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  1. I like that they tried to make something a bit different, I don't like how it turned out... the standard one to me is just ugly I remember walking past a convertible one every day for a week when I was in Tuscany for my cousin's wedding though, always parked up roof down, looked a lot better than the hard top version
  2. An update! Battery is fine, it was me being daft with the lights. Done a few hundred miles since then with no problems and the handbrake warning has disappeared again too and stayed off, bonus. I've also inherited a Honda Civic which means the Vel Satis is now FOR SALE - advert linked below;
  3. I'd been in my current job about a month when I got told by the big boss to mend the leg of a Bosendorfer belonging to Tori Amos. Shouldn't have googled the value before I started, nervous is an understatement...
  4. 95 miles for me, not bad. Never done a FotU but always liked the idea of it. Vel Satis too new?
  5. An update. Looks like I'm an idiot. This car doesn't have a tell-tale for the sidelights (or maybe it does and the bulb's gone), I suddenly remembered I had them on driving home tuesday, obviously left them on and that's what's killed it... On charge now, will try to start it later
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone Yesterday turned into a nightmare long day but I'll get it on charge today and if that doesn't help I'll get a new battery, should be fine I'm sure
  7. A lot of that has gone missing I'm afraid! Just the one Vanessa Paradis CD in it when it got to me, I have enjoyed that though
  8. Handbrake warning came back within a few days, hasn't gone away this time. Ah well. In other news, it let me down today; It hadn't moved in weeks due to lockdown etc so I gave things a check over on Monday afternoon - tyres, fluids etc, all ok. Battery was only showing 11.5V but the car fired up on the button and it showed 14V+ running so I didn't worry about it. Tuesday morning it again started fine and I went about 15 miles to my father in law's house to sort out some stuff, all good, back home a few hours later and again all fine. Now this morning (Thursday) I cam
  9. Anything with a fresh MOT for £200 is an absolute bargain. If you were so inclined you could immediately stick it on gumtree at double that and it wouldn't hang around.
  10. What programs do you guys use for editing? I need to put together some medium quality music videos at some point this year, if I can ever find the time... I've got both a Windows laptop and a Macbook, if that makes a difference
  11. For me it's the forum-bike Vel Satis I've got at the moment, by quite a way, it was on 271,331 this afternoon; Pretty good going for a 2.0T petrol with 15 owners in 18 years. I'm confident it'll make it past the 300k mark eventually, though I'm doing so few miles lately I expect that milestone will be with a future owner.
  12. Some good news on the blower front, I did cut and solder that join the other day, it worked and it's still working so I'm calling that done, happy days. Another bonus, I might* have absolutely floored it onto the dual carriageway on my way to Lidl this morning, a bit of an acceleration test, and immediately after I did that the 'handbrake faulty' message disappeared, and it didn't come back on the way home either. A warning-free dash on this is a rare and pleasant sight... (the 'screenwash low' warning does still appear on startup but that one goes away after a minute. T
  13. I remember reading about it when it was first up for sale a couple of years ago, I think it was in Practical Classics Shame it couldn't be saved, some lovely stuff there
  14. I think that's partly why it appeals to me, the oddness of it. And it's as comfy as an old pair of slippers too.
  15. Since I had easy access I thought I'd take a quick look at the pollen filter at the same time Not looking promising... Yep. Nasty. Helpful to have a car park ticket in there to date it though ECP have a sale on (who'd have thought?) so a replacement has been ordered
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