I think. My plan for the future is to have long term 'normal cars', my van for me and a volvo of some description for the missus and then a couple of 'slots' for relatively cheap chod that I can have fun with and change out on a regular basis to scratch that itch. That's the idea but it's an old saying that no plan lasts longer than the first contact...
  2. Great picture of the ziebart sticker and rust. Love these, my dad used to have a 2 liter ghia.
  3. Interesting to know, I have heard that all kinds of nuns and kittens will die if you ever mix gasses.
  4. That Cadillac is the last of the body on frame, rear drive proper Cadillacs. For that money it looks a conspicuous bargain. I would drive it for a year and then take it to Sweden and sell for a massive profit. Possibly.
  5. Frightening isn't it?, people born in 2001 are now adults. My only experience is with ROV techs and the like, the ones who have got some City & Guilds or whatever get better rates, more responsibility etc.
  6. For goodness sake, they should be pleased that the car is owned by someone making such a good job of it. As ever, much better to have it on the road being enjoyed and inspiring the next generation of enthusiasts than mouldering in a shed whilst the owner worries about the right shade of green.
  7. I would say that it's horses for courses but if you have a bit of paper to your name you will generally get a better rate. Do they still do day release apprenticeships? To me that seems like a good system where you get to apply what you learn at college so one reinforces the other.
  8. Didn't Wolf move to NZ? Now if i saw Jet from Gladiators in the mid-noughties (or in fact at anytime) I would be proper excited.
  9. They built them in both 12V and 24V variants but I don't think many 24V were sold new to private customers. As above, military, fire brigade and commercial spec were 24V. I sometimes while away some time specifying my ideal Land Cruiser here https://www.toyota.com.au/main/landcruiser-70 GXL wagon in Sandy Taupe please.
  10. That's being sold by the bloke who does those kits to convert an MX-5 in to a Aerial Atom type thing, tastefully called the Exocet.
  11. These things are winking at me. This thread is already more useful than any buyers guide I have found.
  12. Love these old magazines with their serious tone. I must have first started looking at Autocar (or was it Autocar and Motor) at that time, around 1989. Good to see that the Wail has always had the same high standards of journalism, Geo was a GM brand, nothing to do with Chrysler.
  13. Is that battery tray unboltable? Some older yanks are. Might be relatively cheap for a replacement for you or new owner.
  14. The Gunner in North Shields! Used to go in there quite a bit in 1999, good to see it's still going strong. No help with your problems sorry.
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