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  1. And various Audis. Quite well done and I like them but pretty spendy even before shipping.
  2. Surely there's a market for more or less anything, how you segment it is up to you. I suppose i was talking about the British sub-10k market SiC was referring to in his posts but the cars at the likes of Pebble Beach are much older agreed. Arguably, those cars would be better segmented with fine art or property as investments though.
  3. I would like the Sony unit please. I'm in Aberdeen tomorrow during the day if you're around for collection?
  4. I disagree (politely), there are plenty of people like us who just like various cars because the engineering or history interests them but what drives the market are people who are collecting what they couldn't have when young like XR3s and so on. They will buy the best with no real concern on price and then plenty of others jump on that rising market and ask inflated prices. Does seem logical that the lower end of the market will be softening even more than usual at this time of year with the fuel shortages, gas prices and general malaise going around.
  5. Sounds like you are taking the right approach getting the correct gear and everything. I know the advice is usually to start with a smaller bike but my first proper bike was a R1150RT and I didn't have any issues with the size or weight of it. I would argue that a more powerful bike is better in some circumstances as you can get out of potential situations quickly. Depends on your size and insurance costs (I'm fairly tall and fairly old) but a bigger bike has some advantages. NC750 is a good call, been looking at them recently.
  6. W124 2 door or even W126 SEC coupe were popular with Essex boys who were a bit moody in the 90s. Along with classic range rovers as shown in those terrible British gangster films about the Rettendon murders.
  7. Exactly, although Archer is a convicted perjurer, fraudster and literary criminal he's not a bad bloke in comparison to the other two.
  8. Great stuff, living the dream with some talking shite. Will just confess that it's taken me since 25th September to get the pun in the thread title.
  9. cort1977

    Winter tyres

    You joke but I had some fucking tube telling a whole first aid course of about 30 people that was true recently. Twat wouldn't back down even when I sent him (and everyone) that link. I can't abide people spreading that kind of BS.
  10. cort1977

    Winter tyres

    I have seen people driving with studded tyres in summer on tarmac and it's not pretty, made a terrible noise, like the whole street turning to look. I do have a set of winter tyres in rural Aberdeenshire, was very handy last winter which was fairly severe up here. I made a few attempts to get my van stuck in unploughed car parks and couldn't manage it until the bumper was ploughing and then reversed out easily. I got them off gumtree on a set of BMW X5 wheels hardly used. Worth having up here but probably not in most of England, those cross climate things seem like a good compromise for the couple of days of snowmageddon in the South East.
  11. I'm glad you asked. Current list looks like this: MX5 kit - exocet kit Astra van Volvo wagon - 940, 960 106, 205, 205 convertible 306 GTI-6 or XUD Any Cheap Yanks as long as V8 Jag XJ-S - 3.6 manual especially X308 jags - LWB especially Clios - diesel or 172, 182 Citroen - XM, GS, CX, Xantia Activa, C6 Avantime Scirocco - the old one obvs Mercedes S class - W140, also 2 door version Fiat Multipla - 1st gen Rolls Royce - Spirit 1980 onwards Lancias - any except rebadged chryslers Alfa Romeo - Spider, any V6 Ford Puma - Yamaha engined version Lexus LS460, LS400 Audi A2, A8 Zaporozhets - one of these: Picked up from Lithuania and driven back obviously. Seems like I like barges, sporty hatches and V8s. And communist shite.
  12. If you need anything on Sunday let me know and I can bimble along to Braemar with it. Good luck.
  13. I was just joking I always seem to lose money. Although broke even on a couple lately.
  14. You mean... there's an alternative?
  15. A neighbour of mine had one in the late 90's. Rode in it a few times and they are magnificent. The way the glass comes right down to your waist, the sound, the seats - they're just great. Proper motor. Along with a P38 they're about the only LR product that I would roll the dice on owning.
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