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  1. If the government is serious about saving the motorist money, then the simplest way of doing it would be to reduce the level of duty on fuel.
  2. Good luck - you seem to be doing ok at the moment.
  3. Good luck, I hope it all goes well.
  4. Sounds like it`s all going well up to now. May it continue !
  5. Excellent ! Glad it all went well.
  6. Good luck - hope it all goes well ! When do we get to know (a) your final destination and (b) what sort of luxury conveyance you are about to collect ?
  7. Methinks you`ve done a really professional job there - it looks fantastic.
  8. Twiggy


    That`s a fantastic bit o`kit !
  9. Got mine from Amazon - a brilliant wee book. Many thanks to motor punk !
  10. You will of course have to do the same for minigroovy2, mingroovy3, minigroovy4, minigroovy 5.......
  11. Good luck with the rest of the journey...
  12. Good luck - I hope it all goes well.
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