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  1. These things are about as close to a shed on wheels as you can get (In a good way obvs) I also like cheap white sliced bread, well played on both counts.
  2. *makes mental note to never to buy a car from this gentleman*
  3. Listen to the advice from Borite and Jim, they're both right on the money here IMO.
  4. I'm not sure TBH, generally speaking the type of people who buy and drive SDI Lupo's aren't too concerned about performance, if they were they wouldn't have gone for the SDI. IIRC there's a map that's freely available online and easy to flash onto the 1.4 TDi versions ECU taking it to 100ps. I'd imagine it's pretty lively. Probably much simpler and cheaper to buy a TDi and go down that route.
  5. Excellent buy. The 1.7 lump in these is basically the same as the VAG 1.9 unit that gained a reputation for immense durability and longevity. The bottom end of the engine will bear a stamp saying 1.9 (They all do) A different crank head were used to reduce the capacity to 1.7
  6. Get on it. Despite owning multiple alleged drivers cars, now I'm owld I find loafing about in a comfy old estates an incredibly good for my general mojo.
  7. Gwan then, I'll take this please PM me some payment details chap.
  8. Work resumed on this last night with a *simple plug change. Upon starting the job it became clear that the plugs were in there as tight as a nuns chuff and despite lots of plusgas each and every one of the 5 of them screeched like a banshee coming out, lots of working backwards and forwards a mllimetre at a time helped to avoid tragedy. Unfortunately despite starting at 6pm by the time the job was done things had descended into darkness... After careful examination it was clear that the plugs removed were Volvo originals,I'd imagine there's a fairly good chance they've been in there since 2001 hence the drama getting them out... Fresh NGK were fitted and then this morning I tuned failure into glory by replacing the old and disintegrating coil lead sleaving with some new stuff I had lying around in the shed... Followed up with re-fitting the covers after a smear of Autoglym bumpercare and it's like nothing ever happened.... Next step, wheel bearing...
  9. Various townie late eighties and early nineties skutt on display here...
  10. I'd be tempted, I love savings however I can get them and that's a great price but I think they differ depending on production year model, something about the number of splines IIRC?
  11. Sweet, and cheers for the video link. So did you use a torque wrench at all on any of the bolts? (As mentioned mine's f*cked) Also, to threadlock or not to threadlock?
  12. That's really kind but I've already got one en route (Doh). £43 for a 'Nordic' branded part doesn't seem too bad. Did you torque the hub to knuckle bolts or just settle for them being FT? Also, are any of the bolts one time use jobbies, is locktite required for them?
  13. Chipping away a bit more at the Volvo this morning, carpet shampooing was the order of the day. I'm avoiding the full scale seats out cleaning stupidity that I subjected myself to with the 940 and as such limited it to the mats. Bissell out and ready for action... Impressive results. The cleaning solution looked like Guinness by the time I'd finished, 5 full containers of this stuff was produced... There's something strangely satisfying about cleaning really dirty carpets (I need to get out more) Meanwhile there are bigger problems to focus on, I'm pretty certain the front passenger side wheel bearing is on the way out. All of the signs are there, low speed grinding/whirring that ceases upon turning right and doesn't go away in neutral coasting or when breaking, yet to strip it down and look but I think as it comes complete with the hub this might be a job that gets farmed out to someone 'professional' to do on the basis my torque wrench is buggered and by the time I've bought a replacement I might as well have used the cash to pay someone else to do the work.
  14. Well played chap, looks spectacular. It must be really satisfying after all the work you've put in, a well deserved victory.
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