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  1. Before I clicked on the link I was going to say MG ZT 260, of course it's already there Great car though, I'm holding out for a ZT-T version at some point in my future
  2. Ha. I'm jealous of your dedication but it's the exact opposite here, I would prefer to wilfully ignore / drive around a minor issue and resent spending even a single penny on fixing it. My wing mirror is held on with gaffer tape though, and every time I start my car it flashes up 'suspension fault' on the dash, so I guess it's swings & roundabouts...
  3. In 2008 I rented a base spec Dacia Logan saloon from some backstreet place in Marrakesh and drove it 6-up across a desert & back then halfway up a mountain, no a/c or radio, over about a week. Worst car I've ever driven in many ways although to its credit it didn't ever break down or fail to start, even that one time I found a live cat in the engine bay. Anyway I can't remember the exact cost of that but I'm sure it was still more than 15 quid a day, absolutely mental those Cyprus prices.
  4. Nitpicking slightly but it's not quite, I think generally big programs like Top Gear make a net profit for the BBC out of licensing for broadcast in other countries, DVD sales, repeats on Dave, the magazine, Stig keyrings etc etc. The licence fee is more necessary to cover the legal obligation stuff like news, local radio or welsh language soap operas. I enjoyed the latest episode anyway, all good fun. Loved seeing the XJ220, had a model one of those when I was a kid and to me it's still the ultimate supercar.
  5. I'd buy blind from someone on here (and have done), but not through anywhere else I don't think. Even on a cheap car, with somewhere like gumtree you run the risk of it not even existing.
  6. My car's more than twice as old as my house, but given the house was built in 2015 that's not really saying much...
  7. Only 2 here, have had 3 at times but that's my limit with a 2-car driveway and not loads of road space. You guys with 5, 10 cars plus, do you have massive driveway space or are half of them kept in storage away from home or something? I'm always tempted to have another cheap car or two but I think it'd feel like a waste if I had to pay to keep it somewhere else, and I know I'd end up never actually using it.
  8. Just caught up, enjoyed it. As always, it's not a car show, it's a light entertainment show that happens to have cars in, and it does that very well. It's also the only 'car' program my wife will watch with me and actually enjoy, so bonus points for matrimonial harmony.
  9. I was a student in Nottingham 2006-09. I think I remember Templars, not totally sure I'm thinking of the right place as I was drunk most of the time, but over those 3 years I went to every bar in the city and I definitely don't remember there being a car in any of them, sadly. There's a sports bar in central London with a genuine F1 car suspended from the ceiling, 90s model I think, again my memory of the place is a little hazy...
  10. My buildings and contents is £70 a year on a 4-bed detached in suburban Worcestershire... I find these little differences fascinating as well. People often think the USA is cheap to live in when they see things like the petrol prices, but other stuff can be quite the opposite. @PhilA is that mega electric bill down to air conditioning or is it just expensive per kwh over there?
  11. Ha. Yes, that. I remember being amused on mine that the outside had chrysler badges, engine had fiat logo, headlights were labelled lancia, and the locking wheel nut key was in a box marked alfa romeo... It was sold as a Lancia Delta in Europe but it's mostly Fiat Bravo underneath, with bits of Alfa Giulietta, I think.
  12. I've seen pictures of a couple done so I assume it's not super difficult, though I never properly looked into it when I had mine. I did see a few actual Lancia ones last time I was in Italy
  13. I know it's a bit late as you've bought something but I used to have a Delta, it'd get 70mpg on a run, was quite nice to drive and certainly looked a bit different... they're fairly cheap now, here's one just over £2k https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202009103573938? I did 100 miles a day for a couple of years and nothing broke, only sold due to change in life circumstances. Might get another in a few years when they're down to a grand or so.
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