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  1. Been a couple of changes to the fleet lately. Passat sold to @Supernauts brother - saw him driving it today so he seems to be getting good use out of it. Replaced with a white goods audi that need not delay us here. MX5 has also moved on, really enjoyed it but a two seater limits the times we use it. So the hunt was on for a new convertible, was idly musing on possible candidates - C70, Audi a4, when out of the blue my missus piped up that she had always really liked the classic 900 Saab convertibles. Before she changed her mind I identified a few possibles and ran them past @Saabnut . While gently steering me away from a car I had my eye on he mentioned that a possible car might be lurking in his extensive collection. A deal was done and I ordered an exhaust and some service parts. With one thing and another it took a couple of weeks to get everything together but we got her on the lift last Friday and fitted the exhaust. We had changed the oil a couple of weeks previously so I drove to a prearranged MOT. First impressions were good, top down, sweet engine, grips well and not slow if not exactly fast. It's a non-turbo 16 valve version (and has a badge proclaiming this on the back) with a 5 speed box. MOT failed but only on a spring so ordered those and some discs that were an advisory. Very happy with that considering she had been laid up for a while. Future plans are a DA polishing to remedy the severe pogweasling, correct number plates and general titivation. Will probably replace the bonnet and weld some patches on the doors but the car is solid underneath so mostly cosmetic stuff. Now I'm wondering about taking her on holiday in a couple of weeks...
  2. As a child of the Max Power generation, and an Essex boy, I have loads of time for that Fiesta.
  3. I changed out a hard pipe and fluid on the SLS system on a W210 wagon once. The fluid is essentially LHM as I understand it but the Mercedes version is a clear colour. It was eye-wateringly expensive as well so definitely use the green stuff if you have it in stock and it's compatible.
  4. Apparently things like a part for the nose wheel on one aircraft has been on order from Sikorsky for a while. They hold some critical spares locally but other things are on a call-off contract and are experiencing delays. Like everyone else it seems.
  5. Grin at work today, helicopter services to the offshore platforms have been delayed recently with various breakdowns and spares issues resulting in complaints. Babcocks response indicated that their choppers were not 'going tech' i.e. breaking down, they were in fact undergoing ‘Unscheduled Engineering Events’. I have already advised the wife that in future our vehicles may undergo such events rather than shitting themselves like they usually do.
  6. Ooof, that Mercedes. I highly recommend the film Buffalo Soldiers which features such a machine. Buffalo Soldiers (2001) - IMDb
  7. They do take that very seriously, no sense of humour about it at all. I understand the question is there so that you have committed an offence if they decide you actually have been a terrorist at some point. Sorry, boring response. That is a cracking compo face though.
  8. I used to be like that, then I started hanging around here. Now I have replaced plates on two k plate cars because they had post 2001 font. It's a slippery slope...
  9. For the first time in a generation the balance of power is shifting to employees from employers. More jobs and a reduced number of candidates will lead to wage rises eventually. However, as stated above the cost of housing in the south so far outstrips wages now that it would take years to rebalance.
  10. Loving that blue granada. Do you know what engine is in it? Looks like a modern v8, coyote? Also, for different reasons, the shit light covers on that white sierra took me right back to 1994.
  11. This. And coolant and brake fluid. I drain the filters thoroughly and then bin them, what else can you do? Brake fluid goes in cat litter then the bin. Coolant currently sits in my garage while I work out what to do with it.
  12. I used to live just down the road from there. Loving the aurora, very few left on the road in the States now.
  13. Ha, great expression. Will steal that. Can't wait to see some Marina progress.
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