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  1. a mate of ours regularly drank himself into oblivion..... 1 night passing out with his face on his pint glass. They left him there while they partied. The ring around his mouth lasted about a fortnight. He also once shit the bed with his wife getting covered - but that's another story...... no clue how he made it through his 30's
  2. So are you persevering and going till she drops - or calling a man with a van?
  3. Yup - nicely done. I did the typical - I'll just put this down and undo the fuel cap - stepped back,ended up on my arse and swore a lot......
  4. Are they felt or rubber based? Just thinking they may spoil your concours finish fella....... For an emergency fuel helper in the garage I cobbled together ages ago - I used the bizarrely very strong magnets from a knackered hard drive but had to remember a cloth/rag in between them and the paintwork..... these (if rubber based) would've been ideal. Mine was a shitshow compared to yours - and I stood on the fucker about 9mths after I made it and cracked it to buggery...... top mancrafting sir
  5. Silly as it sounds - I had this when the backpack was slightly heavier than usual one day - I went spare on the drive home. Sounds like a decent ride to be honest. Nothing too bad on that list. Was wondering - if tested early - does that still invalidate the existing record? Wiping off the 2-3mths you have in place? Sorry - too long away from the UK MoT experience....
  6. We looking at your flared nuts? Or dodgy package?
  7. Nicely done ...... https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-australia-61828404
  8. Deep breath fella - even keeping the same welder, settings and wire of 0.8I still have those type of days where it just won't go well.......you're outside too right? Wind not in a different direction or anything like that? Walk away - sleep on it and come back after a cooling down period. It'll be reet
  9. This used to be the case to cover non-calibrated equipment - not sure that is the case with static devices anymore........ but they tend to give breathing space. The fact that most speedos read under by a margin in real terms means there's plenty of leeway tbh. *sorry over reading a little is the norm! DOH Fingers crossed fella - it'll be all good
  10. that's a great result on the MoT - gotta be happy with that
  11. Typo - 12V losing black mini-cab ........ still a bargain
  12. V12 converted black cab......
  13. Vacuum packed - I have the number of a Welsh lass that could probably manage that.......
  14. Excellent views like that will reset your opinion on the world...... Sad react as no matter how bigoted or racist - you're being helped FFS so keep your fucked up shitheaded views to yourself. The old cunt was probably on the doorstep applauding the health workers during the pandemic too - fuck him
  15. Impromptu AS worst in your possession car meet required methinks....... all with speedo/dial issues needing your expertise assessment and repair over the coming week(s) - obviously rendered immobile in the meantime.....
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