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  1. Glad I'm not the only one; other people seem to rate them.
  2. Took the trailer for a Sunday morning jaunt to Lincolnshire and somewhere along the way this leapt on. Anyone want a mechanically sorted (other than wheel bearing which is included) 1.6 Puma which needs sills & cosmetics?
  3. You can also test the fuse theory by trying the indicators (or wipers, or heater fan), which are also protected by the single fuse on the ignition switch circuit.
  4. Assuming it still has the electric pump in the boot, check it ticks with ignition on (will be a very slow tick once float chamber is full). If not check it has power. If it has power give it a tap or take the rear cover off and clean the 'points'. Fuel gauge wire comes through boot floor adjacent to pump so it's possible something has dislodged/damaged both.
  5. Does your 107 have a full size spare (the three C1s I've owned all did, so I assume they all do)? If so I'd get the tyres swapped and put the prezel in the boot!
  6. Seller used to be on here (possibly still is) but I can't remember their username!
  7. Good to meet you both too. I hope the Rio serves Lucy well.
  8. Advertised on the club website in January by its then owner of 18 years for £1300 with a good write up. Underpriced then, overpriced now (at £4250)!
  9. Your children go to school in a graveyard??
  10. Rare Mk1 Punto EL (6 speed!)... https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1533679
  11. Sorry, I meant that the steering wheel wasn't used on anything else rather than any other part. Although as it was then pointed out, it was also used on the Innocenti mini.
  12. Late Rover 75 for maximum Project Drive influence. Diesel, £995... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1337167890414752
  13. It's definitely limeflower, which continued until the end of 1973. My August '73 1100 is limeflower (pictured below), and it was available on the earliest (1973) Allegros. I do agree that depending on the lighting and camera used, limeflower can look like harvest gold in photos, and to a lesser extent vice versa.
  14. Yep. It's a bit lot of a shed; one owner until 2020 doing progressively less mileage, with their garage presumably cobbling it along from one MOT to the next. I went and looked at it two weeks ago and walked away, but a week later the seller got back in touch and offered it for just over half the original asking price. Still not sure it was worth it, but an afternoon's tinkering has got it running and mechanically it seems quite good (except the blowing exhaust, which I was warned about). Given you like to get the bodywork on your classics just right you did well to avoid this; you'd have been working on it long into your retirement!
  15. Took the trailer for a morning out to Hertfordshire and somehow this followed me home... I should probably make an effort to update my thread, because a month ago this did the same...
  16. Steering wheel was also used on the Allegro Equipe! Nothing else, as far as I know.
  17. whY reg? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/921310655703604
  18. Sold at ACA last weekend for £2160 (inc fees); they've re-used the ACA photos. I've nothing against anyone making a profit, just amazed at the thought someone might pay £3k for a mk1 Focus diesel!
  19. Liked for the Scottish scenery and for the fact that, as Tickman says, you have friends looking out for you. Here's hoping the rest of your 2023 turns out to be (much) better than the beginning.
  20. Purely for the photo... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/563526882376168
  21. Look for rot working its way down from the top of the inner rear arches. I enjoyed my slightly earlier 55SX for 18 months until um ... see the preceding sentence!
  22. Very early Rover R8 214Si... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/554303923254213
  23. In Tavistock. I wonder if @HMCis bored of the Yaris Verso yet!
  24. Liked for all but the last two paragraphs @Mac69400 I hope you can enjoy your two remaining vehicles whilst winning the daily battles, and even if ultimately not the war I hope that point is some way off. There are a few C15 owners on here, so you never know when one might pop up for sale!
  25. Shame it's 1999 and hence £295 to tax rather than post March 2001 when it would be £30!
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