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  1. Fantastic perseverance..... Best of luck with the replacement parts actually showing up and hopefully clearing the woes. Inspiring - inspired me to lower these on my wish list and go look at the potentially for sale 2600 thread 😁
  2. I'm hoping Maestro VDP with full on slushbox and working squawkbox for the seatbelt warning Korean equivalent would be Hyundai Pony of late 80s early 90s if you are truely sadistic
  3. Forester 'check engine' light flicked on and then off again 2secs later..... Quick check shows coolant has been disappearing. Only 3days to EU 2weeks..... Looks like nurse it there n back with everything crossed then New Year HG job..... Bollox
  4. I forgot that part TBH - I think the most smiled at and waved at car by a country mile..... I definitely haven't* been trawling sites over the last hour. Not as if I have a garage racking full of spares to use up
  5. With my 1500 I also went hardtop and tonneau as I spent approx 90% of the time open and a hat if necessary.... The heater is more than adequate for most weather. Not sure how your tracking is but I found my mounts on the inner arms had ovalled over the 30+yrs. I welded in heavy washers to centralise it all again, made a massive difference. Looks a cracker - I still miss the agricultural feel and tappet hollar at high revs of my old one. Watching with yearning.....
  6. My 1 and only RTA was in similar circumstances back in Wroxham when I was 18. 1st motor a BGT and this old fucker came into the middle of the road and twatted my front wing and door. His entire car was frozen/misted up inside and out..... He was just too impatient to wait to clear the windows and be able to see.... Dickhead. He was still clearing the windows when local plod turned up......
  7. I'll chip in with the title change option..... I just opened it out of intrigue and work boredom. If it had De Lorean transmission woes etc... up there I'd be in like Flynn fella
  8. More Frontera pics dude..... Loved mine until I killed it playing in a quarry. PansyPanzer an estate, saloon, coupe? I missed earlier mentions
  9. Depends on your point of view..... A decent hole n all that and your approach to contraception 🤔
  10. Dryer threw in the towel so to speak last week so grabbed a local one from that there tree place... Using the Forester - seller helping me get it to the car just exclaims - wow, proper old school, nice one... Then spent 15mins talking about the well used sheds I have and his hankering for a T5R..... The man has taste
  11. If I'm feeling like scaring the arteries there's a cafe upstairs in Dunelm tat shop on the Croydon trading estate that does a fully loaded for 4quid..... So BnQ at 7ish. Grab shit before it's invaded and then a huge bap and coffee before the day descends into manual labour and/or chores. They regularly burn the bacon for me - perfection Long way to Saturday though - curse you 😁
  12. I was far too early picking up the Passola from H.... So was giving this the once over, ummimg and ahhing to myself. Too many projects in the go right now kept me from jumping on this just to own that interior.... It's lovely. What's the plan/timetable guesstimation for the welding?
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