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  1. Twiggy

    Mercedes C180K

    Good luck, hope it all goes well, and don`t forget the petrol shot...............
  2. That`s a lovely bit of kit...
  3. Thank you ! I`m almost computer illiterate...
  4. This x 10. May I ask for one change please ? The date format on quotes is in the American form of MM/DD/YY, which I find quite confusing. Can you change it to the English version of DD/MM/YY please ? Thank you in advance.
  5. This is absolutely fascinating ! If the worst comes to the worst and you`re unable to complete the job, take some comfort from the fact that you have learnt an awful lot from all this.
  6. Good luck - hope it all goes well...
  7. Good luck ! I hope it all goes well...
  8. Brilliant post ! Takes me back 60-odd years to when my father had a Conquest Century, the car I passed my test on in 1963... a lovely car to drive and the transmission was so easy to use. Just so that you are aware, the oil levels in both the fluid flywheel and the gearbox need to be checked regularly, as the seals were never faultless. IIRC, they both took SAE 30 oil and could be topped up from inside the car. I`m assuming that the Lanchester will be very similar. If the vehicle doesn`t move when you finally get it running and put it in gear, it`s likely that either or both oil levels are
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