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  1. Read this title and thought it must be a joke name for a breakers yard... "What happened to the astra mate?" "It was fucked, I sent it off to Choppington"
  2. Dan_ZTT

    Ford timelord

    I googled the number, the only amusing thing that came up was the sheet music for Gangnam Style, as arranged for brass quintet... https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/gangnam-style-for-brass-quintet-digital-sheet-music/20317648
  3. Dan_ZTT

    Wedding Car

    Was picturing an 85-year-old giffer in leather trousers until I realised you meant the bike. Thanks for that.
  4. Dan_ZTT

    Wedding Car

    Very nice. Well, in the home of JLR, I'm happy to offer you a taxi service in a slightly shonky silver Range Rover, it's not really wedding car material though.
  5. Realised I hadn't put this here before, so here it is. 2003 Range Rover. Much green. And a broken bulb behind the odometer.
  6. Dan_ZTT

    Wedding Car

    Gorcott Hall by chance? seems to be the main one round here
  7. Yep, pretty much. I have so much want for a tourer or ZT-T version but they are rare and expensive.
  8. My parents had a white BX when I was a kid, 'H28 ELF', it's the only reg I can still remember from back then... I don't think we had it new, must have got it at a few years old in the early/mid 90's. I remember liking it. Last taxed in 2003 though so must have gone for bean tins long ago.
  9. I really hope this was some kind of student flat-share situation or similar, not like two semi-detached houses sharing a bathroom in the middle
  10. Just spotted on autotrader. Bonus points for mismatched wheels as well? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201911254721439 Advert also mentions an admin fee of either £249 or £149, they can't seem to decide. Something tells me 'Aces Auto Mall' isn't the best place to buy from...
  11. Forget those, soon I'll grab some pictures from underneath my 2003 range rover (L322), it's rust central...
  12. Dan_ZTT

    Ford timelord

    Amazing. I remember this being played in clubs all the time when I was a student. Possibly a tacky question but is it possible to make much money from something like that? Given you've got your own work in the mashup itself, plus the owners of the sampled works, plus the writers of the original songs, I'm picturing some record company lawyers working up a sweat over how to divide the royalties? Not at first I guess, but as soon as it became a hit?
  13. Yeah that's the one, you're right it would need to be a bit more (although not by loads) I had seen the ad now, I remember. The scout version doesn't quite do it for me, looks like a good one though.
  14. Think I've missed that advert, but I've got an L322 Range Rover I'm getting bored of...
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