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  1. Wasn't so secret in mine, would pop open if you went over a speed bump... Still super cool though
  2. @NorthernMonkey worked on the moon miles one more than anyone so he's probably the man to scare you off!
  3. There's a particular one that's been through many owners on this forum, myself included, l only had it a few months due to other life circumstances but it was proper brilliant, despite the moon mileage. That one is a petrol manual though. My short thread on it is here; If you search for Vel Satis on here you'll find some threads from other owners of the same car, there's a fair few. Key points; Very very very comfortable Surprisingly large
  4. I don't think I've actually commented on this thread before but I've enjoyed reading it, you're definitely always welcome
  5. Yes! until I had that car I didn't even realise there was a £99 limit on the pay at pump
  6. L322 Range Rover for me, I remember brimming it on holiday in the lakes a couple of years ago which was over 100 litres of diesel, about £140 at the time I think. The cashier read the price off the till and then looked up surprised and glanced out the window to see what it was. It would just about do 30mpg on a run though so the range was decent.
  7. Meant to post in this thread a few years ago when he first got it, my dad's TF. My son is helpfully* pointing out the late reg plate.
  8. Great to see the progress on this Pete. Enjoying the updates.
  9. all I can see when I look at those trims is a surprised starfish
  10. Pretty much all the same mods you'd do if you were attempting the cannonball run
  11. I like that they tried to make something a bit different, I don't like how it turned out... the standard one to me is just ugly I remember walking past a convertible one every day for a week when I was in Tuscany for my cousin's wedding though, always parked up roof down, looked a lot better than the hard top version
  12. An update! Battery is fine, it was me being daft with the lights. Done a few hundred miles since then with no problems and the handbrake warning has disappeared again too and stayed off, bonus. I've also inherited a Honda Civic which means the Vel Satis is now FOR SALE - advert linked below;
  13. I'd been in my current job about a month when I got told by the big boss to mend the leg of a Bosendorfer belonging to Tori Amos. Shouldn't have googled the value before I started, nervous is an understatement...
  14. 95 miles for me, not bad. Never done a FotU but always liked the idea of it. Vel Satis too new?
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