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  1. Just ordered something from them this morning damn it. At least I have a thread about this excellent Bavarian to read whilst i wait...
  2. Thanks for that, bought one because it's worth a try for the sake of a tenner. On the BT wanting the old ones back, I don't know if they actually require them back but they were very obliging with sending me pre-paid postage bags so I could recycle my parent's collection of old shite BT routers last year. Think they are obligated to take them under the WEEE regulations? Or something?
  3. Just went to Persley scrap yard in Aberdeen for the first time in 20 years. Once we got over the language barrier (I don't speak Doric) I established that the gaffer had some batteries and i could take a look at them, a newish looking 096 would be 20 quid and he wouldn't buy any of my shitty old ones. Quite happy with that I mooched around the yard for a bit and got some bits of VW tat. Went to pay and he wouldn't take anything for them, what a gent. It's a proper old fashioned yard, you can wander about and get whatever you like, no hassle. The only concession to safety is
  4. Brake leak on the passat easily found and fixed today, flexible hose had come loose. Nipped it up and seems good. My own fault I think, I put a new caliper on in 2019 and presumably didn't tighten the union quite enough. Flushed with this success I had a fiddle with the driver's door lock as it has taken to not latching. A good squirt of penetrating oil seemed to fix, maybe temporarily but easy to do again. All good, and brings my working to borked ratio up to 2:5.
  5. Cortina owners club day at Stratford upon Avon racecourse. Will just be a bunch of cars in a field and is a mere 500 miles from my house but looking forward to it already.
  6. I'm not a handy person (far from it) but one trick I was shown many years ago was taping the chuck key to the cord on a mains drill. As Terry Pratchett once said 'Nature, in fact, abhors a lot of things, including vacuums, ships called the Marie Celeste, and the chuck keys from electric drills.'
  7. Loving the casual sexism in the Australian Hillman Hunter ad. Must say, masculinity is not really and attribute that springs to mind. Loving the supercharged Bel Air on standard drum brakes as well, bet that was terrifying when a roo jumped out on you at night. Interesting that the prices are in Australian pounds, must have been just before the dollar came in. The Aussie pound was always pegged slightly below sterling presumably to try to keep exports competitive.
  8. Love that coat hanger aerial, my dad's mk 5 had one for years. In fact he would treat it to a new one when it went rusty, true craftsmanship.
  9. Snow has delayed mustang MOT so in the meantime I have been fiddling with my other Dagenham dustbins. Sierra has been stored outside over the winter due to space issues and let in a little water. Mostly from the rear light clusters so some butyl tape on order for that. Also bought wiper delay and instrument dimmers to replace nasty blanks on the dash. Because priorities. Cortina is lurking in the garage avoiding the salt so I took the chance to fix the steering wheel which was grubby and had lost its cover. Stripped wheel down and polished. Had to re sti
  10. I was quoted 230 plus postage for a 1600E wheel. Went with an ebay DIY cover for 25 instead.
  11. Realised today that despite having a reasonable fleet I am down to one roadworthy car. Wife's i3 broke a spring today, passat burst a brake hose last week, mx5 is SORN and everything else needs an MOT. So wife is driving my van to work tomorrow, this is causing a cooling effect on our relationship...
  12. Need a bigger hammer m9.
  13. A very satisfying repair that. Wife was much more keen on the cortina after I fixed her seat.
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