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  1. Taking the anti roll bar off the Sierra today. Went at it gently, penetrating oil, worked it back and forward etc. Etc. Still managed to break the weld on the captive nut inside a box section. Fucking cheap shit dagenham crap. I didn't even get that angry, just expect these cow pats from the devil's own satanic herd.
  2. See the point on not having savings, I suppose my point was it's hardly worth it. 1.1% on 1500 quid is 16.50 HSBC pay 2.5% on up to 3000. That's 60 quid. Or just over a pound a week. You don't have to be a millionaire to think that all this fuss about saving rates is not that big a deal - none of them are paying anything worthwhile. UK inflation in 2019 was 1.74%. You're probably losing money having it just sat in the bank so might as well spend it. Which is exactly the goal of the government's fiscal policy of course.
  3. And that interest is only on balances up to 1500 or something. Loads for a child but not much good for your life savings.
  4. This thread is dangerous - you're making it look possible to mere mortals and some people (me) might get the idea that they could do it too. Worrying times...
  5. I am driving Aberdeen to stranraer with a trailer next month, could move this if that helps with logistics.
  6. I saw one of these in Ballater at the weekend, it looked great. Can't wait to see yours out on the road.
  7. No, but I don't commute and do most errands on a push bike so when I drive it's mostly for fun and holidays.
  8. Don't they just? My old Pontiac had bits of mig wire hanging out of a couple of welds in the boot. From the factory, rough as fcuk. Great car, is it the newer 4.6 V8?
  9. I have a rivet tool and rivets if needed.
  10. I can assure the honourable member that such an arrangement is fully MOT compliant, M9.
  11. Think you're right. Got excited about Australian fords for a minute there although a fastback mustang is pretty cool as well.
  12. To my complete and utter surprise* it turns out halfords caliper paint is shit. Not to worry it will fit in with the generally shit aesthetic of the car.
  13. Is that an Australian ford between chevette and SD1? Or American?
  14. My US market W210 mercedes had an airbag expiry of 15 years on the door jamb. @jonny69 you make an interesting point about old pyrotechnics. As @Dan_ZTT says above, I suppose the counter point is the thousands of old air bags still fitted that don't seem to cause an issue going off at the wrong time. Although as a Guradian reader I reckon that paper is too clueless about cars to worry about this.
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