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  1. Yes... 02 and in the same blue. Manual though and clutch is starting to slip 🙄 OH... and the gasket has gone from the downpipe to rest of the exhaust so that'll be a total joy to get the bastard loose and fixed 😭 Glad the lads enjoying it..... They've really grown on me and I think the coupe is a lovely shape. Still gets the glances everywhere it goes (but that may be the farting exhaust)
  2. Nice work.... I'll admit I'm not looking forward to doing the 330ci rear brakes etc.. when it lands on these shores in a couple of weeks. Have you checked the rear boot floor and chassis underneath - prone to cracking if any previous owners drove like dicks...... FYI
  3. Today in Farringdon..... Both looking ratively smart apart from the bodged front edges of the arches. Looks like it's been stood a while - convertibleness....
  4. Wasn't there a bloke prosecuted as he'd done that to his Sierra and some scrote in a supermarket car park was found unconscious by his vehicle.... I've toyed with the though of a compressed air/ spring loaded sharpened bolt through the bottom of the drivers seat.... Not sure I could get away with that either....
  5. I misread them as Stuboy ratchets... Posh personalised gear ftw
  6. That would be my preference too..... For only 300 more. At least you're 'safe' ish until April next year 🤞
  7. I'll buy blind with the best of 'em... But that just seems too much for needing a ticket etc.... 5yrs off the road The fact it's sold twice already and they've obviously walked away would have me binning it from my watch list tbh Your money though so always your choice...
  8. I'm betting I'm not the only one who'd gladly have that photo on a wall at home fella. If you have a hi res version and you're OK with me using it at my place...... Would that be OK?
  9. I've been looking at these too as they seem to have dropped in price recently to within affordable if not too fucked range.... Still easily enough cared for by the driveway amateur and the looks are growing on me. Every single one I've looked at has been fucked so far though.... 😕
  10. Yup..... From the PO Farringdon HQ 2nd floor.... I'm assuming you mean mine
  11. Plus plate DULL XML.... #geeksorry If externally decent you may as well go for it..... But total cost of the conversion needs to be factored in I suppose.
  12. Jt rolled past here in Farringdon The wedding special..... Beautifully restored
  13. Just rolled past the office here in Farringdon. Recognised the engine hammer 😁 (and next to it a bus!) Beautifully restored - the wedding special apparently
  14. You obviously need lowrider yo stance bitch airbags etc.... Couldn't you have airbags and keep em at mid height for normal use and just hike em up for track attack? Newer versions are a fairly decent ride apparently
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