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  1. Dan_ZTT

    Ford timelord

    Would like to see this Bit more info and a trailer here - https://www.nme.com/news/music/watch-the-trailer-for-controversial-new-documentary-who-killed-the-klf-3198234?utm_source=hootsuite&utm_medium=&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=
  2. 16A 230V, as others have said. Commonly used for stage lighting among other things. If it was yellow it would be 16A 110V, as mostly seen on building sites. If it was blue but bigger it would still be 230V but rated 32A. If it was red it would be 3-phase (and would have 2 extra pins). As you can probably guess I have to deal with all these at work...
  3. Do the first camp before you remove the toilet. You may not realise how handy it is in the night until you've experienced it... (I might be wrong but it's still worth checking first)
  4. Ha. Bit too diesely for my taste but could be a bargain.
  5. January 2021 for me! Seriously though, great work, love to see it
  6. Yeah this is what red5 is suggesting, using a single jump lead to function as a strap
  7. I enjoyed the Christmas special. Challenges a bit silly but that's always been the way. Harris seemed well chuffed with the BX, he's definitely a Citroen fan. It got my dad reminiscing too about the white one he bought new, not 4x4 sadly but I can still remember the plate H28 ELF, very festive. Out of the three I'd have the Range Rover personally, though I do like the Citroen too. Never really understood the Ford fanboy thing.
  8. Knew of this but first I've seen in the metal, Lambo Urus. Not a huge fan. Expensive plate, poor parking. About what I'd expect for one of these.
  9. So am I (ish) Lots of snow this morning All melted away now, still quite windy but nothing too destructive
  10. The forum bike Vel Satis that I had for a bit was definitely an ex-taxi, unusual choice for the time but it's ideal for it really, spacious and comfortable. Still had a 'no smoking' sticker in one of the rear windows. Was on 273,000 I think when I sold it and it's still going strong. I wouldn't be put off any car for that reason as long as it seems like it's been looked after, and the price was right of course...
  11. Never even heard of these before Looks like an interesting project, best of luck with it
  12. Yeah I'd suggest one of those cover things too, we have a similar one but with some little pockets on it too, makes a noticeable difference on the leather
  13. That's a real shame Pete, hope it gets sorted out
  14. I'm very close to this, live in Redditch and regularly visit mother in law in Shirley. PM me details and I'm sure I can make the detour at some point soon
  15. Think you've answered your own question there...
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