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  1. Didn't vauxhall red tops have these in some applications? Don't recall those having a reputation for valve failure did they?
  2. That's true but does that £10k include the larger radiators required for the heat pump? Either way economis of scale will hopefully bring that down.
  3. The IEA are the International Energy Agency, set up after the 1973 oil crisis to manage the oil supply, hardly a green campaign group. Where we end up on this carbon neutral drive is ideally keeping the rise in global temperatures below 2 degrees. Failing to do that will have significant consequences for our children and grandchildren such as droughts, fires and floods creating millions of climate refugees. Arguably, that's already happening in Africa.
  4. These things are ace. I seem to recall one of those scrapyard challenge type programmes had one of these on years ago, I've always loved them since then. What were they originally designed for? Was it river crossings for infantry or what? Edit - whilst reading wiki to answer my own question i found that two of them were sent out to RAF Gan in the Maldives. They "served with RAF from January 1967 to March 1976, when they were returned to the army. They were based at RAF Gan as Reef Rescue and manned by the RAF Fire fighters." My father in law served there in the early 70s, wil
  5. Thanks. Thinking about it realistically I don't think it would work very well in my garage, could only get the car about 2 feet off the floor.
  6. That cortina estate was on the cortina facebook groups last week. Seems a bit lazy to leave bits in the pictures and state what's not included, how hard is it to lift those wheels out, take the steering wheel off and brush it out a bit to show the true state of the thing? Don't think those steering wheels are that sought after anyway, at least not in that condition.
  7. Do you have a buyer lined up for the 2 post? Asking for a friend...
  8. 20 seems to be the going rate here.
  9. I would too. What's wrong with me? That's fundamentally shit in every possible way and yet I would be delighted to smoke about in it. Need to spend less time on here, it's a bad influence.
  10. That's right. While I think musk is an absolute twat in many ways who should just let his lawyers make all his public announcements I have to admit he is a true visionary and feel deep admiration for his achievements. It's very annoying.
  11. Do like a 205. I once had custody of a 1.1 Trio belonging to my sister and even that was a bit of a laugh in the corners.
  12. Good, isn't it. 🙂
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