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  1. Popular in the States those, as a first car. Quite like the styling and yaris/corolla bits underneath so pretty dependable presumably.
  2. Just had a NIP in the post, no speed courses in Scotland so at least £100 and three points. I actually saw the camera and slowed right down but then stupidly assumed I was out of range and accelerated away. I am such a twat. I did a course a few years ago in England, did learn a few things that had changed like 20mph limits so not a total waste of time.
  3. Sorry to hear that, always quite fancied one but don't know much about them.
  4. Currently in London and driving my mother's Ka about. People get really shirty if you drive at 20 in a 20 zone and make the slightest hesitation because they have changed the roundabout since 1997.
  5. Got to agree a106 or especially a 205 would meet those requirements.
  6. I believe they are repeating it soon. I keep quiet about cars unless in a safe space with other afflicted souls who like interesting jalopies. My neighbour spent a while telling me about the new BMW iX on new year's eve, assuming I'd be interested. It's why I got so pissed, trying to numb the pain.
  7. Going to drive my Cortina to the Retro Rides weekend at Goodwood in May. Loads of other stuff but time is the issue for me.
  8. As my missus (physio) said at the time 'clapping doesn't pay my gas bill'. After all the crap that was spouted during the pandemic some of the rhetoric about the strikes is a new low.
  9. Yeah I can see the argument. I just feel that if they're that concerned about safety they would provide a safe drop off area for free.
  10. Agree he was a twat but how will they get fined? Is it not allowed to walk to the terminal? As someone who would rather die* than pay an airport drop off fee I'm interested.
  11. @Austat this. You know it makes sense.
  12. I think your second picture with the seats answers that question really. Get it bought and put a label 'from Santa' on it. That will convince your dad surely? They sold 3 million of them, made them for 30-odd years and there can't be many other classic cars you could drive to Cape York tomorrow. I'm jealous already...
  13. Modern news but maybe of interest to some of you. 4motion transporter van was in the garage yesterday because it has ceased 4motioning. A professional code reader found several codes that my cheapie hadn't detected, all related to the haldex control module. Diagnosis was, it's donald ducked, need a new one. Quote for the part from VW was, wait for it, £1547.10 + VAT! A mere £1856.52 to you sir. Plus labour obviously. And it's on back order. Happily, there's a guy in Crewe who can probably repair it for £150 which is more like it. He can do all Gen 2 and 4 Haldex controllers fitted to Auid/VW/Skoda and Volvo 2004-2014 roughly. You can't drive the vehicle with the module removed so it looks like I will have to do it on my drive but better than the alternative.
  14. Enjoying the snow here but made a right twat of myself on Saturday. We drove up near Huntly to have a play in the snow in my 4 motion VW. The main car park was quite deep and a chap was having a bit of trouble getting out. I gave him a push and he asked if I was going to park there. I assured him I was because it 'should be all right, I have winter tyres and this thing is four-wheel drive you know'. Waving him merrily on his way I drove straight in and came to a rapid stop, completely stuck. Rear wheels not doing anything at all. Bugger. Followed by a good 30 minutes of digging to get it out. Car's booked in to the garage on Wednesday because sod getting under it in this weather. It's a Gen 2 Haldex system so not hugely complicated and hopefully not too hard to fix...
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