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  1. Mine for the Forester and 330ci totalled 1100 last year, now closer to 1500 and I cried...... Outright theft...... Mate had a small shunt as a dope pulled out in front - witnesses so all OK - except he did a quick check and car was without MoT or insurance. MoT there's no excuse but even I can see why some people are struggling to pay through the nose for such shit cover and service.
  2. It is now at the top of the local hill, resting on the smaller snowball ready to wreak havoc upon the Halfords below who refused to swap his 1day out of warranty battery...... He just needs his specially trained labrador to remember the right olace to cock a leg..... He's off to establish his Costa Coffee alibi Today Halfords - tomorrow the world......
  3. Need parts, willing to pay..... But can't collect Saturdays as they are NEVER open. To restore your classic car you either have to be unemployed or retired ffs. The postage charge is a f*cling rip off too - I work for RMG and the package is never 60+quid you thieving wankers. Looks like I'll be getting an extra reaming for the Yuletide if I want to make progress on the project then Insert chain of expletives here......
  4. Apologies if in the wrong place..... I need parts for my P6 and wanted to grab them from WADHAMS. I'm in the area for other crap car related stuff this Saturday - but the P6 company of the year aren't open at all on weekends! Anyone really close who could collect the bits and hold them for me - I'll come get them Saturday at your convenience. If not I'll have to bite the 60 shopping fee...... Any help appreciated. Obviously time n fuel covered with cashola or liquid refreshments.... Name your poison.
  5. Great purchase...... I got mine as a 'gotta own for a bit' purchase and it's still sat outside 8yrs later. Just lovely things. Only issue apart from standard service and consumables was a snapped shock after hitting the mother of all potholes in Belgium...... Enjoy....... They are just fantastic.
  6. In for this again...... Appreciate the effort organising.
  7. Dude - got my son over this week visiting but from 30th....if you need an extra pair of hands I'm only 20mins away. Just holler
  8. My Forester did the same thing with the cross block under the inlet manifold coolant pipe too...... I took a couple of looks at it and bought 1m of coolant hosing - flipped the outlet in the header tank and slipped it through another route to the water pump. Wasn't sure I'd get away with it but 5 EU journerys and months later still all good so I'm not touching the sod. Great work on the MG. I've always shied from them due to the coolant/HGF horror stories tbf. Bottled it every time. A rotten old 'proper' mini though..... NOW you're talking 😁 Will you persevere with an original engine or go for a swap/upgrade?
  9. I papped this years back as the old guy who built it lived on my street in Brussels. He's knocking on 80 now and still working odd days at the Citroen garage..... I managed to have a go around the block in it.
  10. While I was sorting the garage a bit.... The GF piped up she'd found something to sort the kitchen - as someone had previously stained the whole worktops..... REALLY REALLY BADLY. I came up for a cuppa to this horror show. So got the big guns out..... And promptly broke the belt sander FUCK IT! To top it all - she's off in the morning to UK for family. I'm still fuming..... That's my few days welding the P6 without interruption totally bolloxed.
  11. Great work fella..... Looks a fantastic job so far. - he'll be chuffed for sure. I've been tidying the garage here in Belgium amd found an ally lowering block for the rear with extended bolts if you're interested. Never used..... Brand new. Yours if you PM me your address and I'll send it once I'm back in UK next week.
  12. THIS.... I'm half way through today. Found a load of Spitfire spares, underseal and zinc primers up the wazoo and junked some utter crap I'd thought would come in handy. Seems I have poly bush kits for the Lada 2101 amd ignition bits so I'll try amd get that running over the next 2 days I think - P6 welding not withstanding One downer was my Aprilia decided to fuck it's throttle handle - plastic fatigue.... New one ordered.
  13. Dude..... If you ever look at sorting that place and need an extra pair of hands we can go at it over a weekemd to get some semblence of order*
  14. No worries...... If you're wanting to use this option just drop me a PM and it can be sorted.
  15. Rob - where in Germany are MotorMobil? Could they deliver in Germany without chopping it? I can grab it from the ex's mums place when we next visit and throw it in the back of the Scoobie...... If that's any option and you're not too pushed for time.
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