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  1. Ha! It's not always original though, I liked the rabbit headlining...
  2. Great work, following with interest as have many of the same issues. Fabric seems an awful lot for what it is, could you live with a close match that was more reasonably priced?
  3. Had a few bits off it for mine and it was pretty well stripped when i got at it.
  4. Is that new? I'm sure I read just recently that loads of people weren't getting advice and just taking it out. Of course that might be why they have changed it. Anyway try your absolute best to avoid that, the bastards have had 40 years worth of fees to mismanagement your fund, don't give them any more.
  5. This was my favourite, involving Russel Crowe and plenty of people who should have known better in the Australian government. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firepower_International
  6. There is definitely a movement to ban such discriminatory lending practices. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2018/oct/21/buy-to-let-90-percent-of-lenders-refuse-loans-to-benefit-claimants With the Tories driving out small scale buy to let landlords by phasing out the relief on mortgage interest for higher rate payers the problem may start to solve itself as people exit the market.
  7. While i admire your preparedness I have to say that it's not the usual autoshite way. Most people seem to head off armed with a pack of fags and the number for Autoaid. Anyway Chodspeed. I will take a punt on Cavcraft's de-pogweaseled Astra.
  8. GM would also assign these codes to non-Australian captive imports, we once had an MH Holden Barina which was a Suzuki Swift. As above, Ford and Holden would update the cars regularly (not quite annually like the US manufacturers in the 50's) and the two digit code is a handy way of keeping track. So you ask for a 'BA Falcon' tail light at the wreckers, not a 1998 model. It works quite well
  9. Absolutely. The press seem to be making a fuss about it but it doesn't look anything special, it's specced just below a discovery and it seems to be priced extremely high.
  10. What Aldi are these for - A4 estate? With the roof rails? Would they fit a Passat do you think?
  11. Sorry dad. Edited. Just read up on 750s, some scary information out there.
  12. How fucked is this? Is it possible a change of fluids, clean the caliper sliders and drive to a pre-booked mot is viable?
  13. I have had good results with the ones where you use grades of wet and dry up to 2000 and then various magic chemicals in wet wipe packets. Unless you use a UV sealer they quickly go cloudy again. In low UV areas a quick wipe over with cutting compound every now and again seems to do the trick.
  14. That sounds like a good car actually. Had that engine in a mk3 cavalier, did 150000 miles in it no bother. Interestingly, the alternator on mine also started overcharging at one point, boiling the battery and creating some interesting smells resulting in hilarious* who farted? banter.
  15. Also a Wurm Porsche at MONA in Hobart, Tasmania which is one of the best things to do should you ever be in Tasmania.
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