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  1. Right This morning I realised that the weather forecast didn't involve rain or snow, so it seemed like a good time to fit a part I've had hanging about in the shed for ages. Behold... A new old stock Mann fule filter for the V70 M9. This was bought from Ebay nearly a year ago for £6 delivered, less than a third of what ECP (Robbing bastards with their pretendy sales) wanted for the same part... I'm not one for messing about with these filters on petrol cars, but given the existing one was 20 years old I thought why not? Looking at the old filter it felt like
  2. For reference, I put mine up for £3000 last year as I felt it was a bit too nice to use on a regular basis, also, the wife was ashamed to be seen in it. Much to my surprise my phone never stopped and it sold for full asking price within a week or two. As a 2.3 turbo manual with 92k it was probably quite desirable, none the less prices in general are on the rise for sure. Re the flametrap, they're supposedly harder on the turbo models- Lots of *experts on the Volvo forum were talking about removing the intake manifold leading to some procrastination on my part. In the end it was needless,
  3. I stuck Commline brakes on the our Golf some time back- I'm very impressed with them, especially as they only cost circa £40 including both discs and pads. They work well and still not even a spot of rust anywhere on the discs, more than can be said for the QH ones the V70 got which now look like ginger biscuits pretty much everywhere the pads don't touch.
  4. Yep, the centre vents stayed cool in some settings on my 940 whilst the rest blew hot IIRC- I think they're designed to do that, but I could be wrong...
  5. That looks great! The saloons are one of those rare cars where they were adapted from the estate version rather than the other way round IIRC. I also concur that even the mighty 2.3 turbo, whilst being bossty, is not really that fast. My 940 could keep up with modern traffic but that's about it. I never really get people 'modding' them with bigger turbos etc... They're epic cars for comfort and build quality but handle like a whale on ketamin so it just seems pointless- Maybe I'm missing something.
  6. Of all the tools I have, the Pela pump has to be biggest game changer. Great aren't they? Loads of others have made life easier- Ratchet spanners, mains impact tools, Sealey brake bleeder etc, but none of the above have seen as much use as the Pela. In the 8 years or so I've had mine I must have done 40-50 oil changes with it, still going strong.
  7. That rotten luck- Hopefully a replacement box from a breaker and a new clutch will see you with a decent car though.
  8. That does look rather special, that interior too... I often look at these admiringly but they've always struck me as a bit of a 'brass ringpiece' job in terms of liability, as such I've never had the guts to get into one Well played, and at least if shit comes to shovel you've always got the Polo to fall back on
  9. ^Agreed Amazing amount/quality of work going into this, I'm genuinely taken aback. Welding isn't something I'm very good at or ever really get involved with, looking at this I can see why (And also why most garages don't want to do it) Hat well and truly doffed
  10. Well, as mentioned in the previous post the V70 predictably shat itself from both ends last week as payment for all the love I'd shown it last month. The trouble started on Monday when I jumped in it with the intention of taking the boy to school, turned the key and it just clicked. Fuck. I ditched it, took the Golf (Old faithful) and left it on a smart charger for the morning. The following day, it started but the battery was sat at 11.5 volts at rest. I threw caution to the wind and did the school run, got back safely only to be met with an awful burning smell and smoke pouring out of
  11. And wait for it.... As predicted the V70 has thanked me for all of the work put in by *rewarding me with a dead battery and a terminally sticking OSF caliper. FML.
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