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  1. Ah yeah I do remember reading that now, no major issue I've got a cheapo code reader myself that should hopefully be able to do the same, I'll give it a try
  2. Went to collect the shopping last night and it decided to be french I'm sure I saw on one of the previous threads that it's done this before so the initial plan is to ignore it and see if it goes away. The parking brake itself is working fine, applies, holds, releases no problem. Is it meant to apply the brake automatically when you stop the engine, and if so is it that function not working which is causing the warning message?
  3. @NorthernMonkey thinks it's the resistor pack rather than the blower itself that's gone, looks like replacement shouldn't be too difficult, maybe just a bit fiddly NM - is this the thing you meant? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Renault-Vel-Satis-Blower-Motor-Heater-Resistor-Auto-Climate-Control-7701048766/143616103031 or would I be better getting one with wires attached like this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Heater-Motor-Resistor-Loom-For-Alfa-Romeo-159-Brera-GT-Renault-Laguna-Vel-Satis/173528549467
  4. Sadly not, I have topped it up but at the moment the (very cool) headlight washers spray fine but nothing comes out of the windscreen ones, or the rear screen ones when I try those. A quick google suggested these have a separate pump for the headlight wash so I guess the main pump has failed, or maybe even just a loose connection or something. I should get a chance to investigate properly at the weekend if the weather's not too grim. Video of funky headlight washers in action; VID_20210112_155204~2.mp4
  5. Nice, since you've had it twice I make that exactly half its owners on here then, 7 of 14 (including me). In time there may be even more.
  6. Job 1 on the list was completed yesterday afternoon and was pleasantly straightforward Step 1 - observe cracked light cluster; Step 2 - open boot to find replacement light cluster supplied by one of the many previous owners (thanks!), and access to this single 10mm bolt, undo it; Step 3 - gently pull out the broken unit and disconnect the wiring plug; Step 4 - half-heartedly wipe away some of the dirt, connect the wiring plug to the replacement unit, push into place, tighten up the bolt on the inside, admire your handiwork;
  7. Seeing as this car has such a history on the forum, I thought I'd actually make the effort to document my time with it; V5C arrived yesterday, it's not far off a 1-owner per year average which is quite impressive; How many of those 14 former keepers are on here? I think @barefoot ,@BorniteIdentity, @Fat_Pirate, @NorthernMonkey, any others? First impressions so far are that the seats are astonishingly comfortable, and that these things are a bit bigger than they look in pictures, I think the weird proportions are deceptive. No great long term
  8. I'd love to make a FoD appearance sometime this year, virus permitting of course, looks like a great day out and I know I could learn a lot from both people and machines. Hopefully by spring/summer it'll be possible.
  9. Thinking about this has made me realise I've never driven a V8 despite having driven two V12s, an Aston DB9 and a Jag E-type on a rather brilliant trackday experience thing my wife bought me a couple of years back I'll still to what I've actually owned though for my brief history; 3 cylinder - a mid 00's Mitsubishi Colt, and my wife's current Kia Rio 4-cylinder - too many to list but nothing very exciting 5-cylinder - Volvo C70 convertible, probably my favourite car I've ever owned 6-cylinder - just the two here, a diesel straight 6 in a Range Rover and a Rover KV6 in
  10. Brilliant When I saw the thread title I assumed it was going to be this one - https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/you-arent-seeing-double-theres-11237010
  11. I've had two separate things arrive that I wasn't expecting... hopefully that doesn't mean someone's been left out?
  12. Amazing I was quite tempted by this as well, if you fancy selling it to me in a year or two that would be ideal...
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