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  1. Should probably update this thread... Car is excellent but if you own one and take it to work do expect to be asked 'how many mpg then?' approximately every 5 minutes To do; Fix missing rear seat belt Get fresh MOT in December Sell in spring?
  2. Last 30 seconds of this actually (very briefly) references this car, he found a forgotten Beatles mix in the boot… presumably nothing quite so valuable left in it these days
  3. Yeah. There's a low range button too but that's currently not working, to be investigated...
  4. Yeah, if you ever get bored of it please offer it to me for significantly more than you paid and I'll probably still find it hard to resist (my wife will kill me)
  5. Holy shit was this Glyn Johns' car?? Actual living legend, inventor of a method for recording drums that he used extensively with Led Zeppelin, engineer on Beatles recordings, and a whole lot more besides If you watch Peter Jackson's Get Back documentary about the Beatles that came out recently you'll see him in it loads
  6. Yes, and no, amazingly. HMC had kindly/accidentally left enough in to get me home, just. I’ll put a full tank in on morning, bracing my wallet now. Question for the group, should I run it on E5/super or just regular, will it matter? I normally don’t bother, but also I don’t normally own “performance” vehicles
  7. Met @HMC at Exeter, top bloke, thanks for great car Now begins long drive home
  8. That's the one This and HMC's thread are about to become one of those weird crossover episodes like when the Simpsons turned up in Family Guy
  9. Passing through brizzle. Not the best bit of it.
  10. Spot on Not riding it all the way to the end, but not far off
  11. Evesham Road towards the Headless Cross end, very close to my house. I know what you mean though, looks very similar, I’m sure it dates from the same period.
  12. Found big train and posh breakfast Sitting on this one for a couple of hours to destination now, might have a nice nap
  13. Sadly not, circumstance conspired against us This one is more exciting for me but also more expensive, further away and less wife-pleasing…
  14. Start of the line, Redditch Big station now achieved;
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