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  1. I caught up on TG last night and I'm pretty happy. It's only their first episode and it's decent, definitely a good sign. I always watched Evans / LeBlanc too just because I like seeing cars on TV, but I feel like this series is going to be a step forward. Clarkson et al was tedious by the end, this is better.
  2. Well, I'd completely forgotten I was in this. No space at all now, but i guess I'll worry about that if I win...
  3. Whichever one I've currently got parked on the road due to lack of driveway space, not much more scientific than that...
  4. Old money still has money precisely because they have shite cars, they know depreciation is the enemy
  5. Go down the bottom and click 'theme' then 'default', sorts the colours if you don't like
  6. Did a mostly-motorway journey earlier. Astonishingly frugal!
  7. Please someone buy this, i can't risk winning it
  8. This looks a cracking car, well bought
  9. So far I absolutely love it! No collection thread sorry, since Mr Wack was an absolute gent and delivered it to my place of work this afternoon. Plan is just to enjoy rolling around in it for a good long while, but if I do ever sell it'll be offered here first. Sent from my ATU-L11 using Tapatalk
  10. Ahh go on then, it would make a nice change to own a car my wife doesn't hate. PM incoming.
  11. I'm fully supportive of veganism as a concept, but vegan 'cheese' is an abomination
  12. Less of this nonsense all round please Owner of car can sell (or not) to whoever they want, however they want Roffles always take a few days to get the payments in, it's the roffler's call when the draw is
  13. I showed my wife a picture of this range rover and she really liked it. Dangerous.
  14. I'm still not clear who actually has the car, but it looks nice in the sunshine
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