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  1. Figured this might be of interest to some here. MG / Rover breakers near me is moving premises, bad timing with the lockdown and all, but seem to be selling off loads of stuff cheap if you can collect. Redditch / South Birmingham https://m.facebook.com/MgandRovercarspares/
  2. Dan_ZTT

    Quotes in Threads

    Noticed the feature the other day but only just seen this thread. Yes please keep, is very good. Lots of thanks.
  3. Weirdly I think this has been discussed on another thread not that long ago I think the answer was that dog food used to have a lot of ground bone in it but now it doesn't, and the white shite was due to the high calcium levels from all the bone
  4. Dan_ZTT


    I'm guessing a rusty rover metro
  5. That is quite a lot of gauges.
  6. Dan_ZTT

    Shit Ideas

    You mean where you just tap the stick lightly and it flashes 3 times? I think that's properly great, really annoys me that my main car doesn't do it.
  7. Helpful catalogue that, address on many pages is the auctioneers base in Ledbury, one mention that the auction site is a field and an arrow to a map, no address. Yes you can see the road name and it is near Evesham, not exactly encouraging attendance though. Having said that I live about 20 mins away and do have a 4x4 so could make an appearance, I'm not brave enough to actually buy anything at this risk level though. And have nowhere to put it.
  8. I sold my ZTT for £1250 a year ago but that was obviously MG version tourer, was a petrol V6 with recent belt change, + spec, generally good condition, etc. And it still took a few months to find a buyer. I love 75's too, but no it seems that to the vast majority they are still just an 'old man car', a long way off being a classic.
  9. +1 for jamming in a slightly-too-big torx bit, has worked for me in similar situations
  10. I was 18 and driving back from the 2005 Reading Festival, middle lane of the M4 doing about 75mph and my right rear tyre blew out. All a bit of a blur but basically it went sideways quickly and slid off the road, rolled over into the ditch and back upright where it came to a stop. I can still vividly remember opening the door and stepping out on to the windscreen which had come out when the car was upside down. Had 2 friends in the car with me but we were all fine, not a scratch. Was a bit gutted as it was my first car and I'd passed my test in it, but it could have been a lot worse.
  11. It's the same as London ULEZ I believe, you're OK if euro 4 onwards petrol or euro 6 onwards diesel. Likely the checker gets confused with older or rarer stuff but hopefully historics will be exempt. Much like the ULEZ it's actually a very small area (for now anyway) and easily avoided when driving. Having walked round some of that area myself yesterday (New Street and nearby) I'm all for it, to be honest I'd favour pedestrianising a good chunk of it, the only people who need to drive right in these city centre bits are deliveries and taxis.
  12. Not sure it ever has been, or not since before the 'modern' version anyway. It's a family entertainment show that happens to have cars in, and I love it for that. My wife wouldn't sit with me and enjoy an episode of Wheeler Dealers or Hoovies Garage, but Top Gear she will, that's the difference.
  13. Really enjoyed that one, proper Top Gear. Race a supercar against a jet fighter. Make a 4x4 out of a Bedford Rascal, fitted with bifold doors and a gravy machine. Job jobbed.
  14. STOLEN TRUCK Apologies if duplicate as I rarely keep up with this thread, just throwing this up as I saw it on faceache
  15. I didn't think our place was on street view yet (new build 2015) but this thread has made me look again and there it is! Taken last June so either a weekend or I'd gone to work on my bike, since my Range Rover and wife's new Kia are both on the drive
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