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  1. Swapping cars is a thing in the states because there is sales tax to pay even on a private sale. Still not a great idea probably.
  2. I'm going, will be there both days I think. (My mate bought the tickets). Not been before so don't know which day is best.
  3. I believe these chain systems were quite a common way of converting American cars in the 60s and 70s. Several companies doing work of variable quality.
  4. Carb linkage on the cortina is missing some bits but I managed to bodge it enough to get it working. A quick run up the cairn o mount showed that the exhaust is knackered, my new seal on the tailgate is only reducing the intake of fumes slightly and the engine is running a bit rich. And there's something amiss in the steering. I was grinning like the proverbial cat at the end of it.
  5. Turns out the roof on the Saab is waterproof. I have been keeping it out of the rain as there are a few small rips on it but I got caught out today when a thunderstorm went through. Car is dry inside which is a definite win. Will give it a good clean and renovo treatment now and hopefully put off replacement for a while. Happy days.
  6. I do have a spreadsheet like that but don't fill in the costs religiously because I'm too lazy. It's handy to keep the details of each car in one place though and I have set it up to track the MOT, insurance and tax status of each one. Also the V5c reference no. can be useful for taxing online.
  7. Narrowly pipped by the Citroen Pluriel I think you'll find 🙂 Very much enjoying my Saab c900 convertible although I don't think it's really shite these days, definitely proper classic.
  8. 3D printing to manufacture one-off things like this is very interesting. I realise it's been going on in industry for years but pleasing to see the cost and availability filtering down to the likes of us.
  9. You absolute winner! There's something about these things I love.
  10. Have to say I have had good experiences with Black Circles, ordered several sets and a local-ish tyre place fits them no issue. They sent three a while ago and knocked off 25 quid for the delay on the fourth, no bother as i wasn't going to pick it up for another couple of days anyway.
  11. Thought some of you Rover appreciators would enjoy this: Driving Two Sterlings from Portland to Austin—What Could Go Wrong? (caranddriver.com)
  12. Top woolarding there, good to see standards maintained. Sounds like a good swap for you, best 9f luck with the Jag.
  13. I may have bought some terminally rusty shite today. Whether it will be going back on the road or a parts car will depend on what lurks underneath. Incredibly exciting kollecshun fred tomorrow.
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