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  1. Ssangyong chairman. Kind of a 7 series/ A8 copy. As a not very interesting fact I think the FAA in the plate refers to the Angolan air force.
  2. Love proper Australian cars. When we lived there we had a BF Falcon wagon on pure LPG. It had the same engine as sheffieldcortinacentre's ute i think, a 4.0 litre straight six (the Barra engine) with a green cam cover like the sierra sapphire cosworths. It was a lovely old thing, simple but comfy with great AC, loads of space and more than enough power. Brought both my kids home from the hospital in it. Obviously all the 70s XA and Xb coupes are super cool but my personal favourites were the pretty rare Chevrolet Impalas built in small numbers in RHD in the late 60s and also the tiny number of Caprice's in the mid-70s. Just realized this post is nothing to do with Australian cars in the UK but hopefully someone will find it interesting.
  3. Could the company accountant or management really be so stupid as to misunderstand the IR35 changes? As above it's nothing to do with agency staff only scumbag contractors like me. If that really is the reason and they have misunderstood the whole thing I'm surprised they're still in business because they cant be too bright. Sorry about your job Vince70, hope something else comes up soon.
  4. Its fucking outrageous what's been done to libraries in the last few years, what kind of country are we that doesn't value knowledge?
  5. Ha! Sorry for the thread derailment but yes, Michael Healy Rae is the local TD and I always spend a happy few minutes taking the piss about him when I'm over there. He does represent the interests of his constituents more than most parliamentarians though, he has spoken in favour of raising the drink drive limit and easing planning restrictions which are definitely the main local concerns. He is even a roffle enthusiast although his fundraising one is currently being investigated by the guards. https://www.rte.ie/news/campaign-daily/2020/0120/1108572-michael-healy-rae-raffle/
  6. In Kerry they seem red hot on locals importing cars and avoiding the tax, in-laws have been asked several times when driving UK cars before re-registering them. Maybe they don't have much else to do down there...
  7. That's reminded me of the convertible R5s that were made in Belguim, seem to remember reading about them in Autocar and motor in the early 90s
  8. Is it a standard ford PCd? Any pick up truck wheels available? Rock auto?
  9. Oooh, will have to come and inspect this at some point soon.
  10. Mk 2 cortina oc are a good bunch, spares bloke is great and magazine is all right considering it's all done as a hobby.
  11. Watched that last night as well, lovely advanced design from the mid seventies and that fool puts a black and silver 60s plate on it. I treated the wife to a small rant that may have inclluded looking up the tippers site to show her the right plate. Shes a lucky woman...
  12. He lives in Houston, in a dubious claim to fame I once saw him at the DMV...
  13. The missus loves that Salvage show, I saw a trailer for the classic car one and just knew that it would be annoying based on some of the things he has done to old furniture that just make you think 'what are you doing?'. Still, he clearly knows more than me about what sells as he is where he is and i am wasting time on the internet...
  14. I'm sorry for you but that's made me realise my in laws aren't so bad after all..
  15. If it's not too rusty then well worth bargaining down the price to cover a set decent wheels and some mild de-barrying. Great 90s colour.
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