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  1. I had this too, for some reason it didn't like me copy/pasting the email address, but when I typed it in manually it worked fine
  2. Amazing I'd like to be sure I haven't won the MGF before entering... will have a random if still some available after that draw For the record, I'd have the Rover
  3. New Rolls Royce looks a lot like my 16-year-old Range Rover
  4. Result. Yeah I'm up for keeping my ticket.
  5. What's the current MoT status? If it's got one for more than a handful of weeks I'll stay in
  6. I caught up on TG last night and I'm pretty happy. It's only their first episode and it's decent, definitely a good sign. I always watched Evans / LeBlanc too just because I like seeing cars on TV, but I feel like this series is going to be a step forward. Clarkson et al was tedious by the end, this is better.
  7. Well, I'd completely forgotten I was in this. No space at all now, but i guess I'll worry about that if I win...
  8. Whichever one I've currently got parked on the road due to lack of driveway space, not much more scientific than that...
  9. Old money still has money precisely because they have shite cars, they know depreciation is the enemy
  10. Did a mostly-motorway journey earlier. Astonishingly frugal!
  11. Please someone buy this, i can't risk winning it
  12. This looks a cracking car, well bought
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