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  1. Is that on the street? Looks like a car park. Heathrow bus chat all very helpful, turns out there's even a hotel courtesy bus that goes from the T4 hotels to T5. I spoke to several tube and train staff yesterday, in between the various train cancellation notices, and none knew anything about buses.
  2. First World problem I know, but why is it so bloody hard to get from terminal 5 to terminal 4 at heathrow? I've been to a lot of shit airports in my life but they let you walk from one terminal to another. It took me an hour to go about a mile today, ended up on the tube to Hatton Cross and back. Was starting to feel like Tom Hanks by the end of it.
  3. I think the market is just doing more or less what it's always done and following the popularity of cars from 30 years ago. Nostalgia for 40 and 40 somethings. COVID and inflation are making things a bit odd but the basic trend is the same. Not sure tax rates matter, a lot of classics aren't taxed year round anyway. I know some people get a lot out of it but I can never get too worked up about originality or whether a car has been restored or not. To me, driving an old car is fun because it's a different experience to moderns. I don't really mind if the seats aren't correct or it's a bit scruffy, you still get the experience when you're driving it. I would much rather have a functional but slightly scruffy car that you can use and enjoy than something that's valuable enough to be an investment and be scared to drive it.
  4. Saab passed it's MOT today, still got tracking to adjust so collect tomorrow.
  5. Cheers for that, may have to investigate for mine soon.
  6. I have a driveway you can borrow, engine and box must be worth near the asking on their own.
  7. The reflectors go and so do the adjusters. If the reflectors have lost their lustre then some better condition replacement lights may be the easiest thing. Any rechroming or replacement of the reflector would probably require a non-autoshite budget. If it's just the plastic adjuster things that have gone there are 3D printed replacements and various repair kits available.
  8. Totally off topic but there's a film called Roger & Me by Michael Moore that's quite interesting and sad really. Anyway, as you were. Sierra doesn't look too bad, when mine arrived the seller hadn't mentioned that they had broken the rear bumper getting it on the low loader and driven the front in to something cracking the front bumper. Twats. It's really annoying when the car is not as described but as others have said it will probably come up well with a little effort and you won't lose a bundle on it should you eventually sell.
  9. Bloody awful things. Somehow missed your new purchase, as said above, anything with an LS in it can't be bad.
  10. Great stuff, as a fellow Sierra fan I will follow with interest.
  11. Yeah, I was surprised to hear him on the radio the other day and even more surprised to hear him going on about Cornish people stealing things and burning down holiday homes. It was all just really weird and a throwback to the 'being a cunt' school of radio that I hoped had died out with Chris Moyles. Remember him? Truly dire.
  12. Some great work here, is that felt tip you're using to mark out or is there a particular pen that's best?
  13. I thought about this car today, wife was complaining that kids leaving the boot open was making the car cold and it was on the tip of my tongue to say 'we should have got an XM with the internal rear glass not this Chinese shit'.
  14. Absolutely great to hear some news, look forward to more updates. Always admire your skills and attention to detail. Sorry about your relationship woes but onwards and upwards.
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