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  1. Thank you ! A great post, must have taken you some time... The Humber Hawk for me please.
  2. Brilliant - that looks a delicious bit of kit !
  3. An auction - brilliant idea !
  4. Not likely to be the Rover, it`s a LHD, the Rover is a RHD. That steering wheel is very Citroen like.
  5. Thank you for sorting it out.................. withdrawal symptoms gone !
  6. Fascinating ! Looking forward to the restoration.......
  7. Twiggy

    Sprinter camper

    Good luck whatever you`re collecting...............
  8. Looking forward to this - good luck !
  9. Hope you have better luck than MT did yesterday.
  10. Twiggy

    BMW 320 coupe

    Hover over the avatar - a wee window comes up with "message"
  11. Yeah, didn’t like my forum name or password. My alter ego had no issues though but he’s keeping quiet about it. ^^^ What he said
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